15Mistaken Identity And Coerced Confessions

In 1971, an off-duty police officer was murdered at a convenience store during a robbery. Authorities penned 18-year-old David Keaton for the crime, and for three days, they interrogated him while using verbal threats and physical violence. Keaton eventually confessed to the crime, and witnesses even placed him at the

scene. That year, he was sentenced to death.

It was two years later when new evidence came to light pointing the guilty finger at another individual. After reversing the conviction, the State Supreme Court granted Keaton a new trial. When the true killer was both identified and convicted, all charges against Keaton were dropped, and he was released. Having been released in his early 20s, Keaton had a hard time adjusting to his new life, but he was vocal about being against the death penalty. He died at 63 years old in 2015.

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