15 Gross Food Fails That Make Us Question Humanity

The people on this list are only aware what it is like to eat the most disgusting food.

Do you know that feeling of satisfaction after eating the most delicious meal in the world? Do you know how good it feels to lay down in a soft bed after a fulfilling dinner? The people on this list are only aware what it is like to eat the most disgusting food. Before we start, I warn you to stop eating while reading because you might vomit.

I can only wonder how many poor souls had to suffer from all the disgusting food we have in the world; how many little kids cried because their cakes looked like a big pile of dung. It's hard to think that a person can screw up preparing a sandwich or cooking spaghetti. Even a monkey could do that. On the other hand, there is a positive thing as well, folks. In the 21st century, controlled by the internet, it is impossible to hide your fails. That is why we can sit, laugh with tears of disgust, and make sure to never repeat any of these recipe fails at home. Otherwise, you might find yourself with that disturbing masterpiece of yours, on our next list.

15 Happy 4th Of July

It is no surprise that one of the most important days in the American Calendar is always celebrated with lots of fireworks, delicious food, family gatherings, and heavenly desserts. I would hate to be the person who cooked this disgusting wannabe cake. This little misunderstanding could be interpreted as a huge insult to American history considering the cake looks completely botched. On the left, we see "what Americans think their country looks like" and on the right, we see "What the US actually looks like." Please don't get offended just yet. After all, it is not me who baked the cake, right?

14 Spaghetti On Fire

Cooking spaghetti might be the easiest recipe in the world. You boil the water, add some spaghetti, and wait ten minutes for your food to be ready. Is it actually that hard? Apparently to some drunk folks (I just refuse to believe that this could be done by a sober person). I keep looking at this picture, and the more I do, the harder it is to find an explanation how could it have caught on fire? I wonder how that poor "chef" felt after coming back to the kitchen and seeing his spaghetti in flames. Oh my, we can only hope that the house is still standing. I mean, one can survive a day without a dinner but losing a home would be too much of a punishment for being a terrible cook.

13 Best Gelatine Ever

Do we have fans of gelatine over here? I send my deepest condolences. Yes, apparently there is a way to screw up those seemingly perfect food inventions. I would love to hear a story how people decided that putting some peas and carrots in gelatine is a good idea. Do I forget something? Yeah... those people thought that failing with vegetables is not enough, so they added some meat as well. That is how we get this highly disturbing dish. You know what the worst thing about it is? In some Eastern European countries, this food is fairly popular and considered very much edible. Oh yes, those strange people think that it is delicious. Personally, I will print this picture in case I will ever need to force myself to puke. Could you imagine how terrible that taste of mixed vegetables, meat, and gelatine must be? This recipe is doomed to fail every single time someone lays hands on it.

12 Was It A Pizza?

I am very sorry to say this, but it is possible to make a disgusting pizza. It is one of the biggest crimes against humanity to mess around with such a wonderful thing like pizza. I am not sure, but if it was done in Italy, a person might receive some years in prison for breaking the law and disrespecting the country. How can anyone screw up making a pizza? All you need to do is put it in an oven, wait for a few minutes, and enjoy the heaven. Some people just like their food over-cooked and I can live with that. However, everything has a line, and this pizza with an extra taste of coal is crossing all those lines. Someone should make a TV show where people would need to guess what were the ingredients of this pizza. I can only see salami and coal.

11 KFC At Its Best

When KFC introduced a new product in Australia, all the people were pretty excited. I mean, how can a "nacho box" be unsavory? Well, apparently KFC found a way. The recipe sounds pretty inviting - tortilla chips and popcorn chicken accompanied with some sauce and melted cheese. But there is a good saying "Don't judge a book by its cover". Oh, wait... Yes, this time we can judge KFC just by seeing the picture and honestly - this is the biggest recipe fail of KFC's history. I cannot imagine what the hell those chefs were thinking while creating this recipe. Why cannot they just stick with the chicken? Anyway, my vomit looks better than this "nacho box" and I feel sorry if anyone has ever purchased it. I am talking about "nacho box", by the way. However, if KFC can sell this, I think my vomit would be a hit as well.

10 Scorpion Soup

"Would you like some scorpion soup, honey?", "Yes, please." I can only imagine this conversation in Asia. Maybe it is not entirely accurate to call scorpion soup a fail recipe, but this recipe makes me want to throw up like no other on this list. Why in the world would anyone eat scorpions? They look scary and gross. This is the kind of soup you would see Hanibal Lecter eating in "The Silence Of The Lambs" if he was out of human flesh. It just feels wrong. If you look closer, you might even see an alien among all those dead scorpions. It is also disturbing that those people just casually eat scorpion soup with some tea as if it was a regular meal. The world is such a strange place, and it keeps surprising every time you think that you have seen it all. Bon appetit!

9 Hedgehog For A Birthday

"Mommy, why my birthday cake looks like a dog with rabies? I feel scared." "It is a hedgehog, sweety. Just keep eating." That must have been an awkward conversation, but it is not as awkward as this hedgehog's face. To be completely honest, it gives me the creeps. This purple disaster looks like a completely insane, disgusting, tasteless, and also a bit funny animal. I can only imagine how people find those lovely recipes on the internet and think that they can do just as good, only to find out that they are terrible chefs. I wonder if this dessert could taste good, but it is highly unlikely, especially if you pay attention to the fact that this hedgehog's teeth are as yellow as a drug addict’s. The internet keeps us entertained with all those people who try to achieve more than they can ever dream about. This is officially the most disgusting birthday cake I have ever seen.

8 Spaghetti Tacos

Do you remember when someone created spaghetti tacos? People used to say that it is going to be the most delicious tacos that any kid has ever tasted. Well, it sounds like a damn lie. Just look at that disgusting picture once more and tell me if you would fancy eating this meal. I wouldn't. Yes, separately spaghetti and tacos are both very delicious, but why mix it together? It is same as combining bacon and cake, and only a person like Joey from "Friends" could like it. I surely hope that creators of this recipe knew that Joey is a fictional character while coming up with this the most "brilliant" idea of the century. Anyway, if you want your friends to vomit, remember that spaghetti tacos are not that hard to prepare. Maybe this meal's primary purpose was to make people puke? If the answer is yes, then it succeeded.

7 Bacon Hearts That Will Break Your Heart

Those failures have no limits anymore. I can forgive when people ruin cakes, nachos, or even pizza, but bacon? What kind of monster would do such a thing? After seeing this picture, it will be terribly hard to believe in food again. However, I am even more sorry for the person who was making those bacon hearts to its lover on Valentine's morning. Just imagine how awkward it must have been to serve this kind of breakfast. I don't want to sound rude, but this sort of food is the reason why people break up. And there is no shame in that. I am still amazed how many people make food without any idea of what they are doing. This bacon looks gross, and I never thought that "bacon" and "gross" could ever be used in one sentence. That is why this recipe fail is one of the worst on this list.

6 Pig's Brain Soup

What is wrong with those people? Scorpion soup looks like a freaking delicacy compared to this disgusting meal. I don't even want to go into the details of how terrible it looks because I might just puke. However, how can anyone ever want to eat this kind of soup? And who was that genius who thought that boiling pig's brain is a good idea? Of course, this sort of food can only be found in Asia, where traditions are quite different compared to Western world. Still, I think that eating pig's brain is crossing all kinds of lines. Other variations of this soup include monkey's brain, which is even more disgusting. I warned you guys before that you might throw up and I am sorry if you did. Should we all just be vegetarians? I mean - broccoli soup would never look so gross. Bon appetite!

5 Flourless & Shapeless Pancakes

I can only imagine how hard it must have been when all the excitement about those delicious pancakes was overshadowed by uncontrollable frustration. It is so hard to see your breakfast burning. We have all been there. The internet is full of all the brilliant recipes, but materializing them is sometimes way too hard. Flourless pancakes sound like a dream come true for anyone who loves eating healthy. However, I would choose to eat McDonald's drive through rather than those burned pieces of dough in the picture. When will the people learn the main lesson - if you cannot cook, you must marry someone who can or simply eat out. It is not that hard, and it would save so many souls from looking at this gross and shameful food. I just hope that a person who cooked those pancakes is still alive because I am sure that I would have died of hunger in his position.

4 Dude, Where's My Crust?

It is not a big surprise that pizza was a food for poor people in Italy. However, I have doubts that even they have seen such a cheap pizza before. I mean, how could you forget the crust? It must have been one of those times when someone told "Just make pizza with cheese and pepperoni," and was understood word by word. Apparently, some people don't take the crust for granted. Anyway, this cheese and pepperoni pizza is officially the worst pizza that I have ever seen in my life. On those rare occasions, I actually lose all hope in humanity. You see, if pizza makes me puke, how can there be anything good left on this planet? I can only hope that a person who made this pizza also ate it and understood that crust is a must. The only positive thing is that this pizza is hot. Maybe there is still some hope?

3 You Only Had One Job

How could this list be fulfilled without a massive fail of one of the fast-food places? Well, I introduce you to the worst hamburger on the planet Earth. How much must one hate its job to make this kind of fail? I mean... Bun, meat, cheese, and bun, but not the other way around. It does not sound like a rocket science to me, but apparently, it is a little harder than I imagined. Seriously, how could anyone ever f-up with this order? I keep wondering if this fail is actually fake just to get some attention on the internet. If it is not, I am very sorry for the person who did it. It is probably the right time for him or her to change career paths because making burgers was obviously a wrong decision.

2 A Cat Of Your Nightmares

People just never learn that it is not a very good idea to make cakes without any experience or talent. Who would ever want to get this kind of cake as a present? Personally, I would think that it is a threat if my friend would give this gross cake. It actually looks like this cat was in a terrible car crash, survived, then was hit by another car, and kicked by some sick teenagers, before coming back home, where it was attacked by a dog. I don't mean to be offensive, but making a photo of this "masterpiece" is a crime and the chef should be punished. Cakes like this belong in the trash and should never see the day's light. I would still eat those candy whiskers, though. Yes, I have no dignity when it comes to candy, and I am not ashamed.

1 An Alien Egg

If you have made it this far without puking, I must give my respect to you. The last item on this list is a sad breakfast meal of rice and eggs. It surely looks like this food is trying to say "Please, kill me. I don't want to live anymore." How do people manage to make fried eggs look so disgusting? You need to have some serious talent. I have been frying eggs all my life and I've never seen anything as gross as this egg face. Of course, unlike the other items on this list, I would still eat this meal. In the meantime, all the conspiracy theories lovers can start talking about the fact aliens are hiding in these eggs. As stupid as it sounds, I bet that many people might actually believe in this theory. Just look at that photo again! So, cooking alien eggs is the last fail on this list, and I hope that you will have a delicious dinner today!

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