15 Real Photos Of Time Travelers Captured In The Past

Time travel is the subject of some of the best science fiction writing. There are all kinds of rules associated with time travel, and each publication differs from the last. In some cases, you are unable to change the past or interact with your past self. In others, you can rewrite history by puking on a squirrel (Hot Tub Time Machine reference if you didn't catch it).

Time travel is generally relegated to fiction, but there are some who believe there are time travelers among us. Some say that the list of photos you are about to see serve as proof of people traveling through time. In most of these cases, there is some sort of technology that shouldn't exist during the time period. Some people are judged to be time travelers based on appearance alone. Others have firsthand experiences with time travel they say are the real thing, claiming to have inside knowledge on some sort of government conspiracy.

More than likely, none of us will ever find the truth of the matter (if there is a truth to be found), but it's always fun to speculate. After all, there are always crazier things in the world to believe in than the concept of time travel.

15 Basiago Cell Phone In Charlie Chapman Film

via Big Think

This possible time traveler was brought up by a man named George Clark, who made a YouTube video on the topic that has received over six million views as of this writing. The footage shown above is taken from the 1928 film, The Circus.

The woman in the background can be seen walking with her hand to her ear, clearly talking to something or someone. She even stops towards the end of the clip and turns, keeps her hand fixed on some device she was holding to her ear. Since it was only 1928, there was no technology that can justify this kind of behavior. The woman was walking and talking while holding something to her ear; seems a lot like someone using a cell phone.

14 Time Traveling Hipster


This picture was taken in the 1940’s, showing a group of people huddled around a crowded street. Everyone in the picture looks as if they belong, except for one guy in a cardigan and sunglasses. This man stands out like a sore thumb, even without the red circle around him.

This man seems to be wearing an outfit that would be right at home in our generation. The camera around his neck also appears to have a more modern look than one you’d expect to see in this era. Overall, this guy looks completely out of place here. He could be a traveler from the future, documenting his experience on his retro camera. His disheveled look wasn’t in style for years, and even if he isn’t from our generation, he sure wasn’t from theirs. This guy is either a time traveler or was decades ahead of his time in the fashion department.

13 Conan O’Brien


Late night TV host Conan O’Brien has been the subject of some conspiracy talk due to this picture that shows his likeness over a century before the iconic personality became a mainstream success.

O’Brien looks almost exactly like a man who was pictured centuries before, which has led some people to theorize that he is one of many celebrity time travelers. Part of the reason celebrities are often the subject of such theories is because of their success. Traveling through time allows people to understand what will make them successful, and few people have manipulated the entertainment ladder like Conan O’Brien has. O'Brien has never addressed these time travel rumors directly, though he did make a joke about the concept in a tweet about the movie Looper.

12 The Cape Scott Time Traveler


This story of time travel was uncovered by an unwitting couple who happened to gaze upon a book in a used bookstore. The book was called The Cape Scott Story, and provided a picture from 1917 that looked particularly out of place.

The picture shows a group of settlers who are all dressed in appropriate attire for the time. Only one man stands out as different, and he can be seen wearing a T-shirt and shorts—items that appear to be more in-line with what people wear today. To make matters even more enticing, the two men next to this man seem to be looking at him with curiosity. Perhaps this time-hopper got to 1917 just in time to get his picture taken and published in a book.

11 Marilyn Monroe Time Traveler


Marilyn Monroe was candidly photographed in what appears to be a bathroom. However, the woman behind her got all of the attention after this picture hit the internet streets. The woman can be seen holding a device that appears to be a modern-day phone or digital camera. Whatever it is, she seems to be taking a picture of Monroe with technology that shouldn't have existed in this time period.

There are a few examples of cell phones popping up where they shouldn't but this woman seems to be using one to take a picture (technology that came decades after this photo was taken). She also appears to be dressed in a combination of modern-day fashion and fashion of the time period she's in. Is it possible that this photographer may have captured a time traveler documenting her experience?

10 Andrew Carlssin


The story of Andrew Carlssin is that in 2003, he turned an $800 investment into a portfolio worth over $350 million. The feds caught up with him and arrested him for insider trading, believing this was the only way he could know so much about what was going to happen.

Carlssin's defense was that he knew so much because he was actually from the year 2256, and traveled back in time to make his fortune on the stock market. To make matters even more peculiar, authorities couldn't find any record of the man existing before 2002. They were never able to prosecute Carlssin, though, as he disappeared soon after he was arrested. Some theorize that he went back to his year of origin with his winnings.

9 Putin The Time Traveler


Almost everyone is aware that Vladimir Putin is the president of the Russian Federation, but some have linked him to other Russian figures in history. A picture surfaced in 2015, showing the Russian president next to two older photos that identically resemble him. The earliest photo that appears to be Putin dates back to the 1920's.

Some say that Putin is immortal, even linking him to Vlad the Impaler (the inspiration for the fictional vampire Dracula). Others claim that these past photographs show Putin as a time traveler, claiming that this also explains why he's been able to hold his office for so long. If Putin can travel through time, perhaps it's wise that the U.S. stays out of Russia's way in the future.

8 Flying Through Time


Sir Victor Goddard has a story of time travel from the 1930's that many people took as a premonition of things to come. He was flying in a plane in 1935 over the airfield in Drem, Scotland. The airfield had been shut down and was abandoned at the time he passed over it.

On his return visit, Goddard lost control of the plane when he hit a strange yellow cloud. The cloud appeared to have no end, but cleared up unexpectedly. Goodard found himself again above the same abandoned airfield he had passed earlier, only this time it was up and running. He saw different color planes and uniforms than he was accustomed to, but couldn't think too much of it as he was soon enveloped in a storm again.

Goodard told his friends about the experience once he landed, but didn't think too much of it until the airfield became operational again four years later. Just as he had seen, the crew began wearing the same color as they wore when he flew over the airfield in 1935.

7 Reasonable Doubt


Jay-Z has been the subject of some strong conspiracy theories ever since he first threw out the diamond he jacked from DDP. One of the most popular takes on the internet is that Jay-Z is secretly part of the Illuminati, a shadow organization that manipulates public policy behind the scenes.

A more outlandish conspiracy theory is that Jay-Z became so successful because he's been grinding it out for a century. This picture surfaced a few years ago, and had conspiracy theorists claiming Jay-Z was immortal, a time traveler, or both. The man in the background of this picture can't be identified, which is one point for the "this is Jay-Z" camp. I'm not sure which conspiracy theory is more believable, but there's no denying that this guy looks an awful lot like Jay-Z.

6 Portal To The Future

One man experienced meeting his future self after he climbed under his sink to fix a leaky pipe. A man named Håkan Nordkvist climbed under his sink, but couldn't reach the afflicted pipe. He kept crawling, and soon noticed that he was in an area that shouldn't exist. He says that it "got light" and he stood up, confronting a version of his older self.

He saw a man that looked like Nordkvist imagined himself looking around 70 years old. The two talked, and even took a video together. The real piece of evidence that makes Nordkvist's story compelling, was that the two men had the exact same tattoo in the exact same spot. It's unclear how Nordkvist returned to his own reality, but his cell phone footage serves as evidence that he may have a wormhole under his sink.

5 Cell Phone In 1938


A video that surfaced in 2013 had the internet buzzing about possible video evidence of a time traveler using a cell phone. The footage was taken from 1938, and shows a woman in the background walking and talking on a device that shouldn't exist with the technology of the day.

The woman in the background of this shot is clearly speaking into a device that is being held to her ear. She even appears to close the phone at the end of the clip, the way someone may have ended a call with a flip phone. One YouTube user spoke up, though, claiming that this woman was their great grandmother. They said that she was merely testing a prototype of a wireless phone, but the footage still has some skeptics questioning these claims.

4 Another Cell Phone Sighting


Seeing what seems like a cell phone in old pictures is a sure-fire way to get the conspiracy juices flowing. This is a picture that was taken in the early 1900's, and shows a man holding a device to his right ear. Since this is a still photo and not a video, it's more difficult to tell what other explanations can be made for this event.

There is no denying that this man has something in his ear, but what could it be? Even handheld radios this size would be out of place in this era. There's no conceivable technology that can explain this man's behavior.

Imagine seeing this man when the photo was taken—walking down the street, holding a box to his ear, and speaking into it. That's certainly one way to make everyone think you're crazy.

3 Nicolas Cage


Nicolas Cage is one of the most popular time travel celebrities out there. Any Google search involving time travelers in the public eye will result in Nicolas Cage popping up, but I don't buy it.

Yes, these two pictures look alike, and Nicholas Cage has done financially well for himself. But still, Nicholas Cage? You would think that someone who holds the secrets to the universe would be making better career decisions. A certain amount of suspension of disbelief is necessary to take any of these people seriously, but Nicolas Cage is a step too far. I can't bring myself to the point where I'll believe this punchline of an actor broke the space time continuum.

Apparently, they don't have acting classes in the future. If Nick Cage is a time traveler, then he has just wasted his trips.

2 Camera Phone At A Tyson Fight

via YouTube

A YouTube video surfaced in 2015 that reported to show the use of a camera phone during a Mike Tyson fight. The fight being shown was between Mike Tyson vs. Peter McNeeley, and took place in 1995. Unlike other cell phone appearances on this list, the date is a lot closer to the time period camera phones were introduced. Still, there is no explanation for why someone would have had one as early as 1995.

The footage is real and was not doctored, so there is no Photoshop possibility at work here. Some people claim that this was a camera from the time, though comparable cameras on the market did not appear as phone-like as the one shown in this video. There are certainly other explanations, but it's possible that a time traveler was itching to capture Tyson in the prime of his career.

1 Andrew Basiago


Andrew Basiago is now just a lawyer in Seattle, but he claims that when he was a child, he was subjected to time travel experiments by the U.S. government. The program Basiago was a part of was called "Project Pegasus," which tested the effects of time travel on children. Basiago also claimed that children have a more adept ability to handle the stress associated with traveling through time.

Among Basiago's more outlandish claims is that the picture above is of him as a child. Basiago says that he traveled from the 1970's to Gettysburg in 1863, and was pictured with Abraham Lincoln. He is supposed to be the boy in the center of the frame, and claims that he lost his shoes while traveling through time.

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