15 Real Footages Of Mysteries That Will Never Be Solved

The world is full of mystery. Where we came from, why we’re here, and who created us are all questions we can ask ourselves on a daily basis, but we still never get the results we’re looking for. On a simpler level, mysteries surround our daily lives in the form of true crime. Terrible things are happening in the world daily and hourly, and a good portion of the people who do terrible things never get in trouble. Who kidnapped someone, who killed someone, and where a person is are all mysteries that baffle law enforcement, families, and those who like to read about depraved and nefarious acts.

In this list, we’ve put together fifteen pictures taken from mysteries that don’t seem to be completely solved, hence, the reason why they’re mysteries. Sometimes, we might not know where a person is and have little more than a photograph of them in searching for their whereabouts. Other times, we have all the information we need, including who the murderer is, but the body might still be missing. Whatever the mystery is, it made this list because it left behind a photograph that gives us a chilling look into the history of the crime. These are crimes that became sensational stories for readers all over the world to get involved in. They’re tragedies and true horror stories, and most importantly, they'll leave you more baffled than ever. Which do you think is the most mysterious on the list? Here are 15 Haunting Images Taken From Mysteries That Will Never Be Solved:


15 A Victim Of A Child Killer Never Caught

The photograph above was one of the last known taken of a victim of an unidentified serial killer. The nature of certain murderer’s crimes is rather terrifying. Knowing that there’s someone out there in the world hurting other people for his or her own pleasure can be frightening. Some of the time, we have reassurance, knowing that the killer is locked up behind bars or gone in some other sort of gruesome way. In the case of the killer of the child in the photograph above, we have no way of knowing who killed the innocent child or why. The Child Killer known for murdering the innocent boy above struck in the '70s in Michigan. He was known for killing four different children, all their bodies he placed neatly in the snow with clean clothes and their hands folded. Unfortunately, that's pretty much all anyone knows about this killer still to this very day.

14 Who Killed Lisa Irwin?


The story of Lisa Irwin is a heartbreaking one no parent should have to go through. Lisa Irwin was missing after her father returned home from a night shift at 4 a.m. and found his daughter’s crib empty. His wife was sound asleep and said she had last seen Lisa at 6:30 when she put her to bed. Most of the lights in the house were on, and the front door had been unlocked. Lisa’s mother stated that she had had a few drinks the night Lisa went missing and that she had passed out a little tipsy, causing her to not wake up at all. Some witnesses stated they had seen a man walking down the street with a baby that night, but most still speculate that the mother had some involvement. When police brought cadaver dogs, they did pick up some scents in the house indicating a dead body might've been there at one point. This photograph has also caused some to think that maybe Lisa’s mom abused some of her prescription medications with alcohol, which caused her to do something unthinkable. What do you think could've happened to baby Lisa?

13 Who Killed The Jamison Family, And Who Took This Final Photo Of Their Daughter?

The little girl in the photograph above is Madyson Stormy Star Jamison. The photograph is the last known one of her taken while she was alive. The Jamison family, which included Madyson and her parents, went on a trip to purchase a large section of land. They weren't seen again for several years until a hiker found their skeletal remains partially buried off of a trail. Because of the decomposition of the bodies, the causes of death weren't determined. Their truck, with most of their belongings, including a camera that had the picture of Madyson above on it, was found shortly after they went missing. Some who've seen the photographs claim that Madyson looks happy and is enjoying her time. Those closest to her, however, stated that she looks upset, suggesting the picture might've been taken by her killer. Either way, it’s chilling see her moments before her death, most especially since we don't know what exactly killed her.

12 The Strange Disappearance Of Jim Gray


Jim Gray (was/is) a computer scientist who loved sailing. You can see him beaming on his boat in the photograph above. Unfortunately, his boat was the last place he was ever seen before he went missing. Jim seemingly had a normal and happy life. Nothing in it suggested that he’d want to flee and leave his life behind. However, that’s exactly what seems to have happened. Several years ago, Jim decided to go sailing alone and was never seen again. Since his disappearance, it’s been determined that he likely died. His body or his boat has never been found, however, so there’s still a chance he’s somewhere out there. It’s always chilling when not even a boat is found of a person who goes missing at sea. Is it lying in the bottom of the water somewhere, or did someone steal it and repurpose it? Either way, it’s chilling to see this happy picture of Jim since we know it was taken in the same place he would later disappear.

11 A Missing Girl's Car Parked In A Very Mysterious Location

The picture above shows a car that was clearly backed into an abandoned building. The car looks as though it was potentially trying to flee the scene, as there’s plenty of space to turn around, so backing out wouldn’t have been an issue. The car belonged to Brianna Maitland, a young woman who hasn’t been seen since 2004. When her car was found, all of her belongings were found inside, including her two most recent paychecks. The door was open, and the car appeared to have died, suggesting that she was taken from the vehicle and did not leave willingly. There was an anonymous tip that she had been kidnapped, murdered, and dismembered due to unpaid bills from a group of drug dealers. This claim was never followed up, as it lacks serious evidence. She hasn’t been seen since, and so, little is still known about her disappearance.

10 What Happened To The Beaumont Children? 


The Beaumont Children were three siblings who went missing around Christmas in 1966. They went to play at the beach alone and never returned. The eldest sibling was in charge, a girl around nine years old. It was common in this time and in Australia, where the children lived, to let youngsters run around on their own. When they never returned, the media frenzy changed the way Australians lived their lives, and people became much more protective over their children. Tips to police stated that the children had been seen with a blonde-haired man the day they disappeared. Their mother stated they were all rather shy, so it wasn’t likely that they would've just left with a stranger. No matter what happened, the only people who truly know where the children went are the children themselves, and decades later, there’s still not much more information about what happened to them.

9 What Caused 9 Experienced Hikers To Flee From Their Tents In The Middle Of The Night? 

The photograph above shows one member of a 9-person ski crew that went on a hiking trip to look for the perfect slope. What ended up happening was that they all died. They were all fairly skilled hikers, so it didn’t make much sense that they wouldn’t be able to survive this trip. The circumstances of their deaths are truly mysterious. They were all found outside of their tents and wearing very minimal clothes. Something had caused them, with nothing more than the pajamas they went to sleep in, to flee the site in the middle of the night. Most of them froze to death, with three others showing signs of trauma. The exact causes of death are still undetermined. There are theories that something supernatural caused their death or that government and military testing was somehow involved. To this day, the photographs of the dead victims are really all we have to go by in trying to figure out this mystery.


8 Who Was The Most Famous Serial Killer? 


Even if you know very little about true crime, you’ve probably heard of Jack the Ripper. He was one of the very first well-known serial killers, terrorizing London in the late 1880s. The nature of his crimes is what really grabbed people’s attention and made them take such a huge interest in such a terrifying person. People have been killing people since the beginning of time. When someone breaks into someone else’s home and rips the victim's body apart for no reason is when death and murder start to take a twist that interests people. Sometimes, we can understand murder when it seems justified, but killing just to see the life leave someone’s eyes is a mysterious desire for sadistic people. In the photographs above, you can see that demonstrated on innocent victims with no explanation as to why the murders were committed or as to who Jack even was.

7 Jennifer Joyce Kesse's Potential Murderer Caught On Camera

The photograph above is the only known photograph of the murderer/kidnapper of Jennifer Kesse. Jennifer was like any other typical Florida girl. She lived alone and worked a normal job, getting up every morning and going through a daily routine. When she didn’t answer her boyfriend’s calls or show up for work one day, she was reported missing. After the news broke out of her disappearance and the description of her car, a local resident of a complex neighboring Jennifer’s called the police to let them know a car fitting the description of hers had been parked in the lot for some time. It was determined to be Jennifer’s. After police took security footage from the building, they found that the man in the picture above to have parked Jennifer’s car and left it abandoned. Because of the fence, the man’s face was never clearly seen, and Jennifer has been missing to this day.

6 What Happened To Johnny Gosch After This Picture Was Taken? 


The photograph above was taken of Johnny Gosch just before going on his normal paper delivery routine one morning. It is one of the last known photographs of Johnny taken just before he went missing. The significance of the photograph is that it was one of the first to appear on a milk carton when missing person ads became popular to put on such cartons. Unfortunately, this picture wasn’t enough, and Johnny remains a missing person to this day. His mother claims that Johnny visited her in the middle of the night and that he told her he couldn’t reveal his identity for fear of his life. Unfortunately, this story has never been proven, and Johnny remains missing. His wheelbarrow full of newspapers was the only thing that could've helped authorities find his location, but it ended up just as useless as every other clue in the case.

5 Who Killed The Keddie Family? 

The Keddie family was murdered for no apparent reason in a cabin they had been renting one night. It was a fairly secluded cabin, one that would normally be used for vacationing or getting away. One of the daughters of the family returned back to the cabin after a sleepover one night to find her mother, her brother, and her brother’s friend all tied up and murdered. Her youngest sister was nowhere to be found. A couple of years later, the youngest daughter’s remains were found about two hours from the cabin. A cause of death was undetermined because of the decomposition of her body that occurred. To this day, no one knows who killed the family or why they did so. The murders have not surprisingly inspired several home-invasion horror movies since, as their story truly was one made for a film. They were clearly tortured for hours before being murdered, and you can see from the crime-scene photograph above that it was gruesome.

4 Is This Homeless Teen The Missing Madeleine McCann? 


The disappearance of Madeleine McCann was one of the most widely covered stories after she disappeared in Portugal on a family vacation. She seemingly disappeared out of her bed, no traces or clues as to who took her or why. It’s a terrifying story that seems to lean towards child trafficking. That was, until, photographs of an unidentified homeless teen appeared and began to make people wonder if it could be Madeleine. After the pictures gained a ton of media attention, someone came forward claiming that the pictures were of their daughter with Asperger’s who had run away from home. This was determined to be the truth, and the homeless teen was reunited with her family. Unfortunately, that leaves Madeleine’s family still left wondering what on Earth could've happened to their beloved daughter with no clues to ever tell them what could've possibly happened.

3 Is The Long Island Serial Killer Still Out There? 

The photograph above shows a map of where bodies were found, suspected to have been killed by the Long Island Serial Killer. This sadistic murderer seems to have been victimizing sex workers for the past two decades. Unfortunately, the map above and the bodies of the victims are the only clues authorities have in determining who might've killed these women. Is the killer still out there, or is it an older man who's already died? There have also been rumors that some of the more recent murders are from a copycat, as there are quite a number of small differences in the methods of the murders. It’s chilling to see such a small area with so many dead bodies having been found. You would think authorities would've set up cameras in order to try and catch who might be dumping these bodies. Some might look at the victims and think that they deserved it for putting themselves in their position as prostitutes. No one deserves a fate like this, however, no matter how she chooses to make money. These women were victims and didn't deserve playing any role in this sadistic killer’s games.

2 What Happened To Mark Ruffalo's Brother? 


Mark Ruffalo is a well-known actor for various roles. No matter what movie of his you like the most, most people would say that they like mark Ruffalo. He’s not a hated guy and is generally a good person outside of his roles. Unfortunately, he suffered a great tragedy after learning that his beloved brother had been murdered. His brother worked as a hairstylist and was found with a gunshot wound in his head. He wasn’t dead at the scene but later died in the hospital, being in intensive care the entire time. Witnesses who saw what happened stated that he had shot himself, however, it was determined after his death that there was no way his wound had been self-inflicted. Unfortunately, the witnesses couldn't be linked to the murder, so his case remains cold. Some state they were playing a game of Russian roulette, while many others share theories of what might've happened. The unfortunate truth is that only Scott Ruffalo knows who took his life.

1 What Happened To The Springfield Three? 

The Springfield Three refers to the disappearance of Sherill Leavitt, her daughter Suzanne Streeter, and Suzanne’s friend Stacy McCall, who all vanished without a trace. It was a hopeful summer for Suzanne and Stacy who had just graduated. They were attending graduation parties the day before they were determined missing and decided to call it a night and head to Sherill’s house. The next day, after failing to show up for plans they had with another friend, they were reported missing. When police searched the house, no sign of struggle was present other than a broken porch light, which you can see in the photograph above. All of their purses and other personal belongings were left behind as you can also see in the photograph above. There have been no suspects coming forward about their disappearances causing them to still be cold cases to this day. Who could've taken these three girls without more signs of a struggle?

Source: Wikipedia.org


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