15 Scariest And Most Disturbing Movies Ever Made

Movies, we all watch them for entirely different reasons. Some of us love romance, others love a good action movie. However, you'll find none of those things on this list. From gory torture, penis amp

Movies, we all watch them for entirely different reasons. Some of us love romance, others love a good action movie. However, you'll find none of those things on this list. From gory torture, penis amputating, feces eating, disemboweling, and all other sorts of psychological, physical, and sexual depravity fill these movies that we're about to go over. These films have all earned themselves a spot on this list for good reason.

If you've enjoyed gory films like Saw or Hostel, or even more disturbing films like the Mothman or The Butterfly Effect, these movies are sure to move you in a way that will make you think, as well as possibly make you regret watching it. None of these movies are entirely easy to watch, since the content on screen is enough to traumatize some. These movies take the extra step and make sure to not only disturb and scar you, but do it in ways that aren't just you watching a full blown torture scene. These films have a certain darkness and character about them that allow them to shake you to your core. There's a reason this list was made!

This list isn't for the faint of heart, reader beware!

15 The Descent (2005)


The Descent is one of those get-lost-in-a-cave movies that you really don't see that often. The film follows three unaware hikers into an unknown cave system (they are unaware of the fact that it's an unexplored cave system at the time they enter) and this is where the fun begins. This is your typical case of a cave expedition gone horribly wrong.

Besides one of the leading actresses falling into a hole and breaking her leg, while another actress gets her throat ripped out and eaten, the film isn't as terribly grisly as one might think with such a plot (getting lost in a cave, starting to become picked off one by one by mutant humanoid creatures). One of the better horror movies to come out in the mid 2000s, many will enjoy this film as any creature feature fan would.

The film itself isn't all too gory, but becoming trapped down in the earth with these weird humanoid things that eat your flesh... That's pretty disturbing. Disturbing enough to earn a spot on this list.

14 Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer (1986)


Being based off a true story is more than enough to earn this movie on this list. The film was based on the murder confessions of the notable serial killer Henry Lee Lucas. This movie is actually very much one of the most disturbing and horrifying murder films that have been put out there.

Fresh out of prison for his mother's murder, Henry enjoys the thrill of killing by taking on innocent new victims to satisfy his murderous addiction. Like any snuff movie fanatic, Henry films himself murdering and butchering his victims. Some of these murders he enlists the help of his roommate, Otis, but it's mostly all him throughout the film. Many of the murders in this film were actually shockingly violent and considered some of the most intense ever filmed.

The pure, sociopath behavior and outright coldness coming from Henry is enough to send chills down your spine.

13 The Human Centipede (2009)


I'm sure many of you have seen this movie, unfortunately. I'm sure many of you have heard about the film, but refuse to watch it. I don't blame you, I was one of the unfortunate people years ago who decided to watch it and of course I regretted it. This movie is on this list for good reason, and should be on the list for the most disturbing movies.

In case you don't know, this movie is about a crazy, German surgeon who decides to imprison three people and perform a horrible surgery on them. Do I really need to say it? I mean look at the picture above. Doesn't it show enough? To make matters worse, this doctor is convinced that by doing this, his new "creation" has a single digestive track.

I won't spoil the end for you if you haven't seen it but the ending isn't all rainbows and sugar. It's quite dark. If you haven't watched it, or watched the entire trilogy to this movie, you might as well prepare for a disturbing and traumatic roller coaster ride.

12 A Clockwork Orange (1971)


Loosely based on the novel by Anthony Burgess, in which he talks about England in a very totalitarian future. Our main character, Alex, is a classical music lover, outright punk, and violence addict. Him and his little crew spend the film committing horrible acts of violence, such as bashing an older woman's skull in with a phallic sculpture, and gang raping a woman until she later dies.

Sent to jail for one of his crimes, our main character submits to a particular behavior modification system in order to earn back his freedom. He goes through several psychological conditioning procedures to make him detest violence, like watching gory movies. He even has his classical music turned against him. He is released back into society, but this time, it's his turn to be the victim of violence. An old victim of his seeks out revenge in a fun way and it's Alex's turn to feel pain.

11 Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975)


Interestingly enough, this film was based on the extreme novel by Marquis de Sade. Written at the end of the World War II era in fascist Italy, the film explores sexual freedom and the ultimate quest for truth. This was the very last film from well-known Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini.

The film focuses around four main characters who, for their own sexual thrill and excitement, decide to have four months of total sexual debauchery in the most disturbing fashion. Young men and women are kidnapped and kept at a castle far away from civilization, all while being subjected to horrible acts of sexual depravity, torture, and other unspeakable things. Between the murdering and the raping and forced consumption of human feces, this is a movie that will make any horror movie fan curl up into the fetal position. You'll probably regret it, but isn't that why we watch these?

10 I Spit On Your Grave (1976)


Probably the most notorious rape-revenge movie, evening spawning 2 sequels in its wake, this movie has a pretty basic plot: girl who gets raped gets revenge on her rapists. A woman by the name of Jennifer who happens to be a writer, rents out a cabin in the country so she can go and work on a novel she's writing. That soon changes, as a local gang of guys decides to start a party of their own, each one taking a turn assaulting her before leaving her for dead.

She manages to survive somehow, and comes back thirsty for revenge. The rest of the film goes through her seeking out revenge and killing all four of them, one by one. She inflicts such violence and pain, especially in the scene where she cuts off one man's penis in the bathroom after getting him aroused and worked up. As she casually leaves the room afterwards and sits downstairs, you can hear his screaming for help as he continues to lose more blood. Jennifer stares off blankly like it never happened.

9 Jacob’s Ladder (1990)


Jacob's Ladder is as much of a psychological movie as it is disturbing. Our main character, Jacob, struggles to maintain his overall sanity when he returns home from the Vietnam War. Plagued with disturbing imagery, horrible hallucinations, and flashbacks, it seems as if there is really no help for Jacob. Although the film was years and years before any sort of supernatural show was on TV, the plot and general idea of this movie is totally something that would later on show up in a show like The X-Files or something.

The film itself deals with a lot of Jacob's trauma from his post-Vietnam experiences. There is a lot of him dealing with the grief of losing his youngest son. The movie is a supernatural twist and turn kind of thriller that intensifies as it goes on. It's even got one of those endings that will make you sit back on your couch and go "whoa."

8 Funny Games (2007)


Funny Games is a messed up film where two psychologically disturbed young men basically hold a small family hostage, and force them to endure violent and disturbing games. As sadistic as it is funny, even one of the actors claimed that making this movie was tough on him and disturbed him because one of the main actors resembled his own son.

Keep in mind, this film is a shot-for-shot remake of the 1997 Austrian film of the same name. As dark of a satirical horror this movie is, like many other movies on this list, there are many people that would actually enjoy watching this film. Like any other typical movie in this genre, the predator holding the victims and torturing them usually are deeply disturbed, total sociopaths, and are psychologically dangerous. It's the same individuals that are portrayed in these films that enjoy every little bit of pain they inflict upon their victims, the bloodier the better.

7 Requiem For A Dream (2000)


Probably one of the few movies on this list that have the least amount of violence in comparison. Requiem For A Dream focuses on the disturbing reality of drug addiction and what it does to you over time. The majority of the film follows a young couple who are total junkies, as well as other people in their life struggling with addiction.

Like the others, this movie goes through several twists and turns throughout to give us a very disturbing ending. It's not like the others, where all three are murdered brutally, but instead left in their own individual torment. Personally, this is one of the most disturbing films I have seen involving drugs. For those who want to see a movie like this and don't want all the blood and guts, this would be a good go-to. This movie is a true vision into the ugliness of drug culture and the world of heroin and addiction.

6 Donnie Darko (2001)


One of the weirder movies on this list is Donnie Darko. This film centers around a young high school student who has a bit of a dark side. Like any other typical high school student, he doesn't enjoy authority and detests most of his high school peers. Frank, a man sized evil rabbit person visits Donnie from time to time and gets him to do dangerous things. This same rabbit thing pulls Donnie out of his home one night and informs him that the world he knows will end in a month.

In fact, only moments later the engine of a jet actually comes crashing through the ceiling of his home. This leads Donnie to trust Frank a little bit more and helps explore more of the dark side in which Frank brings to the film, not to mention the creepy rabbit suit and mask that Frank wears. If you haven't seen Donnie Darko yet it's definitely a film you should check out.

5 Nekromantik (1987)


Nekromantik serves as one of the more disturbing films on this list without inducing amounts of blood and gore. Nekromantiks aim is to shock you with the overall theme of death and sex together. The movie revolves around a mentally disturbed couple that idolize Charles Manson and Nazi culture and have a repulsive fetish for the dead.

When Rob, the husband, ends up losing his job, his wife Betty doesn't stand for it and divorces him, taking her favorite sex toy in the process. Rob, who is now alone, is deep into horror movies, prostitutes, various torture devices, and graveyard sex. All of these things fulfill his deepest, most disturbing desires of degradation while reminiscing about his true necrophiliac love.

Upon the release of this film, a cult following grew in its wake, and rumors of the crew having used real dead bodies on set started to emerge. Is there any truth to these rumors? Who knows.

4 Dead Ringers (1988)


Loosely based on a true story, this film features the main actor playing two roles: the main character, and the twin brother of that main character. These two brothers work as functioning, successful gynecologists. The two brothers, Beverly and Elliot, are very different. Elliot happens to be attracted to many of the patients he works with, and has sexual affairs with them. When Beverly falls for a woman who wrongs him, things go down.

To make it easy to digest, one of the twins gets an artist to create abnormal gynecologist tools for him because he's having delusions of mutant women with mutant genitalia. A patient is assaulted with one of these tools and both of them lose their right to practice. The film then takes some more bizarre twists and turns and even features some disemboweling. For an 80s movie, it's not bad and will gladly sit with all the other disturbing and psychologically frightening movies.

3 Teeth (2007)


People who hear the title of this film have a general curiosity about what it's about. Unfortunately, it's not what you think. The girl in this film happens to have razor-sharp teeth... inside of her vagina. The disturbing quality of this movie only starts there. From her  boyfriend who has sex with her, to her brother that forces it upon her, all end up losing their manhood, and Teeth isn't afraid to get gory about it.

Okay, so this movie isn't a gory mind-game torture slasher, but it is pretty disturbing to watch and see this girl go through these different situations. All to have the razor teeth in her vagina save her a few times. I will admit, this movie is unique and if the thought of penises being amputated with a lot of blood highly disturbs you to the core, this might be a movie you want to stay away from.

2 The Killer Inside Me (2010)


Yet another film based on a novel by Jim Thompson, this film is set around a small town deputy sheriff named Lou who has all the typical traits: handsome, cool and calm, charming, and stoic. Set in the 1950s, Lou finds himself developing a relationship with a prostitute in which he has continuous sex with for weeks. In the process, this prostitute feels devoted to only him, and becomes his ultimate pawn for blood and revenge.

Lou happens to have a bunch of problems in this movie: women problems, job problems, and murder problems. As the bodies continue to stack up, evidence seems to keep pointing more and more towards Lou. Lou happens to stay extremely calm as things get worse for him, which makes his character that much better. Typical murder stereotype: emotionless, blank, and cold.

Over the course of the investigation, and as suspicion grows against Lou, what happens next is just another reason to check this film out.

1 Gummo (1997)


Noted as one of the most disturbing films in the history of film, Gummo is an odd one. As random as this film seems to be, two bored teenage boys who live in the tornado wreckage of Xenia, Ohio find themselves in all sorts of misadventures. Having destroyed half the town and half the people, these two boys go from sniffing and huffing glue, to having sex with one the boys' sisters.

Gummo takes you on a ride where you just ask yourself "what am I watching?" as you watch these two boys kill cats and ride dirt bikes. The film also features a 12-year-old gay transvestite who happens to be a cat killer, as well as a nymphlike skateboarder with pink rabbit ears. It's an adventure that's more disturbing than it is plot-based. It's one of those movies you watch for the sake of having seen it.

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15 Scariest And Most Disturbing Movies Ever Made