15 Road Rage Fails Caught On Camera

Driving takes skill and sometimes, another person's skill is far inferior to what it should be.

There aren't many people out there who cherish their commute experience. Sure, driving can be fun and relaxing. But most of the time, you're going somewhere you don't want to be. Either that, or you're in a hurry and you need other people to move a little faster. For most, it's a high-anxiety situation and tempers can escalate at what can be perceived as a slight. Driving also takes skill and sometimes, another person's skill is far inferior to what it should be. This is putting everyone else on the road in danger. While doing so, the bad drivers are more often than not prone to all the screaming.

There's something about being inside of a car that makes us feel safe. Louis CK has a bit about road rage in one of his specials, where he illustrates the fact that only a few layers of metal and glass give us the confidence to scream obscenities at other people as if they are worlds away. Well, they aren't worlds away, and sometimes they want to settle things with their fists. Getting out of your car during a road rage incident is a confident move. You have to be prepared to throw down no matter what. And if you bring a weapon, you better hope the other person doesn't have a better one. Not many people are looking for a fight on their way to work in the morning, but these 15 people found themselves caught up in one.

15 You Wanna Dance, Tough Guy?

A dash cam in New York caught an altercation between two commuters who were dealing with traffic. There was a lane-changing dispute and the man shown in the video has had enough of it. Despite the man with the camera repeatedly telling him he's just trying to get to school, this guy was apparently looking for a fight with someone. While writing down the license plate, this bald individual starts chirping to another car behind his initial enemy, even going so far as to drop the n-bomb in there. He keeps asking if people want to dance, and on his way back to his car, he picks a fight with the guy in the car behind him. Unfortunately, the video ends without the bald guy being able to find a dance partner.

14 Baton To A Gunfight

Road rage can sometimes be like a game of rock-paper-scissors. If you get out of your car with a weapon, you better hope the other person doesn't have something that will beat yours. That is exactly what happened to one man who cut off the subject of this YouTube video. We watched from the dash cam as a driver cuts off the man we're following. There's a honk and some yelling at a stop light. The man with the dash cam follows the man who cut him off down a side road. The driver of the car we're watching from, gets out of his car and has some words with the other driver. He responds by getting out of the car with a police baton prompting our driver to retreat to his car. But the next thing we see is the man with the baton backing off. The man from the car we've been following enters the frame with a handgun, and the winner of the rock-paper-scissors match is, per usual, the man who chooses "shoot."

13 DWC: Driving While Concussed

This is the first of many biker-versus-motorist fights you'll see on this list, as there appears to be a fair bit of contention in these two groups. The video is shot from the dash cam on a third-party car and shows a motorist shoving a man on a bike to the point where his bike tips over. A few more men come over to try to deescalate the situation. However, the biker takes his helmet off and starts swinging. His first punch connects and drops the motorist, who gets back to his feet and squares up a second time. It took only one more hit for the motorist's knees to buckle once again and the biker walks back to his motorcycle being the victor. The motorist drives away, which is probably not ideal. Dizziness and sensitivity to light are the last things you want when you're behind the wheel.

12 Keep Your Horn to Yourself

Sometimes, honking your horn is enough to erupt a situation into a road rage encounter. This clip takes place in another country, and my ignorant brain doesn't know any foreign language, so I'm sure the back and forth was less than friendly. Still, I can't imagine anything was said that warranted a sledgehammer to the windshield. There could have been something that led up to this, but the clip shows a car stopping a yield sign and refusing to move. The car behind him honks and shouts something, leading the driver of the car in front to take a sledgehammer and smash the other guy's windshield. It's a bit over-dramatic, but that's what you get when you honk at a guy with a full graphic on his rear windshield.

11 Just A Typical Hummer Owner

Something about driving a Hummer screams, "I'm an a-hole." There's no lead-up to what happens in this video, and there probably doesn't need to be. This guy has just played too many hours of GTA and wants to take it to the streets. In the video, we see the white hummer barreling down the road, smashing nearly every street sign he comes across. One of the signs even slides into the car that's filming. After the second or third sign, it becomes obvious that he's doing it on purpose which, on second thought, could be brilliant. The odds of this guy being sober are very low, so maybe the first one was an accident and he just went with it. That's an iron-clad DUI defense.

10 Drive First, Rage Second

This commuter obviously had some problems with road rage in the past, as they had four cameras to catch every angle of this encounter. Apparently, the guy on the moped scooter thought that he was in some way cut-off and began bashing the back window of this car. He seemed wobbly to begin with. He got even more erratic as he beat the car while moving. At the end of the clip, the driver of the car stops and the scooter driver smashed into his mirror and eats pavement. The video ends with a clip of police and paramedics over the scooter driver's body, making sure he's okay and also arresting him. It's clips like these that make you believe in some sort of cosmic justice in the world.

9 The Last Face You'll Ever See

Weapons are one thing. Now, imagine tailgating a guy only for him to get out of his car and stare at you like this. Tough talk is for the birds. Silence is terrifying. You may not be able to see it in this picture, but the scariest thing about this man is the leather gloves he's wearing. This guy legitimately has a body in his trunk right now. I'm sure he can make room for another. It wouldn't even be an inconvenience for him to murder this driver right now. He's already on his way to bury his last victim. Nothing inherently interesting happens in this video, as the man gets back into his car and drives away after the stare-down. But you can rest assured that the fear of God was put into the man behind the camera.

8 Aussie Road Rage

These Australian gentlemen had a road rage altercation that ends in a very unsurprising fashion. Commuters VS Cyclists is a conflict as old as time, and this cyclist infuriated the wrong commuter. The cyclist appeared to be in his lane, but a car approached close to him and honked. The man on the bike hit the car with his hand and can be heard calling the guy an idiot. The man in the car speeds by, stops, gets out of his car, and stands in front of the cyclist with his knife, ready to swing. The cyclist drops his bike and puts his tail between his legs and apologized profusely like many of us would in that situation, though I'll admit I expect more from the Aussies. Pulling a knife on someone seems like an everyday occurrence down under, and I'm surprised it shook this guy so badly.

7 Regrettable Fisticuffs

A man was riding his bike down a side road with a GoPro when he was passed by a white car going well over the speed limit. He tells the viewers through annotations that it is a residential neighborhood with a reduced speed warning. He follows the driver to a parking lot where the two start chirping at each other. The man in the car repeatedly tells the biker that he’s f**ked his mother among other high-brow insults, but the man on the bike remains relatively cool-headed in the situation. That was until the man in the car started to put hands on the man filming. After repeated warnings, the biker has had enough and hits the man in the face. The driver keeps coming at him, and the biker even drops him with a couple of blows before onlookers step in and break it up. While the man filming is more sympathetic in this situation, it’s hard to say anyone won this bout.

6 Car Destruction

There's no sound or context for this security camera clip but there's certainly a lot to unpack. The clip starts with a man going wild on a stopped car, kicking it, and jumping on it to smash the windshield. There's even a man with a gun in the picture, and he appears to shoot at one of the men destroying it. There's no telling who's wrong here, but there's probably enough blame to go around. There are a few punches thrown but none of them seem to do much damage as the car is taking the brunt of the punishment. The clip ends with two men inverting the passenger's side door as onlookers come to break up the altercation. By the time the video was over, the owners of the car were nowhere to be seen.

5 Biker VS Motorist Round 1,000,000

There seems to be a genuine distaste between the bikers of the world and the rest of us. Most of the time, the bikers seem to be worried for their safety. But they're not immune to being a-holes themselves. This video has no context and is filmed from the perspective of an onlooker. These two travelers square off in the middle of the street, both acting as though they have some sort of formal boxing training. Alas, all of the head fakes and feints in the world don't compensate for the wildly inaccurate punches being thrown, making for a comical fist fight where only exhaustion is the real winner. The biker would probably get the nod because he knocked the motorist to the ground, but it was a truly pathetic performance all around. Both go back to their car in the end, humbled and unsatisfied.

4 Angry Hood Ornament

There are some things that don't deserve to be filmed by onlookers but this isn't one of them. It's unclear what led up to this altercation as the clip begins with an angry man on the hood of this car. But I'm willing to bet that this guy in his workout clothes was the one on the wrong side. He's hanging onto the hood of the car and punching the windshield, but the person inside the car isn't getting out. They even go so far as to start driving with the man still on the hood. The man on the hood puts his face right against the windshield and starts yelling, but the video cuts out before anything else happens. Maybe these two people took a vacation together after their long car ride, or maybe the driver stopped short and spilled this guy into traffic. We'll never know.

3 Guy Who Beat Himself Up

The video starts with yet another motorcycle rider wearing a GoPro, riding down the street, and taking exception to an older gentleman who ran a stop sign. The biker's perspective is understandable, as he argues that running the stop sign could have killed him. The biker is collected and reasonable during the exchange, but the man in the car gets heated and comes after the biker. He follows him as the biker backs off, and even lunges at the man's camera losing his balance and falling to the ground. The man even lost his shoe in the exchange, adding insult to injury. The biker backs off saying, "That's all you, bro," which it was, bro. He leaves the older man lying in the street with a likely shattered collarbone. And as he drives away, he again scolds him for running a stop sign.

2 Driver Takes A Tumble

The cyclist-vs-motorist battle rages on in this clip with the cyclist being a genuine villain and the driver making a terrible mistake. The cyclist and driver are jawing at each other, with the cyclist winning the battle of wits and getting the driver extremely agitated. Finally, the motorist decides that he's going to take the cyclist's camera and chases after him as he rides away. The driver went on to make the fatal mistake of not knowing when to quit, so he kicked the back tire of the bike. The motorist lost his footing and took a truly hilarious tumble into the street. He got a solid six inches of air and came down hard, flipping over himself and losing the contents of his pockets. You hate to see the cyclist win this one, but the fall the other man takes is a good consolation prize.

1 Motorcycle Head-butt

Two men were minding their own business while riding their motorcycles one afternoon when a man and a woman in a truck nearly ran them off the road. The truck was coming towards them and went far over the yellow line, appearing to be intentionally trying to hit one of the men on motorcycles. Thankfully, the man in front has a GoPro attached to his helmet and caught the entire thing. He turned his bike around to confront the people in the trick, who reversed and screeched to a stop next to him. The woman started chirping immediately, and the driver of the truck got out to confront the first biker he almost killed. He yelled that he had kids in his truck, to which the biker responds with, “You almost killed me!” While all this is going on, the second biker is approaching with his helmet on and his visor down. The man who was driving the truck could barely turn around in time when he was head-butted in the face by the second biker. You can tell that the driver is contemplating on doing something, but thinks better of it against two bikers in helmets.

Sources: YouTube

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