15 Psycho Serial Killers Who Found Love In Prison

Here's some bad news for you singles who are impatiently waiting for that perfect person to walk down the aisle with and exchange vows- there are serial killers getting married before you. You might think these people are just plain crazy, but the concept of hybristophilia is a fascinating one where people find sexual or emotional arousal when they find out that someone is the perpetrator of a violent crime or have cheated or lied.

When the stories of the world's most iconic serial killer figures make headlines, people can't help but be captivated with tales of murders so gruesome, it amazes the public that human beings are capable of brutalizing another person in such horrifying ways. There are those that just like to stay up to date with these history-making cases, yet there are others who feel the need to be close to the killers who are the perpetrators of these ghastly crimes.

All serial killers have a number of admirers, and while one would think that being sentenced to death or life imprisonment would mean that holy matrimony would be out of the question, serial killer groupies make sure that isn't true. So while you troll your local bar looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, try not to think about the fact that there's someone sitting in a cell, convicted of unspeakable sexual violence or heinous murders, that's getting love letters from their significant other, waiting for the day that they can exchange vows in prison. Some of these killers are even allowed conjugal visits and become parents while locked up, such as the infamous Ted Bundy who had a daughter, or Manson Family member Tex Watson who had four kids from behind bars.

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16 Randall Woodfield— "The I-5 Killer"

via oregonlive.com

Interstate 5 along the California, Oregon, and Washington coasts was the stalking ground for serial rapist and killer Randall Woodfield. His victims were aged 14 to 37, and while investigators linked him to 18 crimes, it's suspected that there are many more that he's responsible for. He kidnapped, beat, shot, and violently sexually violated his victims from 1979 to 1981.

This from a man who was picked up by the Green Bay Packers in the 17th round of the 1974 draft. He was sentenced to life in prison and is being held at the Oregon State Penitentiary.

His horrific history should be enough to keep anyone away from this man, but surprisingly Woodfield has been married three times and divorced twice while behind bars. Back in 2006 he had a MySpace account that was created and monitored by his friends and family because he doesn't have internet access in prison. His profile read, "I'm Randy, I'm 55. I spend the remainder of my days in prison because I have committed a murder along with many other crimes. I once tried out for the Green Bay Packers. The only reason I didn't make it is because the skills I had to offer they didn't need at the time." Apparently the ladies just couldn't resist.

15 Phillip Jablonski- The Power Killer

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Nearly every woman who crossed paths with Phillip Jablonski would live to regret the relationship — that is, if they lived at all. The rapist and killer grew up watching his father physically abuse and sodomize his sisters, and as he got older, adopted some of dear ol' dad's tendencies.

He married his first wife Alice in 1968, but she soon left him after he, while having sex with her, put a pillow over her face and tried to suffocate her. He met his girlfriend Jane right around the time that Alice left him. He raped her on their first date, but she didn't tell anyone. She left him in 1972, and by 1977, he was with Linda. The two had a daughter, but Linda soon left him after he admitted to almost raping her mother but when she returned to get things for their baby, Jablonski killed her.

He was found guilty of Linda's murder and spent 12 years in prison. While inside in 1982, he placed a newspaper ad asking for a penpal, and Carol Spadoni soon answered. The two were married while he was locked up and upon his release, he moved in with his wife. On April 22, 1991, he shot and raped 38-year-old Fathyma Vann, carving "I Love Jesus" into her back and removing her eyes and ears.

The very next day, he killed his wife and her mother Eva Peterson. Carol was suffocated with duct tape, shot, and stabbed to death. He was sentenced to death and is currently still on death row.

14 Juana Barraza— "The Old Lady Killer"

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Former Mexican professional wrestler Juana Barraza was a tough opponent, but it was her activities outside of the ring that could really put fear in you. Known as "The Old Lady Killer," Barraza has gone down in infamy as being a ruthless serial killer who is responsible for the deaths of about 40 elderly women. She told police that she specifically targeted older women because of her resentment toward her mother. Barraza was found guilty of burglary and 16 counts of murder and given 759 years in jail, although by Mexican law the most she could serve is 60 years.

You'd think that love and marriage would be out of the question for Barraza, but you'd be mistaken. After serving nine years in prison, she and another prisoner, 74-year-old murderer Miguel Ángel, exchanged vows behind bars with 48 other couples. The couple had reportedly been dating for a year before they decided to make their prison love official.

13 Angel Maturino Resendiz— "The Railroad Killer"

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He's responsible for killing at least 16 people, but that wasn't a deterrent for 50-year-old woman named Nancy from falling in love with Angel Maturino Resendiz, also known as the infamous "Railroad Killer." The deviant would hop trains illegally, traveling throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Resendiz would murder people and then stay in their homes for days or weeks, acting as if he lived there. Many of his female victims were raped before they were killed. The homes he occupied were near train tracks or in remote areas, so his crimes would go unnoticed.

After using rocks or blunt objects to take his victims' lives, he would then steal their jewelry and send them to his wife, who was back in Mexico. He was arrested after his sister agreed to help the police capture him. Resendiz confessed to many of the murders and was found guilty and sentenced to death in 1999. By the year 2000, Nancy began writing him and the two were married in a prison visitation room in 2001.

“I'm well-educated, middle class. I own my own house. I own my own truck,” said Nancy Resendiz told the Houston Chronicle. “I don't condone anything he's done. But there is a human being in there and I just happen to love that human being."

Because Resendiz was technically still married to his wife in Mexico and he and his new wife didn't get a marriage license, the Resendiz's marriage wasn't legally recognized.

He was executed by lethal injection in 2006.


11 Arthur Shawcross— "The Genesee River Killer"

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In 1972 Arthur Shawcross murdered his first victim. Jack Blake, his 10-year-old neighbor with whom he spent time, lost his life after Shawcross first sexually assaulted him and then suffocated him to death. Months later 8-year-old Karen Ann Hill went missing and her body was found under a bridge. Dirt and leaves had been shoved down her throat and police later found out that she'd also been raped.

After an investigation, Shawcross was arrested, tried, and convicted. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison, but was released after 12 after prison social workers deemed him no longer a danger to society. Upon his release, Shawcross' urges to rape and kill were magnified. He would troll the streets of Rochester, New York, riding around in his girlfriend's car stalking prostitutes, waiting for his perfect victim. From 1998 to 1990 he murdered 12 women and all but one was a prostitute. He was captured after a surveillance team found him urinating over a bridge where below his last victim's body lay in the creek.

He was given life without the possibility of parole, and while in prison he met and married his longtime love Clara D. Neal. They later divorced. Shawcross died in prison in 2008 of a cardiac arrest.

10 Ilich Ramirez Sanchez— "Carlos The Jackal"

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Venezuelan terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez is serving a life sentence in France for a number of killings that occurred in the 1970s and '80s. In 1982 he was involved in a bombing in Paris that injured 63 people and killed one. He was also suspected of being behind a terrorist attack in France that killed 11 people and left 150 other injured. It wasn't until 1997 that he was convicted of murdering two French secret agents. He's also accused of being responsible for a grenade attack in Paris back in 1974 that killed two people and injured three dozen.

While defending Ramirez Sanchez, his lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre fell in love with her client. The feelings were mutual and the two were married, even though he was still legally married to his second wife.

9 Susan Atkins — The Manson Family's "Sexy Sadie"

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It was in 1967 that Susan Atkins met the manipulative Charles Manson and became a part of his "Family." She eventually moved in with them to their ranch and, like many others, she fell under the spell of a cult leader. Two years later, at the prompting of Manson, Atkins was a part of the vicious, murderous group that killed eight-months pregnant Sharon Tate, Steven Parent, celebrity hairstylist Jay Sebring, Wojciech Frykowski, and coffee heir Abigail Folger. Tex Watson took Susan Atkins, Linda Kasabian, and Patricia Krenwinkel to Tate's residence and the group slaughtered their victims, writing the word "PIG" on the wall in Tate's blood hoping to incite a race war.

The next night Manson sent the group out once more with a few new members to carry out what has gone down in history as the LaBianca murders, where  grocery store owner Leno LaBianca and his wife Rosemary were bound, their faces covered with pillow cases, and murdered.

Atkins was also implicated in the murder of Gary Hinman, an old friend of Manson's who he believed inherited a large sum of money. She was sentenced to death but that was later commuted to life in prison. While there, she married kooky multi-millionaire Donald Lee Laisure in 1981, but it didn't take long for Atkins to annul the marriage once she learned he wasn't really that rich and that he's been married 30 or more times. She found love once again with James Whitehouse, a Harvard law student, and they wed in 1987. They remained together until she died of brain cancer in 2009.

8 Henry Louis Wallace- "The Charlotte Strangler"

via charlottemagazine.com

If killing ten women wasn't sick enough, showing up at one of their funerals to pay your respects makes you even more of a monster. Henry Louis Wallace grew up as a popular kid in South Carolina, but once he joined the Navy, he was caught up in abusing crack cocaine and was later dishonorably discharged.

He began murdering in 1990, his first victim being a girl from his hometown named Tashonda Bethea. Two years later, he claimed the life of prostitute Sharon Nance. Over the next two years, Wallace strangled and/or raped eight other women until he was finally arrested. He confessed to all of his crimes to in gruesome details. He was sentenced to death and since his conviction, he claims that his confession was coerced and his sentence should be commuted.

In 1998, Wallace and former prison nurse Rebecca Torrijas were married in prison right next to the execution chamber where Wallace is scheduled to die.

7 Oscar Bolin- The Carnival Worker

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In 1986, 17-year-old Stephanie Anne Collins, 25-year-old Natalie Holley, and 26-year-old Teri Lynn Matthews were all brutally murdered in Florida. Collins disappeared from a shopping center and it was a hair on her body DNA matched to that of Oscar Ray Bolin that was a key factor in him being convicted of her murder. His wife at the time also testified that her husband admitted to killing all three women, even though he was adamant to authorities that he had nothing to do with the murders of these three young women.

Married public defender Rosalie Martinez spent much time talking with Bolin about his case and believed that the sensitive, caring person she'd gotten to know was no serial killer. She obsessed over his case, determined to show the world that his conviction was a carriage of injustice. Her relationship with her husband and four young daughters became strained and she eventually left her family to be with Bolin.

They married over the phone in 1996 and Martinez remained by her husband's side until the very end when he was executed in January of 2016 by lethal injection..

6 Charles Denton "Tex" Watson- Manson's Henchman 

via independent.co.uk

There were members of the Manson Family who were involved with the Tate/LaBianca murders who were bystanders who may not have actually murdered anyone, but they were still responsible for the deaths of innocent people. Then there's Charles "Tex" Watson, a man who climbed a pole and cut the phone line to the Tate home and  also stopped and killed 18-year-old Steven Parent by shooting him four times as he pleaded for his life. Once inside, he shot and stabbed Wojciech Frykowski. He attacked and stabbed Jay Sebring. He robbed Abigail Folger of $70 before stabbing her. It was either he or Susan Atkins that stabbed eight-month pregnant Sharon Tate to death, but Watson did later write that after begging for them to allow her to have her baby, offering herself up as a hostage, she cried "Mother....mother...." as they killed her. The following night, Manson held Leno LaBianca and his wife Rosemary at gunpoint while Watson tied them up. Watson stabbed the couple until they died and carved "War" into the husband's stomach.

He was sentenced to death in 1971 but it was later commuted to life in prison. In 1975 Watson claims he converted to Christianity and four years later married Kristin Joan Svege. They were able to become parents to four children through conjugal visits- which were later banned in 1996. In 2003 Svege divorced Watson after meeting and falling in love with someone else.

5 Angelo Buono— "The Hillside Stranglers" Part 1

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Cousins Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono had something in common: the desire to stalk, kidnap, rape, and murder women. In 1977 and '78, the pair would drive around Los Angeles sporting fake police badges, stopping and pulling over girls and women under the ruse of being in trouble. They would tell their 10 victims, aged 12 to 28, that they were driving in an undercover police vehicle. The ladies were escorted into the car and taken back to Buono's house where they were sexually assaulted, tortured, and then murdered. Buono even applied for the Los Angeles Police Department during his murderous reign, taking ridealongs with officers and listening to them discuss the Hillside Stranglers.

Buono was convicted and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole in 1983. Mother of three and a supervisor at the California State Employment Development Department Christine Kizuska married Buono while he was serving his sentence in 1986. The two met when she was visiting her husband in prison.

In 2002, Buono died alone in his cell of an apparent heart attack.

4 Kenneth Bianchi- "The Hillside Stranglers" Part 2

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It's said that with every couple, there's a leader who's calling the shots. With Kenneth Bianchi and his cousin Angelo Bruno, this just might be a pair where the two are equally crazy, feeding off of the other's maniacal and twisted behaviors. Bianchi grew up the son of a prostitute who gave him up for adoption as a newborn, and as a small child, his adoptive parents noticed odd behaviors. He would lash out in anger, lie compulsively, and at 10, he was diagnosed with a passive-aggressive personality disorder.

After terrorizing the streets of Los Angeles in 1977 and '78 alongside his cousin Buono- murdering, raping, and torturing women and girls as young as 12- Bianchi was arrested and tried for multiple murders. He pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, but no one was convinced and he was sentenced to life in prison.

While serving out his sentence he met 23-year-old aspiring actress Veronica Compton. She initially took the stand in his trial and lied about the crimes in hopes of planting doubt with the jurors, but it didn't work. Bianchi later convinced Compton to lure a woman to a motel to murder her in the same style of he and Buono, hoping that police would think the Hillside Stranglers were still on the lose.

Veronica did try to strangle a woman but the plan completely failed and she was arrested. Once she was apprehended, Bianchi didn't want anything to do with her, but she rebounded with Douglas Daniel Clark who was responsible for decapitating 7 women.

Bianchi bounced back as well, marrying Shirlee Book in 1989. Their relationship was only through phone calls and letters until they met face to face for the first time on their wedding day. Fun fact: Book was first interested in Ted Bundy, but he wasn't attracted to her.

3 Ted Bundy— The Handsome Killer

via nbcnewyork.com

As one of the most prolific serial killers of all time, Ted Bundy fooled his victims into believing he was a kind, harmless, and handsome. Little did they know, he was a murderer, necrophile, and rapist who preyed on women- primarily between 1974 to '78. However, there may be dozens of other victims outside of that timeline as he confessed to 30 murders but there could be more. He would keep photos and souvenirs from his crimes, even keeping the decapitated heads of at least 12 of his victims at his home.

He would break into homes and as his victims slept, he would beat them to death. With others he would dump the dead bodies of his victims in secluded locations where he could visit them over and over again, having sex with their decaying corpses. At his last trial he was sentenced to death, but regardless of Bundy's crimes, he was hailed as a god to the harem of women who wrote to him daily.

Carol Anne Boone was dating Bundy before his first arrest and was dedicated to her man as she smuggled cash to him to help him break out of jail in 1977. The divorced mother of two married Bundy in court during the penalty phase of his Florida trial in 1980. The two had a daughter in 1982 after bribing guards for some sexual alone time, but the couple later divorced in 1986.

In 1989, Bundy was executed by electrocution at Florida State Prison.

2 Richard Ramirez- "The Night Stalker"

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Los Angeles was on high alert in 1984 to '85, as there was a murderer terrorizing the city. He would break into homes to rape or kill, and other times he would pull people out of their cars and attack them. His victims were stabbed, hit, bludgeoned, and mutilated. Police were baffled because they couldn't pinpoint a specific pattern, but they dubbed him the "Night Stalker."

The mystery murder's name was later revealed to be Richard Ramirez, one of the most demented serial killers in American history. He was convicted of 13 murders, five attempted murders, and 11 sexual assaults, and was sentenced to death in 1989. A number of women wrote to him while he was in prison, but it was freelance magazine editor Doreen Lioy who captured his heart and the two were married in 1996.

In 1997 Lioy told CNN, "He's kind, he's funny, he's charming. I just believe in him completely. In my opinion, there was far more evidence to convict O.J. Simpson, and we all know how that turned out." In hopes of delaying Ramirez's execution, Lioy threatened to commit suicide if he was put to death. The couple later separated and in 2013 Ramirez died from complications secondary to B-cell lymphoma after being on death row for 23 years.

1 Charles Manson- The Cult Leader

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This is the only case on this list of almost married. Charles Manson has spent most of his life on death row for murder and conspiracy charges, but even at 80-years-old, the Manson Family cult leader found love behind bars with a 26-year-old woman named Afton Elaine Burton, also known as Star. Manson was sentenced to death over the Tate/LaBianca murders, but when California abolished the death penalty, it was commuted to life in prison.

He met Star through corresponding with her while in prison, and in 2014, the two became engaged and obtained a marriage license. She'd been visiting Manson for nine years and became an advocate for him, running websites attempting to prove his innocence. The world waited for the day when Manson would marry his 20-something fianceé, however in 2015 their marriage license expired before they exchanged vows. It's rumored that Manson backed out at the last minute after learning that Star and a friend only wanted to involve themselves with the prolific murderer to use his corpse as a tourist attraction once he died. Star denied the claims and hopes that Manson will one day marry her. “I love him,” she told AP.

Sources: rollingstoneindependent, tampabay,  murderpedia, cnn.com

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