15 Real Pictures Of Ghosts That'll Turn Skeptics Into Believers

A quick internet search of “Ghost Pictures” will bring up almost 40 million results. Why is this figure twice that of “Donald Trump Naked”? Because people love to see ghosts; at a human level, we know ghosts tell us there's something more to the physical plane than we think.

But papping a ghost is very difficult. People like Zak Bagans (and his team of ghost adventurers) have been investigating “haunted” places for almost ten years. Over the course of this, they've revealed hundreds of ghostly voice recordings and witnessed apparitions but claim to have captured a relatively small number of bona fide images of ghosts.

Anyway, whether you believe in ghosts or not, this next article is proof of the existence of a spiritual dimension. The world is made up of energies, but not all of it is visible to the naked eye. It's generally believed that ghosts or spirit apparitions hold the energy of deceased humans and animals, but they can also be freeform and unattached to a being. They simply manifest in accordance with their surroundings.

The reason ghosts are so hard to pin down on film is that, as energies, they move very quickly or diffuse in a split second. Oftentimes, investigators will see something “out of the corner of their eye” but not have time to lift a camera and take a shot.

These next 15 pictures, verified as genuine by either news reports or investigators, show pictures of ghosts manifested in pictures purely by chance. We’ve gotten rid of the images of dust or smoke and all those which are obviously doctored, and we bring you real-life pictures of ghosts. Enjoy... and sleep well.

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15 Ghost On CCTV

As well as being used when talking about the Christian God (Holy Ghost), the word "ghost" denotes the soul of a deceased person appearing in a visible form. It was used in this meaning from the 14th Century onwards, but before that, it referred to someone’s liability to excitation or anger. It's still used in some quarters to describe the mind of a person, their thoughts or moral judgment, but these days, it more often connotes spirit manifestations.

There are other names for ghosts -- spirits, wraiths, demons, phantoms, specters -- and each carries with it a slightly different meaning. This picture was taken by a CCTV camera monitoring the dining area of a restaurant. The image shows a spirit figure that has formed in the doorway (marked with a circle). The clarity of this image is typical of many ghost sightings.

14 Asylum Apparitions

Beechworth Lunatic Asylum in Victoria, Australia was, in its day, one of the largest mental asylums in that part of the country. It closed in 1995 after operating for 128 years. It's believed that asylums -- having housed patients not of sane mind -- retain emotional distress. When we consider how many asylums have been investigated by professional paranormal teams, this theory seems to make sense.

According to inyminy.com (2017), “Several different apparitions have been reported here from the cellars to the uppermost parts of the buildings. Disembodied screams are often heard and heavy doors are seen to open and slam shut of their own accord.” This picture was taken in one of the rooms of the asylum using what investigators call a “full spectrum camera.” Such a camera allows light beyond our own vision to be included in the image.

13 Peter Pan’s Shadow Doesn’t Stand A Chance

American television series Ghost Adventures was first shown in 2008 on the Travel Channel. Initially, some viewers questioned its authenticity, while others griped about a lack of hard evidence. But as time went on, the rigorous tests carried out by the crew and their thoroughness with which investigations were conducted were seen as a refreshing improvement on other shows of the time, which were beset by questions about authenticity. As an added feather in the cap, the cast was often joined by experts in the field of paranormal research.

“Working alongside the most renowned professionals in the field,” says host Zak Bagans in his preamble to the show, “capturing ground-breaking proof of the paranormal -- this is our evidence, our Ghost Adventures.” The cast -- Zak Bagans, Nick Groff (seasons 1-10) and Aaron Goodwin -- captured superb poltergeist activity on film in Season 7. And in Season 4, Episode 2, this shadow figure was caught on camera at Old Fort Erie in Ontario.

12 Photo-Bombed By Nervous Ghost

People have believed in spirits and have tried to record their witnessed experiences since the dawn of time. The origin of the rites of many cultures, including funerals and magic, can be traced back to ancient peoples’ attempts to contact the dead or their belief in an existence beyond death. Despite such time-tested cultural attitudes toward death and spirit presence, mainstream science still denies the existence of ghosts.

However, when ghosts are seen with the naked eye or captured on film, it becomes harder to deny such existence. Ghosts can take the appearance of a visible presence but can also be translucent or manifest in balls of light or a smoky residue. This picture, taken of two tourists in Manilla, shows a translucent figure standing to the right of the frame appearing to grab the arm of the girl on the right.

11 Shadow Figure Comes To Visit

In an attempt to discredit those who've seen shadow figures, scientists argue that sleep deprivation, drug abuse, and mind aberrations bring confusion and an increased likelihood of hallucination. This is, of course, logical and a medically sound explanation. The Phoenix New Times published an interview with a meth addict who claimed that he was haunted by shadow figures and that this was a direct cause of his addiction.

However, video evidence of such “hallucinations” often dismisses the logic of science and is seen as proof of the existence of ghosts. The capture of images of ghosts or shadows is, as we've already seen, elusive. But it's not unheard of. Evidence does often surface, and many certified images remain unexplained by those who seek physical proof of the unknown. Surely, the unknown will always be unknown, especially when we find pictures like this.

10 Head Over Heels

Most paranormal experts will say that we're far more connected with the unseen world than we care to think. In another Ghost Adventures episode, the cast traveled to Reseda, California to investigate a house in which numerous people over the years have died either by natural causes or suicide. Season 13, Ep 4 is called “Reseda House of Evil” and is referred to as a benchmark of spooky investigation.

As the cast investigates, the house offers up a series of unexplained events (it's also believed that the odd behavior of the tenants is adding fuel to its energy). As Bagans walks through the kitchen area, we see a ghostly face above him and to the right. What's compelling about this episode is that the apparition was not noticed by the investigators until after the show had aired. The image was brought to the attention of the crew via social media.

9 Apparition Caught In Corridor

A show that had previously been slammed by skeptics in the past is the British mainstream television series Most Haunted, hosted by Yvette Fielding. Alongside the investigating team are various guest mediums who are periodically asked for their take on spirit presence. However, thanks to a series of phony mediums, the show’s authenticity began to be placed in doubt. It was said to have failed to portray an original and genuine paranormal essence.

It's now back for a new season, and while investigating Wentworth House in South Yorkshire, cameras caught something that has been termed by the Mail Online the show's most 'ground-breaking' footage to date. The image is snapped just moments after Fielding asks for any spirit to make its presence known. Sure enough, footsteps are heard and are followed by the translucent impression of a man dressed in period clothes.

8 Shadows Of The Condemned

Here's another perfect example of a ghost… translucent and yet casting a shadow. Often, if there's enough energy for a spirit to manifest, it will do so as an almost solid mass. This picture was taken at the now-disused Newark, Ohio’s Old Lick County Jail by amateur ghost hunters. A scouting production team for Ghost Adventures discovered that the prison was known for a catalog of hauntings, which included disembodied voices and full-body apparitions.

Prisons are often the focus of paranormal investigations because of the energy they're thought to contain. This stems from the incarceration of thousands of men or women over the years of a prison’s working life; the emotion stirred up in the living is held in the brickwork of the jail. An investigation at Shrewsbury jail in England yielded exceptional proof when a noose in the execution room appeared to be pushed by unseen hands.

7 Lost Souls Of Edinburgh

The city of Edinburgh in Scotland is considered one of the UK’s most haunted. There's a huge amount of dark history within the compact, hilly capital, and its winding roads and small alleyways make it the perfect stage for ghost trips throughout the year. The city was also home to Messrs William Burke and William Hare, who, in 1828, murdered scores of people to sell their corpses to medical schools.

A small maze of lanes called "Mary Kings Close" lie underneath the present Royal Mile, part of the original city. In 1645, a plague swept through the town, and the Close was built over. The sick were trapped between its narrow walls and died as a result. Today, it's thought to be one of the most haunted places in the city. Here's a recent picture taken at the gate to the Close and showing a translucent figure.

6 Amityville Peek-A-Boo

One of the most famous home hauntings in history took place in Amityville. 30 miles outside of New York City in the Long Island town of Amityville, an unassuming house was the scene of a mass murder in 1974. Two years afterward, a family called the Lutzes moved into the house and tried to make it their home. Unfortunately, they were subjected to intense paranormal activity and were, in the end, forced out from the house.

The experiences of the then 10-year-old Daniel and his family were so vivid that it inspired the making of the film The Amityville Horror. The family lasted only 28 days in the house before vacating (even today, its latest sale was more than $200,000 dollars under the asking price). The Lutzes claimed to have seen objects being thrown and a demonic creature roaming the lower floors. This picture was taken just after the Lutzes had moved out.

5 A Very English Haunt

From 1977 until 1979, a house in Enfield, north of London was the focus of intense media attention. The family living there at the time claimed that the two sisters (ages 11 and 13) were the victims of poltergeist and spiritual aggression. Although some scholars were skeptical, others visited the home and conducted extensive research into the activity, including taking pictures and sound recordings. The results can still be found on the internet and make for compelling reading.

According to the Mirror Online, “Strange knocking noises and furniture moving across rooms of its own free will led to the police and the Daily Mirror being called.” The story was consequently covered by most of the British newspapers of the time and has since been the subject of books, a film, and a TV documentary. The plight of the girls was the basis for the horror film Conjuring 2.

4 Doris Bither Laid To Rest

In 1974, American Doris Bither moved into a new home in Culver City, California. Almost immediately, Bither claimed to have been sexually assaulted by the spirits of three Asian men. Fearing her life could be in danger, Bither called on paranormal investigators Barry Taff and Kerry Gaynor, who visited the house and performed experiments and took pictures and sound recordings.

Although they found nothing substantial to verify Bither’s claims, some of the pictures taken are telling. This image is of a séance conducted by the investigators and the levitation of one of the members of the group. While little evidence was forthcoming, the image served as proof that something was present in the house. Skeptics, however, maintained that Bither’s drug use and lifestyle contributed to her claims. Whether true or not, it's hard to deny something as visually compelling.

3 Disused Sanatorium

A sanatorium was a place that, in the late-nineteenth and twentieth centuries, was used to treat the incurably sick, most often during bouts of social tuberculosis. In reality, it was at sanatoriums that most people met their Maker, especially prior to the general use of antibiotics. Their fate was dismal, although there was a general belief that a sanatorium could bring some respite and perhaps improve the quality of a sufferer’s life.

It's considered today an unhealthy and inappropriate way to treat terminally ill patients. That said, the United States built many such institutions during outbreaks of TB when vaccines were not widely used. This picture was taken many years ago in a disused sanatorium with what seems to be a patient standing at the door of one of the wards. This is pre-Photoshop, which makes this an authentic ghost picture.

2 Hanging A Picture

Again, pre-Photoshop, this picture is interesting for several reasons. It was taken in the 1950s when the Cooper family of Texas bought a very old house and posed for a photograph. But when the image was developed, they saw a ghostly addition to the family – a figure hanging by its feet. What makes this an interesting case is the positioning of the photo. The family is set to one side, presumably so that the photographer could frame the candles.

Another interesting fact -- and one that points to the authenticity of the picture -- is the historical context of the house and the State. An often-carried-out mode of execution of a black person in the 1800s was to hang a prisoner upside down from a tree or gallows and to douse him with fuel. It's possible that the essence of those torturous times may still be present in and around the house.

1 The Nursing Home Reaper

In many cultures, death has taken on a name or been given a face. Thus, society has passed down, through its generations, the suggestion that death is an actual being that visits those who are sick (or will die through accident). The myth is thought to stem from the ancient Greeks, who learned stories about a figure called "Charon" who would ferry deceased people across the river Styx to the underworld.

While few people in Western society believe in the personification of death (otherwise known as the Grim Reaper), this picture evidences a link between the living and the dead. It was taken in a nursing home by a staff manager who was taking pictures for the home’s new brochure. Unbeknown to the photographer, a resident had passed away only a few minutes before. Just after the event, residents reported hearing doors being opened and closed.

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