15 Seemingly Normal Pictures That Are Actually Spine Chilling

The ability to take photographs is a modern wonder that we are lucky to have. We can capture happy moments, sad moments, and pretty much everything in between that we simply would like to show off or remember. Photography used to be a difficult task, but now we can take hundreds of photos in a matter of minutes. We also have the ability to view them immediately after as well, something that we weren’t always lucky enough to have.

Along with the ability to capture whatever we want, sometimes we might take a picture of things that we don’t want to see, like ghosts, or unexplainable figures. The feeling you get when you realize there’s something a little off in a photograph is spine tingling. Scary pictures are one thing, but normal pictures that have scary elements are extra chilling.

Not only is it extremely terrifying to see a picture of a ghost or other unexplainable figure, but pictures with terrifying backstories are just as bad. Sometimes a picture of two happy people might turn out to be the last photographic evidence of them ever in existence. When something seemingly normal is followed by a chilling element, it can shake us to our core.

Whether there’s a ghost in the background, it’s the last photo in existence, or there’s something else sinister behind the picture, there are countless amounts of images in existence that have the ability to send tingles down our spine. Here are 15 of those terrifying images. Click through if you’re brave enough.

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15 Enjoying The Airplane

via thesun.ie

This picture is rather normal, as it shows a woman and a man enjoying their time inside a model airplane. The creepy part? The woman states that she was alone in the plane. So who is in the pilot’s seat? Perhaps an ex-pilot revisiting his beloved automobile. Or rather it’s the fallen victim of an unfortunate accident. Either way, it’s got to be super terrifying for the woman to discover that someone was sitting next to her during the picture. Perhaps it is someone she knows, and the person next to her is someone that follows her around often. Aside from the paranormal, it could potentially be a reflection of some sort, or more tragically, a product of Photoshop. No matter if it is real or faked, it’s for sure that images like this shake us to the core and make us scared to look at the pictures that we’ve taken just in case we might see something similar to what this woman saw.

14 Just A Girl And Her Dog

via sgxl.nl

This young woman had claimed for a long time that she was living in a haunted house. No one believed her, as it was just her and her dog who were involved in the paranormal activity. That is until this photo was taken. At first, it just looks as though she’s happily posing with her dog. But look at the door behind her. If you look into the window, you can make out the image of someone’s face and head. It’s rather hard to see, but ghosts aren’t really known for wanting to show off to everyone. The thing that’s creepy about this picture is that the person seems to be looking into the camera. After snapping this picture, the woman didn’t have any difficulty convincing people that she was experiencing paranormal shenanigans in her home. Hopefully, she didn’t stick around that house for much longer after the picture was taken!

13 Just A Normal Selfie

via portaldoholanda.com

This is a more recent picture that went viral just a few months ago. You may wonder why, as it looks just like a normal selfie between a boyfriend and girlfriend. But luckily, with the use of reflections, we get a peek at something more sinister. You can clearly see in the window or mirror behind the woman that the girl appears to be staring right back, though her back is turned. One twitter user pointed out the picture sending it into the world of viral content. Everything else about the picture looks normal. At first, you might think it’s just some sort of reflection of the image, but it can’t be, as the man’s hand is facing backward as it should be. The only explanation is that the photograph is faked, or something a bit more sinister is involved. Hopefully, it was just an internet prankster attempting to gain some popularity.

12 Group Photo

via pinterest.com

This is an older photo, but it still deserves a spot on the list as it never fails to send chills down our spine. At first, it looks as though a group of friends is posing for a photo when they got interrupted by the crying young girl. Maybe she’s just crying because she’s being ignored by the partygoers? That part is true, but not the reason she’s crying. The person who took the photo claimed that the girl was crying and didn’t want to be in the picture because “the little boy is scary.” Hearing that from a child is pretty jarring, but not enough to get scared right away, as kids say a lot of weird and unexplainable things. But after developing the photo, it seems as though the little girl’s claims were true. If you look at about knee level in the photo, you can make out what appears to be a little boy.

11 Just A Normal Family Dinner

Via TheRichest

When you look at this picture, everything seems pretty normal. You have the mom at the head of the table, the dad opposite, the little boy in between them, and the creepy ghost reflection in the window. Oh wait, that’s definitely not normal. When you look at the table, it appears that just those three are sitting down for dinner, but when you look in the window, you can clearly see the reflection of a fourth person. Not only is this photo terrifying in that it’s unexplainable, but it’s extra spine-tingling to know that the family seems completely unaware of the ghost being in the reflection! This photo has to be staged; who’s taking the picture in the first place? But regardless of whether or not it was an attempt to be real, it definitely really scared us!

10 A Surprise Photo Shoot

via imgur.com

Everything looks pretty average in this picture. The mom and dad are holding their daughter and dog posing in nature for a wonderful family photo. The first problem we notice is that the dad seems to be looking down at something. At first, you can just assume that it’s him just being distracted during the picture. Unfortunately, he noticed something deadly before the rest of the people posing in the picture. By the mother’s leg, if you look very closely, you can see a snake reaching up to bite her hand. After the picture was taken, the deadly rattlesnake did bite both the mother and the dog in the photograph. Luckily, the mother was able to survive the tragic accident after being rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, the family ended up losing the canine to the fatal venom of the snake.

9 A Happy Mother And Son

via newslocker.com

This photo is different from the rest on the list so far in a few ways. It is one hundred percent confirmed to be real. There’s no secret trick or face hiding in the shadows or reflections of the picture. It is actually just a normal photograph of a mother and son. The chilling part behind the photo? It was the last picture taken of the two before they died on the very plane they’re taking a picture on. It’s difficult to look at the image and imagine how different it must have looked just a few moments later. The boy was Gary Slok with his mother Petra who were on holiday when they took flight MH17. The plane was struck by a missile killing everyone on board. They posted the image to Facebook just before taking off. Without knowing the story, it’s just a normal picture, but the reality is much more tragic.

8 Sleeping Siblings

via theconversation.com

When you look at these two youngsters, they appear to just be two adorable siblings posing for a photo. The disturbing part is that this is actually a post-mortem photograph, and the girl with her eyes closed is actually dead. Post-mortem photography was the practice of taking pictures of loved ones after they died. In the beginning of the life of the camera, photographs were much more difficult and expensive to take. People would often take pictures of their loved ones after they died because it was the only photograph they would ever have of their family member or friend. The creepiest part is that the living was still forced to lay next to the deceased person after they passed. A lot of post-mortem photography features children because mortality rates used to be a lot higher for children. The picture is seemingly normal, which is good, as they would want the photographed to look alive. But to us, this custom is much more disturbing.

7 Family Photo?

via independent.co.uk

When you look at this picture, you probably just assume that it’s a mother, father, and daughter. But then you start to notice the body language and realize that the father might be holding onto his daughter a little too closely and in a rather strange manner. But that’s because that’s not her father, it’s her husband. The woman on the left then? She’s the man’s wife as well. This is a polygamist family with a pastor as the patriarch. The pastor had been courting the 19-year-old girl for some time. He then suggested that he marry the girl, to which his original wife was a little apprehensive. She eventually agreed, however, as she wanted to please her husband. And so the family grew. And grew even more when the young girl announced she was pregnant with her much older husband’s child. This picture doesn’t have a ghost hidden in the background, but it’s still downright disturbing.

6 Another Normal Selfie

via lolwot.com

This young girl looks like just another teen taking a picture of herself. And that’s exactly what it is, just a millennial enjoying some selfie taking. Except she’s not the only one in the picture. If you look in the bottom corner, you can see a small circular mirror. In the mirror is the reflection of something rather sinister. Imagine being the young girl, posting the photo to social media awaiting a flood of likes and comments. Instead, she got the reality check that there was someone hanging out in the background while she enjoyed in some self-photography. The face is absolutely terrifying as well, as it doesn’t really appear to be human. If this is Photoshopped, it’s done pretty well, and in a really creative way. Hopefully for her sake, it’s either faked or just a weird reflection of some sort of poster.

5 Hikers Enjoying Their Climb

via imgur.com

When you look at this picture, it’s obvious that it’s just a hiker enjoying his climb. But if you look really closely through the leaves, you can see some sort of little red blob. What might that red spot be? The hair of a young hiker who fell while climbing. Apparently what had happened was that two girls were hiking when they both fell. One suffered minor injuries, and the other girl, the one with the red hair, suffered many broken bones causing her to be unable to move. The other hiker was able to leave the site in attempt to get help, but unfortunately, she fell to her death in the process. The girl with the red hair laid on the rock for 22 hours awaiting help. Then the photographer and the climber in the picture eventually saw the girl during the hike and were able to call for help. Imagine if they hadn’t and would’ve just had the picture with the unexplained red spot forever.

4 Two Lovers Enjoying A Kiss?

via imgur.com

This photo is a pretty famous one, and it even had a statue made of it. Many people believe it to be the romantic meet up of a lonely soldier and nurse reuniting after the war. Though it hasn’t been confirmed, as there really isn’t evidence, one woman’s story seems to be the most likely situation of what really happened. The woman claimed that she was alone in Times Square when news of the end of the war hit. Everyone was excited, and out of nowhere, this man ran up to her, grabbed her, and forced her to kiss him! What everyone thought to be a romantic kiss shared between lovers turned out to be a sailor assaulting an innocent woman. Again, this story has no way of being proved, as the photographer never got the identities of the subjects and their faces are hard to see. Still, it really sends chills down our spine wondering if this once magical picture is really something more sinister.

3 A Fun Night In The Hot Tub

via horrorgalore.com

When you see this picture, it looks just like a group of girls enjoying a fun night in the bath together. A lot of people are probably a little too distracted by the fact that they’re topless to notice the real chilling part of this photograph: the person right outside the window. Perhaps it isn’t a person, but it’s clear that someone, or something, is pressing itself up against the window right behind the girls. Did the girls notice? How long did it take the photographer to realize that there was something on the other side of the glass? Perhaps it’s just an innocent member of the group who showed up a bit late to the party. For the girl’s sake, hopefully that’s the case. But from the looks of the person, it appears that they’re a bit creepier than just a friend of the ladies.

2 Shower Candid?

via hlntv.com

This picture looks just like a normal photograph of someone in the shower who doesn’t really want their photo snapped. That’s definitely the case, but the story behind it is much creepier than just that. The man in the picture is Travis Alexander. This is the last picture taken of him alive before being murdered by his lover, Jodi Arias. The case made headlines and the entire trial was aired on national television. Jodi attacked Travis in the shower stabbing him repeatedly on his chest and on his back. Jodi had claimed that she killed Travis in self-defense, but it seems from this photo he wasn’t doing much other than trying to enjoy his shower. The case was rather disturbing, as she also took pictures of the actual murder happening. What appears to be a normal picture without knowing the backstory is actually a disturbing look into a vicious murder.

1 A Normal Classroom

via readingthepictures.org

When you see this photo, it seems as though it’s just a normal classroom picture. Children’s drawings and colorful signs hang along the wall; just like you’d see in any elementary classroom. But then you start to notice other things. The tape measure in the middle, and the yarn going from side to side. That’s because this is the classroom in Sandy Hook Elementary, a school that suffered a mass shooting resulting in the deaths of twenty children ages 6-7 as well as five adults. The yarn is measured to show the path of the bullet from the gun to the child. A picture like this is rather jarring, especially when you notice how the strings are angled down, as the gunman had to point down towards the small innocent children. The sadder truth is that even after images like this, people still pretend like our country isn’t suffering from a gun control problem.

Sources: Wikipedia.com, Reddit.com

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