15 Ridiculous Myths That People Still Believe

In the technological age that we all now live in, any and all forms of information are at our fingertips. Gone are the days when we would have to spend hours pouring over book after book to find out the information we needed, or worse still, relying on other people to tell us the information that could very well be false. Those times were a simpler time but also a more trusting time. Not being able to have all the facts available to us made us trust what we heard from others a lot more.

Because of this, many myths grew and flourished over the years, whether it was out of miscommunication, hearsay, misunderstanding, or just a blatant lie, myths and legends became facts and the facts were passed down through generations. Given that we now live in an age where most of these myths have been either proved or disproved, you would think that these myths have long been forgotten, but they haven't. For reasons unknown to us, many people still see a lot of these myths, legends, and old wise tales as facts. So here are 15 of those disproved myths that people out there still believe.


15 Carrots Give You Night Vision 

The first entry on our list is one that most people still tell their children. Although to be fair, we're not surprised that this myth is still a popular one as it is a good way to get children to eat their vegetables.

While it's true that carrots are a great source of vitamin A, which does help with keeping your eyes and eye sight healthy and happy, carrots do not help you see better or make you see in the dark. This is actually a myth that came from a noble place. During the First World War and Second World War, planes and pilots were starting to become important to warfare and many may argue, particularly in the Second World War, that the Air Force was one of the winning factors for the allied forces. But how did these pilots become so skilled, especially at night time? Because they ate a lot of carrots that gave them night vision. Of course this isn't true but it was a good way to get children of the day to eat their vegetables.

14 Cracking Your Knuckles Gives You Arthritis


Our next entry is more of an old wise tale than an actual myth, which probably started because we all get annoyed and irritated by people cracking their knuckles! However, people really do believe this one as if it is medical fact and will actually go up to strangers and tell them that they will get arthritis if they carry on cracking their knuckles. We've seen this happen!

The simple truth about this one is that it is absolutely not true. With so many advancements, particularly in medical science, many things are now easy to prove and this one is the easiest. There has been much research and tests done on this theory, including years spent by having someone crack the knuckles on one hand while leaving the other knuckles untouched, and the result was no arthritis. Throughout the many tests done on this subject, not one has come back with a direct link between cracking your knuckles and arthritis.

13 Brown Eggs Are Better Than White Eggs

Our next entry is a classic case of discrimination. That's right, most people out there have a problem with eggs and their colors! It is true what people say about food, that the first bite is with your eyes. We all do it. If we see a plate of food that doesn't look particularly appetizing, we almost convince ourselves that it is going to taste different or bad before we've even tasted it. This is how the egg myth started.

Because brown eggs are more common than white, most people, when they think of eggs, think of brown eggs. So when they see white eggs in the store they're instantly put off and choose the brown eggs. However, all chicken eggs are the same, regardless of their color. The color is determined by the species of the chicken and it's only the shell. The egg itself, the taste, the feel, and everything else are identical and if you take the shell off then no one can tell the difference.

12 Bulls Hate Red


The next myth on our list is something that we all know not to be true, yet everyone still believes it as fact. We all know that a lot of animals, including all cattle, especially bulls, are colorblind. We all know this and yet most people will tell you as fact that bulls hate the color red. Not only do they hate it, but it makes them crazy angry.

This myth is firmly planted in the archaic and barbaric "sport" of bullfighting. In Spanish culture, red is a very popular and important color and the bullfighters have been using red for centuries so the color red has become synonymous with bulls and bullfighting. But the bull itself has no interest in red. It doesn't actually get angry over the color red, what it actually gets angry about is the way in which the cape is moved and the movement of the matador. And of course, the fact that the bull is being repeatedly stabbed by a cape waving human doesn't help with the bull's anger!

11 Bats Are Blind 

Staying within the animal kingdom with our next entry, the phrase "blind as a bat" has been a common expression for many, many years. We all know that bats use a very advanced system called "echolocation" in which they can navigate in pitch black situations without crashing into things. A bats echolocation is so good that it's inspired some of our greatest invention. Using sound to bounce off of objects, we created such things as sonar and even ultrasound scanners, with the same principle that bats have.

But the fact of the matter remains, bats can see. They don't have great eyesight and their echolocation is so great that they don't need to see, especially at night time, but they still can see. This is one myth that really needs to be put to rest.

10 The Loch Ness Monster


Now we come to an entry that has been the source of many people's fascination for decades. Just like Bigfoot and the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster has taken over many people's lives as they desperately try to prove that the world is inhabited by monsters. So much so that  some people actually dedicate their lives to the Loch Ness Monster, a life that we're sorry to say is a waste.

How did this great myth start? Simple, by a hoax. This isn't just people who don't believe in the Loch Ness Monster saying it's a hoax, the man who took the photo and is responsible for "Nessie mania" said it was a hoax and in fact wanted his name disassociated with the now infamous photo, as have many other people who have claimed to have seen "Nessie" since. This is a classic example of a myth because it can't be proved, and somehow this makes people believe in it but the fact is the Loch Ness Monster can't be proved because it isn't there and no amount of faked sightings and photos will make us think otherwise.

9 The Great Wall Of China Can Be Seen From The Moon 

There is no denying that our next entry is a great feat of human engineering and pure man power. The Great Wall of China is a vast monument that serves as a reminder of what has been held up as one of the greatest man made structures in history, and with very good reason too.

However, this is one myth that has been easily disproved for many years and yet some people still think it's true. The Great Wall of China cannot be seen from the moon. How do we know this? Not only is our atmosphere covered in satellites and space stations which are continuously taking images, but man himself has walked onto the moon and has captured the image of Earth. There is no object, man made or otherwise, that can be seen from the moon. In fact, the countries and continents that make up our planet are the only things that can be seen from the moon and we know this because we have the photographic proof. Enough said.


8 Walt Disney Is Frozen


We all know that nowadays Disney pretty much rules the world. Through movies, TV, amusement parks, toys, and various other products, the list goes on and on. Not only does the Disney company have many myths and rumors surrounding it, but the main man himself, Walt Disney, has a long list of myths to his name.

For all the mystery, myths and rumors that have followed Walt Disney to his grave, the biggest one of them all is his grave itself. If you ask anyone to say something about Walt Disney then they will immediately say that he froze cryogenically himself. However, this is completely untrue. Not only was Walt Disney not frozen, in fact he was cremated when he died in 1966 which would make freezing very difficult! But the first man to ever be cryogenically frozen was a man named James Bedford which happened a year after Walt Disney died.

7 The Tongue Map

For all of you reading this out there that are of a certain age, then you will remember the "Tongue Map" well. We were taught in schools that the tongue is separated into different sections and each section had its taste detection for a particular flavor. Starting from the front of the tongue and working to the back, it was sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. The main flavors our tongue can taste can be distinctly detected by its own part of the tongue.

It's hardly surprising to many of us today, although sadly not all of us, that this is complete nonsense.  The fact is that taste buds and the ability for the tongue to detected these different flavors are all of the tongue and not restricted to one part for each flavor. Thankfully, many schools have stopped teaching this as scientific fact and the "Tongue Map" has been locked away in the cabinet of myths and misunderstandings.

6 Lightning Doesn't Strike Twice


As with a previous entry on this list, famous sayings can get confused with what is actually true. "As blind as a bat" is a big saying that was proved to be untrue, as is our next entry, the saying "lightning doesn't strike the same place twice."  This myth is easily disproven and cleared up with a little knowledge of what lightning is and how it works. The simple fact is that lightning can strike any time, anywhere, and it can certainly strike the same place multiple times.

We know this to be true for several reasons: one is that we can manipulate lightning to hit the same spot with a lightning conductor. But even away from that and letting nature takes its course, we have seen lightning hit the same spot several times in a single storm. Tall buildings, such as the Sears Tower, have been filmed getting multiple strikes in a storm. Lightning can strike anywhere, and particularly to taller structures as it's an easy path for it to take to reach the ground. Statistically, it won't strike the same place often, but it can strike.

5 "Let Them Eat Cake" 

"Let Them Eat Cake" is probably one of the most famous phrases in history and a phrase to perfectly sum up the era in which it is supposed to be from. The story, and we really do mean story, is that Marie-Antoinette heard of the poverty and struggle of her people and fellow country men, many of them were so poor that they were starving to death, and she said "let them eat cake." Because cake, and similar foods, were so expensive to the common man that Marie-Antoinette's comment was a sign that the rich aristocrats were so out of touch with people that they didn't understand or care about what was going on outside of their luxurious lifestyles.

Many people attribute this phrase and attitude with the beginnings of the revolution in France and the dethroning of the monarchy. However the simple fact is that there was no record of Marie-Antoinette ever saying this phrase. The phrase itself was recorded in Jean Jacques Rousseau's autobiography which was published when Marie-Antoinette was 9 years old. Many historians believe that this quote was attributed to her many years later in order to reinstate the distance between the classes in France.

4 Vikings Had Horned Helmets 


Next we come to a myth that just won't go away. We are all guilty of keeping this myth alive even though there has never been any evidence to support it. Even now, if you're asked to picture a Viking in your head then they will have helmets with either horns or wings on them. Even in mythology and popular culture such as movies, TV, and comic books, more often than not Vikings are depicted this way.

It's not actually known when this common misconception first came around but during the 17th and 18th century, Viking folklore became popularized in art and other such works, and many believe because of the violent nature of the Vikings, bones and horns were added in order to make them appear worse and more vicious. But as we've already stated, there has never been any evidence or archeological finds to support this myth.

3 Edison Invented The Light Bulb

Thomas Edison is often described as one of the greatest inventors of all time. In actual fact, what Thomas Edison was, was one of the greatest businessmen of all time. It's true that Edison had over a thousand patents to his name and is responsible for advancing mass production and maybe even jumpstarting the technological age.

But unfortunately for all those Edison fans out there, the man himself wasn't responsible for many of those patents and inventions. What Edison did and what he was great at was having people work for him, constantly coming up with ideas and then he would develop them further, patent them, and then mass produce them, which is an incredible feat but most of his inventions weren't created by him and his most famous invention, the light bulb, didn't even come from his team. Alessandro Volta and Humphrey Davy were working on this many decades before Edison got involved and years before he was even born.

2 Christopher Columbus Discovered America


In history there are many people that are attributed to many great things that are unfortunately just not true. One of the biggest figures to fall into this category is Christopher Columbus. Not only is it said that he discovered America, the reason why Columbus Day is still celebrated annually, but it's also said that he proved the world was round. None of this is true.

What is true is that Columbus wanted to explore the world and his thirst for a better route to Asia from Europe, as well as a thirst for fame and fortune, pushed him on four expeditions across the Atlantic, which was a big feat of bravery in those days. However, let's just ignore the fact that North America and Canada had already been visited by Vikings and The Chinese, as well as being inhabited by natives, Columbus never made it to American soil in any of his four voyages. What he did do was land on what we now call the Caribbean and he did touch down on the coast of South America, but that's it. It's a strange thing that schools still teach this "fact" and many people still believe it.

1 The Moon Landing Was A Fake

Throughout this list we've looked at myths, legends, old wise tales, and misunderstandings. For our number one entry of myths people still believe, we delve into the world of conspiracy theories. It still amazes us that so many people around the world believe that not only has man not landed on the moon, but it was all one big fake.

To be fair, the moon landing conspiracy theory could warrant an entire article by itself. Many people believe that elements of it were faked. The footage of Neil Armstrong and co. doesn't add up to some people. Shadows, the flag moving, gravity, the list could go on. But the fact of the matter is that man has landed on the moon. Firstly, much of our modern day technology is aided by what has been placed on the moon; mirrors which bounce satellite signals of it is a great example of man being there and how some of our technology works. Secondly, when the US first touched down on the moon, not once did Russia, who were the US's rivals in the space race, complain or say it didn't happen. If it was a hoax, Russia would have loved to have proved it but they couldn't. Another factor is that everyone involved would have to keep this secret, which let's be honest, the US government doesn't have a great track record with keeping things secret.


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