15 Predictions Made By The Simpsons That Will Probably Come True

We all know The Simpsons has a strange knack for predicting the future. It's happened before, and it will probably happen again. It's probably the most popular cartoon of all time, and it deals with themes that everyone knows about and can relate to. Show someone a picture of Homer Simpson, and it doesn't matter whether that person lives in North Korea or New York City; they will recognize him. It's also one of the longest-running cartoons of all time. When The Simpsons had its start, Homer Simpson basically looked like a crudely drawn stick figure. Now the art style is much cleaner. Because it's a show that's been going for so long, they've done episodes on pretty much everything, and because they've talked about so many hypothetical situations, it was really only a matter of time until the things they imagined came true.

But was it really mere coincidence that these things came true? To find the answer, you need to take a close look at the creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening. Not many people know this, but Groening is actually a Freemason. Now many people will tell you that Freemasons are just an "innocent club" of people that like to get together and plan charities and what not. But some people also believe that Freemasons are some of the people that control much of what goes on in our society. This is especially true when you get to the higher levels of Freemasonry, such as the 33rd degree Freemasons. Groening even created an episode where a group of Freemasons gather around a table and sing about how they control the world (although it was presented as a parody). If these theories about Freemasons controlling everything are true, could Matt Groening know secrets about what these elites have planned for us? Could he be subtly sending us messages through his cartoons, either to warn us or possibly taunt us?

While there has been a lot of talk about the things that have come true on The Simpsons, there hasn't been much talk about the things on this cartoon which haven't happened YET. Could these things that happened on The Simpsons come true in the next few years, months, or even days? Only time will tell, but if the trend continues, some of these things should make their way into reality.

15 A Female President


America will get a female president one day. While it didn't happen with Hillary Clinton, it's really only a matter of time until we see a woman in the White House. The Simpsons seems to agree, and in one episode we saw a future where Lisa Simpson became president of the United States. With a girl as smart and as good-natured as Lisa, we're sure that this possible future of The Simpsons universe would have been a great one. The episode in which this prediction was featured has become quite a famous one, as it predicted a host of other strange events, many of which have already come to pass in reality. The episode, called "Bart To The Future," aired in the year 2000 and features Bart traveling through time to see what his future self looks like. Interestingly, Lisa Simpson makes passing remarks about inheriting a "budget crunch" from the previous commander-in-chief, President Trump. Crazy, huh?

14 Brangelina Will Get Fat


In another episode, The Simpsons make a more light-hearted prediction. Of course, this show is all about making jokes, and it's really not supposed to be all "doom and gloom." It's only very rarely that The Simpsons really tackles major controversial issues, and in doing so they sometimes predict major future events. Whether they do this inadvertently or on purpose is unknown. It is a surety, however, that most of their jokes are pretty mindless, designed to make people laugh, and to actually think about their futures. The joke about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is definitely one of those jokes. Homer is shown a picture of what Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt currently look like, and they are both morbidly obese. The writers chalk up their newfound pounds to the stress and turmoil of the nasty divorce that has dominated headlines in recent months. Could this happen? Maybe.

13 3D Projection Technology


While The Simpsons has proven time and again that it can predict major world events, the election of certain presidents, and even the deaths of celebrities, perhaps one of the things it predicts most accurately is the advent of new technology. In the past, they have already predicted the rise of devices like smart watches, and many other gadgets. But one of the things they predicted many years ago which is just now starting to gain momentum is 3D projection technology. The prediction was featured in the aforementioned episode, "Bart To The Future," which aired in the year 2000. In the episode, we see a vision of Bart watching Itchy and Scratchy through a new form of media: a holographic projection which actually interacts with its surroundings, spraying holographic blood all over Bart's walls. We are just now beginning to see the rise of this technology, and you might remember the holographic resurrection of Tupac at a concert in recent years. But this technology is nowhere near the levels that were shown on this episode. Will it get there? Probably.

12 The Suppression Of Green Energy


Continuing on the theme of technology predictions, we move on to a prediction involving solar-powered vehicles. In the recent episode "Paths To Glory," Lisa Simpson, being the stalwart inventor she is, invents a solar-powered vehicle. She enters it in a roller-derby, and she is inches away from winning when a Duff blimp blocks out the sun, reducing her speed to zero just before she crosses the finish line. The townspeople gather around the disappointed girl, pointing and laughing at her utter failure. But is there a darker, more complex theme at play here? What we are seeing is the success of an alternate, green and renewable form of energy being sabotaged by a blimp belonging to a large corporate entity: Duff Beer. Could this symbolize the continued suppression of green energy by corporate interests in the past, and continuing into the future in our world? If you've seen the documentary Who Killed The Electric Car? you know full well that this is actually a reality. That involved electric cars, but could there one day be a functional solar-powered vehicle that is suppressed by big (oil) business?

11 Total Breakdown Of Society


All throughout The Simpsons, there are strange messages that pop up for less than a second, and then disappear. These almost subliminal messages carry a huge range of different themes. You have to watch The Simpsons very carefully to find them, but rest assured they do exist. And they are anything but meaningless. It is a well-known fact that many writers who work on The Simpsons are mathematicians, and they hide many of their messages in numbers. One such example is when maggie is scanned at the till of the grocery store in the show's intro, and the number that comes up is the average price it takes a family to raise a child per month. Many of these signs are merely witty, meaningless jokes, but one message really got people scratching their heads. This was a message that popped up for only a few seconds, and featured Bart spray painting, "I love the breakdown of society" on the wall. Matt Groening himself is an admitted Anarchist - could he possibly know something about a massive upcoming depression or society ending cataclysm?

10 Mass Automation


Another prediction that involves technology is something that TONS of people, especially factory workers, are already extremely worried about: mass automation. For those of you who don't know what this refers to, it basically means creating robots to do the jobs that humans once did. Everyone who works in the fast food industry, the auto industry, and many other lines of work would find themselves completely out of a job. And the experts today say it's only a matter of time before this happens. The Simpsons predicted this way back in 2012, and it featured the ever-scheming Mr. Burns creating a workforce of robots to replace his less competent human employees. The only person left in the entire power plant is Homer Simpson. Could this actually happen? You may be ordering your Big Mac from a robot sooner than you think... Already people in certain industries are beginning to fear replacement by robots.

9 The Dangers Of Virtual Reality


One of the most eerie episodes of The Simpsons tackled the issue of virtual reality. Now, I'm not saying that The Simpsons predicted the rise of virtual reality, as the episode in which the technology was featured came out quite recently, well after virtual reality headsets had come into existence. The thing that The Simpsons has predicted is the dangers of overusing virtual reality technology. The episode was part of the newest season of the show, airing on October 2, 2016, and entitled "Friends and Family." In this episode, the entire town gets all hyped up on the new virtual reality headsets. Bad things start to happen as a result of this, including people being hit by cars because they're walking around wearing their headsets on the street. Eventually the people become so enamored by the fake reality that they lose touch with the real world, becoming totally disconnected from what's around them. Could this happen in real life one day? Could the use of VR become so widespread that no one actually lives in this reality anymore? Only time will tell.

8 Arnold Schwarzenegger As US President


The Simpsons has proven once before that it can correctly predict the next president with its mention of Donald Trump's presidency in the year 2000. But could these writers have predicted the president that comes after Trump's tenure? One theory is that The Simpsons have predicted that none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger will become the next US president after Trump. The portrayal of Arnie as United States president was included in The Simpsons Movie, where he makes the hilarious remark, "I was elected to lead, not to read." The film was released in 2007.

Now, many people have immediately dismissed this theory as impossible, as according to the constitution Arnold Schwarzenegger would not be allowed to run for president. This is because the constitution states that, "No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President." But others have said that the definition of "natural born citizen" is open to interpretation, and doesn't necessarily mean you have to be born in the US to become president. The true test of this theory is just to wait it out and see if the "Governator" becomes the next US president.

7 Mind Control Through Music


Some people have said that the episode that featured mind control through music was one of the scariest they have ever seen. It definitely gives you the shivers. What I'm talking about is the episode called "New Kids On The Blecch" which aired in 2001. The plot involved Bart, Milhouse, Nelson, and Ralph becoming members of an all-new boy band called The Party Posse. Unbeknownst to them, the band is actually a psy-ops project by the US Navy to bombard children with subliminal messages. Their hit song, "Drop Da Bomb," features the chorus "Yvan Eht Nioj," which is of course "Join The Navy" spelled backwards. This was meant to be a joke, but how far from the truth is it? Could this be a prediction of the way the music industry is heading? Songs are getting more and more reliant on strange frequencies and bizarre auto-tuning effects. Could we be heading towards a world where mainstream music affects our brains, making us do things subconsciously? The scariest thing of all is that this might already be happening to us as we speak.

6 Robots Taking Over The World


Another prediction made by The Simpsons involving technology and robots, and although it is similar to the prediction about mass automation, it is much more sinister. This prediction was made in the episode "Itchy and Scratchy Land," which aired all the way back in 1994. The family visits Itchy and Scratchy Land, which is basically a theme park heavily based on Disney Land. The theme park is filled with Itchy and Scratchy robots who are peaceful at first but eventually go berserk, killing everyone in sight. What this episode is alluding to is the eventual "Singularity" of artificial intelligence.

For those who don't know, Singularity is the exponential growth of artificial intelligence, up to and beyond the point where it becomes on par with human intelligence. There are many theories about what would happen when machines become smarter than us, but one of the darkest is the prediction that the machines will exterminate humans because they see us as a threat. Although you may think this is just something that happens in Terminator movies, artificial intelligence is actually growing faster and faster today, and eventually we may have to accept the fact that our race will be destroyed by a new, synthetic form of intelligence.

5 The Total Collapse Of The Russian Economy

At first, the joke about Russia's economy seems like an innocent joke. But then you consider the fact that this is well on its way to happening right now. This joke features a Russian dignitary trying to bring the Olympic Games to Moscow, as he says you can get 5 Rubles (The Russian currency) for 1 Us Dollar. Then he gets a message on his pager, and corrects himself multiple times until he reaches 1000 Russian Rubles.  At this point he breaks down and runs off screen. The joke was part of the episode, "Old Man And The C-Student," which aired in 1999. Let's examine what has happened to the Russian economy since then. In the year 2007 the exchange rate meant that you could get 4 Rubles for every 1 US dollar. Halfway through 2014, you could get 50 Rubles for each American dollar. Halfway through 2015, you could get a whopping 80 Rubles for each dollar. Today, it's hovering at around the 60 dollar mark. Part of the prediction on the 1999 episode of The Simpsons has already come true. Russia's economy is struggling. But will the Ruble completely collapse, reaching the 1000 dollar mark, making it virtually worthless? It may just happen in our lifetime.

4 Large-Scale Environmental Disaster


The Simpsons Movie talked about a lot of really strange things, and some of them might be predictions of future events. One of those things that really stands out is the central theme of the movie: a large scale environmental disaster that forces the country to quarantine Springfield by placing a giant bubble on the town. Okay, the bubble thing is a little outrageous and will never happen, but the part about the environmental disaster might just be a major threat to us in the future. Companies are getting more and more careless in the way they do business, and this is having a major effect on our lives, as well as the environment we live in. We all know that there have been some pretty major oil spills in the past, as well as the Fukushima disaster, and even Flint, Michigan, the town that shares a lot in common with Springfield which had their drinking water poisoned. All of these things have already happened, but what if The Simpsons is predicting an even bigger, cataclysmic environmental disaster on a scale we've never seen before? Keep your eyes peeled, people.

3 Hormones In Food Changing People's Bodies


One major concern today is the amount of hormones that are being put in our food and beverages. These hormones are meant to make cows grow more muscle or produce more milk, but the scary part is that these chemicals make their way into our food as well, and we ingest them. There has been a lot of studies done about the potential consequences of this, but as of yet there's no long-term data about what these hormones might be doing to our bodies. A prediction concerning this might have been made in a recent episode of The Simpsons, where Homer buys a cheaper brand of milk filled with hormones. The hormones cause the family's bodies to change in disturbing ways. Bart grows a mustache, Lisa gets terrible acne, and Maggie grows a unibrow. Could this be a prediction the increasing use of hormones in our foods? Could we start to see the bodies of children changing in disturbing ways because of new and powerful hormones in the future? Only time will tell.

2 Mars Colonies


One of the big talking points in recent years is the colonization of Mars. Apparently, they have already starting trying to find people who are willing to go and live on Mars to help turn the planet into a human colony. While this hasn't happened yet, one recent episode of The Simpsons visualizes a world where Lisa and Marge are sent to Mars on a mission to build a habitat there. The episode features a company called Exploration Incorporated, which has the expressed mission of building a Mars colony by the year 2026. That is a very suspiciously accurate year. Could the writers and Matt Groening know something that we do not about the future of the Mars colony? In the episode, Lisa and Marge board a rocket that is revealed to be a fake. But at the end of the episode, we fast forward into the future, where Lisa and Marge are both living happily on Mars in the year 2051. Could this become a reality in our lifetime? We shall have to wait and see.

1 Modernization Of School Systems


A big complaint a lot of people have today in America is about the education system. It seems like presidents are more interested in bombing other countries and creating the newest fighter jet than actually making sure our kids get a decent education. One recent episode of The Simpsons imagines a future where schools are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that aids in learning and helps kids get interested about their coursework. However, in this episode the new technology ultimately fails after a massive power outage and the kids are unable to learn anything. This could be a prediction of two things: Firstly, increased investment into the education system, and secondly, the failure of the investment to actually produce any results. Whether this will actually happen is still unknown, but President Trump has expressed a desire to modernize and even possibly privatize the American school system. The episode in which this prediction was made is "Mathete's Feat" which aired in 2015.


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15 Predictions Made By The Simpsons That Will Probably Come True