15 Prison Guards Who Fell In Love With Inmates

More common than you would think, prison officers have been having intimate and faithful relationships with inmates for years. Much more prominent within female officials, the prisoner and the guard routine is a regular occurrence.

But why? Surely those who are in charge of such criminals would remain professional at all times? Wrong. In fact, the ritual is so common, that studies have even been done on the matter. That's right, with psychologists suggesting that the prison itself is to blame, with guards entering an artificial world, that somehow doesn't exist in their actual reality. Plus, with the idea of 'forbidden fruit' also indicated as a reason for such romances to occur, it is in our nature as humans to want what we can't have. But what about the inmates themselves? While some insisting it's real love, the majority are only in it for privileges, and of course sex. Gaining extra food, favors, and items such as mobile phones and cigarettes by getting it on with a guard can be extremely beneficial.

But if you're a guard, you better be careful because even just a look can get you into heaps of trouble with some members of staff often ending up in jail themselves. In other words. It's just not worth it.

So to dig a little deeper, and to expose those doomed relationships from the start here are 15 prison guards who fell in love with their inmates.

15 The Convict Who Impregnated Four Female Guards

How on earth this happened we don't know, but it did. Jailed for twenty years for his part in an attempted murder, White was recently in court again, this time for getting a number of prison officers up the duff. Said to have been a prominent character inside the prison, White would often claim to be the "boss" of the prison he was incarcerated in. Obviously, with some truth to his words, White was found to have been sleeping with a number of officers, managing to impregnate four with one woman in particular managing to get pregnant twice. That's right, now the proud father of five children, White would receive contraband and various items for trading. However, it wasn't just White receiving the perks, the officers were too, with each of his 'girlfriends' given a number of presents as well as regular access to his empire on the outside. In fact, White was loved so much, that two of them even got his name tattooed on their body.

14 Joyce Mitchell And Her Two Lovers

One of the most recent cases brought to light, you can't help but feel a little sorry for Joyce Mitchell. Yep, completely played, Mitchell was sweet-talked into helping the escape of convicted criminals Richard Matt and David Sweat. Providing the pair with hacksaw blades, chisels, a screwdriver, and other tools to help them get away, it was even suggested that Mitchell had given them cell phones. Said to have been in love with both of them, Mitchell has always denied that any sexual activity took place. However, with a number of former prison inmates coming forward stating that Mitchell would often give the two sexual favors, it's difficult to believe what's what. Now, serving a seven-year sentence for her part in their escape, the whole ordeal is being turned into TV drama screened later this year.

13 The Child Killer And Her Prison Officer Girlfriend

One of the most notorious murderous to have ever lived, Myra Hindley has often been branded as the "the most evil woman" in the world. Yep, jailed for some of the most shocking crimes imaginable, Hindley and her then lover Ian Brady tortured and killed a number of children during the 1960s in northern England. However, Hindley still managed to garner attention when female prison officer Patricia Cairns fell for her charms. Involved in a three-year relationship, the two were said to be madly in love with rumors that they even planned and attempted a jailbreak. Failing in their mission, they went their separate ways and despite numerous attempts to get released, Hindley was never granted her wish and remained in prison until her death in 2002.

12 The Cop Killer And Baby Mama Prison Guard

Convicted for the murders of undercover NYPD cops Rodney Andrews and James Nemorin in 2003, Ronell Wilson was sentenced to death, with his chances of escaping minimal. Attempting to avoid the death penalty, Wilson set his eyes on prison officer Nancy Gonzalez, who somehow fell for his cop killing charms. Said to have been manipulated by the murderer, Gonzalez ended up getting pregnant, eventually giving birth to a baby boy. Referring to the incident, Gonzalez confessed, "I took a chance because I was so vulnerable and wanted to be loved, and now I am carrying his child". With the affair only lasting a short time, Wilson was said to have written, "I just need a baby before this pigz try to take my life. I need to have something behind me." Charming.

11 The Nazi And The Prisoner

It's hard to believe that a love story of all things could arise from such a horrible place, however, in the case of Helena Citronova it certainly did. Imprisoned at Auschwitz along with her sister, Helena ended up falling for one of the SS guards, Franz Wunsch. Feeling the same way, Franz and Helena ended up sleeping together, falling deeper and deeper in love as the months went by. In fact, the affair resulted in part of her family being spared from the gas chamber. Managing to free her sister, Franz was unable to save her sister's children, as children were almost always sadly killed. After the war, Franz was put on trial and accused of being violent to prisons and killing them with lethal gas, which he did. Testifying for her lover, Helena claimed that their relationship had changed his perspective on life which resulted in Franz managing to walk free.

10 Zanib Khan And The Erotic Love Letters

Caught involved with up to seven inmates in 2012, Zanib Khan was also said to have sent erotic photographs, as well as sexually-charged love letters to her 'boyfriends'. And, if that wasn't bad enough, Khan often supplied the jailed men with mobile phones which she would then call and engage in hours and hours of phone sex. Arrested, the case then went to trial, with Khan telling the court, "I've been stupid. I made a silly mistake." Initially joining the prison service to pay for a law qualification, Khan's chances of becoming a lawyer are now slim with the former prison guard jailed for twelve months after being found out. When sentenced the judge read, "Your behavior was both deplorable and deeply anti-social and the public will be rightly shocked by that behavior by someone in your position. It certainly diminishes confidence in the prison service."

9 The Phone Sex Scandal

Jailed for her involvement with three prison inmates, Alice Belton was actually a volunteer for the Ministry of Justice’s Independent Monitoring Board. Caught sending illicit and revealing text messages, that included pictures, Belton was engaging with the men for over six months. Admitting what she had done as soon as she was found out, Belton admitted having, "Personal and inappropriate relationships” with the inmates. And, if that wasn't enough, Belton was also found to be having phone sex, after smuggling in the mobile phone herself. However, with the phone eventually leading to her arrest, Belton later claimed to have been "emotionally fragile" and "naive". Sentenced to four months in prison, the Judge said, "All too quickly you lost your independence and responsibility, your behavior became bizarre. You were weak and foolish, you are not to be punished for that, but the consequences of your weakness and foolishness were very serious."

8 Sweden's Most Dangerous Sex Offender

You would think being labeled Sweden's most dangerous sex offender would put anyone off, but apparently not. That's right, found to be involved with one of the country's most prolific criminals, a prison officer was said to be madly in love with the inmate. Meeting when she was assigned to guard him, the couple soon started a sexual relationship, resulting in the officer becoming pregnant. Interviewed by a local newspaper, the prison guard stated, "I hope that we'll have a wonderful relationship". With the prisoner first convicted back in 2001 for the repeated rape of a friend of his girlfriend, the attack was said to have been so bad that he was also charged with attempted murder. Desperately in love, the woman quit her job so she could be with the convicted rapist upon his release.

7 Would Sneak In Explicit Photos

First locking eyes in the prison canteen, trainee officer Kiah Andrusjak and inmate Shane Boyd quickly started a relationship beginning in early 2016. Smuggling in various items such as tobacco and huge amounts of chocolate on a regular occasion, Andrusjak would also regularly pose naked for Boyd and sneak in the pictures for him to keep. With the relationship seemingly working both ways, Boyd even arranged for his sister to give Andrusjak a Christmas card containing £150. Jailed for eight months, Andrusjak further admitted to sending up to 600 text messages, however it was revealed that she had not given Boyd the phone that was used. When sentenced, the judge said, "The fact that you are communicating by text messages when you knew that access to a mobile phone is prohibited means you were complicit. You knew that your relationship with Boyd was illicit and you maintained that relationship."

6 Three Turns Out To Be A Crowd

Jail service technicians, Jill Curry and Brett Robinson, got into some serious trouble when they were caught 'servicing' another inmate. Said to have repeatedly engaged in sexual acts with the prisoner, it was Curry who struck first, sleeping with the prisoner over thirteen times. However, things turned nasty, when it was later suggested that the inmate had actually been taken advantage of. That's right, going on to file a lawsuit against the pair, the inmate, a 25-year-old gang member, and sex offender sued the former guards on the basis of assault. Denying the charges, the women claimed that it was consensual, but that the relationship broke down when they both found out about the other. Sentenced to three years in prison, the pair is currently awaiting the results of the lawsuit.

5 Secret Kisses In The Shower

Corrections officer Megan Lynch was caught having a sexual relationship with a female guard after being spotted staring at the inmate in the shower. Described as an "act of voyeurism," it was also revealed that the two would often meet in the mop closets for illicit sexual encounters. In fact, the two were so obsessed with each other, that they were able to meet every single day, with Lynch managing to secure the inmate a job as a cleaner. As well as hooking up in the closet, the two were also spotted kissing through the bars in the inmate's cell door. Lynch was also reported to have written the prisoner a number of love notes. And although Lynch finally resigned, it didn't stop the police doing their job and Lynch was arrested for her crimes a short time later.

4 The Prison Guard And Her Pseudonym

Arrested for unlawful communication and engaging in a romance with an inmate, case worker Erin Harris was said to have been involved in a sexual affair as well as using a fake name to cover her tracks. The inmate, who was serving time at the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services for burglary, was reported to have had access to a mobile phone which was used to call Harris. Witnesses saw heavily flirting with one another, as well as touching and it was later found out that the two had been emailing each other. However, that wasn't the first time that the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services had been in hot water, with a number of other female officers embroiled in several romances with inmates over the years.

3 Attempted To Smuggle Sperm In A Syringe

This one is for the history books. Caught trying to smuggle an inmate's sperm out of jail, prison officer, and Grandmother Alison Sharples was found carrying the convict's semen in a syringe. That's right, allegedly telling friends that she wanted a "chocolate baby," Sharples then proceeded to strike up a relationship with the prisoner himself. However, upon being found out, Sharples claimed that the syringe was actually for her granddaughter, who needed some medicine. Obviously lying, police then searched her home, in which they later found a number of love letters declaring their love for one another. The inmate, who was serving time for leading a dangerous gun gang, was only weeks away from parole with the pair writing how they hoped to be together upon his release. Once arrested Sharples was swiftly sentenced to time in prison.

2 The Food Service Specialist

53-year-old Cindy Huber was working as a food service specialist when she was arrested for engaging in a sexual affair with a male inmate. Serving time for the sexual abuse of a child, his crimes obviously didn't deter Huber, who was said to be madly in love with him. Caught inside a storage closet, Huber and the prisoner were said to have been kissing, as well as engaging in other physical activities. With it then later revealed that Huber, and the man in question, had been in a relationship for the last two years, Huber also stated that they had also made love a number of times under the watchful eyes of other prison officers, but was never caught up until the day she was arrested. She is currently awaiting sentencing.

1 Wilma Flintstone 

Ericka Koger, a prison officer in Florida, USA, was caught involved in a sexual act with an inmate in the recreation area of the prison she worked in. Claiming to have been in love with the man, Koger would smuggle food and other various items into the prison for the man to enjoy. However, taking things that much further, Koger began bringing in mobile phones for the inmate, as well raising money for his legal defense. Plus, it was then later revealed that Koger would regularly send the prisoner money to his prison account, using the name Wilma Flintstone to evade being found out. Charged with misconduct, the unlawful use of a two-way communication device, and perjury, Koger aka Wilma, is currently waiting for sentencing. It's just not worth it guys! Don't do it!

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