14Catch Him If You Can

Remember the movie Catch Me if You Can? It starred Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank Abagnale, an expert con artist and master of disguise. Well, unlike most films that feature the cliché "Based on a True Story" tag line, the story of Frank Abagnale was a real one. As ludicrous as many

of his escapes looked in the film and even more ridiculous on paper, every single one of them actually happened. Perhaps his most memorable and shocking escape came when he was serving a 12-day stint in prison. While being transferred to a detention facility by a marshal who forgot Abagnale's documents, Abagnale convinced the guard that he was an undercover FBI agent merely posing as a prisoner. With the help of a friend who posed as a his fiancé and a business card from the Bureau of Prisons, Abagnale was released and walked out of the prison howling with laughter.

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