15 Real-Life Stories Of Time Travel That Will Creep You Out

Time travel has captivated human imagination for centuries. No wonder it has always been a top trending theme in fiction literature and movies. Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine are all-time classics, and artists haven’t ceased to explore even further the possibility of travelling back and forth in time. Just think how many movies have appeared in the last 30 years, starting from the Back to the Future and The Terminator films to The Butterfly Effect (2004) and Interstellar (2014). The appeal of the idea of time travel stems mainly from the intrinsic craving of man to be able to fix things that went wrong in the past and to explore the exciting future before it has happened. But however unthinkable this sounds, the most absurd thing about time travel is that it is theoretically possible. We won’t go deep here into dense scientific reasoning, but will only mention that if wormholes do exist, as Einstein suggested in 1935, they can act as bridges connecting two points, distant from each other in time and space, through shortcuts. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how wormholes can be used as excellent times machines!

Although not a single wormhole has been officially discovered yet, some people claim to have travelled back and forth in time. Most of them are clear nutcases, of course, but here are 15 intriguing first-hand stories about time travelling, which are worth considering.

Buckle up, our time machine is about to take off.

15 A Wing Commander Enters A Parallel Dimension During A Flight


One day in 1935, Victor Goddard, a commander from British Royal Air Force, was flying to Edinburgh, and during the flight, he passed over a decrepit airfield in Derm, Scotland. All that Goddard saw from above was a lonely farm and some cattle. A few days later, on his way back to England, he took the same route. However, his plane was caught in a storm, and with all the whirling and swinging going on, the pilot got so disoriented that he lost control of the machine for some minutes. Fortunately, the storm ended as unexpectedly as it started, he regained control, and was hoping to be able to get the plane back on the right track by following some familiar landmarks on the ground. He looked down expecting to see Derm airfield as he sensed he was approaching it, but what he saw left him totally flabbergasted. The airfield was renovated, four brand new planes painted yellow sat on the runway, and some mechanics in blue overalls were attending to them. All of a sudden, the storm hit back again, and rainy clouds swamped Goddard’s machine. The guy got lucky once again and managed to land safely at his home base.

His friends back then were very skeptical about this incredible story, but 40 years later, convinced as he was about what he saw, Victor Goddard retold the story in detail in a book which was published under the title Flight Towards Reality.

14 Soldier John Titor's Time Travel "Myth"


Have you ever thought, “Wow, it would be so cool if I could bump into a real Terminator – a guy who’s been sent to the past with a mission to save the planet! And maybe I could even give him a hand…” To one person though this might have actually happened, only he was “the Terminator”. In 2000, a message appeared on an unknown internet discussion forum posted by a man who claimed to be a US soldier named John Titor from the year 2036. He claimed he was supposed to carry out an important mission in 1975, the purpose of which was to save the world from future destruction. The scenario of the mission, as he described it, sounded pretty much like a sci-fi movie plot, and the predictions he made about the future raised a lot of eyebrows. And yet, there was something about the description of the mechanics of his trip through the years that gave a sparkle of plausibility to his story. And what’s more, his horrible predictions about the future might not have come true, but what if soldier Titor had actually averted an imminent war by posting messages about it?! Anyway, nobody can actually prove otherwise...

13 A Benedictine Monk Invents The Chronovisor And Witnesses Christ’s Crucifixion


Of all believers on the face of the Earth, there was one person who, we bet, never had even the slightest whiff of doubt about Christ’s existence. Father Pellegrino Ernetti was a Roman Catholic Benedictine monk who claimed to have observed the last supper and later watched Christ dying on the cross. The device he was using was a self-crafted chronovisor, i.e. a kind of а time machine that enables you to follow past events in real time. In 1997, Peter Krassa published a book about the monk’s life and invention. The biography included also an appendix with an excerpt from an allegedly lost play by Quintus Ennius, which Father Ernetti insisted to have attended during one of his time travels with the chronovisor. Of course, Ernetti was pressured to produce some evidence in support of his claims. But when he produced a photo of Jesus on the cross, supposedly taken through the device, everybody recognized a striking resemblance to a piece of art by Cullot Valera. Ernetti then had no other choice but to admit the photo was fake. However, till the end of his life in 1994, he never took his words back about the existence of the chronovisor.

12 The Businessmen Who Took The Highway To The 1940s


In 1988, Strange Magazine published a story, which they claimed was based on a true event that took place on October 20, 1969. Two business associates were travelling from a small town in Louisiana towards Lafayette along the almost traffic-free Highway 167. At some point, they noticed a retro looking, turtle-back-type of a car ahead of them, which had a license plate with the year 1940 on it. What they observed when they shortened the distance between the cars was that the woman behind the wheel was also dressed in 1940s-style clothing. Driving alongside the vintage car, they could see there was a small girl on the passenger seat next to her, and the woman had an expression of panic written over her face. They gestured at her to pull over, so that they could help her, she nodded approvingly, and began the maneuver. The two businessmen passed slowly by her, but when they halted on the side of the road and turned to look at the other vehicle, it was nowhere to be seen. The car with the scared woman and the child had simply vanished into thin air.

The story has an even more mysterious twist ending. Some newspapers from the 1940s reported the bizarre disappearance of a mother and her kid. What if they're still wandering in and out various time warps without any hope of finding a way out?

11 The Seattle Attorney Who Was Sent By The U.S. Government On Multiple Time Travels


His name is Andrew Basiago and he claims that as a child he was recruited to participate in a secret U.S. government program for inventing a space-time hologram machine and teleportation technology. The program went under the code name of ‘Project Pegasus’ and ran from 1968 to 1972. Basiago, who is a lawyer specializing in the rather controversial subject of exopolitics, insists on having experienced eight trips during his time with Pegasus. He further claims that his travels were executed through the means of a teleportation device, which was built following the instructions allegedly found in the New York apartment of Nikola Tesla.

In April 2016, the guy launched an independent campaign for president, because he knew for a fact that between 2016 and 2028 he would be either elected president or vice president of the United States. Well, with Donald Trump winning the presidential run, he must wait at least four years for this prophecy to be fulfilled.

10 The Only Survivor Of The Philadelphia Experiment Speaks Up


In 1943, the U.S. Navy launched an experiment in Philadelphia, aiming at making military ships invisible to the radars of the enemies. This was achieved by wrapping massive Tesla coils around a ship, which functioned as electromagnetic generators, and when activated, they created an electromagnetic field that would stretch out and divert the radar waves from the ship, making it invisible to the receivers. What happened though was that not only did the ship disappear from the radar, but also from the city of Philadelphia altogether! Al Bielek, who was the only survivor of the experiment, claimed that the ship went into hyperspace and two men were sent 40 years ahead of time and then retrieved back to the battle ship in question. He was later recruited to participate in the Montauk Project, which had the purpose of developing various psychological warfare techniques, including time travel. Al Bielek said that in the 1980s, he, together with another guy, travelled to Mars several times– a fact he remembered much later, when his purposefully erased memories started to reappear. Al Bielek went public about his involvement in the two projects in 1989, and showed himself as a guest speaker on radio talk shows and conferences till his death in 2011.

9 Swedish Man Meets His 72-Year-Old Self In The Year 2042


If you happen to meet this balding, thirty-something-year-old Swedish guy, he’ll probably introduce himself like this, “Hi, my name is Håkon Nordkvist, and I have met my myself in the future.” Of course, most people would just turn their back at him thinking he is some crackpot, but Håkon couldn’t care less whether people believe him or not. Because he has proof: a 167-second film of the encounter that he recorded with his phone! The story that goes with the video is the following: One day in August, 2006, the guy was fixing the pipes of the kitchen sink, and as he crawled inside the cabinet, he found out that it was connected to a tunnel. He went on crawling for some time until he saw a light at the other end of the tunnel. When he got out, Håkon realized he was in the future. The year was 2042 and he got to meet his future self– a 72-year-old solid guy, with some extra pounds around the waist, and who had the exact same tattoo like his, only a bit faded. When put to the test, the old man happened to know every single thing about Håkon, even the best kept secrets from his childhood.

Who knows, maybe Håkon Nordkvist from Sweden DID find a wormhole in his kitchen after all!

8 Two Female Academics Saw Marie Antoinette Live In 1901


On a hot day in August, 1901, two Oxford professors and close friends on vacation in Paris, Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain, decided to explore to the fullest the area around the Petit Trianon– a small château located on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles. It was exactly there they experienced something that today we would call a ‘time slip’. However, the two ladies got lost and soon after, they began observing things that were out of place… and time! Later, Jourdain would write in her journal, “Everything suddenly looked unnatural, therefore unpleasant; even the trees seemed to become flat and lifeless. […]” The other woman recounted that after they crossed a bridge and reached the gardens in front of the palace, they came across a lady who was sitting on the grass, sketching. She was dressed in an old-fashioned summer dress, and they thought she very much resembled Marie Antoinette as seen in portraits. They also encountered a man they believed was the Comte de Vaudreuil.

We wonder: If Moberly and Jourdain did not experience an actual time slip, then what sort of drugs were they on, so that they could have such a shattering and vivid delusion!

7 Man Claims He Comes From A Country Nobody Has Ever Heard Of


Going back and forth in time and space may seem a real fun activity to us, but it is definitely not so for the ones involved in it! What if you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you are facing a pass control official at an airport who refuses to believe that you are coming from Germany, because, to his knowledge, no such country has ever existed?

Something similar happened in 1954. A seemingly ordinary man had just landed at the Tokyo International Airport, and when he handed his passport to be stamped, he was almost immediately detained for interrogation. The problem appeared to be that the passport had been issued in a country nobody had ever heard of– Taured. When asked where his country was located on the map, the passenger without any hesitation pointed at Andorra. However, he said he knew nothing about Andorra, but claimed that his own country had existed for a thousand years. He further insisted to be informed why the heck he had been questioned like a criminal when he’d been coming to Japan on regular business trips for the past five years. The immigration authorities sent the passenger to the nearest hotel until the problem was resolved. Although two officials were guarding at the door and the room itself was on the 15th floor, the man somehow disappeared without a trace. Let’s hope that he at least had a safe journey back to his native Taured.

6 A Woman Becomes Paralyzed After Witnessing A Ritual Taking Place In The 17th Century


If you are an unconventional and extreme traveler, then you must have at least heard of, if not visited, the Markawasi stone forest in Lima, Peru. The stones resemble very much human faces and no geologist is 100 percent certain how exactly these stone structures were formed. Some people, however, believe they may be a door to another time and dimension. The story of a 30-year-old woman suffering from hemiplegia (a disorder resulting in a complete loss of motor function in half of the body) can be a proof of it.

She was a patient of a renowned medical doctor and investigator of the paranormal in Peru, to whom she revealed that her condition could be somehow connected with a camping incident that had taken place in the vicinity of Markawasi a couple of years before. She went exploring the area with some friends, and they eventually came across a small, meagerly lit stone cabin, from the inside of which loud chanting was coming. Curious as she was, she stuck her head through the open door, but what she saw threw her in absolute bewilderment – the people who were chanting and dancing were dressed in 17th-century fashion! She made a move to go inside the cabin, but her friends pulled her out when she had half entered it. Apparently, not quite on time (or maybe very much on time!), because at that very moment half her body became paralyzed.

5 The British Tourists Who Stayed At A Non-Existent Hotel In France


The year was 1979. Two British couples were driving through Northern France on their way to Spain, looking for a place to spend the night. Eventually, they drove to a building that looked like a motel, only the men standing in front of it smoking hurried to inform them it was “an inn”. As everything inside the “inn” seemed pretty old-fashioned – no phones and no other modern conveniences whatsoever – the tourists logically concluded it had to be an attraction, a theme hotel of some sort that was supposed to make the guests feel as if they were in the 19th century. During breakfast the next morning, they were attended by two men in caped uniforms with a solemn expression on their faces. After paying the ridiculously small bill of 19 francs, the couples left for Avignon. After two weeks in Spain, they decided to follow the same route on their journey back, and to stay at the same motel – not only because it was so cheap, but also because they enjoyed the out-of-date atmosphere. Imagine their confusion when they found the exact spot, but the building wasn’t there! And the photos they had taken during their stay at the hotel didn’t develop.

4 Journalists Experience The Bombing Of Hamburg 11 Years Earlier


In 1932, journalists Bernard Hutton and Joachim Brandt were given an assignment by a German newspaper to do a story about the Hamburg shipyards. They were diligently doing their job at the site when all of a sudden the sky darkened, bombs began exploding around them, and they were deafened by the anti-aircraft gunfire. First, they thought it was a drill, but then realized it was the real thing – the shipyards were under attack. The two men managed to get back to their car and speedily drove away to Hamburg. The minute they left the area, the sky cleared and it was again a peaceful late afternoon. They knew nobody would believe their story, but they had the photos they had taken during the bombing as proof. To their greatest disappointment, however, when they developed the photos, they showed nothing out of the ordinary.

Eleven years later, Hutton was having breakfast in his London apartment, when he read in the newspaper that the British Royal Air Force conducted Operation Gomorrah, during which they destroyed the Hamburg shipyards. The photos of the air raid had captured exactly the same event the two journalists had experienced back in 1932.

3 A Guy From 1996 Gets Lost In The Streets Of A 1950s London


How would you feel if you went out to buy a bagel, for example, and at turning around the corner you found yourself in a completely different year, with no bagel shop around, and not even your own house being built yet? Of course, you’d panic. This is what Phillip C., a policeman from London, claimed to have happened to him (except for the bagel shop). One afternoon in 1996, he and his wife went shopping. While she was browsing the shelves in a bookstore, he went to another store down the street. After walking a few yards, he noticed that everything around him had suddenly changed – the people were dressed in 50s-style clothing and the cars looked like exponents in an exhibition room for retro vehicles. The surreal setting made the guy so confused that for a minute he thought he was having a stroke. He tried to find his way back to the bookstore where he left his wife, but there was a women’s clothing shop named Cripps on its place. The second he stepped into the clothing shop, everything changed back to normal and it was 1996 again.

2 A Swiss Watch Discovered In Ancient Tomb Sealed 400 Years Ago


In 2008, archeologists doing some excavation work on a site in southern China, were blown away by the discovery they made. They found a Swiss watch in a tomb in the Ming dynasty grave that was sealed more than 400 years prior. When the watch dropped off the coffin, the archeologist first thought it was a piece of rock. But when they cleaned it from the covering soil, they realized the mysterious artifact was in fact a watch in the shape of a ring with the inscription “Swiss” on the inner side. The hands of the watch had frozen at 10:06. To the archeologists, this finding was potential evidence of time travel as everything pointed at that – for starters, they were the first to open the tomb after so many decades. And second, at the time when it was sealed there were no wrist watches and no country by the name of Switzerland, for that matter.

1 A Scottish Woman Witnesses A Battle That Took Place In 685 AD


On January 2, 1950, 55-year-old Miss E.F. Smith was attending a party in the town of Brechin. After a few cocktails, she got in her car and left for the village of Letham where she lived. The driving conditions were very poor, it was pitch dark, and on top that, it started raining heavily. With the road becoming slippery, her car ended up in a ditch, so Miss Smith was left with no other choice but to abandon her car and walk the rest of the eight miles to her home. The surreal experience began around 2am, when she was still half a mile away from the village. According to her account, a group of people carrying flaming torches appeared in the distance. A bit later, a second group emerged to her right. Then she observed figures much closer to her who seemed busy bending down and checking the bodies which were lying all over the field. They’d turn over a body and if they were not satisfied with what they saw, they’d turned it back on its face and proceeded to the next one. At that point Miss Smith’s little dog started growling, and she hurried back home before it had started to bark at the mysterious figures with the torches.

20 years later, a member of the Society of Physical Research showed interest in the Scottish lady’s case and after some research, he revealed to her and to the scientific society that what she must have witnessed was the aftermath of the Battle of Nechtansmere, which took place in year 685 AD. And the people with the torches were soldiers walking around the field looking for their own dead.

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