15 Real Life Monster Mommies That Tortured And Killed Their Children

Mothers are meant to nurture. They ignite the spark of life in their womb, shelter the new life in them, and then painfully bring forth a child – suffering a great deal in those nine months of pregnancy. Some mothers do everything they can to bring this life to fruition – they untiringly nurture, keep the little one safe from everything that can hurt it, and basically spend the rest of their lives bringing up their children to the best of their abilities.

Really, mothers are wonderful things indeed, perhaps the closest to God that humans can get. But sometimes, Satan intervenes and instead of the angelic creatures known to man as mothers, these twisted, evil, toxic as hell mothers come through, and do unto their kids some unforgivably grievous bodily and mental harm.

Some mothers are just mildly toxic – think Monica's or even Chandler’s mother on Friends. But we are not talking about them here. Nope, here we are listing some of the evilest mothers that have ever lived on earth – who have killed, maimed, raped, and irreversibly harmed their own children. Seriously with mothers like these, who needs evil stepmoms?

Forget the evil stepmother of fairy tales, these monster mommies can give the Grimm Brothers a run for the money and even Cinderella’s or Snow White’s stepmom cannot hold a candle to the pure and sinister evil that runs in their blood. Read on, and be irrevocably damaged.

15 Mary Ann Cotton: The Serial Killer Of Her Own Children

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So okay, women have killed before in the rather gory and bloody history of mankind, uh, womankind. And some women have also been serial killers. Some have gone even further and been serial killers of children. That alone is enough to chill your blood, right?

Well, meet the mother of all nightmares – at number 15 is monster mommy Mary Ann Cotton. While she is not the Mary behind the Bloody Mary urban legend, she might as well be. So Bloody Mary, or rather just plain ole Mary was born way back in 1832 and was known as a fairly studious and neat child. We don’t know what exactly went wrong and where but this is the woman who married four times (bigamously too), killed all four husbands, all her stepchildren, and rather remarkably, 11 of her 13 biological children.

Why? Well, to collect insurance and be rich (duh!). She was luckily caught by a rather keen-eyed parish officer and hanged for her crimes in 1873 – having killed some 21 people (including 11 children of hers) using nothing more than arsenic… Scary Mary, for sure.

14 Susan Smith: Honey, I Drowned The Kids

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Susan Smith probably was not ideal mother material. She came from an abusive background – her biological father committed suicide when she was six and then all through her teens she was molested by her stepfather, who later boasted to having consensual sex with her when she was an adult. A few failed suicide attempts later, she married David Smith and had a rather rocky relationship and two sons with him. In 1995, she claimed that she had been carjacked and that a black man had driven off with the car with her sons, three-year-old Michael Daniel Smith, and 14-month-old Alexander Tyler Smith still strapped in.

Nine days of TV coverage and fervent appeals by her to let her children go after, she confessed that she had driven the car into a lake and drowned her children herself – so that she could be free and pursue other relationships. The poor babies were very much alive until the icy lake finished what their monster mommy had started. Susan is eligible for parole in 2024.

13 Parveen Bibi: Burned Her Daughter Alive For Honor

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So, in many third world and Muslim populated countries, be it Saudi Arabia, India or Pakistan, there are horrific tales of children being killed by their own families in the name of honor. The gory tales are common, but mostly mothers are mute spectators in this dance of death. In January 2017, though, a new case came to light. When 18-year-old Zeenat Rafiq eloped to marry her lover Hassan Khan in June in Pakistan, her mother was angered. Later when this mother, Parveen Bibi, called her daughter back to “celebrate” her wedding, Zeenat happily agreed, ecstatic in her family’s acceptance. Parveen had murderous intentions though, for when Zeenat came to her mother’s arms in gratitude, Parveen set her on fire instead. She burned her daughter alive for “dishonoring” the family and has been convicted for the same, along with her son, an accomplice in the murder.

The neighbors in the congested Lahore neighborhood tried to intervene when they heard the screams but all that was left of Zeenat was a badly charred body and a grief that will stay with her even in death.

12 Andrea Yates: Psycho Mom Killed All Her Kids On The Same Day

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Other than early episodes of bulimia and depression, by all other counts, Andrea Yates seemed to be a fairly normal woman who fell in love and then married Rusty Yates – looking forward to having all the babies that God would give them.

Unfortunately for the babies, God gave them five. While it all seemed normal in the beginning, Andrea went into severe postpartum depression after the birth of her fourth child, and despite multiple suicide attempts and hospitalizations, the couple went on to have a fifth. Her father’s death pushed Andrea over the edge and she stopped all her medications. One gory day, she ran a bath and drowned all five of her children: John, Luke, Mary, Noah and Paul, aged between six months and seven years, one by one, and once they were dead, she laid them out on the bed, in eternal sleep. She then called the police and her husband and confessed to it all. In prison, on an insanity plea, Andrea later said that she killed her children because she wasn’t bringing them up right, and they were getting unduly influenced by Satan. She will probably remain in a mental institution for the rest of her life.

11 Ka Yang & China Arnold: Mothers Who Cook...Children

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Not much is known about China Arnold except that she was born in 1980, and had been convicted of abduction and forgery in 2000. In 2008, China gave birth to a daughter Paris and this unfortunate child got the world’s worst mother ever. After an argument with her boyfriend Terrell Talley over Paris’ paternity, an intoxicated China took out her frustration on her child in the worst possible way – by placing her in the microwave for over two minutes and putting it on high. She took Paris to the hospital the next day, but the poor 1-month-old died of internal burns. China is serving life with no possibility of parole and spends her free time demanding a fresh trial.

Not to be outdone is Sacramento mom of three, Ka Yang. Left alone in the house with her 6-week-old daughter, Kay Yang claimed to have suffered an epileptic seizure and woke up with an injured and burnt baby beside her. Later, it was understood that she had “cooked” her baby in the microwave for over 5 minutes, resulting in 80 to 90% burns on the little body, going as deep as her internal organs. She is serving 26-years to life.

10 Julie Schenecker: Shot Her Kids For Being Sassy

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16-year-old Calyx Schenecker once complained about being physically abused by her mother Julie, who admitted to hitting her in the face. However, no charges were filed against this mother of two, a Russian linguist married to a US Army Colonel. On and off, Julie had been suffering from mental problems and at one time, had been institutionalized for almost nine months. She was on a medley of drugs and her husband and father of the slain kids tried to pick up the slack when he could.

At the time of the double homicide, he was overseas. Julie then meticulously planned the murders and shot her 13-year-old son Beaux and then her 16-year-old daughter Calyx with a .38 revolver. She had planned to shoot herself as a murder-suicide but didn’t do so. In 2014, Julie was found guilty of first-degree murders and sentenced to concurrent life sentences.

9 Janelle Peterkin: Mother Tortures Toddler To Torture Jailed Cheating Partner

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Janelle Peterkin is surely a blot on humankind on the whole, for even animals don’t torture their children in such a way. Angry with her son's father for having another girlfriend, this 23-year-old mother from hell strapped her one-year-old toddler to a car seat and the proceeded to beat him, hold a flame to his hand, put a plastic bag on his head, and then stuff it in his mouth and basically made him wail. She also recorded 64 videos while doing all that, all the while taunting her own child, and blaming what she was doing on his cheating father!

The father was in jail at the time and had actually blocked this hellfire’s calls but his current girlfriend unblocked her and saw it all. She then called the child’s aunt, the father’s sister, who tried to get the authorities to go help the kid. When the police shrugged, the aunt posted all this on FB, and the authorities swung into action. Janelle was arrested and let off on bail, though the poor toddler is still in the Peterkin family's custody.

8 The Gregg Milligan Story: A Mother Who Forced Her 8-Year-Old Son

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Mothers are usually not molesters, and barely ever are they rapists of their own children. That said, the mother of Gregg and April Milligan was a monster so depraved, there wouldn’t be a place in hell for her either!

Living in a roach-infested, dirty house with no hygiene, rags for clothes, and hardly enough to eat, 8-year-old Gregg Milligan still loved his mother. He didn’t know his father, and his mother was basically all he had. And yet she was also the monster who abused him, beat him, sexually molested him, and finally raped him – all when he was eight. She fondled her son and forced him to bring her to orgasm. She continued having sex with him as he matured as well, and then when she was satisfied, often sold Gregg to other male customers. She tried to sell Gregg’s younger sister April too but he was able to save her from child prostitution, and finally, at age 11, he begged an older sister to come and get them out – which she did. Gregg’s mother died of alcoholism, but it has taken many years for this brave man to let himself love and trust again. He is now happily married and has a grown-up son who adores his brave father.

7 Marybeth Tinning: The Mother Who Killed All Her Babies

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Hailing from a fairly normal middle-class background, this American Mary got married to a fairly passive man and gave birth to eight children, and adopted a ninth child. All nine children died within a period often years – some days old, some months, but none living for more than four years!

It started in 1973 when eight-day-old Jennifer died from acute meningitis, two-year-old Joseph Jr. from a viral infection, and four-year-old Barbara Ann passed away from Reyes syndrome. Then two-week-old Timothy died of SIDS and 5-month-old Nathan died of acute pulmonary edema. Three-month-old Mary Frances died of SIDS while three-month-old Jonathan died of undetermined causes. Adopted child three-year-old Michael Raymond died of bronchial pneumonia. The last to go, in 1985, was five-month-old Tami Lynne.

So we’re back to scary Mary, aren’t we? And this one seems even scarier because no motive could ever be found, and this one is still alive, and applying for parole every two years. To date, it has been denied but who knows what tomorrow might bring for this baby killer, who murdered her own flesh and blood mercilessly, smothering their little cries with pillows.

6 Michelle Kehoe: Stabbed Her Children, Doesn’t Know Why

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Michelle left for her relatives' place with her two sons, seven-year-old Sean and two-year-old Seth. After no trace of them, her husband Eugene reported his family missing. Michelle, by that time, had done what no mother does, or at least usually does. She used duct tape to cover the eyes, nose, and mouth of both her sons, slashed the older one on the neck with a hunting knife and then went on to do the same to her younger son.

She then walked to a nearby pond and tried to cut her own throat – however, when she did not die, she walked 10 miles down the road and told the locals a story about how someone had abducted her and her sons and tried to kill them all, begging for help to save her sons.

The authorities found the vehicle – the older son, badly injured but still alive had locked himself and his brother in to save themselves – but sadly the two-year-old did not make it. The surviving son told his gruesome story of his slasher mother and she is serving life plus an added 10 years for attempted murder as well.

5 Alexandra Tobias: Shook Baby To Death Because He Interrupted Farmville

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According to most of the Tobias family, Alexandra Tobias was a bright light of a girl, funny and mischievous and basically a good person despite having a bipolar mother who died in 2008. That was until this “bright light” shook her own baby to death in a fit of rage in 2011 when his incessant crying interrupted her Facebook time when she was playing Farmville.

Three-month-old Dylan Lee Edmondson did not know that his crying, a normal thing for an infant, would result in his mother picking him, shaking him and then bashing his head on the computer table. The little soul stopped breathing soon after, upon which this “remorseful” mother called emergency services and administered CPR and mouth-to-mouth. The child was brought to the ER with head trauma and a broken leg and died soon after, in pain and unaware of how his little life had been brutally ended by the very person supposed to nurture him. Alexandria has been awarded a 50-year sentence.

4 Diane Downs: A Dirty Diana Indeed

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In 1983, 27-year-old Diane Downs drove to the hospital in a blood-spattered car and claimed that a bushy-haired stranger had flagged down her car and then shot her and her three children, in Springfield, Oregon. 7-year-old Cheryl was DOA at the hospital but 8-year-old Christie and 3-year-old Danny were critically injured but still clinging to life.

The police investigated and found flaws in Diane’s story. And then they stumbled upon her ghastly “diaries” where she wrote in secret about her obsession with a man, who wanted her, but not her children. In her head, they were just obstacles she had to remove – and so she tried to do the same. Arrested almost a year after the shootings, Diane was sentenced to life and will be eligible for parole only in 2020. Her surviving children were adopted by the lead prosecutor and his wife, telling us that sometimes, good does prevail over evil.

3 Teresa Vanover: Prostituted Her Mentally Disabled Daughters For Crack

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So here’s a new kind of monster mommy, one who forces her minor, mentally disabled daughters to become call girls to pay their father's medical bills and also feed her own drug addiction. Hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina, Teresa confessed that she allowed local, prominent men to perform sexual acts on her mentally challenged daughters for bills ranging from $5 to $20! She was charged with promoting prostitution of a person with severe, profound mental disabilities and 24 counts of felony child abuse. A few other men, who participated in this evil deed, were also sentenced in the case.

Teresa later confessed that she would take her elder 15-year-old daughter to places like the barber shop, a boat ramp, and to the houses of the men. Sometimes, she prostituted herself and made her daughter watch for another $20. When her older one finally refused, Teresa began to use her younger daughter, then 13. The girls’ father died in July and in September 2015, the older daughter called the police and reported the abuse. As a crying Teresa left the courtroom after sentencing, she hugged her daughters and told them, "It's mommy's fault. I prostituted you guys. I have to face the consequences."

2 Bianca N: Partied While Her Child Starved To Death

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A German woman, Bianca N, fed and wrapped her four-month-old infant daughter, Fee, and left her sleeping on the bed in her apartment in Soest, North Rhine-Westphalia in West Germany. She planned to party for a few hours at a Halloween party at a Münster nightclub, where she spent some €300 on ecstasy and amphetamines. Three days later, when the drugs wore off, she remembered her daughter. She went back to her apartment, but by that time, it was too late for the infant, who had died a horrible and slow death by starvation. This wonderful mother, left the baby’s corpse and fled to Münster again, and was arrested after she returned in two weeks as child services had discovered the body by that time.

Her version tells of no premeditation, but a few days before the party, she had told many that her child would die soon because she had a brain tumor. No tumors were found but the tiny and heartbreaking autopsy revealed that the baby was underfed for almost two weeks before her death – making Bianca another murderous mommy.

1 Mitchelle Blair: The Actual Blair Witch

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In 2015, when authorities arrived to evict Mitchelle Blair and her children from their Michigan home, they could not have imagined the horror they’d find in the freezer. The bodies of two of Mitchelle’s children – nine-year-old Stephen (died in 2012) and 13-year-old Stoni (died in 2013). While Stoni was strangled by Mitchelle, who was angry because this teen would not “get along” with her other siblings, Stephen was tortured for two weeks before his little life finally gave up.

Two other children, a 17-year-old girl, and an 11-year-old boy were also in the apartment, and it’s the teen girl who finally told on her mom. She was the one who had been forced to put the bodies of her siblings in the freezer. Autopsies revealed blunt force trauma, with the boy also having thermal injuries. This is the monster mommy who posted on social media “There is no greater blessing than being called Mom.”Um...

RIP little ones.

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