15Confederate Man, Away!

via: People of WalMart

In modern fiction, the superhero is one of the biggest cultural tropes. In movies, television, and video games, they’ve become a major presence. And sometimes, they can even have a transcendent power within the real world itself. People are inspired by characters like Batman and Spider-Man, and hopefully not this

guy. This guy clearly just came from the county fair face-painting station, and insisted on using the American Civil War to inspire the dumbest hero identity ever. Now, he can become the protector that the trailer park has always needed. Maybe he thought a distinct mask would help distract people and keep them from realizing it’s clearly this one guy. But, dude? How is that going to even remotely help protect your identity? That scraggly goatee thing is going to be a dead giveaway if the police ever decide to crack down on the vigilantes in the greater Alabama area.

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