15 Prison Escape Stories That Are TRIPPY AF

Breaking the law is wrong on so many levels, but can be so exciting and profitable. The world is full of crooks, thieves, killers, con men, and gangsters. These people usually have a lot of adventures, money, and pleasure, however, everything has a price. Obviously, when the stakes are high, so are the losses. Criminals who are ballsy enough to go against the system, usually find their final stop to be a small cell. Not so exciting, huh? It is still not that bad when the prison sentence is only a couple of years or so, but how should a person possibly cope with being locked up for life?

There are always at least a few options to choose from. For instance, you can try to escape from prison. Oh yes, if there is a system, be sure that there are some glitches as well. You would be surprised how hopeless people are at capitalizing on these glitches. Things that a man will do for freedom... Yes, when a person is living with only one thought "how to escape this freaking hell," one cannot even begin to imagine what kind of things that person is capable of. History has some mind blowing examples of people escaping from places and doing things that seemed really impossible.

Of course, things sometimes go wrong. What can be worse than a life sentence? Death. Oh yes, plenty of criminals have died while trying to pull off their 'Houdini act' with skills of an untrained dog.


15 When Love Takes Over

Nadine Vaujour is the reason why we can still believe in love. Her husband Michael got locked up in prison for attempted murder and robbing a bank. Instead of leaving him, Nadine decided to rescue her lover. She learned how to pilot a helicopter, painted some oranges to look like grenades, and went to the prison. Nadine managed to rescue Michael against all odds, and the couple landed in the nearest stadium, where Nadine had a car waiting for them. Needless to say, this escape story is one of a kind and will be forever remembered by the guards of the prison in Paris, France. However, French lovers could not stop playing with fire until they got burned. Two months later, Nadine was caught by the police and Michael was shot in the head after a bank robbery went wrong. The only positive thing to come out of this story is that Nadine could add a new skill to her CV.

14 Walking 4,000 Miles Through SIBERIA


Witold Glinski was a war prisoner of the Soviet Union during WWII. He was soon transferred to the Gulag in Siberia, where the living conditions were unbearable, and men were dropping like flies. Witold Glinski could not live like this and decided to act. One night he slipped through the cracks of the Gulag and went for a long walk. If you think the escape was over when he left the camp, you are wrong. You see, the camp was located in the middle of nowhere and Witold had to walk 4,000 miles in freezing weather to reach safety. It took him 11 months before he reached India. Many people have doubts if this story is legit as walking all the way through Siberia and Himalayas sounds impossible. Especially, to a war prisoner who had no food or warm clothes.

13 The Serial Killer Who Escaped TWICE

One of the most notorious serial killers of all time managed to escape prison twice. That sends shivers down my spine. The first time, Ted Bundy asked to use the library, hid under a bookshelf, opened the window, and ran for his life. It took six days for the police officers to catch him and send him back to jail. Ted was consulted by his legal advisors not to do anything stupid because the case against him was weak at that point in time. Did he listen? Of course not. Ted bought a hacksaw blade and sawed his way to freedom while all the inmates were showering. It was the 30th of December, and most of the guards were on their Christmas holiday. They only realized that Ted Bundy is gone after 17 hours. Sadly, Bundy was in another state by then. It took FBI over a month to catch him, and he was among top 10 most wanted fugitives in the U.S. on the day of his third arrest.

12 The Hairy Houdini


Ken Allen was a Bornean orangutan, living in the San Diego Zoo. Ken didn't like the idea of living in a cage, so he decided to escape. He did it three times. The Zookeepers could not explain how Ken Allen managed to find his way out of the "escape-proof" cage, so they started to spy on him.Obviously, Ken was a very smart orangutan and never showed his magic trick while the guards were watching. This kind of behaviour earned Ken a lot of fans all over the world, who named him "The Hairy Houdini." Unfortunately, he could not fight the system for too long. Zoo officials hired a group of professional climbers, who found secret passages inside his cage. It cost the San Diego Zoo nearly $40,000 to renovate his enclosure and Ken Allen never escaped again. Anyway, he is still our favourite prisoner of all time.

11 Escape From Alcatraz

The controversial prison of Alcatraz was built with the idea of it becoming the most secure place in the entire world. Inmates were living on an island, surrounded by the cold water of the San Francisco Bay. That means that even if they managed to escape this maximum security prison, they had nowhere to go. Well, at least that's what people thought until 1962, when Clarence Anglin, John Anglin and Frank Morris suddenly disappeared from Alcatraz. Officials later found out that the trio had it all planned out. They put fake bodies into their beds to get some extra time, left Alcatraz through unused corridor, and sailed away on a homemade raft. Mystery still surrounds this great escape as no one ever saw the trio after that. Many people believe they drowned. However, we will probably never know what actually happened. That said, it will forever remain the only successful escape from the notorious prison.

10 Brian Bo Larsen Escaped Jail 22 Times


Brian Bo Larsen might not be the best criminal, but he surely qualifies as a prodigy of prison escapes. Since 1992, this crook managed to outsmart the justice system 22 times and counting. It would take an eternity to write about all of his tricks and schemes. I can only mention some of the most popular, which include using a rope, sawing off the prison bars, hiding in a container, and crawling through the pipes. Incredible, right? Well, just think about the fact that Brian Bo Larsen had to adjust every single time as he ran away from 13 different security facilities. Last time he escaped prison was in 2014, and it blows my mind. How can the Danish police be so careless when it comes to protecting their prisons. Technically a criminal might get some extra time for this behavior, but in practice, it rarely happens. That is extremely helpful to Brian, as he can keep running away without any punishment.

9 Saying Goodbye To Nazis

WW II was one of the deadliest wars in history. So many crimes have been committed against humanity, but the Holocaust stands above it all. Nazis killed millions of Jews by putting them in concentration camps. Auschwitz was the most evil one. At the time, Auschwitz was a synonym for death. However, Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler had some different ideas flying through their heads. Rudolf and Alfred sketched a genius plan to escape the concentration camp. At first, they had to hide under a pile of wooden planks for three days and let the Nazis finish their mandatory three-day search after prisoners went missing. It might sound like an easy task, but Alfred and Rudolf had nothing to drink or eat and could not move an inch. However, after three days, when Nazis stopped their search, thinking Rudolf and Alfred drowned in the river, the duo successfully escaped and started their long journey towards Slovakia. People like Alfred and Rudolf keep us believing that there is a way out of any difficult situation.


8 Public Enemy no. 1


John Dillinger was one of the most successful gangsters of depression-era in the U.S. He was even named "Public enemy no. 1" at one time, and that means that FBI wanted his head more than anything else. He eventually got captured, but Dillinger was smarter than the system and came up with an excellent plan to escape. He took some soap, made a fake gun from it and scared the hell out of the guards. In no time, Dillinger was driving through the country with a stolen Sheriff's car. Unfortunately, the FBI was on his tail and they pursued him until the end. All the chasing ended up with Dillinger getting killed in 1934. He was only 31 years old, but it was enough time for him to become one of the most recognized names in the criminal world.

7 Prison Escape Hero Of 1700's - Jack Sheppard

Jack Sheppard was escaping prisons before it was cool. Of course, the justice system in the 18th century was pretty harsh, and people were sentenced to death just for a simple burglary. Apparently, Jack did not want to die, so he might be the first man to start using bed sheets as the rope. Yes, if you enjoy those "princess locked in the castle" movies, you might be grateful to John for the idea. Anyway, he was caught in the streets after a few days, but the prison cell was too tight, so he decided to run away again... and again. Jack Sheppard escaped the prison three times before he was hanged. He was a real hero in the city, and a big crowd of people attended his hanging. Ironically, this big crowd stopped Jack's friends from saving him one last time as they could not squeeze anywhere near him. Yes, this escape genius even had a plan how to escape the death, but his fame destroyed all the chances.

6 Natural Born Blacksmiths


Keith Rose, Andrew Rodger, and Matthew Williams were serving time in Parkhurst prison for various crimes, including murder and planting a bomb. Yes, they were some dangerous people. At the time, Parkhurst prison was considered to be "Alcatraz of the UK." Ironically, a trio managed to escape Parkhurst high-security prison in a similar manner like the Alcatraz trio. The only difference, though, was that Rose, Rodger, and Williams did not have to go through all the uncomfortable pipes. They were natural born blacksmiths and made themselves a master key, which opened all of the doors to the freedom. It was enough for this trio to have a glimpse at a guard's key to make a perfect replica. So, they escaped Parkhurst prison and went to the nearby city, where after just a few days the trio was recaptured by an off-duty cop. I have no doubts the cop received a nice raise and some fame.

5 "El Chapo" In The Fancy Tunnel

One of the most recent prison escape stories is about Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, who didn't have to do much on his own. You see, when a person controls all the drug traffic in Mexico, he has enough money to buy anything, including freedom. This time, "El Chapo" wanted to escape Altiplano maximum-security prison. All he needed to do was walk a mile through a tunnel, which was built exclusively for him. This tunnel led out of the prison zone, to a little construction site, where Guzman's people were already waiting for him. The most intriguing fact is that this tunnel was a fancy one — people installed lights and ventilation system, so that "El Chapo" would not have to walk in darkness covered in sweat. What can I say? Having loads of money is great. Of course, Guzman was captured again after six months and is currently waiting for another tunnel to be built.

4 The Man Who Escaped With The Help Of Milk


Richard Lee McNair is better known as a man who could escape any prison in the world. He did it three times, and every story is better than the previous one. After Richard had been locked up for the third time, prison guards were extremely cautious about this man's abilities. However, Richard found a way. He volunteered to work with those big carts for mailbags. After a while, Richard knew how the system worked and started his act. He jumped into one of the carts and sent himself out of jail. In three hours he ended up at an unprotected storeroom from which he just walked away. Funny enough, the police officer almost caught Richard on the same day. However, Richard just pretended to be a jogger without any documents and convinced the police officer of his innocence. To make police officer's life even more awkward, the entire conversation is on YouTube, and it is hilarious. Richard's luck ran out after 18 months, and he was caught for the last time.

3 A Yogi Escaped Through A Tiny Food Slot

Choi Gap-Bok had practiced yoga for 23 years before his escape from a Korean prison. It undoubtedly helped him. You see, Choi decided to take a shot by slipping through a tiny food slot. No one would have ever believed that it is possible to fit through a space that was 5.9 inches tall and 17.7 inches wide, but yogis are known for their ability to bend. Of course, when Choi asked for a special lotion right before he made the escape, guards must have thought that the man needed his "private" time, so they gave him the lotion and stayed as far away as they could. That’s exactly what Choi wanted. He rubbed himself with the lotion and started sliding through that tiny food slot. According to the officials, it only took him 34 seconds to complete his escape. It will be written in the history as the fastest and most creative Korean prison escape.

2 Prisoner Of War


Dieter Dengler was serving in Vietnam as an American pilot. Unfortunately, his plane got shot, and he landed in the hands of the enemy. Pretty soon Dieter found himself in a camp for prisoners of war. He saw plenty of starving people without teeth, clothes, or any signs of hygiene. Dieter did not want to end up like those people, so he planned an escape. He took six other prisoners with him, waited for guards to go for a dinner, and stole some unguarded guns. That is when the real mess started. In the end, Dieter was the only survivor out of the seven people who tried to escape the camp with him. That is of course sad, but Dieter was glad that at least he could make it. Actually, after spending days in the jungle without any food or clothes, Dieter was completely overtaken by emotions when a rescue helicopter saw him and came to the rescue. Even though Dieter would not want to repeat this horrible experience, he will be forever remembered as the only American pilot ever to escape a camp for prisoners of war in Vietnam.

1 Becoming A Drag Queen

Kim An was a nasty person from Indonesia. He was imprisoned for raping and killing a 12-year-old girl. This kind of man should be locked up forever, but unfortunately, Kim did not think that way. He decided to escape prison after just a couple of months. And boy oh boy, he had a perfect plan. He had received some traditional Islamic clothing for women and started to dress in drag. During a meeting at the prison with his wife and two children, Kim changed his clothes, put some lipstick on and walked away out of the facility. It is quite strange how the guards let this happen. I mean, three people came into the visiting room, and four left. Anyway, Kim looked like a beautiful Muslim woman, and my best guess is that he joined an Indonesian drag queen troop.

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