15 Ruthless People Who Posted Their Kills On The Internet

You would think that the last place murderers would post their kills is on social media. But in the era of “share everything,” even the murderers want to show off their best work. Some murderers kill and then hide their victims as they hope never to be caught. That should be normal, right? Why would you do anything that might risk you getting caught and thrown in prison for life or worse?

We live in a very different era, however, and even back in the day, there were killers who sought out a little notoriety. These killers were the ones who got the big names in papers because they left calling cards at the crime scene. Serial killers and mass murderers were the ones that got the big names because they wanted the world to know what they did, and they often taunted police departments that they would never be caught.

Things are a little bit different these days because murderers are out there offing victims and then having the balls to post their kills on social media as if they don’t think that someone would rat them out. There was even a Snapchat post to a friend where a guy posed with his victim. What are people thinking these days? We have some pretty creepy posts here showing people who've done just that -- the unthinkable -- and then posted proudly about their acts. Check out these 15 sickos, and be thankful you live in the age of social media.


15 The Abused Husband

Derek Medina took to Facebook in 2013 after he had murdered his wife because she was allegedly punching him. He stated that he had been sick of the abuse and wasn’t going to stand for it any longer. He asked his friends to “understand.” The post was shared a whopping 149 times, never mind the alarming comments that were posted. As if the post wasn’t alarming enough, Medina also posted a picture of his dead wife along with it. The couple shared a ten-year-old daughter who was sleeping upstairs when he shot his wife. He was convicted in 2015 of killing his wife, even though he stuck to his statement that she was abusing him. There's no excuse for murdering someone; besides, judging by the size of the man, he probably could've fought her off of him. It goes to the man’s state of mind that he thought it was okay to post his murder on social media.

14 Being Unfriended Kills


If you think you’ve heard it all, then you couldn’t be more wrong. In Tennessee, a 30-year-old woman by the name of Jenelle Potter was stalking Billy Jean Hayworth and her fiancé Bill Payne on Facebook. She was obsessed with the two people, and they eventually un-friended Jenelle. That only made things worse because she started trolling the couple under three different pseudonyms. She started causing trouble for the couple, and things escalated. The bizarre situation became even worse when the woman somehow convinced her mother and father to help her kill the couple. They stalked the couple, and she convinced her father to shoot them. When police found the body of Hayworth, she was still holding her newborn baby, who managed to survive the ordeal. You better think twice the next time that you decide to unfriend someone on Facebook.

13 Man Posts Murder Video on Facebook

A crazy Cleveland man by the name of Steve Stephens posted a video on Facebook of him murdering an elderly man in the streets. He went on to boast that he had killed 15 other people as well. He was driving in his car when the video went live, and police all over the city went out looking for the man. The victim was 74-year-old Robert Godwin, and he blamed the shooting on his ex-partner, Joy Lane, whom he was fighting with at the time. Stephens, surprisingly enough, was eventually spotted in a McDonald’s drive thru. We guess he was just too hungry to wait to get out of town. When police approached the vehicle, Stephens shot himself instead of turning himself in. The other 15 deaths couldn’t be verified, and they're still being investigated to see if Stephens did actually kill more people than just Godwin.

12 Murdering a Family


Randy Janzen may have lost his mind in May 2015 when he posted on social media that he had murdered his entire family. Maybe he was just having a bad day or maybe he had just completely lost his mind -- the jury is still out on that one. One day, he decided to shoot his daughter to relieve her of the pain of her constant migraines. He then killed his wife so that she wouldn’t have to hear the news of her daughter’s death at the hands of her father. If that wasn’t bad enough, he also killed his sister because he didn’t want her to feel the shame of what he did. He posted his murderous rant on Facebook, and it’s not surprising that a lot of people were freaked out. It wasn’t long before the police had Janzen’s home surrounded. They used smoke bombs to try to get him to leave the house, but he stayed strong. Instead, the house burned down, killing Janzen and burning the bodies of his family members.

11 The Snapchat Murderer

We all receive Snapchats throughout the day, but what would you do if a friend of yours sent you a Snapchat of a murder he had committed? That would be pretty freaky, wouldn’t it? That’s what happened to one guy who received a Snapchat from Maxwell Marion Morton. We guess that Morton thought that the Snapchat would just disappear in ten seconds and never be seen again, but his friend took a screenshot of the Snap and then called the cops. Who knows what was going on in the poor friend’s head when Morton sent the gruesome pictures to him. The Snapchat showed Morton, who was only 16, with the body of a teenager whom he had just murdered. Morton was arrested after his friend showed the snap to the police. He was charged with criminal homicide and unlawful possession of a firearm. What an idiot.

10 Promise of Murder


Joshua Davies was a 16-year-old boy who was in love with a girl named Rebecca Aylward after three months of dating. The two broke up, and Davies wasn’t about to stand for it. He made a Facebook promise that he was going to take care of Aylward. The girl was actually hoping that the two would start dating again, so she agreed to meet up with Davies for a walk. Davies had no intention of getting back together, however, and instead, he murdered her by smashing her head in with a rock once they got near a cover of trees. At first, he tried to break her neck but that didn’t work. After he murdered the girl, his friends wanted proof that Davies had committed the promise that he stated on Facebook. So, Davies took his friend to the murder scene to prove that he had killed the girl. Do you think this situation could possibly get more messed up? The friend who demanded to see the murder scene told Davies he would buy him breakfast if he had really killed the girl.

9 Murdered on Snapchat

Again, we have a man who's alluded to murdering someone on Snapchat. How on earth do these people ever expect to get away with what they did? The murderer, in this case, is Salvador Sanchez, and he murdered 20-year-old Maithem Alfuraiji. After the Snapchat was reported, police found the body of the man in Valley Center and then proceeded to arrest Sanchez for the crime. It was friends of Alfuraiji who reported the crime after they had seen Snapchats that alluded to Sanchez killing the man. The Snapchat didn’t show the murder; it was just Sanchez talking about it. Apparently, the two men were drinking together that night when they got into a fight that ended the other man’s life. Friends expressed grief over the death stating, “You didn't deserve to die in such an awful way, but I hope you find peace now,” friend Joel Jones wrote. “You will always be remembered for being a kind and joyful soul, and you will be missed immensely.”


8 Disabled Daughter Murdered Mother


It was a shocking post indeed when a disabled girl went on Facebook and posted that she had “slashed" her mother whom she called a fat pig. Family and friends assumed the account had been hacked, as the behavior was so out of character for the girl. In 2015, Gypsy Blancharde met online a man by the name of Nicholas Godejohn, and the two started dating. It was Godejohn who stabbed the girl’s mother to death while Gypsy sat in the other room and waited for him to finish. They tried to make it look like a robbery by stealing a few thousand dollars from the mother's safe. Why they ever went on social media is a mystery, as a random robber would probably never do that. The two were eventually arrested for the heinous murder of her mother, to the shock of everyone around them.

7 Man Murders Daughter

When Mark Alvin Manliclic of the Philippines couldn’t get a hold of his wife who was working in Canada at the time, he had to take drastic measures. His wife hadn't been responding to any of the man’s Facebook messages, and he became enraged. He figured the only way that he could get his wife’s attention was to murder their seven-year-old daughter and post the gruesome murder on Facebook. The daughter’s name was Angel, and she endured the betrayal of her own father when he stabbed her repeatedly in the back and neck. We can’t imagine what the kid went through. It certainly did get the mother’s attention, and Manliclic was arrested on charges of parricide. It was one of the more horrific things posted on Facebook, and it goes to show that there are sick people out there who will do anything to get someone’s attention.

6 A Man Beaten on Snapchat


It truly is amazing what people are willing to Snap and put out into the world. 20-year-old Delvin Mendoza-Chaparro was beaten and left for dead in the snow by multiple people. Delvin eventually died of his injuries, but his abusers were caught because it was all live on Snapchat. Devin Katzfey, Branden Katzfey, and Sarah Zakzesky were hanging out with Delvin, smoking pot, when Devin accused him of stealing a pipe. Things escalated to a spectacular degree because they took Delvin outside where they urinated on him and forced him to eat cat feces. Devin punched Delvin over 25 times and is heard on the video bragging while standing over the victim saying, "You got knocked the [expletive] out." The suspects, including Katzfey, who had very recognizable tattoos in the video, were all identified through the footage. Samuel Wilson was the one who found the body in the snow the next day. His "whole face was swollen up, his lips [were] swollen, [a part of his hand was] taken off.”

5 ISIS Sympathizer

It was a horrifying day indeed when French ISIS sympathizer Larossi Abballa broke into the home of a cop and his girlfriend and killed them both. He then barricaded himself in their home and logged onto Facebook. He used Facebook Live to make a chilling video discussing the murders as well as what his plans were for the couple’s three-year-old son. If that wasn’t bad enough, he made further threats against the Euro 2016 soccer tournament, telling supporters of the cause to "turn the Euro into a graveyard." It was a miracle that the police were able to raid the home and get the little boy out of there alive. Abballa was killed instantly, and the Facebook account, along with the video, was deleted. The video is still being distributed online, however, through ISIS propagandists as they continue to instill fear.

4 Girls Take Picture of Killer


Two teenage girls, Abigail Williams and Liberty German, went missing and were later found dead near a northern Indiana trail. Grainy images of the killer were found on a phone that belonged to one of the girls, suggesting that they took a picture of their killer before they died. It was the only lead that cops had about the murder of the girls. The girls went missing in February 2017, and the killer has still not been found. They call him The Snapchat Killer, and he's still on the loose, possibly a danger to anyone that comes in contact with him. There was also a video taken on the girl’s phone during that time where a man speaks three words: “Down the hill.” The evidence was chilling, but it wasn't enough to find the girls' killer.

3 Father Learns of Son’s Murder on Facebook

A murder in Detroit went viral, and the father of the victim discovered the murder when he saw a picture on Facebook. Jeff Hagler was found murdered in the trunk of a white Buick Century. He had been beaten and shot three times. The photo had been posted on Facebook and was shared all over social media. Jeff Davis is the father of the victim, and he found out about the death of his son because he recognized the car that his son’s body was found in. “I couldn't believe it was him; I couldn't believe it,” Davis said. “That's how I found out, through Facebook.” The photo showed Hagler’s hand dangling out of the trunk of the car, and it must've been a horrific picture to see. It was never discovered who the killer was or why Hagler was murdered.

2 Filming a R--e


There are truly some horrible people out there, and it’s a sad day indeed when your own friend can film and post your rape on social media. Marina Alexeevna Lonina got herself in a world of trouble when she let her boyfriend, Raymond Boyd Gates, rape her 17-year-old friend. Lonina filmed the entire rape and then posted it on Periscope for all the world to see. When the stream went live, friends of Lonina contacted the police. The two of them were arrested, and they now get to look forward to 40 years in prison. Lonina later tried to claim that she only taped the rape in order to have evidence for the police to arrest her boyfriend for the terrible crime. Prosecutor Ron O’Brien had a different theory, however: "She got caught up in the 'likes.’” What an evil human being. We can only be thankful that she's locked up.

1 Video of Gang R--e

One of the worst things to have ever been uploaded to Twitter was the gang rape of a teenage girl in Rio de Janeiro. The video showed 30 men taking part in the horrific mass rape of the girl, one of which was the girl’s 19-year-old boyfriend. She was raped in the slums, and at least four of the suspects have been identified. Somehow, the girl lived through the terrible ordeal and claimed that she had been drugged after meeting up with her boyfriend. They just left the girl there in the slums after they had raped her. She awoke soon after, naked and bleeding, and walked home. The men posted the video on Twitter, and that was how the teenage girl found out what happened to her. The men on the tape were joking around about what they did to her, bragging about the night they had. The Tweets had over 500 likes, and there were also comments where people actually were shaming the victim.



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