15 Serial Killers Who Kept Reminders Of Their Victims

For the 15 despicable people on our list, taking someone else's life was something for which they had no hesitation collecting souvenirs.

Whether it was clothing such as underwear, different body parts (like our shoe fetish freak who decided he needed a foot to model), photos of their victims (including moments before death), or in our most extreme case when the serial killer stole the 18-month-old daughter of someone they murdered (...and ate alongside the daughter).

We warn you ahead of time, parts of this list may not be the easiest to read if you have a conscience but once you start, it'll be hard to look away and these are things you certainly won't be forgetting anytime soon.

These are the 15 worst serial killers who kept reminders of their victims.

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15 Anatoly Onoprienko - Kept Victims' Underwear And Gave Them To Girlfriend

It can be a really sweet gesture to give your loving partner some new lingerie. It's a lot less sweet when that lingerie came off of a woman that you brutally murdered.

Sadly, that was exactly the situation that Onoprienko's girlfriend Anna found herself in. Granted not all of his victims had appropriate underwear to gift away, but that doesn't make keeping underwear as a souvenir any less disturbing.

Onoprienko murdered 52 people from 1989-1996, including opening up his murder spree by killing a family of 10 that consisted of 8 children.

14 Dahmer - Police Found 74 Polaroids, Hearts, Heads, And Other Parts Of His Victims

PKT 2565-175439 JEFFREY DAHMER Two men in chemical suits remove a barrel, apparently containing acid and body parts from a Milwaukee apartment where police discovered body parts from possible multiple homicides. Police removed several boxes and a freezer containing body parts. A suspect in custody.

Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most infamous serial killers of all-time. It is reported that 17 victims, all men (and young boys) met their end at the hands of Dahmer.

Dahmer was clearly not feeling remorseful for his actions as he kept severed body parts of several of his victims. Dahmer also was known to participate in necrophilia which is definitely one way to keep remembering your victims!

When officers investigated Dahmer's apartment, they found several remains of victims including 7 skulls, 4 severed heads, 2 human hearts, other human organs, several torsos (three of which were dissolving in acid in vats), and that's only part of it.

Officers also found 74 Polaroid pictures of Dahmer's victims.

13 Jorge Beltrao Negromonte - Once Fed Victim's Body To Her Baby

We're going to apologize if this forever ruins the movie Sweeney Todd for you, because while that was made up, this is very real.

Jorge Negromonte would often kill his victim along with the help of his wife and other lover and then spend the next few days eating them.

Ready to be super disturbed? Negromonte once murdered a woman and then fed her body to her 18-month-old daughter the following day.

They then "adopted" the young girl and Negromonte admitted that there was at least one occasion when the girl was 5 years old that the whole family ate a victim.

Ready for another level? They would also grind the human bodies into meat and store it in the freezer and then sell them as empanadas.

When interviewed (thankfully behind bars), Negromonte said,

“For people to be safe, I need to be in here. If I were let out as I am today, I could kill another one. Human meat, for me, is no different to beef.”

Guess he isn't looking for parole!

12 Harvey Glatman - Took Photos Of His Victims

Harvey Glatman may have only killed 3 people, which is one of the lower totals on our list, but he took photos of every single victim and the circumstances behind them will make you sick.

Glatman recruited these women by convincing them he was a photographer for a magazine that required some bondage and sexual poses, but once the girls were strapped in he'd pull out a gun and continue giving orders.

Robert Keppel who studied Glatman talked about the photos in his book Signature Killers,

"[His photos] were more than souvenirs because, in Glatman's mind, they actually carried the power of his need for bondage and control. They showed the women in various poses: sitting up or lying down, hands always bound behind their backs, innocent looks on their faces, but with eyes wide with terror because they had guessed what was to come."

11 Ed Gein - Would Make Household Items Out Of His Victims' Skin And Bones

Ed Gein murdered two people, but nobody may be more comfortable with dead bodies on our list than him. That's because when police arrested Gein, he admitted to having exhumed several graves from near his home and used the corpses to make a variety of items in his house.

Included in the search was human skin which covered different chairs, leggings which he made out of human skin, masks which he made from female skulls, a belt of nipples, nine different vulvas in a shoe box, a lampshade made from a human face and that's just the stuff not related to his murderers.

For Mary Hogan who Gein killed, her skull was located in a box and Gein also had fashioned a face mask which was found in a paper bag.

His other victim, Bernice Worden was found decapitated and hung upside down and her heart was found in a plastic bag in front of Gein's stove.

10 Rodney Alcala - Had Photos Of Thousands Of Suspected Victims

Rodney Alcala understandably has the nickname "The Dating Game Killer" because while he was still active as a killer he actually appeared on the hit television show The Dating Game!

It's terrifying to think that police won't know how many victims Alcala had but when investigating his home they found over 1,000 polaroids, many of which were sexual in nature.

While some of the women and boys in the photos have come out and said they are safe and were not murdered by Alcala, there are still hundreds of people that remain unidentified.

9 Gary Ridgeway - Would Return To Crime Scene & Engage In Necrophilia

Gary Ridgeway is one of the worst serial killers in United States history, being convicted of murdering 49 people.

Ridgeway would often target prostitutes and upon murdering them (often by strangulation) he would bury them in nearby woods.

Ridgeway would often go back to them and engage in sex and that's definitely a sick way to "remember your victim."

Ridgeway talked about his experience at length in a past interview,

"In the evening, right after I got off work and go have sex with her and that'd last for one or two days like 'til the flies came. And then I'd bury them and cover them up. And I did look for another..."

Ridgeway also joked about his reasoning saying, "One thing, you didn't have to pay for it, she was already – she was already dead."

8 Tamara Samsonova - Wrote A Detailed Journal And Kept Victims' Lungs For Future Meals

When it comes to trying to remember something that is important, it can be really helpful to write it down. This was something Tamara Samsonova obviously took to heart because when she was arrested, police found a journal which dictated in detail several of her murders.

When you consider she is linked to over 13 murders, you can imagine there were some pretty graphic details!

It was also reported that Samsonova would remove the lungs from her victims in order to eat them at a later time.

7 Ben Rhodes - Took Photos Of Victims Right Before Death

While there are many contenders, I think the most haunting photo of a victim belongs to Ben Rhodes.

The above photo you see is of Regina Walters who Rhodes kept hostage for a significant period of time before he finally decided to murder her; which he did shortly after taking this photo.

While they were not made public, officers also located several sexual photos of Walters in the home of Rhodes, as well as the photos of another one of Rhodes' victims.

It is reported that Rhodes may have killed upwards of 50 women over the span of 15 years.

6 Jerome Brudos - Cut Off First Victim's Foot To Model

Now when it comes to having a particular "kink" in the bedroom, I definitely do my best not to judge. But even if you, like Jerry Brudos, have an extreme foot fetish, we can hope you'll never take it this far.

Brudos murdered 4 women, and cut the foot off of his first victim which he used to model shoes that he would steal or take off of his future kills. Along with keeping a foot, Brudos also kept two amputated breasts which he would then use as paperweights.

Once incarcerated, it also came out that Brudos would pleasure himself while wearing heels after each of his murders.

5 David Parker Ray - Videotaped His Torture Sessions

David Parker Ray was one sick son of a b*tch (shocker) who often kept his victims locked up and tortured them for various periods of time (days, months, etc.) before drugging them to cause amnesia and sending them on their way.

On several occasions (with allegedly 14-60 victims), Ray ended up murdering them.

Ray was so effective at this that one of his victims believed that her experience with Ray was nothing but nightmares until meeting with the FBI caused her to remember the abuse.

One of his would-be victims, Kelli Garrett, was tortured for 2 days before Ray decided to slit her throat but was unsuccessful in killing her.

When police investigated Ray's house they located a video which showed the torture of Kelli.

While no other videos were found, it definitely led police to believe that this was a regular occurrence for Ray.

4 Edmund Kemper - Talked To Severed Heads And Engaged In Necrophilia

Edmund Kemper was a giant of a man, standing at 6'8'' and 250 pounds, it was clear that he had the size advantage over all 10 of his victims.

Kemper had a habit of decapitating his victims and would often engage in sexual activities with the severed head.

On one occasion with victim, Cynthia Schall, he buried her head in his backyard to keep her nearby (not like she was going anywhere!).

Kemper's first victim, Mary Ann Pesce was also buried nearby and when interviewed Kemper admitted,

"Sometimes, afterward, I visited there ... to be near her ... because I loved her and wanted her."

3 Dennis Nilsen - Treated Dead Victims Like Significant Others

Dennis Nilsen had a very strict routine that he followed with the 12-15 people who found their life ended at his hands. First, he would strangle them, and then bathe his victims and dress them up.

Then he would keep their bodies in his apartment, sometimes for months at a time, and allegedly would treat them as if they were his real life boyfriends/friends; including watching television alongside their decomposing bodies for hours. Think he may have had some attachment issues?

Nilsen also purchased a Polaroid camera specifically to take pictures of his victims.

2 Ted Bundy - Kept Severed Heads And Was Into Necrophilia

Ted Bundy was an incredibly intelligent and charismatic man, but that just made him all the more dangerous. With over 30 homicides to his name, there are plenty of reasons why the public will always remember the name, Ted Bundy.

Bundy's way to make sure he remembered his victims was to return and engage in intercourse on multiple occasions until it became physically impossible.

Bundy also allegedly kept the heads of several of his victims in his apartment, as 12 different of his victims were found decapitated (...yet that didn't stop the sex!)

1 Ivan Milat - Stole Random Items From Each Victim

When it comes to serial killers in Australia, there aren't much worse than Ivan Milat. Responsible for the murders of 7-12 people from 1989-1993 Milat would find backpackers in the area, take them to the woods and then shoot or stab them.

It's hard to deny that Milat did the crimes, especially when you consider he kept "trophies" of each of his victims. Items ranged from one of the backpackers' tents, Australian currency, to smaller things like water bottles.

Perhaps in the most shocking case; Milat would also often wear the shirt of Paul Onions who was the only man known to have escaped Milat after being captured.

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