15 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Lost To Donald Trump

When Donald Trump first announced that he was going to run for the presidency in the 2016 election, the majority of the public thought it was some sort of publicity stunt or joke of some sort. While Trump had been in the public eye for over 30 years, his role as a celebrity didn’t exactly qualify him in the eyes of the public to run the nation. Trump had made numerous comments about the politics of the United States over the years, but much of his views were overshadowed by some of the more outlandish comments like his accusation that President Obama was not a true United States citizen and not born in America.

When Hillary Clinton made history by being the first woman to win the nomination by a major political party, it seemed that the United States might actually have a chance at obtaining their first female president. Yet, at this point, the other candidates in the Republican party had been weeded out, and Trump was already gaining a huge following in his race to become President. Both campaigns were filled with more than just a mild form of mudslinging, and numerous allegations of criminal behavior were thrown out against both candidates. Yet, right up until the ballots were cast, the media was reporting that Clinton was slated to win by a landslide vote. When the votes were called, the nation had made its choice and the new president was elected. Yet, with Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote, the nation remains divided and protests are still being carried out against the newly elected Donald Trump. With so much unrest in the nation and millions of Americans still distraught over the election results, check out the 15 reasons why Hillary Clinton ultimately lost the election.


15 Her Response To The Black Lives Matter Movement


During the presidential election, the Black Lives Matter movement was at the height of its firestorm. Members of this movement used the media coverage of the presidential election as a means to spread the word. Yet, not everyone handled the movement in the same manner. In fact, the Democratic party seemed to show its weakness when it came to how it handled the protestors. This was seen when members of the Black Lives Matter movement rushed the stage at a Bernie Sanders gathering, and many criticized the fact that he couldn’t even maintain the podium against two women protestors. The same type of ambush happened with Hillary Clinton, and the video went viral. On occasion, Clinton met with members of the Black Lives Matter movement, which some felt was a weak move on her behalf. She was giving further legitimacy to this movement, probably in the hopes that it would bring the African American voters over to her cause. Yet, it did more to hurt her chances for the presidency because it alienated other demographics and made her look weak.

14 Out Of Touch With Working Class

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It’s not a new concept for those running for president to be among the millionaire elite, but it’s often a huge criticism by the general public. In fact, Mitt Romney’s net worth of $250 million was a huge source of the opposition against his candidacy. Oftentimes, politicians try and diminish their own net worth in order to seem more in touch with the American people. Yet, it’s hard to do that when running for such a high profile position like President of the United States. One big faux pas by Hillary Clinton was her choice to wear a Giorgio Armani jacket on the campaign trail with a retail cost of $12,495. Clinton reportedly hired the same stylist Michelle Obama worked with, Kristina Schake, in an effort to revamp her look from the same old pantsuit style. In April 2016, Clinton wore a Giorgio Armani red tweed jacket and received a huge amount of criticism for it. While no one ever criticized Trump for her hugely expensive custom suits, Clinton ran her campaign trying to diminish her wealth while Trump flaunted it to prove the point of what a great businessman he is.

13 Over Confident Late In The Campaign

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The majority of the polls toward the end of the campaign all showed that Hillary Clinton was ahead in the race and that she was undeniably slated to win the election. The media seemed to be on a constant loop, reporting how ahead she was in the polls and how damning the tape recordings of Trump talking about grabbing women was to his campaign. This would have made anyone feel confident in their chances in the election, and Hillary Clinton was no different. During the Second Presidential Debate, Clinton appeared ultra confident against Donald Trump and at times she almost appeared smug. When Trump began talking about appointing a special prosecutor to look into Clinton’s controversial private email server, Clinton could be seen smiling broadly and looking into the crowd. Also, the poll numbers may have led Clinton to be more relaxed during the final stretch of the campaign, while Trump was pushing hard even at the very end moments to ensure that he won the most crucial states over to his side.

12 Lost Democratic States To Trump


When it comes to electoral votes, there are certain states that have a specific trend in which party they vote for with each new election. Whether it’s states that always vote Republican or states that always vote Democratic, oftentimes it’s the swing state votes that many candidates look towards in order to ensure a guaranteed win. However, in the 2016 election, there were a number of states that have traditionally always voted for the Democratic candidate that ended up voting for the Republican candidate instead. Eighteen states and the District of Columbia have always voted for the Democratic candidate since 1992, so this Blue wall of votes was the jumping off point that led people to believe that Clinton was well on her way to the White House. Yet, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania all voted Republican, which meant that it wasn’t just left up to the swing states. Whether it was because she didn’t feel that she needed to campaign hard in these states or because she felt that she didn’t need too many extra electoral votes to win, whatever the case, losing traditionally Blue states was a huge part of the loss.

11 Timing Of Released Trump Audio Tape

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When the race for presidency first began, the debates included so many candidates that there had to be a mini debate prior to the real debate in order to get all of the candidates a certain amount of time to speak. As the candidates were all whittled down, there was speculation over why the Democratic party seemed to forego a full-on assault over Donald Trump’s run for presidency. Some speculated that there was a “smoking gun” and the Democratic party actually wanted Trump to receive the Republican nomination so that they would have a surefire win into the White House. Once Donald Trump was chosen as the Republican nominee, a series of ultra-controversial scandals made their way into the limelight. One of them was the released tape of Donald Trump talking with Access Hollywood’s host, Billy Bush. The recording was extremely damning to Trump’s campaign and even had some questioning whether or not Trump was boasting about sexually assaulting women. However, the tape wasn’t just negative to Trump’s campaign but also put into question the corrupt nature of the Democratic candidate as well. People couldn’t help but wonder whether or not the released tape was somehow connected to Clinton’s campaign in an attempt to ensure her win.

10 Private Email Server

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At the forefront of Hillary Clinton’s campaign was the fact that she was constantly having to be on the defensive due to the discovery of her use of a private email server. Clinton had a private email server in her home, but she reported never having used it to handle classified information. After an intense investigation, FBI Director James Comey declared that he wouldn’t be recommending criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server during her role as Secretary of State. While Bernie Sanders famously declared “America is sick of hearing about your damn emails” on the debate stage, Donald Trump used this as a sticking point during his entire campaign. Trump stated that he would appoint a special prosecutor once he was elected into office, and the chant “lock her up” became widely spread by Trump followers. Clinton was never able to get out from under this issue, and it became a huge reason why she wasn’t able to get her landslide victory in the election.

9 Last Minute Email Server Investigation

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After Hillary Clinton was cleared during the first FBI investigation regarding her private email servers, it seemed that she would finally be able to put this nightmare fiasco behind her. Yet, things became even worse when investigation into Anthony Weiner’s computer led back to Clinton. Former Congressman, Anthony D. Weiner, is most remembered for sending sexually graphic text messages and the FBI was investigating the emails and documents that were sent from his computer. The revived interest into Clinton’s private email servers came just 11 days before Election Day, and again put a spotlight on Clinton’s “extreme carelessness” regarding national security. She was again cleared of all wrong doing two days prior to Election Day, but it couldn’t undo the damage that was done to her public persona. FBI Director James Comey stated that he was standing by his original declaration that Clinton should not be susceptible to criminal charges regarding her email usage, but the last minute investigation put even more doubt into the minds of those that were on the fence in regards to deciding on her innocence.


8 Secret Meeting With Attorney General Loretta Lynch

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Former President Bill Clinton and the entire Clinton family and administration have a huge amount of political power. From political connections to being in the millionaire club, there’s no denying that the Clintons are a powerful group. So, things definitely looked a little strange when Bill Clinton had a secret meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch during the height of the controversy regarding Hillary Clinton’s private email server. One week before FBI Director James Comey announced that there will be no criminal charges that will be placed against Secretary Clinton, a local reporter broke the news that Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton shared a meeting inside a private jet. During the congressional testimony, Attorney General Lynch declared that the private email servers’ situation was not discussed and that the meeting was limited to talk about their grandchildren and their golf game among other non-political topics. Yet, FBI insiders have declared that a deal was struck between the two to ensure that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t face criminal charges.

7 Lack Of Charisma

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Hillary Clinton has never been known for her amazing good looks (although some younger photos of Clinton have shown she was definitely a looker back when Bill fell in love with her), and that was made clear during her time as Secretary of State and through her presidential campaign. The world was quick to criticize her when she was photographed with her hair pulled back into a scrunchie, which is kind of ironic since Trump isn’t exactly known for having the best hair. Yet, women have always been held to a higher standard when it comes to looks, and it doesn’t help the fact that Trump is married to the former model, Melania. Although Trump has been endlessly criticized for his hairstyle, no one can deny that he has a certain swagger that makes him oddly appealing in the eyes of voters. Clinton, on the other hand, never seemed to be able to bring out her inner swagger. Instead, she marched around in an endless supply of pantsuit ensembles that made her look even more like a robot, and only helped to further alienate herself from the general public.

6 Labeled A Liar

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While no one ever said that politicians are thought of as truthful and honest pillars of society, there haven’t been too many politicians that have been so clearly identified as liars like Hillary Clinton. Throughout her run in the political world, she has faced mass criticism from the public who have labeled her a liar and untrustworthy. In fact, she’s been called out on a number of occasions by the fact that she is not trusted by the American people. This was a huge source of contention throughout her run for presidency and seemed to play itself onto every aspect of her journey. When Clinton fell ill with pneumonia, the American public didn’t see it as a hardworking woman who chose to continue working rather than take a sick day. Instead, the public criticized her for lying about her condition. It turned into an accusation against Clinton that her first instinct is to lie, which said more about her character and what kind of president she would become.

5 Her Role In Benghazi

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On September 11, 2012, the United States outpost in Benghazi was attacked. Four Americans were killed in the attack, and it brought around questions regarding Hillary Clinton’s role in the attack. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was at the height of the controversy regarding the attack because many felt that her failure to act was the reason why these Americans were killed. The family of the fallen were extremely outspoken since the attack, and even more so during her presidential campaign. Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, took the stage at the Republican convention in Cleveland and very publicly spoke out about Clinton’s role in the death of her son in Benghazi. The words of this grief-stricken mother permeated with voters, as did the film made about the attack, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. The film was released in January 2016, and ultimately grossed $69 million worldwide.

4 Celebrity Endorsements

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Celebrities have always been mixed in with political figures, albeit not always in the way that Marilyn Monroe was with JFK. Typically, political figures that have aligned themselves with celebrities have done well. In fact, this was a huge part of what helped President Obama win his candidacy since it was Oprah Winfrey that championed his cause and endorsed him publicly. Yet, people became cynical of celebrity endorsements once Hillary Clinton used them during her presidential campaign. Everyone from Beyonce and Jay-Z to Lena Dunham and Amy Poehler went out of their way to endorse Hillary Clinton and even made appearances to help her cause. However, the Trump campaign took shots at this aspect to Clinton’s campaign, and said that people were attending her events not to see Clinton but because they wanted to see Beyonce. On the flip side, a number of celebrities spoke out against Trump and said they would leave the country if he were to be elected president. Many of these celebrities didn’t exactly have favorable standings among the general public, so it actually hurt Clinton’s campaign to have certain characters like Miley Cyrus rooting for her.

3 Amount Earned For Speaking Engagements

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The Republican party is known for representing the richest of America’s society, and it’s the Democratic party that is supposed to have the interest of the poor and working class of society on the forefront of their minds. So, to have Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee, it was inevitable that people would start to question her finances in the context of the office she was in the running to hold. CNN reported “Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, combined to earn more than $153 million in paid speeches from 2001 until Hillary Clinton launched her presidential campaign last spring.” Some of her speaking engagements even brought in over $20 million for just one engagement. This was something the American people couldn’t find favorable, and instead used it to show that she was even further out of touch with the general public. Perhaps it would have been a favorable aspect to her character if she were running as a Republican candidate, but the Democratic voter couldn’t relate to her enormous speaking fees.

2 Forgot To Cater To The White Demographic

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When President Obama won the presidency, African American voters were a huge portion of his voting base and broke records when they went to the polls. With Trump’s campaign so highly focused on building a wall to protect the border with Mexico, it seemed like the Hispanic vote was up for grabs with the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. With all of this rhetoric over the Black Lives Matter movement and the controversy over illegal immigrants, it seemed that Clinton forgot all about the white voter demographic. This was a huge mistake on her part since she was never able to win over the white suburban mother voter or the single white male voter. White voters without a college degree made up a huge demographic of voters, and the majority of this demographic supported Donald Trump in his run for presidency. Unlike in the Obama election, African American voters failed to show up in huge support of Clinton’s bid for presidency, and losing out on the white voter demographic was a huge reason behind why she ultimately lost the election.

1 Her Track Record With Dealing With Women’s Issues

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When former President Bill Clinton was fighting allegations of intimate relationships outside of his marriage, his initial response was denial. As his wife, Hillary Clinton, stood by her husband’s side. While this would have been admirable in the eyes of the American public if he were to have been telling the truth, it ended up going the opposite way and brought out unfavorable Hillary nicknames like “Enabler and Chief.” During a 1992 interview with ABC News, Hillary smeared the name of Gennifer Flower by referring to her as “trailer trash” even though it was later revealed that she was indeed telling the truth and was proven to have had an affair with Bill Clinton. Hillary had a similar reaction to Monica Lewinsky’s accusations and reportedly referred to her as a “narcissistic loony toon.” Yet, the most damning blow to her stance on women’s issues that was brought up during the presidential campaign was when an affidavit was released involving Hillary Clinton defending an accused rapist during a trial involving a 12-year-old victim. A tape was also released that clearly heard Clinton laughing about how she got the charges dismissed based on bogus evidence.

Sources: New York Times, CNN, The Daily Wire

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