15 Secrets Discovered After People Passed

Death is a mystery. Some of us might know how we’ll pass months or even years before it happens. Some of us might go in the craziest way possible that we would never have seen coming. No matter how it happens, when it will happen, where and how our lives will be taken is completely unknown. For some of us, however, the real mystery waits for what our relatives and friends might find when they’re cleaning out our homes once we have passed away.

It’s always chilling to think of the scene we might be leaving when going on a trip, a vacation, or even just a trip to the grocery store. Do you ever look at your belongings or the way you’ve left your apartment and wonder what the people who might clean it up would think should you pass? Some people have taken to the Internet to share their chilling tales of what they discovered in people’s homes after they passed. Someone has to go into the homes of those recently passed, and although the deceased on the list did a great job of hiding their secrets while alive and well, they become helpless to keep things hidden once they leave the world.

What would your family find if you passed today? Would there be any strange discoveries or embarrassing things that would ruin your reputation? Check out these 15 Chilling Discoveries Made After People Passed. 

15 Love Letters To Someone Other Than Grandma

Nigelrover tells a story of an extremely uncomfortable funeral:

“My ex's grandpa passed away. I went with her, her mother, and her sister to clean out his place. I never met him but apparently, he was always known as a hard-ass and pretty rude to his wife (she already passed away a few years prior.) They were looking through his computer to get his financial information and such and found his emails. Apparently, he had reconnected with an old girlfriend he had before he married. He emailed her that he had regretted his entire life by choosing the wrong woman and hated the life he had. Apparently, he flew her out to his place for a weekend and was planning on running away with her as well as changing his will to leave her all his possessions instead of his family. He passed away before he could get the chance. I remember the girls all being extremely pissed and shocked. It was a real awkward funeral.”

14 Realizing Too Late She Took Her Love For Granted

Deeretch129 tells a story that some of us could relate to:

“My ex had a diary, he died in a car accident. He really did love me, quite a lot. He wrote about it, but at the time I was really struggling because he was being distant. Truth was, he was just being over-worked and struggling with his parents' expectations of him and finances. Wish I'd known.”

It's unfortunate that sometimes, we only realize how much we took advantage of someone and our relationship with them only after they pass. You can’t always have the right perspective on different things in your life, and you don’t make the right realizations until sometimes, it’s too late to go back and change things. Their story reminds us that not everything in our relationships is as it seems and we have to keep an open mind.

13 Grandpa Played For The Other Team

Waywaytoomanysecrets found something that might have made their family lives’ different had it not been a secret taken to the grave:

“Found out my grandfather was gay 2 years after he died. His wife (my grandmother) was in total denial that he had been cheating on her with other men throughout the 50 years they were married. She finally admitted that he died of AIDS and not a random illness.”

It’s sad to know that this married couple hid a lie that weighed so heavily on their lives when the user’s grandparents were alive. Didn’t they think that things would have been a bit easier if they could live their true lives? How could a spouse stay with someone who repeatedly cheated on them? The grandfather was also kept from having a long-lasting and meaningful relationship with the type of people he was actually attracted to.

12 Finding A Shocking Book

H3lme7 has a tragic story that is truly heart-breaking:

“After my uncle hung himself in his garage, my brother and I found a book on knot tying on top of a stack of books. It was an extremely dark moment. When my grandfather died, we found three live grenades in his closet, hundreds and hundreds of firearms, and a crate of c4 in the garage. Although I don't think he was trying to hide any of that stuff.”

This person had the difficulty of dealing with two different clean-ups after losing a loved one. It's chilling to think of the uncle going out to purchase the book in the first place with the intention of ending his life. As far as the grandpa goes, what would you do if you found a closet full of weapons?

11 She Might Have Been Saved

Architrexx shares their story about an abused woman who might have had a different fate if those around her were paying closer attention:

"When my mother was killed by her ex-husband, I was one of the people tasked with packing our house. He stalked her and would break into the house often. My mother knew, but no one else did. As a result, when we were taking things down, like pictures and such, we would find things hidden behind them. Items such as chequebooks to hidden bank accounts from him, or even worse, notebooks full of dates and accounts of events where he would engage her (she had a restraining order on him). Usually these engagements, according to the notebook, were awful. Tires were slashed, she was being followed by him, and he would approach her, berating her. The thing is though, she kept it all secret from the family. What makes it so hard is if she would have told every one of these things, she might still be here today."

10 When He Realized His Best Friend Was Abusive

Another deleted user shares their tragic story of discovering a dark secret their friend kept from them until they paased:

“Friend committed suicide. After his death, I found out be was beyond abusive to his wife, to the extent of holding her and their kids at gunpoint. I knew he was bipolar and alcoholic, but had I no idea how bad it was. It's making me feel conflicted about whether to miss him or not. I feel like I miss him because he was my friend for a decade, but I hate him for being abusive.”

This would be such a tragic discovery to make of someone that you cared about and respected when they were alive. We would also be torn between mourning the death of a friend, but also relieved that the family doesn't have to endure that abuse anymore. Either way, the friend he thought he had was gone for good.

9 Jimmy Savile Was Loved Until It Was Discovered He Was A Bad Person

Jimmy Savile was a well-respected radio host and DJ up until the day he passed. He was also a TV host and overall famous personality that was popular for being a weird and crazy guy. He did a lot of charity work, so for a while, it seemed like he was an overall great guy. Once he paased, he was mourned like any other celebrity was. Then, reports started flooding in of his abuse against minors. Some weren’t children anymore, and with their abuser gone, they probably felt safer in coming out to reveal the true Jimmy. He wasn’t some eccentric weirdo. He was just another perverted man who used his fame and power to manipulate innocent minds into doing what he wanted. Jimmy Savile, unfortunately, probably won’t be the last person we discover something terrible about them after it’s too late to seek justice.

8 A Journal Filled With Reminders To Hug Our Grandmas

AccidentalHipster93 tells us a story that reminds us to appreciate our grandma:

"My grandmother passed after a blood clot incident. She had several conditions that no doubt led up to this. For example, her medical team decided not to treat her breast cancer because they figured she would die before it would spread. My father, uncle, and my sisters were left to clean out her things from her apartment. She had a lot of old, expired food like ketchup that had gone completely black. We found things from when she was well and social, like her quilting and handmade soaps, which were beautiful. She has a quilt that had the names of all of our family members, but the names were sewn in their individuals handwriting style. However, one day, it was just my dad and me going through her bedside table and we found her journal. Toward the end, all of the entries were about how lonely she was, how she only got to see her grandchildren twice a year, and how her own children never saw her unless they needed something. She said she wanted to die. My dad threw it away so his brother would never have to see it. So, go hug a grandparent while they're still alive.

7 Whose Tooth Is That?

Google_Vestibules has a strange story that could have endless possibilities, but since the person who knows the answer passed, we’ll never get any real answers:

“I inherited my uncle's truck when he passed away unexpectedly. I was cleaning out the inside when I found a human tooth underneath one of the pedals. The man was missing some teeth but this one looked too small to be his. Honestly, I feel like it raised more questions than I could ever answer.”

There could be a bunch of explanations as to what happened here. Maybe he had tracked it into the car from a yard or parking lot somewhere where a kid lost their tooth. Perhaps it was his tooth, the tooth had just broken so it looked more like a kid’s. No matter what the real reason as to why the tooth was there, we’ll never know.

6 A List Of Lovers From A Married Man

Dachjaw tells a discovery story that would change the way he viewed his father:

“When my dad passed, I found a file on his computer that listed all the women he had slept with. He wrote it in cipher but he's the one who taught me to solve cryptograms, so it wasn't too difficult to figure it out. Twenty-six women, despite being married for all but two years of his adult life.”

That would certainly be a disappointing discovery to make about your own father. It’s also strange that he wrote it in a way he knew his son would be able to find the secrets after he passed. Perhaps he wanted someone to at least know about his rendezvous since only he and the woman he slept with were aware of his double life.

5 Well-Written Letter To Everyone They Knew

Cleaning up a crime scene sounds like chilling work, and Dominickles gives a little story of just what it’s like:

“Mortician here, did "crime scene" cleanups for a while. Usually, cleaning up after a suicide was always very eerie. We would usually find more suicide notes, or drafted ones. One of our rules, apart from the actual cleanup, was to throw out any of their toiletries and things the family wouldn't need or want like clothing, etc. Always thought handling someone's toothbrush [whose] pool of blood lay next to you, was so weird. I'm very desensitized to my work of course, but just seeing photos, handwriting, or whatever object that reminded us of the deceased knowing they had just taken their own life right there next to you tended to bother me. I'll always remember one guy who had passed in his bedroom and bled all over the damn place. He had left over 10 pages of personalized notes in his bedside table addressed to every person he knew closely. Going through them and reading them was really intense.”

4 Finding Out Their Father Was A Terrible Man 

Chaantayx describes finding something that will disturb them the rest of their life:

“When my father passed away, I got his laptop and cellphone, I looked through it and that's the day my mom and I discovered he was taking inappropriate photography of extremely young girls (he was a very high-class professional photographer) we did not expect anything like that though, it was a complete shock. But after his death, I found a few more little secrets, I think he had another daughter too, but I guess I'll never know.”

A discovery like this would be horrifying whether it was made before or after the person passed. It would be devastating to find this information even if you had no connection to the sick man who took the photographs. What would you do if you discovered something like this about a person you loved? It would certainly change things forever and make you feel differently about their death.

3 A Devastating Journal Filled With Tragic Entries

Sparkleotters is a heart-breaking one:

“After my grandmother passed away, I was helping clear her flat. She was apparently 87 when she died, but we also had suspicions that she was older. She had grown up in Nazi Germany, and crossed the Berlin wall as a Russian spy and then gave herself in. We had a lot of questions that she never answered. Then I found a cupboard full of notebooks. They were detailed diaries and gave a lot of answers. My mum was heartbroken though when she found the date of her birth... it only said "It was born today." and then a week later said, "It has been named by my mother in law."Edit; Her diaries were written in German and English, depending on where she was living at the time. She was in Glasgow at the time of my mums birth, and for the first two births as well. I am fluent in German, and yes you have das, which can be translated as it by some people. Sadly there is no wiggle room and she just distanced herself from my mum's birth”

2 A Racy Film Collection

A deleted user tells a tale some of us fear:

“Found out my buddy was addicted to racy films. I'm talking estimated 10,000 DVDs.”

Everyone has some secrets that are a bit shameful. There’s nothing illegal about looking at these types of movies, but it’s certainly taboo. Over 10,000 DVDs is a different story, however. Most of us don’t have 10,000 of anything, let alone physical media that we use to watch. It would be pretty weird to find just one DVD, but a collection this large is horrifying. Why did they feel the need to keep so many of these DVDs around? It seems like that’s one of those things you would make an effort to hide. No one knows when that is, and who’s to say you even care about what people find after they pass? It’s still an embarrassing discovery nonetheless.

1 Finding Out Grandpa Was A Racist

LinktothepastaCIO tells a story that really ruins someone’s funeral — as if it wasn’t already bad enough:

“When I was about 6 or 7 years old, my great grandfather passed. After the funeral, everybody was invited to go back to his house and go through his belongings. My great-grandmother had passed the year before, and my grandfathers will have stated he wanted all of his possessions to be given to his family. I went upstairs with my mom to my grandfather’s room and upon going through his closet, we discovered a small chest with my grandfather's Ku Klux Klan robe, along with a ton of photos of him at clan meetings. That was also the day I first found out what racism was.”

That’s a seriously awkward discovery to make. Just moments after people spent their time mourning this person, they now have to process that he was a horrible racist.

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