15 Real Women With Grossly Large Busts

There are many who say our society forces unrealistic beauty standards upon women through billboard advertisements, reality television, and music videos for pop songs. I’m not sure how true that is these days when the mainstream media has realized body positivity is a hot market (much like feminism and LGTB issues), but it was certainly the case at one point in time. As recently as ten years ago, women were still being told what they should wear and how they should behave and who they should associate themselves with.

Although those days have thankfully passed, many of us are still left with preconceived notions of what makes a woman attractive. For example, there is a worrying amount of guys who still equate things such as blonde hair and large breasts with beauty, and as a result, an equal number of women go to drastic lengths to meet their standards.

While a sizeable pair of breasts may appeal to our manufacturing interests, there is such a thing as too big. When a bust is too large, it can be intimidating, and oftentimes downright gross, a fact which the following pictures will serve to prove.

Here, with all the journalistic integrity possible, are 15 real women with grossly large busts.

15 Annie Hawkins

In 2000, Annie Hawkins (also known as Norma Stitz) was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as having the single largest bust in the world. Hawkins has an underbust measurement of 109.22 cm and an around chest-over-nipple measurement of 177.8. Hawkins’ breasts as so large, in fact, that she is forced to wear a 52I bra, which is the largest size available in the United States.

The Guinness World Record holder and mother of two has been advised by numerous medical professionals to undergo a breast reduction procedure, but she refuses to do so as she does not wish to “mess with nature”. Furthermore, Hawkins has stated that she is quite fond of her massive breasts, saying the combination of her bust and her Guinness World Record “made me feel like a million bucks”.

14 Hitomi Tanaka

Chinese adult entertainment is infamously raunchy, with nearly every adult film produced within the country breaking some sort of taboo through some sort of outrageous act, a fact which was more than proven by that recent tentacle-inspired scandal (look it up at your own risk). Nearly every star of the Japanese adult film scene has a gimmick of some kind to set them apart. The nation’s queen Hitomi Tanaka, for example, can always rely on the almost biblical size of her breasts to bring in an audience.

Although she made her first foray into adult films back in 2008, Tanaka avoided mentioning a specific cup size for several years. Towards the end of 2014, she took to Instagram to finally announce her bra size, which is a baffling 46JJ.

13 Chelsea Charms

Chelsea Charms is one of only a few people in the United States of America who boasts what are commonly referred to as “string breast implants”. String breast implants - or to use their actual name, polypropylene breast implants - absorb water over time, causing the breasts to continually expand after surgery. They were available for a short time in the US before being banned by the FDA owing to copious medical risks.

Despite the health issues associated with string breast implants, adult magazine model Chelsea Charms seems to be pretty happy with her own. The star currently boasts a bust size of 153XXX and claims each of her breasts weighs 26 pounds. This means Charms’ bust as a whole weighs in at 52 pounds, just about the same weight of a fully grown male bulldog.

12 Sheyla Hershey

Sheyla Hershey was born in 1979 in the infamously promiscuous country of Brazil. However, Hershey’s career has been outrageous even by the standards of her home country, and so she today resides in Houston, Texas which is apparently more accepting of immensely big breasts and the glamor models who possess them.

The Brazilian Bombshell, as she has come to be known, has undergone a total of eight breast augmentation surgeries in order to obtain her current look. For years, Sheyla was known for her crazy cup size of 34FFF. In 2009, following several more surgeries, the model announced that her cup size had increased to a sickening 38KKK.

In 2010, health complications led to Hersey having her implants, and even most of her natural breast tissue, removed. The following year she had them “reinflated”.

11 Casey Batchelor

Casey Batchelor is a British glamor model who UK men will likely recognize from her countless appearances in the nation’s various adult magazines.

Although much of her success has come as a result of her almost impossibly large bust, Batchelor has openly discussed her unhappiness with her massive breasts and the daily struggles she faces as a result of their size. According to Batchelor, her natural 32GG breasts caused her such great back pain and self-esteem issues that she was forced to have them surgically reduced to a still huge 32EE.

While she was initially happy with the result, Batchelor later announced that her bust had begun growing again and had already returned to a size of 32FF. Speaking to the British media about her unsuccessful surgery, the model and actress said with a sigh “I’m destined to have big boobs”.

10 Maxi Mounds

The appropriately named Maxi Mounds is a native of the generally reserved, somewhat traditional Long Island, yet she has managed to establish herself as one of the finest (in all senses of the word) adult film stars in the world. Similar to Chelsea Charms, who we looked at earlier on, Mounds managed to get string breast implants in the short space of time that they were available in the United States.

Mounds, who also works as a glamor model, has a cup size of 42M and boasts an under breast measurement of a shocking 36 inches. Each of the adult film star’s breasts weighs in at 20 pounds. Shortly after approaching the Guinness Book of World Records, Mounds was recognized by the publication as having the largest pair of surgically enhanced breasts in the world.

9 Kayla Kleevage

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not certain “Kayla Kleevage” is Kayla Kleevage’s real name. If it is, it’s a remarkably convenient coincidence as the adult film star’s surname is pretty similar to the word “cleavage”, which you may or may not have noticed.

When it comes to cleavage, Kayla Kleevage has it in a genuinely jaw-dropping amount (though not the good kind of jaw-dropping). Kleevage, who is a favorite in the “watersport” genre of adult films - the less said about that the better - received string breast implants all the way back in the 1990s when the health dangers were still unknown and mega-busts were few and far between. Since then, her breasts have inflated and expanded to a cup size of 59II.

8 Karola

Karola, a native of Germany, is a unique case in that she boasts a massive pair of breasts and an equally massive waistline. Unlike the many glamor models who have undergone breast augmentation surgery to attain a massive bust and tiny waist, Karola has made no effort to control her weight, something which has earned her hundreds of thousands of loyal followers around the globe.

What makes Karola even more special (if that’s the word you want to use) is the fact that her grotesquely large breasts are totally natural. This has actually accounted for a large part of Karola’s success as she got her first taste of fame when she began modeling for a company dedicated to women with naturally large breasts. Without ever having been put through any sort of enlargement regime, Karola’s bust requires a cup size of ZZZ.

7 Martina Big

Martina Big, as her name suggests, has really, really big breasts. So big, in fact, that at size 32 S they are said to be the largest in Europe. Big has received worldwide fame due to the almost disgusting size of her bust and has received an equal amount of attention due to her love of tanning, which has long crossed the border of fascination to full on obsession.

The native of Germany recently caused quite a stir when she shared pictures of her skin after an intense tanning regime had rendered it shockingly bronze, which she described as “the skin of an African girl”. Despite the obvious health concerns associated with excessive tanning, Big has stated that she has no plans to cut back, nor does she have any intention to cease her mission to have the largest breasts in the world.

6 Lolo Ferrari

Although she passed away in March of 2000 at just 37 years of age, Lolo Ferrari had one hell of a life. The French native began her career as a model, before resorting to prostitution in an attempt to fulfill her desire for extreme breast augmentation.

Ferrari’s first breast enlargement surgery came in 1990 and wound up being the first of 22. The end result of Ferrari’s multiple surgeries was a bust of 6.2 pounds, which required a specially designed brassiere in order to prevent her from crumbling under the weight of three liters of saline.

In 1996, the sheer size of Lolo’ bust landed her in the French Guinness Book of World Records. In 1999, she was recognized by the International Guinness Book of World Records as having the largest breasts of the time.

5 Mistress Rhiannon

Evil has a new name, that’s according to the website of Mistress Rhiannon which I spent several hours examining under the guise of research.

For those who are unfamiliar with her work, Mistress Rhiannon is an internationally renowned adult film star and professional dominatrix who is famous for the severity of her bondage films.

Rhiannon has also achieved fame for the size of her bust, which comes in at a staggering cup size of DDD. A pair of breasts of that size would pose a serious threat to the physical health of anybody, but Rhiannon is particularly at risk of back problems in the near future owing to her small stature. The American glamor model stands at just five feet and one inch and purportedly weighs in at 100 pounds.

4 Busty Heart

Fans of America’s Got Talent (they exist, apparently) may remember Busty Heart from her appearance on the third season of the NBC talent search, in which she received no votes during her audition. You may also be familiar with her and her absurdly large rack from her appearances on television shows such as Rude Tube, The Man Show, That’s Just Wrong, and Steve Harvey’s Big Time Challenge. She has also enjoyed a couple of roles in motion pictures, most notably in Sacha Baron Cohen’s controversial 2012 comedy The Dictator.

Heart’s multiple television appearances have come as a result of her massive breasts, which the average television viewer gets a kick out of seeing, whether they want to admit it or not. The model, who operates her own strip club in Pennsylvania, boasts an almost unbelievable cup size of H.

3 Claudia Marie

Claudia Marie is one of many adult film stars who is somewhat lacking in the looks department but can rely on her surgically enhanced breasts to bring in hundreds of thousands of views and an equal number of dollars.

Marie, who looks quite a bit older than most other adult film stars on the scene today, has undergone two breast augmentation surgeries (that we know about) and today boasts a freakishly large cup size of 50J.

The 143 pound Marie has made no secret of her breast implants and has even been known to use it as a selling point on her much-visited website. She has also gained a ton of followers because of the size of her rear, which is as big, if not bigger than her bust.

2 Amy Anderssen


Amy Anderssen has made quite a name for herself in the adult film industry thanks to her willingness to do almost anything on camera. The “actress” has appeared in dozens of raunchy scenes involving leather, whips, and the simulation of sexual violence. That being said, it is Anderssen’s massive bust which has really made her stand out in a world filled with beautiful, if somewhat artificial, women.

Since getting involved in the adult film industry, Anderssen has undergone a total of five surgeries to enhance the size of her breasts, which is actually surprisingly little for somebody in her line of work. Nevertheless, the seductress today boasts a cup size of 40HH giving her one of the biggest pairs of breasts in the world of adult films.

1 Minka

North Korea isn’t exactly known for its progressiveness or open-mindedness. Thankfully, the same cannot be said of its neighbor to the south, the creatively named South Korea. South Korea has made copious contributions to the western world including Psy, the voice behind the 2012 viral sensation "Gangnam Style", and Minka, the pretty face behind a massive pair of breasts.

Minka has used her ridiculously large (too large, if you ask me) bust to gain fame in the adult film industry, earning herself hundreds of thousands of fans and dollars since she first went under the knife. Today, with multiple surgeries and even more adult films under her belt, Minka has a cup size of 55KK, which allows her to continue enjoying success after success despite the fact she long ago passed the age at which many adult film stars see their careers wind down.

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