15 SCARY Things Found In Your Favourite Foods

Be warned, your favorite fast food establishment could very well be on this list! I hope you ate before reading this, as you certainly won't want to afterward. If you thought that a burger or fries missing from your order can ruin a day, you've not seen anything yet! Trust me, I've fought off the urge to gag multiple times while putting this list together. You can always make a game out of how many times your gag reflex kicks in while reading this list!

These fast food horror stories will leave you feeling extra cautious, the next time you go to make your order. You will find a wide variety of food establishments on this list, although it is disturbing how many times McDonald's shows up. I suppose that being the largest fast food chain means you will have the largest number of gross incidents reported. I hate to give much away but you're going to hear about weapons, bodily fluids (so many different fluids), animals, and a few extra surprises in this list. You've been warned, now would be a good time to finish your lunch!

If you aren't completely shocked by the items on this list (especially number one), check for a pulse! Luckily, most of these incidents were not intentional, merely the result of an unfortunate accident. Notice that I said most incidents were accidental, some were actually intentionally done to these poor customers. Are you brave enough to make it to the number one pick?

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16 Fried Mice in Popeye's Chicken


A Popeye's in Baltimore City made news waves in 2003, for all of the wrong reasons. Making matters worse, this particular Popeye's location had been violating health codes for quite a while. Located in Baltimore City, this restaurant had been repeatedly shut down, the health violations were that bad. Tony Hill probably wishes that someone informed him of the reputation this Popeye's had before he ordered food there.

Hill ordered a three piece meal from the establishment, excited to start enjoying some delicious, juicy, crispy, fried mouse? As it turns out, the poor mouse had accidentally fallen into the fryer, during the time that Hill was waiting for his food. No employee saw what had happened with the mouse and served Hill his meal. Horrifically, Hill saw that there was a mouse, fully fried inside of the breading. Thankfully, Hill saw the fried mouse before ever taking a bite of his meal.

15 Prescription Pain Pills Found in Child's Happy Meal


When one family in Center, Texas went to get a Happy Meal for their child, they got way more than they bargained for. Two Tramadol pills were found placed inside the child's Happy Meal. Tramadol is a prescription narcotic that is used as a painkiller. After the parents informed the restaurant of what had happened, an investigation was launched into the fast food location. After a month of investigations and a complete check into every employee working there, two were found to be responsible for the incident.

Omeisha William and Artishia Radway were the two McDonald's employees that were discovered to be behind the food tampering. Omeisha was arrested on one count of child endangerment, regarding this incident. However, her accomplice, Artishia was also issued a child endangerment charge but, as of this writing, has not been tracked down. While you will see many disgusting items on this list, it doesn't get much sicker than putting pills in an innocent child's Happy Meal.

14 Used Tampon Found in Meal at Steakhouse

In 2009, a man visiting New York City from Germany ordered a steak he would never forget. Dining at the Waldorf-Astoria, this man started eating his steak and felt an odd texture in his mouth. The Waldorf-Astoria is a well-known New York City restaurant, known for their amazing steaks. Once this poor guy took out the food from his mouth, he found he had been chewing on a piece of a used tampon.

Almost immediately, he ran to the bathroom of the restaurant and began puking. Once back to his table, he was able to take a picture of the food, albeit, a very grainy one. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much more in the way of updates, regarding this incident. One thing is for sure, this man's meal gives a whole new meaning to ordering a steak that is extra bloody.

13 Syringe Found in Burger King Breakfast Sandwich


In 2001, a woman visiting her local Burger King wanted to get a quick bite to eat. What she didn't expect was that her sandwich was about to fight back! Angelina Cruz had ordered one of the breakfast sandwiches at Burger King, when she felt something felt odd about her food. After chewing, she felt something hard inside the sandwich itself. Almost instantly, she felt a sharp stab in her cheek and spit out her food.

What she found, after spitting out the sandwich was that the poke she felt was a used syringe needle going into her cheek. Cruz immediately took inventory of the item she found and put in a bag. It's bad enough to have a needle in your food, having it inject you is a whole new level of disgusting. Understandably concerned, Angelina went to go get tested after leaving the Burger King to make sure she didn't catch anything from the worst breakfast ever!

12 Long Piece of Bloody Skin in Roast Beef Sandwich


In Michigan, a boy named Ryan Hart got a huge surprise when he started eating his Arby's roast beef sandwich. After feeling something that felt rubbery, Hart spit out the mystery item which turned out to be part of a human finger! Measuring in at about one-inch long and a quarter-inch thick, the piece of skin was the result of an incident involving the roast beef slicer.

Earlier in the day, the employee had sliced her finger, yet did nothing to clean the area. I used to work in fast food, someone forgot to send a memo to this employee that food slicers are very sharp. Perhaps they should have also included that, if you slice your finger open, you probably want to: clean up, throw out the food, and disinfect the equipment. However, silly things like rules didn't stop the employee, who went ahead and served the skin-filled sandwich to the unsuspecting diner.

11 Serrated Knife in Subway Sandwich


John Agnesini was in need of a big lunch, heading to Subway to grab a 12-inch sub. However, there was a 7-inch surprise waiting for him in his sandwich. Agnesini bit into his sandwich, only to feel something hard that stopped him in his tracks. What he had almost eaten was a knife handle that had partially been melted into the bread, in the cooking process.

The one bit of luck on this man's side was that he didn't bite into the blade end first! The damage to this man was not done quite yet. After leaving the Subway, he started feeling stomach pains. Attributing it to food poisoning, caused by eating traces of the melted plastic blade handle, he became increasingly ill. Unsurprisingly, John Agnesini made no future plans to frequent this particular Subway, after almost becoming an involuntary knife swallower.

10 Blood Drippings in a Taco Bell Burrito


Dining at a hybrid KFC/Taco Bell establishment, Briana Ralston was wanting to get food for her and her daughter. In a hurry, Ralston ordered her food to go and got a horrifying surprise when she opened the food. Initially, Briana thought that something was odd about what she found on the wrappers of her food, an odd red substance. The bag holding the food was also stained with this same odd red substance.

Briana called the KFC/Taco Bell hybrid right away to see if the staff had any answers about her findings. Shockingly, the manager told her the gross details of why her bag and the contents were coated with a red substance, it was the blood of an employee! The employee in question had cut their finger open and that blood was splattered throughout Briana Ralston's meal. Ralston would go on to file a lawsuit over this incident. Thankfully, she didn't think that someone had just gotten a little too crazy with the Fire sauce!

9 The Jack in the Box Surprise Burger


In Beaverton, Oregon, a couple eating at a Jack in the Box were treated with an item, not commonly found on the menu, we will call it the surprise burger. Dustin Harrington had ordered a normal burger, unfortunately, this one was loaded with ingredients that no one should ever eat. Harrington had been alarmed when, upon entering the restaurant, he could hear an employee say that “ another white boy” had just entered the restaurant.

He would soon be wishing that he had turned around and walked out of the Jack in the Box but it was too late. After biting into his burger, Harrington found a burger that was loaded with a mixture of hair, soap, staples, and spit. I almost wanted to give Harrington four spots on this list, since he had the displeasure of finding four disgusting items in his food. The couple would go on to seek $7 million in damages, regarding this incident.

8 Condom Found in A Big Mac


On August 26, 1997, Larry Holmes went to his local McDonald's to enjoy one of their signature items, the Big Mac. After taking a bite of the Big Mac, Holmes felt something odd about the first bite he took. After inspecting the burger, Holmes had found a condom was placed inside of it! Understandably upset, Holmes went up to the counter to ask the manager to find out what was going on.

The manager found the condom, to make matters worse, that had been burned inside of the food after it was heated. This incident would end up being taken to a courtroom, with both sides giving different versions of what really happened. Holmes swore that the employees were laughing when confronted about the condom issue. However, the manager at McDonald's stated that, when the condom was found, Maria Nijsse said she gave Holmes free coupons and he took them and left quietly.

7 Band-Aid on Pizza Hut Pizza


You've seen many burger and sandwiches so far, sadly, it seems that pizza isn't safe from having extra ingredients either! Ken Wieczera, a resident of Ballston Lake, New York accidentally bit into something he had never thought he would find in his pizza. After ordering a supreme pizza from Pizza Hut he ate a few pieces and stored the rest away in his refrigerator.

The next day, Ken eagerly opened his fridge, as he wanted a cold slice of pizza. In what has to be known as the worst leftovers ever, Wieczera found a used Band-Aid had been baked into the crust of his pizza. Accidentally left behind by an employee, the Band-Aid being baked into the crust meant that Ken had no idea his pizza was tainted until days later. After the incident, Ken grabbed the slice and made a call to his local Pizza Hut.

6 Chicken's Head Found in Chicken Nuggets


In 2000, Katerine Ortega headed to McDonald's to pick up some chicken nuggets, for her and her family. After getting the food home, Ortega was getting ready to serve the nuggets to her family when she found an oddly-shaped nugget. Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that a chicken's head didn't just make it into her food, it was deep fried and ready to eat! The chicken's head was sitting there, right alongside the other chicken nuggets she had ordered.

Justifiably disgusted, Ortega immediately called a lawyer to get this matter taken care of. What is especially shocking about this incident was that the chicken head made it all the way to a customer's plate! I don't know how no one would notice a chicken head floating around in their inventory. This incident was one of the most well-known fast food tampering incidents and would even go on to inspire many hoaxes.


4 Metal Pieces Found in Cracker Barrel Hamburger


In 2007, Irene Grann went to her local Cracker Barrel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for some country-inspired food. Opting for a burger, this 56-year old woman was puzzled when she noticed her mouth was bleeding. After spitting out her blood-soaked burger, she found that what had cut her was a piece of metal, embedded within the burger patty! Complaining that something was stuck in her throat, Irene left for this hospital.

The manager had inspected the burger and found small fragments of a razor blade. After news of this incident, Cracker Barrel shut down hundreds of restaurants, while this issue was investigated. The Cargill Meat Company, where Cracker Barrel gets their meat was further investigated. In a shocking twist, Irene and her husband do not plan to stop eating at that same restaurant where they go 3 times a week, talk about brand loyalty!

3 Nail in McDonald's Burger


Incidents of food being contaminated don't just happen in the United States. In Sweden, Yushuf Bercil made a trip to a McDonald's to get a delicious burger. Yushuf noticed a sharp pain in his mouth, after taking the initial bite of his burger. Under the impression, that the pain was not from the burger, he continued eating! The second bite that Yushuf took caused him to feel more pain and this is where things get really bad.

What Yushuf had found was that his first bite had placed a nail into his mouth. A ¾ inch nail was now stuck between his teeth and gums. Finding the bravery to pull the nail out right away, he threw up right after this, like anyone else likely would. After the horrible experience, Yushuf told the staff what had happened and left the restaurant. Bercil has stated that this horrifying experience has him swearing off fast food forever.

2 Bullets in Costco Hot Dog


In 2004, Olivia Chanes visited her Costco, likely looking for great deals but left with more than that. Not one to miss out on the temptation of well-priced food, Olivia picked up one of Costco's signature hot dogs. Once she had sat down, after loading up her dog with condiments, she was ready to eat. Upon the first bite, Olivia felt something hard that she bit into. She pulled out the hard piece of food only to find that it was a 9mm bullet!

However, Olivia's horrible day was about to get far worse. She soon began to experience sharp pains in her stomach and had to end up going to the hospital. The cause of Olivia's sharp stomach pains? An additional 9mm bullet had accidentally been swallowed by her, while eating the hot dog! Who else can say that they “took” a bullet, while eating at Costco?

1 Burger Found Smeared with Menstrual Blood and Spit


Jack's Restaurant, a food establishment in Columbus, Ohio was recently rocked by a food contamination incident. In January of 2017, Sky Juliett Samuel was reported to have put menstrual blood and spit on the burger of an unsuspecting customer. What makes this story one of the weirder ones on this list was that Sky was turned in by a fellow co-worker.

Currently, investigators are reviewing surveillance footage and statements to find out what really happened that night. Since this entry is the most recent on this list, there are still a lot of unanswered questions, regarding this incident. The Jack's company would go on to fire a large majority of employees after the footage was reviewed. Allegedly, the employees were fired for reasons that had nothing to do with contamination of food. The next time you order a cheeseburger, will you be checking it for any traces of menstrual blood and spit?

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