15The Possessed Patient

This story can only be a thing of nightmares. “We had a young lady in our custody with quite a few issues. We'll call her 'Jane.' On Jane's first night at our facility, staff performing a bed check found Jane in a puddle of blood. It turns out, Jane had

been slicing the skin around her shin with her fingernails and was pulling her skin up her leg, essentially de-gloving her calf. Jane also had a ritual she performed every night before bed. While in her room, she would walk to every wall and touch them [sic] in a crucifix pattern. After doing this for a few hours, she would sit on her bed and go to sleep. One night, Jane's pace was frantic. Our night staff observed the entire interaction and reported Jane screaming late into the night. When one staff member went to check on Jane, she reported Jane standing in the doorway smiling. The staff asked what was wrong, and Jane replied, ‘What makes you think you are speaking to Jane’” (Ranker)?

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