15 Real-Life Mysteries Too Weird For The X-Files

They say that truth is stranger than fiction, and these 15 cases prove that statement. From 1993 to 2002, "The X-Files" baffled the minds of fans as the show explored hauntings, UFOs, alien encounters, mysterious murders, and all things most people would see as being creepy and impossible. However, there are odd events happening all around us that have never been explained or solved.

Hundred of people have claimed to have seen Big Foot and experts have tried to explain away the Lochness Monster. Yet, the creatures at Skinwalker Ranch who are devouring cattle have been seen by scientists who don't know who, or what, they are. The dead boy found wrapped in a blanket on the side of the road has never been identified, but it's the condition of his body that kept his story on the front page of newspapers. Driving to the beach with family is supposed to be fun, that is until everyone hears mysterious voice talking that doesn't come from anyone in the silent car. And while no one believes the parents of the Pollock twins, mom and dad were convinced that the girls were reincarnated versions of the daughters they lost in a car accident. You've been warned: you may want to read these stories with the lights on.

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15 The Boys Who Went Missing While Looking For Frogs

In March of 1991, five South Korean boys between the ages of 9 and 13 went missing while they were out catching frogs. Over 300,000 police officers searched for the five friends, and some of the parents quit their jobs in order to focus on finding their missing kids. Eleven years later, a man was out in the woods looking for acorns when he came across the bodies of the boys. What confused police was that the area they were found in had been searched multiple times.

Initially, police thought that the boys had died of hypothermia, but an investigation revealed that four of the boys had died of blunt force trauma to the head while the fifth took a shotgun blast to the skull. Today, even if they do find the murderer (or murderers), the statute of limitations expired in 2006, so the killer can never be prosecuted. The case remains unsolved.

14 The Toxic Lady Who Made Everyone Ill

Gloria Ramirez was fighting a battle against advanced cervical cancer. In 1994, she was rushed to the hospital as she was suffering from confusion, tachycardia, and Cheyne–Stokes respiration. Nurses pumped her full of meds to sedate her, but when Gloria wasn't responding to treatment, they tried to defibrillate her heart. This is when things get weird. The hospital staff noticed that Gloria's body was covered in a strange, oily sheen, and her breath began to smell like a fruity, garlic-y mix. Also, when blood was drawn from her arm, the tube smelled like ammonia.

After the nurse gave the syringe to another staff member named Julie Gorchynski, Julie saw particles floating in Gloria's blood. At that point, the nurse who drew the blood fainted, and soon, Julie started feeling nauseous before she, too, passed out. When a third nurse fainted, the emergency room was evacuated. Twenty-three people became sick, and five were so bad they had to be hospitalized. A crew stayed inside to care for Gloria, but she eventually died from kidney failure. Some experts claim that the "illnesses" were caused by mass hysteria, but others believe that exposure to Gloria was the cause. Today, they have yet to figure out why the toxic lady made everyone sick.

13 Were The Pollock Twins Reincarnated Versions Of Their Dead Sisters?

John Pollock, his wife Florence, and their daughters, six-year-old Jacqueline and 11-year-old Joanna, were an English family who lived through a terrible tragedy. In the Spring of 1957, the Pollock girls, along with their friend Anthony Layden, were all killed when they were hit by a car while walking on their way to church. John and Florence prayed endlessly that they would have more children, and just a year later, the couple welcomed twin daughters, Gillian and Jennifer.

As the parents took a closer look at their newborns, they noticed that Jennifer had a white line across her forehead, the same as the late Jacqueline. To make things weirder, Jennifer had a birthmark on the back of her leg in the same place that Jacqueline had hers. When the girls were three months old, the family moved away, but when they visited their hometown four years later, the toddlers recognized places they shouldn't have. Once, when walking past a car, the twins freaked out and screamed that the car was going to get them. Their memories vanished when they turned five.

12 Skinwalker Ranch May Be A Portal To Another World Full Of Terrifying Creatures

When people think of Utah, their thoughts lean more toward Mormonism and not wolf-like creatures creeping around at night slaughtering cattle. The Skinwalker Ranch already has a disturbing name, but it's what happens there that will keep you up at night. People have reported seeing these menacing beings around the ranch, but when they're spotted, they vanish into thin air. Some have tried shooting at them, but they take the bullets as if they're feathers.

When scientists visited the ranch, they, too, witnessed poltergeist activity: floating orbs, portals into other worlds, and creatures coming through. For over 50 years, various experts have documented the weird happenings at the ranch that sits on land that a local native tribe says is haunted by shape-shifting skinwalkers. There are a number of films and books about the ranch, but no one really knows why the location is a focal point for bizarre experiences.

11 The Mocking Voice That Didn't Belong To Anyone Inside Of The Car

Beach trips for kids are a part of the ultimate vacation, and half the fun is the ride there while anticipating running in the ocean and standing in the sand. No one thinks they're going to have a shared, freaky ghost encounter with the car driving in front of them.

This person was only 10 or 11 years old when she was on her way to the beach with her aunt and friends. Two cars were in front of them as they were traveling through a large industrial area, when suddenly, the vehicle directly in front of them made an unexpected turn, forcing the driver of their car to make a sharp bend.

"In that moment we heard a very clear, loud voice inside the car saying laughing, 'Sharp bend, hm?!' The driver immediately hit the brakes. We looked at each other, puzzled: we all recognized it as a voice not belonging to any of us. In the very same time, we noticed that the other car has stopped as well. The other driver got out of the car with a scared face and shouted to us: 'Did... did you hear that as well?' They heard the very same thing inside their car. The area around was full deserted."

10 The Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter: A Gun Battle With Small Aliens

This is probably one of the strangest alien encounters that have ever been reported on. In the Fall of 1955, a family of five adults and seven children rushed into the Hopkinsville police station in Kentucky with a bizarre report. They claimed that for the last few hours, they'd been engaged in a gun battle standoff with 12 to 15 small alien creatures that descended on their property from a spacecraft. According to the family, they were under invasion and held off the creatures by shooting at them as the invaders stared at them through windows and doorways with their glaring red eyes. When the creatures were shot, the bullets just pinged off of their bodies. The family described the aliens' movements: they were floating from tree to tree.

Police were concerned that the "creatures" were just neighbors or kids having a little bit of fun at the family's expense, so they visited the property. They didn't find anything but a number of bullet holes, so the family returned to their home, but when police went back to question them again the next day, they were told by neighbors that the family had packed up and bolted out of there in the middle of the night after the aliens had returned. Psychologists who studied the case concluded that the creatures were really just owls in the area defending their nests; however, ufologists disagree.

9 The Hinterkaifeck Murder That's Never Been Solved

Real-life murders are often the inspiration behind TV show plots, but the story of the Hinterkaifeck slayings is a true crime mystery that still baffles investigators. In 1922, in Germany, a family -- Andreas Gruber (63) and his wife Cäzilia (72); their widowed daughter Viktoria Gabriel (35); Viktoria's children, Cäzilia (7) and Josef (2);  and their maid, Maria Baumgartner (44) -- were killed.

Days before the crime, Andreas asked his neighbors if they knew why there were peculiar footprints in the snow. He also said that he heard footsteps in the attic and claimed that a set of keys to the house went missing. Their previous maid had left the home after telling the family that she believed that it was haunted, and Maria came in as her replacement. She'd only been working for one day when she was murdered. Police believed that Andreas, his wife, his daughter, and his oldest grandchild were lured to the barn one by one and killed. The other two victims were murdered in their rooms. The person responsible may have stayed at the property for days before disappearing.

8 The Man Who Could Eat Anything

We all have the friend, or we are that friend, who can eat almost anything. Yet, no one has ever had the stomach like that of "The Insatiable Tarrare," the 18th-century Frenchman whose hunger never ceased. According to historians, Tarrare had a large mouth with awfully stained teeth and an appetite that was never satisfied. It's said that his parents kicked him out of their home because he kept eating all of their food.

His belly was distended from eating so much, and he sweated constantly, emitting an odor that was unbearable. He swallowed stones, silverware, baskets of apples, and some say, even live animals. The French military wanted to use him to smuggle documents by swallowing them. He was staying in a military hospital when a 14-month-old went missing, and people suspected that he had eaten the child. It wasn't too far-fetched since he was caught in the morgue trying to eat dead bodies.

7 The House That Can't Rest Until It Takes A Life

Some people believe that each home has its own soul, an essence that carries the memories of all who have lived or visited there. Some homes are more inviting than others, and once you enter, you feel as if you're stepping into a welcoming hug. On the other hand, others make you want to run out as quickly as possibly. You may not believe in that, but this person probably wouldn't cross the threshold of his relative's house even if you paid him:

"Sometime in the 50s or 60s some of [my dad's] cousins had gathered together at their parent's house after their mother unexpectedly passed away in that same house just days prior. One of the cousins, upon crossing the threshold entering into that house, suddenly had a heart attack and died. . . . The family then has ANOTHER gathering at the same house. After a few hours of having the family together in the living room, one of the brothers of the recently deceased cousin clutches his hands to his chest, pretending to have a heart attack. Apparently, this cousin was known for his morbid sense of humor so this, while in bad taste, wasn't out of the ordinary for him. But he wasn't joking. That cousin ALSO had a heart attack and died in the exact same room that his brother died in, in the same house that his mother died in, all in roughly a week's span."

6 The Most Haunted Road In America Where Ghost Cars Chase You Down

It's been dubbed the most haunted road in America because of the eerie encounters that people claim to have experienced on it. Whether those incidents are true or not, Clinton Road in New Jersey has become the focal point to dozens of urban myths, and thousands of people visit the area every year hoping for a paranormal experience of their own.

The twisty, 10-mile road is the subject of many mysteries and ghost stories that have gone unexplained. It's said to be the meeting place for malevolent Satanists and the location of a Druid temple. The ghost of a boy who drowned nearby is said to visit people on a bridge, and there are allegedly apparitions of vehicles that chase cars to the end of the road before mysteriously disappearing. If you play your cards right (or terribly wrong), you may see some strange creatures that look like hybrids gone bad, but some people say that the animals are just the remaining survivors of the now closed "Jungle Habitat" that used to be in the area.

5 "America's Unknown Child" AKA The Boy In A Box

On February 25, 1957, a college student named Frederick Benasis came across a frightening discovery when he stumbled upon the dead body of a boy in a JC Penny box. The boy, who was believed to be four to six years old, was wrapped in a flannel blanket and left on the street. Police distributed photos of the boy in hopes that family members would step forward, but no one claimed him. Because of the cold weather, it was difficult to determine how long the boy had been dead. Experts said that it could have been anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. He became known as "America's Unknown Child," and even his fingerprints didn't give police any leads.

What investigators did know was that the boy's hair was cut crudely after he was dead; he hadn't eaten hours before his death; there was a dark brown residue in his throat, indicating vomiting; his hand and feet were wrinkled, which led police to believe he was submerged in water for some time before his death; he was terribly malnourished; and he died from multiple heavy blows to his head. No one has ever found out who the boy was.

4 Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Going away to camp is already a little creepy on its own, but this story will make you never want to bunk in the woods again. This person shared a story of being away at scout camp a few years back. He said he went to their tent because it was time for lights out, and he laid down next to their bunkmate. He said, "Hey, I'm back," but the half-asleep bunk buddy groggily told him to shut up. As he lay there trying to fall asleep himself, a few minutes had gone by before the tent opened up and his bunkmate, who was just laying next to him, burst into the tent.

"We were both like what the f--k just happened. He says all the sudden he was just outside on the ground. I know for a fact that he didn't get up and walk out. I would have noticed it. He was two feet away. I also would have noticed if he fell out. This is the weirdest thing I have ever witnessed. We came to the conclusion that aliens abducted him but didn't want him so sent him back down. We nicknamed him Roswell."

3 Overtoun Bridge -- Where Dogs Go To Jump To Their Deaths

It's believed that since the 1950s or the 1960s, the Overtoun Bridge has been a site where dogs have gone to end their lives. Usually, one dog per year, all breeds with long snouts, has visited the bridge and jumped 50 feet to its death. In all of the cases, the weather was clear, and all of the animals leaped from the same side of the bridge. Experts tried to figure out why dogs were drawn to the area, let alone why they wanted to take the risk and fly off the edge of the bridge. A study showed that the animals were lured by the scent of mink urine, but a hunter in the area was adamant that there had never been mink in those woods. The mystery remains unsolved.

However, dog deaths aren't the only Overtoun Bridge tragedies. A man named Kevin Moy tossed his two-week-old son over the side of the bridge to his death because, he said, the boy was an incarnation of the Devil. The father went on to try and commit suicide multiple times, including slashing his wrists and jumping over the bridge himself.

2 The Ward Brothers' Murder Mystery

Way out in a rural area of Syracuse, New York, four brothers lived in dilapidated conditions in a farming community. William, Adelbert (Delbert), Lyman, and Roscoe Ward were simple-minded men who were all barely literate. Their family had lived on the land for a number of generations, and the Ward brothers typically kept to themselves, although other members of their community knew them well.

William was sick and one day was found dead on his bed. In 1990, his brother Delbert went on trial for his murder. The state argued that Delbert possibly smothered William in an act of mercy killing after watching him suffer for years. There was also semen found on William's leg and clothing, leading many to believe that the brothers were possibly engaging in incest when Williams died. The defense argued that Williams died of cancer. Delbert did sign a confession to the crime of mercy killing but was acquitted at trial after it was discovered that he had an IQ of 68 and was illiterate. What really happened to William with his brothers on that farm remains a mystery.

1 His Neighbor, The Piano Boy Next Door

When our neighbors play their music loudly, we hope that it's something tolerable that won't drive us crazy. When this guy was in high school, he remembers listening to his neighbor's son practice playing the piano. Thankfully, the kid was pretty good, and it was something soothing to the ears as this person struggled through homework. But for three days, the cheery tunes suddenly turned sorrowful and dark, and the kid was making a series of mistakes that no one had heard before.

"The next day my mom told me they found the son dead in a river in Japan. I argued that was impossible since I heard him playing piano the last few days, but she said his whole family went there the whole week. All the sudden, I realized my mom told me before they were going this week and that no one was playing the piano that week because he was dead. My mom said she didn't hear the piano but I heard that f----n' piano."

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