15 Scary Toys That Definitely AREN'T For Kids

Just like everything else we have today, the quality and variety of toys have improved, owing to advancements in technology and the numerous players in the market who want to make a good profit. Since the toy industry in the United States alone is worth billions of dollars, you can only imagine just how huge this industry is worldwide. In 2015, the revenue that was generated from the sale of toys in the United States alone was in excess of $20 billion, very good money that keeps increasing every year.

In industries such as this one, you will often find designers and toy manufacturers under pressure to come up with new products every season, a factor that encourages innovation and pushing the existing limits. One avenue that some toy makers have been venturing for a while is in the manufacture of scary toys. Although some of these toys are made as accompaniments for horror films and other types of adult animations, some of them find their way in to people's homes, which is not always a good idea.

Most of us assume that all the toys on the market are for kids, but the truth is that some of them should not even make their way to a kid's hands. Simply looking at these images is sure to keep some people up all night, so you can imagine the damage that can result from having such toys in the house.

Which of these toys do you think are the scariest?


15 Dinosaur Goth

Apart from the Jurassic Park movies and other programs on TV, the museums, and the history classes, that almost everyone has had to sit through, the only other encounters we have with dinosaurs is probably the toys. We learn that these gigantic reptiles used to roam the earth millions of years ago, but are now extinct for a number of reasons. However, we know so much about dinosaurs because their fossils tell so many stories about them, and experts translate the information they get into language and images we can understand. This weird looking dinosaur, on the other hand, does not belong to any species of animals that ever roamed the earth, because the body might resemble a dinosaur, but its head looks human. The scary thing about this toy is its face. Something about its eyes makes it look evil, and the teeth in its mouth undoubtedly belong to a monster. Please do not buy such a toy for your kids.

14 Scary Two-Face Batman


I know what you are thinking right now because I am thinking the same thing. Who would do this to Batman? Ok, Batman might not be the happiest superhero in DC, and not everyone understands him including the members of the Justice League, but there is no reason to come up with such an image of our all-time favorite crime fighter. Even though we refer to him as the "Dark Knight", most of us, in our innocence, want to continue believing that the darkness we are referring to here has nothing to do with his character and everything to do with when the sun goes down. What we all love about Batman is that despite having to deal with all the human limitations we all have, he is still one of the most powerful superheroes. This toy is not a true reflection of our superhero, and the worst thing is that if you look at it long enough it will give you nightmares.

13 Monster Alvise

What is the first thing that you think of when you look at this doll? It is highly likely that you thought that this was a voodoo doll or some scary doll that was one of the characters in a horror movie. This doll might be small, but according to what we have seen in horror movies, it might have the power to give you much more than nightmares. You might be those people who say that you do not believe in witchcraft and that all we see in horror movies is nothing but fiction; there is nothing wrong with that, but you could be wrong. This is not to say that this is a voodoo doll or that it is cursed, it just looks so much like the ones we see playing that role in horror movies and movies with witches. Kid's toys are supposed to be cute and friendly, everything that this toy is not, so please do not get it for the kids.

12 Peri And Pearl


If you have watched any of the Monster High animated films, then you need no introduction to Peri and Pearl. Although these twin sisters do not always agree on everything, they share a body and a sense of humor. In the movies, these two are more entertaining than they look, and their collection of bling makes them look cute, to some extent. A closer look at Peri and Pearl will show you exactly why they are on this list, because we do not even know what kind of a creature they are. They appear to have the heads of human beings; their bodies have fins, which resemble mermaids, and where their feet are supposed to be, looks a lot like a snake or some reptile's tail. This toy has some glow-in-the-dark bio-luminescent effects, which not only make it scary during the day, but it will sure keep anyone who looks at it up all night. It is best to let children grow up before they own such a toy.

11 Scary Executioner

This toy is so scary, not so much because of how it appears, but because of what it represents. Although it is an amazing work of art right down to the fine details, it is a good idea to keep it away from the kids. A few things about its appearance also make it extremely scary. First, look at its mask; it appears to have thorns piercing through to the skull just to hold it in place, and several other thorns around the body just because the toy can take the pain. We can only interpret the red substance on this executioner's garment as the blood that spills on him when he delivers the sentences, and the blood on what appears to be his tool of trade needs no explanation. If you are not careful, thinking about this executioner too much will sure keep you up all night, because you know exactly what he does.

10 Cuddles The Klown


Since we already know that some children and some adults are afraid of clowns, the only explanation for making such a toy is that it is not for kids. This doll is far from being cute and cuddly, and everything else apart from its costume is a recipe for a nightmare. Have you noticed the black nail polish on this doll, its hypnotizing eyes, and its receding hairline? Those are creepy, but nothing compared to its crazy razor-sharp teeth and bloodstained mouth, raising questions about this doll's diet. Its name, "Cuddles the Klown" does not seem in the slightest way appropriate, especially the "Cuddles" part. Probably its previous owner tried to cuddle with it in bed, and what we can see around its mouth is what is left of him or her. Please refrain from staring at the doll, it might just show up in your dreams, and ruin any chances of sleep for a few nights.

9 Monster Esmeralda

If you came across this Monster Esmeralda at night, chances are that you would wet your pants. The thought of just how crazy this doll looks should prompt us to think about the designer of this doll. Is the designer trying to scare everyone, did he or she go through an episode that is too dark to share that he or she had to create this doll, or did someone request for such a disturbing doll?. Have you noticed that she has horns, her hair decorations are small skulls, and instead of milk teeth, she has fangs? For some reason, we can see this doll's veins protruding from different parts of her body, and that is scary. Whatever reason there might have been for making such a doll, we might never truly understand, but what is plain to see is that this doll has the power to scare everyone who looks at it.


8 Weird Reborn


If you approached this weird looking toy baby from behind you would be convinced that it was a cute little baby in pink. Everyone, especially the women, loves newborn babies because, in addition to how cute all of them are, the beauty and innocence in their faces cannot be compared to anything else in the world. However, as soon as you look at this weird reborn's face, you will discover that it is nothing close to what a baby should look like. Probably the first things that will attract your attention are its huge black eyes. How its eyes are completely black and do not have even the smallest white in them is a mystery. The two visible teeth on this reborn are not human teeth, they appear to be teeth you would expect in a beast or a small vampire. Its unusually long hands and the visible veins on its face and hands are creepy, a combination of features that are enough to give you nightmares.

7 Spider Gremlin

This spider is the last transformation that Mohawk the leader of the gremlins turned into before Gizmo destroyed him. In the 1984 film Gremlins, a father wanted to buy something special for his son for Christmas, only to buy the cutest animal in Chinatown. However, he was never supposed to expose the animal to bright light, to feed him after midnight, or to expose it to water. As you would expect, the pet was exposed to everything that it was not supposed to, and the town ended up dealing with the consequences of this blunder. Whatever this spider is holding is a spider DNA serum, which Mohawk drank and his body turned into the weird spider-like creature we see here. First, there is nothing cool about spiders, except when it comes to Spider-Man, that is. The sight of most spiders will not only force a scream out of grown men, but the thought of it looking like this will definitely give anyone serious nightmares for a very long time.

6 Scythe-Meister


This is probably one of the most chilling toys you will ever come across, with the weapons it is holding and all the other metallic gadgets making it even scarier. For people who are not familiar with the novelette Tortured Souls, this is a collectable figure called The Scythe-Meister. Before turning into this scary figure we see here, this was an assassin who loved mutilating his targets before taking their lives. This assassin asked Agonistes to transform him into a monster, and eight days after his death, he resurrected as the Scythe-Meister, the monster we see here. If you want to read this novelette and purchase all the collectable figures in the first and second series, please do. However, do not give these toys to your children or even let them see them, because if these are scary enough to cause an adult to have nightmares, can you imagine what it can do to children?

5 Scary Snowman

Although this scary toy looks a bit like a snowman, no child should ever have to come across it. A snowman is supposed to be friendly, cute, and with an inviting smile. Think of Olaf, the friendly snowman in Frozen, the 2013 animated film. Everything about Olaf is cute, and if he were to appear anywhere in real-life, people everywhere would be competing to hug him, because he likes warm hugs. However, there is very little, if any, relationship between this scary-looking snowman and Olaf. This one has terrifying teeth, its nose is not even straight, its body is not even white, and it has six crazy-looking arms, which snowman has six arms? In the northern hemisphere, snow falls during the Christmas holidays, and snowmen go along with the Christmas celebrations. This snowman, on the other hand, would only be relevant on Halloween, because it has the power to scare even the toughest of us.

4 Eye-Popping Baby


This is probably the scariest toy you will ever come across, and if this does not give you sleepless nights, I do not know what will. At this point, it is not possible to tell whether the eye came off on its own or whether this scary looking baby removed it with its bare hands. Also, why is the eye on its face a different color with the eye in its hand, can we confidently conclude that it is holding its own eye? This baby's skin looks as if it is decomposing, it barely has a nose, and its teeth look terrible in every way. Another dreadful thing about this toy is that we cannot tell whether it is in pain since the expression on its face is somewhere between feeling excruciating pain and causing agonizing pain. We would not be surprised if this toy was starring in one of the most frightening horror movies ever made, because the sight of it spells horror.

3 Blood Drinking Baby

I am sure that this toy was not made for kids, because it is just twisted in every way. From what we can see, the toy baby that still has a head on its shoulders is drinking blood from this other toy that happened to misplace its head. I have no clue as to what this toy maker was trying to achieve, but one thing I know is that no good can come out of this. Whether we want to admit it or not, this toy is raising so many questions in our heads, and one of the most obvious ones is why anyone would make such a toy. Did this baby (referring to the toy) decapitate the other baby to drink its blood, how did it discover that it can drink the other baby's blood, and why does the baby look so normal as if it is something a normal baby should do?

2 Miscreation


The name of these toys, "Miscreation", tells a lot about how they came to be, because there is no way the creator would have looked at these and said that they were good. If anyone ever asked you to think of the appearance of a demon, chances are that you would have such an image in your mind. These toy creatures look so terrible that the word ugly does not even begin to describe them since they have everything no one would desire to have, things including horns, terrible sharp nails, weird and ugly teeth, rough skin, and an overall unmatched ugliness. It seems as if the creatures tore in half and were then sewn back together. In addition, it seems as if someone had chopped off their hands because they also appear to have gone through some reattachment. If you spend too much time looking at these toys, you will find it hard to sleep at night, because they are too scary.

1 Mongroid

Where do we even begin with whatever this is? In order to understand what is happening in the image, it is important to understand that this is an action figure for a character called Mongroid starring in Tortured Souls. In addition, Clive Baker, the horror author, designed this monster, probably one of the reasons it is so revolting. The most disturbing and most conspicuous thing about this toy is the thing that looks like a mouth, where its belly is supposed to be. This frightening mouth-like feature seems to have eaten something, owing to the yellowish coloring on its teeth and sides. Have you noticed that the limbs we would expect to be the legs have palms just like hands? It is evident that this creature is a tortured soul, owing to the chains binding it and the fear we can see on its face. This is a terrible sight to look at since this image is horrible and it will surely keep you up at night.

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