15 Ridiculous Celeb Conspiracy Theories That May Actually Be True

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. We've created ones about space, politics, terrorist attacks, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Even celebrities are not safe from conspiracy theories - far from it. Tons of our biggest stars have had the most ridiculous things said about them. This is hardly surprising, considering the nature of their careers. They're constantly in the public spotlight, and so everyone is always talking about them and speculating about what goes on in their lives. It's only a matter of time until some crackpot comes along and starts telling everyone wild conspiracy theories about something that couldn't possibly be true.

But what if these conspiracy theories are real after all? What if the people telling these stories have hit the nail right on the head? In many cases, there's no way we would ever know if these theories are real, except if the celebrities themselves confessed to it. And since many of these accusations would end a celebrity's career and ruin their reputation, that's probably never going to happen. I'll be the first to admit that some of these theories are just plain ridiculous, but there are some which are really worth considering. Which ones are real and which ones are fake? Read on, and make up your own mind...


15 Tom Cruise's Wives

One of the most well-known celebrity conspiracy theories involves Tom Cruise's wives. There's a lot weirdness surrounding these wives, and some of it is actually rooted in truth. This is made even weirder by the fact that Tom Cruise is embroiled in the ever controversial church of Scientology. The theory is as follows: The Church Of Scientology holds auditions for women to become Tom Cruise's wife. Those who are successful are offered a contract worth millions, and a hefty bonus if they're willing to give birth to Tom Cruise's child. The contract is reported to last approximately four years, which makes sense since each of Tom Cruise's marriages have lasted that length. In fact, Katie Holmes divorced Cruise almost 4 years to the dot from the day they got married. This is also seemingly confirmed by actress Nazanin Boniadi, who says she auditioned for the role of Tom Cruise's wife, but didn't get the part. So why does Cruise do this? Theories range from the secret fact that he's gay to just general Scientology weirdness.

14 Alex Jones And Bill Hicks


Alex Jones has been getting more and more media coverage these days, but there's one strange conspiracy theory that keeps on dragging him down. The theory is that he is secretly Bill Hicks, and he faked his own death and then reinvented himself as the talk show host Alex Jones. This is made all the more believable by a number of things. First of all, they look incredibly similar, to the point where it really makes you wonder if they are the same person. Second of all, Bill Hicks was famous for having very extreme and unapologetic political views, something that he shares with Alex Jones. Alex Jones is one of the biggest enemies of the left these days. Alex Jones has vehemently denied this conspiracy theory, but it looks like he'll never be rid of these allegations.

13 Cristiano Ronaldo's Relationships

Cristiano Ronaldo is another celebrity who suffers from a very persistent conspiracy theory. The theory involves his many relationships. We all know that Ronaldo has dated a number of incredibly hot super models and other incredibly sexy celebrities. But some say that these relationships are completely fake, and they're only to serve Cristiano's image. These people say that Cristiano employs a similar tactic to Tom Cruise's alleged tactic of paying girls to date him for a few months, and then moving on the next one. This is made all the more suspicious by the fact that all of Ronaldo's children are born from surrogate mothers, meaning he hasn't actually impregnated a woman the good old fashioned way. Why would he do this? Like Cruise, the allegations against him are that he's secretly gay. This would seem to be supported by the nature of his relationship with boxer Badr Hari.

12 Hillary Clinton Is Extremely Ill


This is one theory that actually has some weight to it. A lot of people say that one of the main reasons Hillary Clinton lost the election was due to her much publicized health issues. She was famously caught on tape outside of the 9/11 memorial, and she appeared to completely collapse, having to be dragged into the waiting black car by her handlers. Many people say that the black car is actually an ambulance in disguise. She later said that she had pneumonia, but it's not common for people to collapse like that from pneumonia. She also suffered from numerous coughing fits, and at one point spat out a huge ball of phlegm into a glass of water during her speech. Some say that her failing health is the result of a serious head injury she suffered years ago, which actually happened and is well documented.

11 Keanu Reeves Is Immortal

This is an all-time favorite of celebrity conspiracy theories, and it never seems to go away. As you can see by the picture, there is a theory that Keanu Reeves is somehow immortal, and has been living through countless centuries without aging a single year. The first painting, from 1530, depicts a man who is frighteningly similar to Reeves. We don't know who this man was, as the painting is simply called "Portrait of a Man," by Parmigianino. The second painting is of French actor Paul Mounet. He lived a long life, dying at age 77 - or so it's thought. The theory is that Keanu Reeves is all of these men, and has lived throughout the ages. As interesting as this theory is, there are some serious doubts. The most notable one is the fact that Keanu Reeves seems to be aging in this lifetime... Unless he's somehow hiding his eternal youth under that bushy beard...

10 Katy Perry Is JonBenet Ramsey


Another celebrity conspiracy theory that's gathering steam these days is the theory that Katy Perry is actually JonBenet Ramsey. JonBenet Ramsey was the child who was found dead at the age of 6 in her basement in 1996. The conspiracy theorists say that she didn't actually die, and that she faked her death, went into hiding, and reemerged as Katy Perry years later. The theory was popularized by many people, including a popular Youtuber who claimed that “You know, the eyebrows don’t change much on a person. You’re born with your eyebrows. They’re very close, very close indeed, aren’t they? … As you know, this whole entertainment industry is just a charade — you really don’t know the truth.”

9 Beyonce And Blue Ivy

Another insane celebrity conspiracy theory surrounds Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby, Blue Ivy. There are various degrees to this conspiracy theory, from the somewhat believable to the ridiculous. The more conservative theorists claim that Beyonce was never pregnant with Blue Ivy, and that she used a surrogate mother to birth her child. They back up their claims with photos and video footage of Beyonce's belly while she was allegedly pregnant, which seems to "fold in" at times. Other more adventurous conspiracy theorists claim that Blue Ivy is actually an Illuminati satan spawn, who's name is a clever anagram of "Eulb Yvi," which is the name of Satan's daughter in many occult texts. Take your pick, both are pretty weird but they could both be true, especially given how connected this couple seems to be to Illuminati symbolism.


8 Bill Clinton And Jeffrey Epstein


One theory that is as frightening as it is convincing is Bill Clinton's connection to Jeffrey Epstein. Who is Jeffrey Epstein? He's a registered sex offender and US financier who has connections to all of your favorite politicians. He was convicted of sex with underage girls, and has even been connected with the alleged "loaning out" of young girls to people in high places to get on their good side. Many people say that he operated a huge child sex slave ring, and he used to take them all to his island, called Little Saint James. He currently lives in the Virgin Islands, where his island is located.

Bill Clinton rode on Epstein's private Jet, nicknamed "The Lolita Express" numerous times, while he was taken to Epstein's private island. The former US president even ditched his security detail on a number of these trips, preferring to be alone with Epstein. The plane was equipped with a bed where passengers would allegedly have group sex with underage girls. The theory is that Bill Clinton participated in the underage sex that was going on both on the island and on the plane. And if he was travelling on the plane, to that island, it's hard to refute these claims.

7 Elvis Presley Is Still Alive

Another celebrity conspiracy theory that has been around for ages is the theory that Elvis Presley is still alive. There have been numerous pictures taken of a man who lives in Graceland who people say is none other than the King Of Rock. Could this be true? Theoretically, yes. Elvis would be 82 today if he were still alive, meaning he could still be out there somewhere. But why would he fake his own death? Well, his career was over, and the novelty of being a celebrity was probably starting to wear off for Elvis. He was old, fat, and everyone knew he was a has-been. So it makes sense that he decided to fake his own death and live a normal life of peace and quiet, without the press following his every move. There are numerous other supposed pieces of evidence for this, including the fact that his corpse was allegedly just a wax figure when it was seen in the funeral home.

6 The Trump Time Travel Theory


Okay, hold on to your hats people, because we're about to go into serious tinfoil hat territory. During the election campaign, a user on 4chan's infamous politically incorrect message board posted a series of bizarre revelations about Trump's supposed possession of a time machine. He says that Trump inherited the time machine from his uncle, John G. Trump. But here's where it gets interesting. Apparently, John G. Trump really was a scientist, and a damn good one at that. He was reportedly capable of creating "death rays" and "megavolt beams of electrons and ions," but he never used this knowledge to create weapons. But the really interesting facts come from John G. Trump's connection to Nicola Tesla. After Tesla died, John G. Trump was tasked with looking over Tesla's notes, to see if anything he invented could be turned into a weapon. That actually happened. John G. Trump reported back to his superiors that nothing Tesla wrote about was useful.

The theory is that John G. Trump actually stumbled upon Tesla's blueprints for a time machine, and was able to recreate it. Donald Trump was given this time machine by his uncle, according to the theorists. He allegedly traveled into the future, saw a dark and destroyed world, and then returned back, realizing he had to change history. According to the conspiracy theorists, this is the whole reason he ran for president. This is also apparently the reason Trump was able to win the election against almost impossible odds.

5 Peter Thiel Is A Vampire

You may not know of Peter Thiel, but he's a very important man these days. He's the guy who started Paypal, and he has since rose to become one of the richest men in the world. But Peter Thiel is into some pretty weird stuff behind closed doors. He's investing insane amounts of money into life-extension technology, and he's said numerous times that he wants to find a way to live forever and become immortal. And how is he doing this? The blood of children. You heard me right, Peter Thiel has admitted to taking blood transfusions from young people as a way to extend his life, and he says that it's actually working. But some people say that he's not only being injected with children's blood, he's actually drinking it. Either way, it's pretty weird.

4 Marilyn Monroe Was Assassinated


Another very famous celebrity conspiracy theory centers around Marilyn Monroe's death. She died under extremely suspicious circumstances, and some people claim to know the answer to the mystery. Her death was ruled as a suicide from taking barbiturates, but an autopsy was never conducted. She had suffered from depression throughout her career. But some say that it wasn't a suicide. Monroe had an alleged affair with then president John F. Kennedy, and some say that she was threatening to expose him. As the theory goes, John. F. Kennedy actually silenced her before she could ruin his reputation and delegitimize his presidency. Other theories state that it was the CIA alone who took the murder of Monroe into their own hands, seeing her as a threat to America as a whole, and that John F. Kennedy had nothing to do with it.

3 All Celebrities Are Pre-Chosen From Birth

One of the weirdest conspiracy theories concern all celebrities, or at least most of them. Ever wonder why celebrities all seem to look so similar? Ever wonder why celebrities seem to only date other celebrities? Well some people say that celebrities are actually chosen from birth, and the ones who become superstars have their whole careers planned out from the time they can barely walk. These same conspiracy theorists claim that the elites breed certain celebrities with each other to try to create the most beautiful people ever, and that their marriages are all arranged. There are many instances of celebrities looking extremely similar to one another, even though they're apparently not related to each other. Could this be the result of the same genes being recycled over and over again, and the same families inbreeding with each other over countless generations?

2 John Travolta Is Gay


Another celebrity involved with the Church Of Scientology is John Travolta. He was involved with the church even before Tom Cruise, and he attributes his success to the teachings of Scientology. And you can't argue with the results. He started landing countless roles after getting involved with the church. But throughout his career, he has been dogged by the same rumor: that he's secretly gay. To truly understand this conspiracy theory, you have to understand how Scientology works. Basically, a huge part of the religion is an activity called a "reading." You go into a room with another trained Scientologists who encourages you to recall your deepest memories. John Travolta participated in countless readings, and the Church of Scientology still has all the transcripts from those readings.

Every little secret he confessed in that room is in the Church's possession. The theory is that the Church has evidence that John Travolta is gay from these readings, and they're essentially blackmailing him with it, not letting him leave the church and forcing him to do their bidding. A man from California recently came out and said that he had been in a sexual relationship with Travolta. John Travolta later threatened to sue that man.

1 Obama's Real Father

The last conspiracy theory surrounds Barack Obama. Many people say that Barack Obama's real father was not Barack senior, but Frank Marshall Davis. Why is this important? Because Frank Marshall Davis was a communist who lived in Hawaii, where Barack Obama was born. Frank Marshall Davis had alleged connections to the Kremlin in Russia, and was not the sort of person you would associated with you if you wanted to become president. The theory is that Barack Obama lied about his father, instead claiming that a Kenyan man was his father, in order to seem more popular with many American voters. Obama even mentions Frank Marshall Davis in his book, Dreams From My Father. Also, Barack Obama's own half-brother Malik expressed interest in this theory. Either way, does it really matter who his father was? Not really, in my opinion.

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