15 Real-Life Horrors Found Lurking Under Children's Beds

I think we can all admit to believing in the monster under our bed at one time in our lives. Whether or not you believed in the spooky and supernatural as a child, I'll bet a part of you felt uneasy if you let your arm or leg dangle over the edge of the bed. In your mind, any limbs that weren’t tucked away securely in the bed sheets were fair game to the bed monsters, who would grab your ankle and yank you down into the pits of boogeyman hell!

Although most of us have grown out of these kinds of horror stories, that doesn’t mean strange and freaky things can’t be found under a child’s bed. Far from it! There’s still every reason to be paranoid about under-bed monsters when you take a look at this list. These things may not be your typical goblins and Freddy Krueger stuff, but they certainly disturbed the hell out of the people who found them (parents mostly).

Can you imagine getting creepy texts from your stalker at night, only to find he’s been hiding under your bed the whole time? Or how about spring cleaning your child’s room and you come across a box of dead, rotting frogs? Sometimes fact can be even freakier than fiction. From scary and embarrassing discoveries to items that may make you feel physically sick, these are a collection of real-life nasties that were found hidden under the beds of innocent (and some pretty messed up) children. Enjoy...


15 A Girl’s Stalker

Back in 2014, a teenage girl from Chester in the UK was in bed reading texts on her phone - nothing odd there, right? Except for the fact the texts she was reading were from an apparent stalker, and one of them read “I’m watching you from under your bed.” Terrified, as you would be, the girl ran into her mom’s bedroom and stayed there until the morning. The creepy texts kept coming though.

18-year-old stalker Kyle Ravenscroft apparently threatened the girl that he would “hang himself outside her bedroom.” These texts were sent after midnight, just as she was beginning to fall asleep and kept implying that he was closer and closer to her: “I’m watching you from the grounds of your home” and “I’m in your house.” Believing it was all just mind games, she stayed in her mother’s room until the morning. When she returned to her bedroom, objects had been moved about and she spotted her stalker still under the bed! Luckily, her mom scared him away and he was arrested soon after.

14 Pringle Tube Full Of Urine


In a case of extreme laziness, a teenage boy was caught short in the middle of the night and decided to relieve himself into an empty Pringles tube. Unfortunately, he forgot all about it and left it for his poor mom to discover days later when she was cleaning out his room. This was a gross story shared by one mother on Mumsnet, a motherhood forum in the UK and with the headline “I found a Pringles tube full of urine in my son’s room!” It wasn’t long before it went viral.

The mom describes the moment she lifted the tin and discovered it was “suspiciously heavy” Nasty. Thankfully, the lid was on to prevent spillage and when she inspected it, the tube was apparently “three-quarters full” of pee. Moms who just find dirty clothes and porn mags under their son’s bed should count themselves lucky! Let’s hope this very embarrassing viral post has shamed her son into actually using the bathroom and not his under-bed porta potty.

13 A Stick Of Dynamite

Along with a dead body or an actual monster, this is probably one of the scariest things you can find under your child’s bed. Yep, you read right - an actual stick of dynamite was found by one mom as she was cleaning out her son’s room. She was rummaging under his bed when she felt what turned out to be a damaged piece of real-life dynamite!

In this situation, you’d think most kids would be grounded for about a month and given a safety lecture about the appropriate storage space for explosives in the home. Not for this kid. He apparently took the dynamite to a meadow later to blow up a tree stump. For his mom to be so cool with him blowing sh*t up in the middle of a field, this boy sounds like a real-life Sid from Toy Story. On the bright side, at least the dynamite didn’t go kablamo when mom discovered it.

12 A Box Of Decomposing Frogs


A lot of kids get into the habit of collecting things when they’re younger. For some, it can be baseball cards and Happy Meal toys, but other kids like to collect natural specimens - dead animals to be precise. One woman on a discussion forum revealed that her friend’s teenage son had a passion for collecting and keeping decomposing frogs in a box beneath his bed. Yack. How was the smell not noticeable after the first frog?

What makes things worse is that the boy didn’t find the poor frogs in that condition - he killed every last one of them! (Every child’s gotta have a hobby I guess). According to the friend of his mom, the teenager suffocated some of the frogs he found - and killed others in a more direct way - before storing his victims in a Tupperware box. He even kept a logbook containing details of where and when he found them. Rookie mistake for a serial frog murderer.

11 A Blow-Up Doll

Finding a blow-up doll under the bed may not sound like the scariest thing in the world, but it can be if you’re a teenager...who’s been caught by their parents. Cringe. One red-faced Reddit user shared his story of a prank gone wrong (or in this case, gone better than expected) when he was younger. He was apparently involved in a prank war with his friend and it was his buddy’s turn to embarrass him.

While he was in his house and unaware, his friend stashed a fully blown-up sex doll under his bed. The boy never looked and after a couple of months, it looked as if the joke was on his pranking friend, but then things - shall we say - blew up in the best way possible. One day when his dad was helping him re-arrange his room, they pulled the bed out together and found the sex doll looking back at them. As horrors go, can it get much worse than this?

10 A "Booger Wall"


It’s so hard to write this without gagging. If you’re familiar with the kind of old-fashioned speckled, bumpy wallpaper you might have seen in your Grandma’s house then you’ll know what we’re dealing with here. One Reddit user shared the disgusting secret about his younger brother’s "booger wall." This is pretty self-explanatory, but for the sake of being gross, let’s delve in anyway. When his little bro was about 7 or 8 years old, he got into the habit of wiping rogue boogers on the wall behind his bed.

Over time, he discovered that the wallpaper beside his brother’s bed was covered in hundreds of individual nuggets of discarded snot, to the point that - in his own words - the wall started to resemble “a weird abstract pointillist painting.” I think I just threw up in my mouth. Apparently, the boy isn’t sure whether his parents ever found out because he was past the age of “tattling on his little brother.” For the sake of the next homeowners, you really should have...

9 A Burglar

In a not-so-smart move, a suspected burglar snuck into a house and thought the best place to hide would be under a child's bed. Seriously? A 5-year-old could pick a better place when they’re playing hide and seek! 56-year-old Kenneth Webb broke into a home in New Jersey and hid under a child’s bed while armed with a knife. Thankfully, the 6-year-old boy was sleeping in his mom’s room at the time - but the poor kid probably never wanted to return after this.

The boy’s mom heard rattling noises and ventured into the dark hallway with a bat. To make things worse, her husband was away, so she had to face a possible intruder alone in a home with two young kids. After hearing more noises, she bravely dialled 911 and when the police came, they found the middle-aged creep hiding under her son’s bed with a knife and jewellery box.


8 An Old Bowl Of Vomit


Could you ever pair more disgusting words together than "old" and "vomit?" One mother revealed her horrible discovery on a Mumsnet thread about gross things in their kid’s bedroom, and it is not for the faint-hearted (and definitely not for those of you on a lunch break). Their kid had become a little queasy in the middle of the night and threw up into a bowl, which they then forgot all about and left it under their bed.

The mom didn’t go into details about the appearance or smell of what she found, but I think your imagination can probably do the rest! Her child was apparently fairly young when this happened so this probably rules out coming home drunk and not making it to the bathroom. Still, this doesn’t change the fact that this under the bed horror is nasty AF. Also, who knows how long it had been there! Officially the most disgusting thing you will read today.

7 Dead Goldfish

Pet goldfish don’t live very long - it’s a fact of life. But most people don’t shove their dead carcasses under the bed and forget all about it. The traditional method of disposing dead goldfish is usually down the toilet, but someone had the far lazier idea of dumping them underneath the bed. One guy on a Reddit thread spoke about the time his Aunt found two dried up goldfish under his cousin’s bed. The weirdest part? They never had any goldfish.

There are two possible explanations here. Either the boy took them from his school fish tank and didn’t think to keep them in water or else won two goldfish at a carnival and dumped the bag under his bed for several weeks until it burst. If this is true, maybe he purposefully let them dry up so he could enjoy a tiny midnight snack without leaving his room. Seems legit.

6 A Jar Filled With "Special Socks" - If You Know What We Mean!


All parents and teenage boys know of the "special sock." It’s an unspoken acknowledgment. But there’s a big ol’ difference between what you assume to find in your son’s bedroom and actually coming across the real thing. That’s butt-clenchingly awkward. On a mom lifestyle blog, one woman wrote a post her son should hope he never ever comes across while browsing the web - the time she discovered his stash of dirty masturbation socks.

This wasn’t just one individual crusty sock that she found. His mom discovered an entire jar stuffed with dirty “crunchy” socks. Eww. She found it while cleaning her son’s room in preparation for moving. You’d think if their son knew they were moving that he’d have taken care of his sock jar himself? Unfortunately, he waited until his mom found it. To make matters worse, she apparently sat him down for "that" chat afterward. Too lazy to do your own laundry? Not worth it, dude.

5 A "Cheeto Garland"

While clearing out her 6-year-old son's room, one mom came across what can only be described as some kind of "Cheeto garland." While cleaning under his bed, she came across a sock (relax, not that kind of sock) with a ball of thread inside it. She took the thread ball out and noticed that it seemed to have many Cheeto bits tangled up in the string. Most of us would have dropped it in the trash at this point, but she slowly unraveled it to discover a disgusting mystery wrapped in a revolting enigma.

Her 6-year-old had apparently tied individual Cheetos along a piece of thread to create a kind of Cheeto bunting. In God’s name why? In his own words, it was because he planned to “eat them, one at a time, and then poop the string out.” Where he got this idea at 6 years old is unthinkable, why he kept his Cheeto meal in a sock under his bed is beyond disturbing. Still, at least his mom found it before he actually ate the thing.

4 Bag Full Of Pet Hair Clippings


It’s easy to forget that most of the items on this list are things that were found under the beds of young children and teenagers. Based on this and many other discoveries here, you could be forgiven for thinking they belonged to a psychopath instead. Thank God it’s just kids being weird! On that note, one boy on Reddit revealed his younger sister’s weird habit of keeping hair clippings of their pets under her bed.

His 8-year-old sister liked to keep plastic bags filled with hair clippings from each one of the family pets. Nothing weird there. Apparently, they were for her "art projects" at school, but this just sounds like a cover story to us. His little sis would keep the hairs in individual bags that were neatly labelled with their pet’s names. It’s not known why she was collecting pet hair. Hopefully, there was some sweet explanation to it - like her desire to clone them all once they died?

3 Margarine Tub (Full Of Dead Lizards And Insects)

Dead animals seem to be a recurring theme for items found under children’s beds and this collection is especially vile. One Reddit user recalls a time when loads of margarine tubs mysteriously went missing in his house until his mom discovered them all in his older brother’s bedroom - and not empty. It turns out that his older brother had learned from a teacher that margarine is pretty close to toxic so he thought he’d capture a few bugs and reptiles in the tubs.

When his mom found the tubs of margarine under his bed, she was hit by another, more foul smell than just warm, melted marge - it was the smell of rotting insects and reptiles that he had trapped in several tubs of the stuff. Barf. In later life, his older brother was charged with theft and breaking and entering into a neighbor's house. If only they had a clue to how messed up he would become...

2 Bucket Full Of Snails


Most of us wouldn’t dare to even touch a snail, let alone fill a bucket with them like you were out picking strawberries! Kids are notoriously curious, though, even to the point of collecting gross and slimy snails for their own amusement. One boy’s little brother apparently snuck home with a bucket of snails he had caught and hidden them by his bed. Overnight, though, they had begun to climb the walls (as his parents probably did when they walked into his room).

Imagine waking up to the sight of a dozen or more snails sliming their way up your bedroom wall? Shudder. The young boy probably found it fascinating - we just find it disturbing. No big deal though, right? A group of snails leaving their gross, gooey trail along your posters and your favorite team flag? David Attenborough probably tried this sh*t all the time as a schoolboy.

1 Dried Poop

In the same way kids can be sensitive about bed-wetting, they can also get pretty embarrassed about experiencing accidents of the other kind (you can probably guess where this is headed). In an attempt to hide some soiled underwear from his stepmom, one 8-year-old boy hid the evidence in a grocery bag, buried under a pile of toys and dirty clothes - but the smell was instantly noticeable to his stepmom, who was hit by the stench while cleaning out his room.

She said she was hit instantly by a putrid smell coming from somewhere in his bedroom. Beside his bed were tons of dirty clothes and toys, but underneath was a crumpled up grocery bag, with a wadded up pair of underpants that appeared to be caked in poop. Seriously nasty. The smell was so foul that his stepmom ran immediately to the bathroom to throw up. I think we would too.


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