15Tayto Park House Of Horrors

via The Sun

Imagine walking up a set of stairs in a haunted house, and just as you're reaching the top step, you hear a loud BANG! You think it's part of the attraction, but only for a split second because the floor suddenly falls out from under your feet. Talk about scary!

That's just what happened to several victims visiting the House of Horrors at Tayto Amusement Park in Ireland last year. Over a dozen people were injured.

The people who weren't on the stairwell said that they heard a loud bang, followed by screams. Many still thought that it was all a part of the show, until they saw adults and kids falling on top of each other. People were screaming and climbing all over each other. At least one guest was said to have suffered a fracture and another, a back injury. People go to haunted houses to get the crap scared out of them, but not to get injured.

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