15 Real-Life Stories From Haunted Houses

It's October again! It's the time of year that you begin seeing the ads for those creepy haunted houses. They're fun, exhilarating, and scary AF. They're run by the ultimate pranksters. You already know that they've got to be into a great gag to come up with the stuff that they do for the haunted houses out there these days. In fact, haunted houses first got popular in the U.S., after The Great Depression. The idea was to divert kids that were getting too dangerous with their Halloween pranks. The parents thought that the answer was to facilitate the kids' pranks by making haunted houses in their basements. Although, now, the pranksters are the owners, operators, and actors of the haunted house attractions. They'll do anything to make money off of your fear. The idea is to make your experience so scary that you can't make it to the end, but what happens if a prank goes too far? Or, if there's an accident?

In recent years, haunted houses have become increasingly more dangerous. They are full of costumed actors, all dressed as your worst nightmare. They grab at you, pull at you, and chase you through dark hallways. There are bright blinding strobe lights flashing in the darkness. Let's not forget the fake smoke, ghosts, zombies, and demons. Plus, there are those Freddy Kruegers with razor gloves or a chainsaw-wielding Jason. Some haunted houses are offering realistic kidnapping and torture experiences. You're probably thinking that the more real it is, the more fun you'll have, right? Yet, what happens if you're in one of those dark hallways when a fire breaks out? Or, if one of those zombies decides to get too touchy-feely in a dark corner? What if you found out that all of those corpses on the walls were real? Here are 15 Real-life Horror From Haunted Houses...

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15 Tayto Park House Of Horrors

via The Sun

Imagine walking up a set of stairs in a haunted house, and just as you're reaching the top step, you hear a loud BANG! You think it's part of the attraction, but only for a split second because the floor suddenly falls out from under your feet. Talk about scary! That's just what happened to several victims visiting the House of Horrors at Tayto Amusement Park in Ireland last year. Over a dozen people were injured.

The people who weren't on the stairwell said that they heard a loud bang, followed by screams. Many still thought that it was all a part of the show, until they saw adults and kids falling on top of each other. People were screaming and climbing all over each other. At least one guest was said to have suffered a fracture and another, a back injury. People go to haunted houses to get the crap scared out of them, but not to get injured.

14 Spooky Kreischer Mansion

Via: Pinterest

The Spooky Kreischer Mansion in Staten Island is said to be haunted. It has been put up for sale now, but it has also been used as a haunted house of sorts. Even though there weren't any issues at the Kreischer Mansion Halloween Thriller, in 2015, there have been numerous incidents at the house, including a gruesome mob murder back in 2005. The house was said to have been haunted by the original owner's son's widow, following his suicide. Edward Kreischer shot himself in the head, after the family business went under.

Later, in 2005, the house had a caretaker named Joseph Young. He was hired by the  Bonanno crime family to kill one of their enemies. Joseph tried to strangle Robert McKelvey inside the house, but his victim was able to escape to outside. However, Joseph got a hold of him again, this time stabbing, drowning, and dismembering Robert. He burned his remains in the Kreischer Mansion furnace.

13 Creepyworld

via punchingkitty.com

Creepyworld is a haunted house located in Fenton, Missouri. Its signs boast that they are "America's biggest and scariest scream park," which was definitely the truth on the Halloween of 2011. This haunted house puts in the maximum effort when it comes to scare tactics. There are dismembered body parts, zombies, and even a torture chamber. However, the most interesting site on October 31st, 2011 was the bathroom scene where 17-year-old haunted house actress Jessica Rue was hanging over the bathtub by a noose.

Creepy, huh? The only problem was that she had accidentally lost her footing, and her neck really got caught in the noose. Passersby probably thought it was all a part of the show. Luckily, they had a person who would go check each setup, and they found her in time. She was in a coma for three days but made a full recovery. Although, she has no memory of how she got her neck caught in the prop or of the couple weeks leading up to the incident.

12 Phantom Manor Disneyland Paris

Via: Pinterest

Have you ever wondered how creepy it must be to work in one of these haunted houses or rides alone? To make matters worse, there have been a couple of deadly accidents where haunted house employees have died. Take the Phantom Mansion at Disneyland Paris for example. The haunted house ride is centered around a lady who had died in the home after seeing a phantom. Of course, her story is all fiction for the haunted house.

Although, last year, a technician went to fix an electrical bug on the Phantom Manor Haunted House ride and never made it back out alive. Later, he was found dead by the other park employees who worked at the haunted house. Nobody else was with the tech when he died, but he was working on the bug, and it was suspected that he died from electric shock. Or, at least that's what they say.

11 Buried Alive At Ocean Park Hong Kong

Buried Alive at Ocean Park in Hong Kong is a haunted house equipped with a coffin slide. The idea is that for a single-person experience, you can climb into the coffin. Then, the bottom drops out for you to slide into the haunted house. Sounds fun, huh? I'm sure it is, at least in most cases.

However, last year, 21-year-old Cheung was visiting the park at a company event when he decided to try it out. The park was closed off, aside from the company hosting the event. Therefore, nobody was at the post to guide Cheung, following his drop off the slide. There also weren't any signs pointing the right direction for Cheung to exit. Cheung was killed by the coffin after he went through the wrong door. He was found dead later by park employees. Apparently, it was the coffin base from the slide that killed him.

10 NM Slaughterhouse - Touchy Experience

Via: YouTube

Real-life horrors in haunted houses don't always have to include a deadly accident. In some cases, people might have gotten more fear than they paid for. Take this New Mexico Slaughterhouse for example. After going through the Slaughterhouse, at least two women came forward with complaints of feeling violated in October of 2014. One claimed that she was separated from her fiance when a pillowcase was put over her head. She was then told that "he can do things to me that my fiancé never did, that he’ll show me what a real man is."

Another woman felt like she was touched inappropriately and found out that nobody else in her group had undergone the same touchy experience that she had. The complaints were met with criticism by the production manager. His claim was that NM Slaughterhouse is designed to give visitors the ultimate Rob Zombie horror film experience, and that would include some vulgar phrases and that it was all appropriate, and the visitors are told what to expect.

9 Land Of Illusion Haunted Scream Park

You've probably scoffed at those signs prohibiting kids under a specific height on certain rides, haven't you? What about the signs at haunted houses that say not to enter if you have heart conditions? Nobody listens to that stuff. It's not like anyone has ever been scared to death in real life, right? Actually, you might want to heed those warnings.

As a matter of fact, Christian Benge, who you see above, really died after entering Land of Illusion Haunted Scream Park. She was at the theme park with her family to hear her dad's band perform. Afterwards, she headed into one of the haunted house attractions and just died. Christian was already suffering from a pulmonary disorder and only had the use of one lung. However, it was her heart that stopped beating. Medical examiners said that it had become swollen as a result of her functioning lung trying to pull all of the weight. They couldn't comment on whether fear played a role in her death.

8 Pike Amusement Park

Via: Findery

This creepy corpse ended up being the main attraction at a spookhouse at Pike Amusement Park, in California. It was 1976 when Elmer McCurdy was discovered by a crew member for the TV show The Six Million Dollar Man. The show was shooting an episode at Pike on a spook ride called Laff in the Dark. The crew member checking the spooks in the tunnel came across the hanging corpse of Elmer McCurdy. He grabbed the props arm to adjust it, but got the shock of his life when the corpse's arm came off, and he found what appeared to be bone inside.

As it turned out, McCurdy's body had traveled. He was originally an outlaw who died in a shootout in 1911. The mortician decided to keep McCurdy's body when it wasn't claimed. He embalmed McCurdy and kept him to roll in money. People would place a nickel in McCurdy's corpse's mouth to look at him. Afterwards, his corpse became the main attraction of several carnivals, until it was discovered at the Pike Spookhouse.

7 Haunted Hayride Maine


Society has been getting more creative with Halloween plans in recent years. Not too many trick-or-treaters go from house to house in costume anymore. Malls and candy out of trunks at church fall festivals are more popular these days...and haunted houses, trails, and hayrides, of course. You would think that a haunted hayride would be one of the safest Halloween activities, but Cassidy Charette's parents would beg to differ. The 17-year-old girl was killed when she went with high school students on the Gauntlet Haunted Night Ride at Harvest Hills Farm in Mechanic Falls, Maine.

They were on the trail and everything was fine, when the jeep pulling the flatbed hayride missed a turn and jackknifed. The hayride flipped and went down the hill crashing. Meanwhile, the students were thrown off the hayride into the trees and field. Cassidy died, the guy driving the jeep and a 16-year-old were badly injured, and 20 others suffered minor injuries.

6 Haunted House Gary Indiana - Don't Go In There

Via: ABC News

If you ever see an abandoned house miraculously turn into a haunted house, don't go in. Then again, if you ever hear about a serial killer turning an abandoned home into a haunted house using his victims' corpses as props, don't fall for it. I know it sounds like fun, but the last time this happened was when a viral news site spread the story that the guy above turned a Gray, Indiana abandoned home into a haunted house. The story isn't totally true, but he did make several haunted houses...kind of.

Darren Vann is a serial killer who was caught in 2014. He's admitted to killing at least 7 women and stashing their bodies inside various abandoned houses throughout Gary, Indiana. The image above shows Darren's photo alongside one of his own special haunted houses. Again, don't ever go into an abandoned house that's been turned into a haunted house without thinking of this creep.

5 Ocean Haunted Hayrides

Via: Globe News Wire

Why anyone would ever want to dress up and pretend to be hanging by a noose is beyond me. For one, it's a little too disrespectful. Yes, creepy AF, but still disrespectful. What makes even less sense is trying to make the prop seem more real by actually slipping it on your neck. Still, there are some kids who've done this.

Take Brian Jewell for example. He was only 17 years old, and the people at Ocean Haunted Hayrides who employed him claimed that the noose was just a prop and was never supposed to go around Brian's neck. For whatever reason, Brain wanted to make his hanging victim look more realistic and really put it over his head. People on the hayride most likely thought it was all a part of the haunt, never realizing that he was actually dying. It wasn't until a driver for the hayride noticed that he didn't give his lines that they found out he had died.

4 McKamey Manor

Via: The Sun

You might think that you want a realistic scare for a haunted house, but do you...really? This lady opted to go to McKamey Manor in San Diego, California. It's one of those more modern haunted houses that give you the entire kidnapped, bound, and tortured experience. You sign a disclaimer and you're open to whatever scare tactics they can use to get you to beg for mercy. However, Amy Milligan claimed that she got more than she bargained for.

After completing the haunted house, Amy boasted her love of the place, but only in order to get her footage from the trip. Amy's video showed her being slapped, grabbed, pulled, and pushed. She was also placed into a freezer, as water was thrown over her face. Amy also claimed that the actors pushed her head under the water repeatedly, until she felt she was being drowned. Amy Milligan left McKamey Manor with bruises on her arms. She was soaked and felt violated.

3 Mystery Manor

Via: WOWT News

Do clowns scare you? If not, they will soon. This woman reported that a creepy clown assaulted her at Mystery Manor in Omaha, Nebraska. The woman said that she came across the creepy clown in the parking lot on her way into Mystery Manor. She assumed that he was a part of the haunted house as he followed her in. The lady reported that he stayed so close to her that she could feel his breath and began playing with her hair.

The clown was armed with a baseball bat and cornered her in the busy room, but she got separated from the group. She said that she asked to go with them, but the clown refused to let her by and bashed her head on a table. The woman broke free and ran to join her friends, yet the clown still pursued her until she snapped his photo and threatened to report him. It was then that he finally turned and walked away. The lady filed a police report as soon as she left, still without knowing if he was a part of the Mystery Manor or not.

2 Massacre Haunted House - The Neck Massager

via Daily Herald

The guy above was once employed by Massacre Haunted House in Chicago, but that was before he ran through the haunted house assaulting women and teenage girls with a neck massager. Plus, he was dressed as a clown. How creepy is that? If that doesn't send chills up your spine when you think of clowns, then I don't know what will. One of the women was at the haunted house with her teenage daughter, when the clown came up and started rubbing what they reported as a toy on them.

The clown, Robert Keller, was also reported as using vulgar and inappropriate words and actions. He was arrested and charged with battery and disorderly conduct. He was also fired from his clown duties at Massacre Haunted House. Now, you see why people are so scared of clowns. They could be anybody—your neighbor, co-worker, a drunk, or even the neighborhood pervert. Creepy, huh?

1 Six Flags Haunted Castle

This is still considered one of the most tragic theme park accidents in history. It happened in the Haunted Castle at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. It was 1984 when the students of Franklin K. Lane High School went on a school trip to visit the theme park. They were in the Haunted Castle when it caught fire. The Haunted Castle was dim and made of metal trailers that weaved around like a maze.

Eight students became trapped in the Haunted Castle when it caught fire. You can probably imagine how fast their fun frights, turning to actual fear. The panic of people scrambling to get out, but those eight students never found their way out. Seven teenage boys and one girl all died of smoke inhalation. The firefighters could barely make out the props from the corpses. The students were all identified by either their dental records or items such as school rings with melted engravings.

Sources: Mirror, ABC News, KRQE NewsNBC News

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