15Budd Dwyer

Robert Budd Dwyer was a politician in Pennsylvania. In the early 1980s, the member of the Pennsylvania State Senate and State Treasurer was under investigation for corruption and, despite proclaiming his innocence, was found guilty on 11 different counts on December 18th, 1986. State law was such that Dwyer could

not be removed from office until his sentencing on January 23rd, 1987. Dwyer called a press conference for January 22nd. During this conference, he read a prepared statement to the crowded room and then pulled out a .357 Magnum from a manila envelope. He calmly asked anyone that would be offended to leave the room. This photograph shows the disgraced politician as he put the barrel of the gun in his mouth. He proceeded to pull the trigger instantly killing himself. This whole incident was captured on film so all you gore nuts out there can see the video. Be warned. It’s extremely graphic

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