15 Serial Killers Who Make Dahmer Look Like Barney

We all know who Jeff Dahmer is; he's one of the worst serial killers in history and also one of the most famous. The thing is, though, his number of kills is 16, which is obviously a lot but pales in comparison to a lot of other serial killers. When it comes right down to it, Dahmer is totally overrated as far as serial killers go.

In reality, he was mostly famous because he was so totally creepy and pathetic. He would troll gay bars looking for someone whom he can't take home with him, so he could kill them, drug them, and turn them into his zombie slaves. When this didn't work, because obviously, Dahmer wasn't a genius scientist or anything, he would mutilate the bodies and sometimes even eat part of it, and then eventually go out looking for another victim. While this is totally awful and completely insane, Dahmer was far from the worst serial killer out there. He was just pathetic. Next to some of these other guys, he looks like Barney.

Here's a list of killers who were all worse than Dahmer. Some of them you have heard of many times; others, you haven't heard of them at all. Being a serial killer is like anything else -- so much of it has to do with publicity and not your actual accomplishments.

Here are 15 Serial Killers Who Make Dahmer Look Like Barney.


15 Luis Garavito-147 Kills

Garavito is from Columbia and is nicknamed "The Beast" for reasons that are soon to become apparent. At this point, he's admitted to the murder of 147 young boys, but it's thought that his number of kills might be as high as 300. He would target boys who were poor, appeared to be homeless, and from the ages of 6 to 16 and trick them into going somewhere with him. Then, he would torture them, rape them, and kill them. His sheer number of kills makes him far worse than Dahmer was, but I would say that he was more vicious as well -- all of his victims went through hell before they died. He was caught in 1999 and only received a sentence of 22 years in prison. He's scheduled for release within the next 5 years.

14 Pedro Lopez-110 Kills


Lopez is another Columbian serial killer who's known as "The Monster of the Andes." His victims were all girls from 8 to 12 years old. He admitted to killing as many as 300 people, but only 110 have been verified. At one point, when he was living in Equador, he said that he was killing three girls a week. Beleive it or not, he was found insane and put in an asylum instead of prison. He was released from the insane asylum in 1998 because of good behavior, and no one knows of his whereabouts now. This is one guy who was way worse than Dahmer. For one thing, he killed so many more people than Dahmer did, and for another, he actually pretty much got away with the whole thing. This is one scary dude.

13 Daniel Camargo-72 Kills

Alright, here's another guy from Columbia. Note to self: don't move to Columbia anytime soon. Camargo killed over 7o young girls. He would pretend to be a foreigner who needed to find a church and would offer young girls a reward if they showed him how to get there. Once he started off with them, he would start to enter the woods, saying he was looking for a shortcut. If the girls grew suspicious and drew back, he didn't stop them from leaving, but if they came with him, Camargo raped his victims before strangling them. There's little doubt that this guy is way worse than Dahmer could ever be. Yet, hardly anyone knows who he is. He only got a 25-year sentence, but just like Dahmer, he was murdered in prison.

12 Yang Xinhai-67 Kills


Yang was the worst serial killer in the history of China. He confessed to 67 murders and 23 rapes and was known as "The Monster Killer," for obvious reasons. He would enter victims' homes with axes, hammers, and shovels and kill whoever was there, sometimes entire families. He was quoted as saying, "When I killed people, I had a desire. This inspired me to kill more. I don't care whether they deserve to live or not. It's none of my concern... I have no desire to be part of society. Society is not my concern." He was put to death for his crimes. Obviously, this guy was way worse than Dahmer. At least, with Dahmer, you had to agree to go home with that creepy lunatic, while this one just came into your house and killed you.

11 Gary Ridgway-49 kills

Ridgeway was known as The Green River Killer, his count of kills that he was convicted for is the highest ever by an American serial killer. The official count is 49, although he admitted to killing 70. He preyed on sex workers and runaways; he would strangle them to death and then dump their bodies, sometimes returning later to have sex with them. What a guy. He, actually, at one point said murdering was his career. He's now sentenced to life in prison without parole. As freaking as Dahmer was, and he really was, he still doesn't hold a candle to Ridgeway. When it comes to this competition, Dahmer was just a Triple A serial killer, while The Green River Killer was the major leagues.

10 Ted Bundy-35 Kills


Speaking of the major leagues, there's no doubt that Ted Bundy makes Jeff Dahmer look like a little leaguer when it comes to being a serial killer. Bundy was not only so charming that he could con pretty much any victim to get into his car; he even escaped from jail after being arrested for murdering a bunch of women, went on the run, and then murdered a whole bunch more. He really stands along as a guy who could convince people that he was a normal likable guy who was slaughtering tons of people. Dahmer was an oddball that got people drunk and tried to perform experiments on them because he was lonely. While Bundy was an apex predator, Dahmer was a lonely guy who wanted more friends and killed to get them. Bundy was executed in the electric chair.

9 John Wayne Gacy-33 Kills

Gacy is another guy who tops Dahmer by a mile when it comes to serial killers. He killed at least 33 boys and young men and buried most of them in a crawl space beneath his home. Even worse, he used to perform as a clown at children's parties in a costume that he made himself. How creepy is that? This gave him the nickname of "The Killer Clown." Sure Jeff Dahmer was super creepy and was also a horrific killer; I'm not here to argue any of that, but if there's one thing that's for sure, he wasn't as creepy and horrific a killer as John Wayne Gacy. Gacy was executed in 1994. He was a suspect in even more murders, and when asked by police if there were more victims, he said, "That's for you guys to find out."


8 Dean Corll-29 Kills


For someone who was such an insane and prolific serial killer, not many people know who Dean Corll was, but I guarantee you, he was even worse than Dahmer. Corll was the killer behind what came to be known as The Houston Mass Murders. For most of the murders, he worked with an accomplice named "Elmer Wayne Henley." Henley was still in his teens and would lure young men or boys to Corll's house with an offer of a party, after which they would be killed. Corll eventually turned on Henley and threatened to kill him, after which Henley shot Corll and killed him. Henley is in prison for life. Corll was also known as "The Candy Man" because he owned a candy factory and used to give kids candy. Yuck.

7 Wayne Williams-24 Kills

Wayne Williams always claimed to be innocent, and he still does, and in fact, a lot of people believe him, but most people, including me, believe he is guilty. He was convicted of 24 murders of both children and adults that went on in Atlanta from 1979 to 1981. He might be the only guy on this list whom Dahmer has a shot at topping because some people say that Williams killed some of the 24 people he's accused of but that he didn't kill all of them. Still, officials say that he's responsible for all of them. Who knows? Maybe someday, some new information will come out that proves that Williams only killed some of his victims and not all, but for now, he definitely makes Dahmer look like a boy scout.

6 Ronald Dominique- 23 Kills


Being a serial killer is a funny thing. How is it that all of you know of Jeff Dahmer, but pretty much none of you know of Ronald Dominique? He was known as the "Bayou Killer" and first came to attention when a man went to police and said he refused to let Dominique tie him up. Like Dahmer, he would go to gay bars to look for victims. Dominique would pay men to hook up with him and then tied them up and raped them. If they refused to be tied up, he simply would let them go.  He killed them because he figured it was safer, meaning that if he left them alive, they would call the cops on him, and he would go to prison for rape anyway. He's now serving life imprisonment in Louisiana with no chance of parole.

5 Earle Nelson-22 Kills

Earle Nelson is a name that hardly anyone has heard of, but yet, he's way worse than Jeff Dahmer was. When he was young, he was committed to mental hospitals numerous times, but he always escaped. He was known as "The Gorilla Man" or "The Gorilla Killer" and lived in Californa in the 1920s. Most of his victims were landladies. He would show up under the guise of looking at a room, and he would often carry a Bible with him to put the women at ease. He then would strangle the women and would usually have sex with the corpse, then would hide the body under a bed. He was arrested but escaped from jail, but then got on a train that was carrying numerous members of the police force and was eventually executed by hanging.

4 Patrick Kearney-21 Kills


Patrick Kearney was known as "The Freeway Killer," and although he was charged with 21 murders, he's thought to be responsible for many more. Kearney was into male victims, and because he was small, he would act quickly and without warning, usually shooting his victims and then having sex with the bodies after they were dead. He then often would mutilate the bodies. He found victims by either picking up hitchhikers or picking up guys from gay bars like Dahmer did. He was finally busted in 1977 and was sentenced to life imprisonment. He's still alive today. Dahmer is close to being as bad as Kearney, but let's face it: he really isn't. Dahmer just got way more publicity, and that's a fact.

3 William Bonin-21 Kills

William Bonin is another killer who was known as "The Freeway Killer," but his method of operation was a little different than that of Patrick Kearney but not all that much. The two not only shared a nickname but also shared tastes in victims. The main difference is that Bonin liked teenagers more than men and he would often strangle his victims instead of shooting them. The murders were attracting a lot of attention, and Bonin became a suspect. He was eventually put under surveillance and arrested. He was convicted and later executed. His last meal was two large pizzas, three pints of ice cream, and three six-packs of Coke. There are some who think he's responsible for many more murders than 21.

2 Larry Eyler-19 Kills


Larry Eyler, who was known as "The Interstate Killer," was convicted of a murder of a 15-year-old. He then confessed to 21 more murders that happened in 5 different states. Most of them were done by himself, but some were done with an accomplice, who was a college professor named David Robert Little. Eyler killed many times before a janitor found the dismembered remains of Danny Bridges in two trash bags that were stuffed into a dumpster behind an apartment building where Eyler was staying. He was put on death row but died of AIDS before he could be executed. While it's close between Dahmer and Eyler, one still has to give Eyler the edge, as he killed more than Dahmer by himself, and even more so with an accomplice.

1 Randall Woodfield-17 Kills

Woodfield is the I-5 killer, who, while he only has 17 official victims, is the suspect in 44 murders. When he was young, he seemed kind of normal, except for the fact that he was totally into indecent exposure. He also was a really good football player and was even picked by the Packers. Woodfield then went on a crime spree that included pretty much every single crime that one could think of, including murder. It's thought that he's guilty of over 60 sexual assaults, as well as the previously mentioned 44 murders. He's now is in prison with no possibility of parole. Since being in prison, he's married three times and divorced twice. Sorry, Dahmer... I hate to break it to you, but you don't hold a candle to Randall Woodfield.

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