15 POS Bullies Who Got What They Deserve

There is something we all love about an underdog. Anyone who is smaller, weaker, older, outnumbered or simply standing up for the right thing deserves a cheer from a watching crowd.

There is something epic about the victim fighting the bully, and winning. We want to see the good guys win and the bad guys crumble, which is why we all watch so many superhero movies. Well some of the unexpected victors in this list don't just watch superheroes – they ARE superheroes.

We don't in anyway condone violence, but in saying that, it is fundamentally satisfying to see the Clark Kents and Peter Parkers of the world put down their glasses and turn into the superheroes they really are. Whether it is in defense of themselves, their loved ones, or strangers who were being unfairly bullied, these real life kick-butt vigilantes are not letting anyone get away with it on their watch. These victims are turning the tables, kicking ass and taking names.

So whether the 'victim' here is an unexpected martial artist, a frustrated child or a man who does not like being referred to as 'old', these 15 badass underdogs are fighting back no matter what you think.

What do we learn from this? Well maybe we learn not to judge a book by its cover, and not to be a bully. If we can't do this just because it is wrong, then maybe we should because we could pick the wrong person and get our asses handed to us. Steaming. On a big plate of bad ideas and regrets.

15 Chick-fil-hey Wait A Minute, Aren’t You That Guy From YouTube?

When FORMER Vante CFO/Treasurer Adam Smith took the time out of his no doubt busy and well paid day to go get a free water from a Chick-fil-A drive thru, he decided to use that time to bully the drive thru attendant. Filming his rant, he made the point to Rachel, the very patient attendant, that her company was not supportive of marriage equality and thus he wondered how she could live with herself.

Probably she can live with herself with a tenth of the money her bully gets….oops, used to get paid. You see, Adam posted his lil video of himself bullying Rachel (who has about as much say in company policy as he did himself) and as a result he got fired.

Maybe he will find himself working with Rachel as his supervisor one day. One can only hope. What we do know is that he has some more time to devote to researching other ways to address company policy that DON’T involve harassing staff just trying to do their job.

14  Young Punk, Glass Jaw, All Over

A group of happy beach-goers, mostly women, are randomly harassed by a 25-year-old punk. An older man soon steps in and steps up, getting between the younger aggressor and the women he is abusing.

Not content with yelling at his original victims, the punk soon starts on other bystanders, yelling slurs at them and generally spreading the hate. The older guy tries to calm the situation but soon he is having punches thrown at his head, though he ducks them easily.

The young guy is insistent that he wants to fight until...

Our hero swings once and pops him on the glass jaw, our bully crumples gracefully into the warm summer sand to the cheers of relieved onlookers.

Luckily, despite all his aggression, the only person that this bully hurt was himself, and hopefully he will think hard next time he decides to start swaggering around picking fights.

13 Don't Mess With This Boy

A video that has gone viral shows a small, slender Sikh boy wearing a traditional top knot fighting back after a bigger white bully starts an altercation with him, seemingly on the way home from school.

The video starts with the two conversing on a suburban English street, the smaller boy seeming to try to calm the larger bully and diffusing the situation. This proves unsuccessful because the larger boy launches at the Sikh and puts his hands in his face. Soon the two are in a clinch and the smaller teen absolutely loses his temper.

“Are you f*cking mad?” he yells as he beats the boy across the road and away behind a car. “F*king pr*ck,” he says, leaving the sore attempted bully to limp off alone.

Due to the age of the boys Scotland Yard have refused to release any information on them, but they don’t have to release the fact that the bigger boy was cruising for a bruising.

12 Don't Mess With This Cheerleader

Sometimes the threat of a large group of big basketballers, even if they are eighth graders, are exactly what are needed to scare the pants off potential bullies and get them to back off.

Cheerleader Desiree Andrews, who has Down Syndrome, was being trash talked by some spectators during a game. The boys in the team waited until a Time Out to walk off the court and call out the offending bullies, and they meant business. The bullies backed down right away and the problem as solved without any bloodshed, the only thing thrown in this situation were some well placed basketballs through the hoop.

People may say teenagers are the worst, but for young Desiree, her friends were definitely the best. And in a further show of solidarity the school has decided to call the basketball stadium ‘Dee’s House’ in her honor.

11 Pimp My Fall

Nothing says 'tough guy' like a pimp beating a working girl.

On a Huston street, one such 'bad boy' pimp was beating it out of a woman in broad daylight when a stranger stepped in to intervene.

With quiet confidence the stranger he approached the enraged pimp, who literally tore his own shirt off to confront the intruder on his privacy as his own victim tried to protect her man by holding him back.

Not a good idea to face up to this good Samaritan.

The confident stranger was Jay Lee, martial arts expert and ex-Marine, and with one movement that pimp ended up pimping his own ass to the hard street. With the assistance of his working girl and a taxi driver he gets back up, but is unable to support his own weight and falls down again, taking the taxi driver with him.

Guess he isn't such a tough guy after all.

10 Help Me Ronda, Yeah, Don't Kick My Ass!

You take your girlfriend to the movies, on a date with three other couples. Shorty is wearing a cute little mini skirt and Ugg boots because fashion. She wants to sit with her feet up, and sure as hell she is gonna.

But the whiney ass b*tch in front has a problem with it. She won't shut up. Keeps complaining about the boots touching her. And when the movie is over she takes your girl's boot in her big hand and throws it across the rows of seats. Nuh huh.

Time to tell that biatch to go get the boot.

Except that the ‘b*tch’ is Judo, MMA, UFC and Wrestling champion and Olympian Ronda Rousey, and she isn’t going to go and get your girl’s shoe.

In fact, the next day Ronda got a phone call from the police saying that a bunch of beat up dudes had called in complaining about her.

Let’s just say that most people wouldn’t be putting a dirty shoe near Ronda’s head anytime soon!

9 Good Gamers Don't Finish Last

Gaming is huge, and among gamers there are specific competitions, call outs and friendly and not-so-friendly banter. Gamers are also traditionally a bit nerdy, with brains rating higher than brawn on The Scale Of Things They Most Likely Have Going For Them.

Wednesday Night Fights are Southern California’s weekly competitive gaming meet, and when there is play, there is also trash talk.

Gamer Low Ti3r God called out fellow gamer Viscant Runback for being a has-been,  a never-was who has no luck with women and a bad dresser. LTG is a tall, strong, good looking man. His opponent – a weedy, shirt-tucking nerd. I think LTG felt that his natural assets gave him ownership over his geek opponent.

Viscant let him go, before nailing his ass to the wall with a higher score and pointing out innocently that LTG is going to want to ‘wash the taste of my d*ck out of your mouth’.

Not nice boys, not nice at all. But I think we see who the winner is here.

8 Cane Wielding Gent Defends Bus Driver

In Kansas City, Missouri a woman bus driver is attacked by a young punk. As he attacks her about the head and neck, security camera audio shows her screaming and squealing for help.

Finally, help comes in the shape of an older, cane wielding gentleman and his female companion.

The man attacks the offender, beating him over and over again with his cane until the cane breaks over the assailant’s body. The bus driver has a chance to escape, and thanks to the unknown Knight With Shining Mobility Aid, the police are able to arrest the bruised and battered would-be attacker.

But as for our elderly hero, he is nowhere to be found. He disappears, leaving only a broken cane and the smell of Altoids (I’m joking about the Altoids). He seems to have gone, which is a pity because the bus company wants to thank him with a new cane to replace the one he so manfully smashed over a thug’s back.

7 The MMA Fighter And His Self-Shooting Attacker

Carjacking is not a good idea. Statistically it is a very risky crime for the wannabe carjacker – who knows what people carry in their cars? Who knows if the car is going to have enough gas to make a getaway? Who knows who the driver is?

Well Mr. Anthony Miranda of Chicago did not know who was in the car he wanted to steal.

Miranda approached his target car and pulled a gun, which was pointless as the gun jammed twice and then Miranda shot himself in the ankle trying to fix it. Meanwhile, in the car sat the unknown mystery MMA fighter ‘Justin’, watching in disbelief.  It was like watching 8 Mile, with less Eminem and more Giant Romanian Fighter.

Then ‘Justin’ hopped his 250 pound body out of the car and pounded little injured for 15 minutes until the police came.

Really, really poor choice of victim. Also, don’t shoot your own ankle. Also, just don’t jack cars.

6 Is There A Doctor In The House Who Won't Knee Me In The Groin?

Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon is/was a neurology resident who specialized in helping people who suffered from headaches. And, presumably, gave some headaches out herself.

After a night out, the ‘good’ Dr. jumps into an Uber car that was called for someone else, then tries to restrain the driver by clinging on to his shirt, daring onlookers to call 911. She then knees the driver in the, um, medically male area, and is pushed to the ground as he tries to make his escape.

She jumps in the car and starts flinging paperwork out of the car onto the street. He calls the police and she throws scissors at him.

She storms off into the night and is arrested, pays a small amount of money and later loses her job.

So apparently being a cute, sexy, smart bully is not without consequences? Must have come as a surprise to the groin-kneeing, screaming doctor that for once she couldn’t hide behind her stethoscope and her pretty smile.

5 The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Throw You

The school yard is a prime breeding ground for the sort of bully who uses bluff and swagger to psychologically intimidate a bigger and less volatile child. This Australian school boy stood there and took it, while the little brat bully jumped about in front of him and poked him in the face (which tbh probably did not hurt at all),

But sometimes the elephant just plain gets sick of the mouse, and in this case the big victim grabs his aggressor and pile drives his head into the concrete, leaving him staggering around as only someone with a head injury will stagger.

After the YouTube video went viral, the self-defending 16-year-old Casey Heynes had the opportunity to get involved in an anti-bullying campaign called Underdog. Now mentored by NRL boxing trainer Christian Marchegiani, Casey has been able to meet many of his favorite sports celebrities and Justin Bieber.

As for his bully, no one has really wanted to meet him.

4 Huston MMA Fighter Defends Workmate

There is something about Huston and not letting people kick other people’s butts. Is it in the water? The second trained fighter who did not let bullies stop him from standing up for a victim is gas station attendant Mayura Dissanayake, who noticed that his co-worker was outside their workplace being beaten by thieves.

The mixed martial arts cage fighting national champion rushed to the defense of his co-worker, and, just like he did while competing in his native Sri Lanka, opened up a can of whoop-ass. The criminals jumped in their getaway car, but the 5 times Sri Lankan champion drops one of the crooks to the ground. The car slows and a friend comes back for him but when Dissanayake steps towards him he thinks better of it.

The remaining wrongdoer is kicked into submission by the champ, and then he is picked up by the police. Literally. The other two thugs got away, but I don’t think they will be bothering Dissanayake’s workplace again.

3 Stand By Your Womaaaaan

There is something in some guys that will make them get into fights where the odds are against them, to defend a woman.

Christian Vidal and his fiancée were minding their own business in Times Square, New York, when the unnamed fiancée was accosted by three men with clearly nothing better to do.

Not a good idea.

Mr. Vidal immediately went into hero mode, taking on all three and copping a stinging punch when he was distracted by the crowd.

Showing how hard it is to keep a good woman down, the mother of his child then wades back in to his defense, copping a chokehold for her trouble, which sets our hero off again.

Finally the police come riding up on shining horses and sort out the fray – bystander video proves that Christian Vidal was standing up for his woman and he quite rightly escapes charges. Hopefully the bullies realize from this that outnumbered does not always mean outclassed.

2 Every Dog Has His Day

There is little to distinguish where our next underdog tail took place (see what I did there?), but I’m pretty sure you will agree that the man who decided to throw bricks at two huge German Shepherds was barking mad.

In this unknown video we see a man walking across an empty space with two beautiful, large, German Shepherds. Suddenly we see a clearly not very bright man following behind, flinging bricks at the dogs.

This continues for a few seconds, until we see that the dog walker has decided to answer the age old question of "who let the dogs out?”


Who? Who? Who?

Well clearly he did, and the dogs waste no time in rushing back to attack their attacker, pulling him down and securing him until their handler pulls them away.

The hunter can truly become the hunted. I don’t know who you are or what happened before this event, but don’t throw bricks at dogs.

1 Lightning Fast Old Man Nails Thugs

Some elderly men are not a good choice of victim.

Some, like an unknown Russian man, who was accosted by two young, drunk thugs outside a shop was very much not a good choice of victim.

In CCTV footage, an unnamed Russian man is seen talking to two younger men outside in the darkness. Both the young men are bigger than their intended victim.

It is impossible to know what the trio are saying, but after some conversation the older man pushes one of the thugs, pivots like he is on wheels and punches the second thug in the face, dropping him to the ground before turning to help the first one to the floor in the same manner. The ex-boxer is fast as lightning.

He speaks to the young men a little further as they lie on the ground, then leaves. No doubt the prone pair will be reluctant to push their luck with another older man anytime soon.

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