15 POS Bosses Who Got What They Deserved

All of these stories give us hope that no one is too high and mighty to be brought down a peg.

We’ve all had a boss from hell. Someone who doles out punishments for every little mistake but never rewards good work, who prefers lazing around in their office to supporting the team, and who takes every opportunity to belittle their employees in order to stroke their own ego.

And we’ve all fantasized about getting our own back. Wouldn’t it be great if we could expose the boss for who they really are, get them in trouble with upper management or even their own family, or simply chuck a big-a*s cake in their face? (N.B. TheRichest does not condone physically assaulting your boss, even with delicious baked goods.)

These people are the everyday heroes who’ve got one up on their awful managers. Some have concocted elaborate stunts, some have worked their way to victory, and others have quit in style. And yet, all of their stories give us hope that no one is too high and mighty to be brought down a peg.

15 Laxatives In The Boss’ Milkshake

One twenty-something young man had been delivering pizzas for a local restaurant/bar for a few months when a new boss came along. This guy was a full-on egotist, who’d call out his employees’ every mistake, make them stay late, and even steal their tips, yet remained convinced everyone loved him.

One day, our particular employee wanted to leave a little early so he could prepare for a date. The boss refused, which is fair enough so far, but then he seriously peed off the delivery guy by asking him to pick him up a chocolate milkshake from a nearby drive-through. The driver initially refused, but then had an idea. He bought the milkshake, drank half of it, and filled the cup with chocolate-flavored Ex-Lax from the store next door. He then dropped it off with the boss and finished his shift.

A few hours later, the guy and his date came back to the bar while cruising the town, and the chef ran over to them in hysterics to report that the boss had been stinking the place up with uncontrollable bowel movements. And then he came running out of the restrooms and towards the next bar having exhausted the restaurant’s entire toilet roll supply.

14 Pretending To Be The Boss’ Stalker

A cashier returned to her job after a week off due to illness, only to find that her boss had been fiddling with various things. The most notable change was that the register now printed receipts that included the full name of the employee who’d served the customer.

It’s not difficult to see what kind of problems this could lead to and the cashier flagged these up to her boss, explaining that she didn’t want customers—whether the disgruntled and angry type or the h*rny and stalkery ones—having personal information with which they could find her Facebook profile, her address, and so on. But the boss didn’t see the problem.

The solution was simple. Our cashier set up a fake Facebook account and started sending messages to her boss, posing as a male customer who thought the boss was hot and got her name off the receipt in order to contact her. Needless to say, the cashier soon found out that the register had been returned to its previous settings.

13 Perving Boss Taken To Court

One clothing store boss really took a lot of liberties. He would steal the store’s stock, would take two hour breaks, and would pay himself overtime he hadn’t worked for. Worse, he had a nasty habit of employing underage girls of around 13 or 14 and s*xually harassing them in the form of gropes and telling them what he wanted to do to them.

Seeing this, one of his older employees decided it needed to stop, and so he put in numerous calls to the head office to report him. The head office stopped the boss from hiring underage girls, but refused to fire him. Turns out, he had a family member higher up in the company.

In the end, the employee managed to trick the boss in a text message into admitting he’d taken an item without paying for it, creating evidence with which he had to be fired. Not satisfied with this, the employee then took the former boss to court over all the harassment.

12 Quitting, With The Help Of A Brass Band

Joey DeFrancesco worked as a room service waiter for a hotel in Providence, Rhode Island and wasn’t at all well-treated by his boss. For over three years, he put in hard work for low pay and even lower respect, often being given no choice but to take backbreaking double shifts. And then, he decided to style.

DeFrancesco recruited the help of a marching band, for which he played tuba. He let the whole band in through the employee entrance and confronted his boss. When the boss tried to order the band out of the hotel, Joey announced that he was quitting and handed over his letter of resignation, at which point the band started playing. To a very loud and very celebratory tune, Joey walked out triumphant.

It was a humiliating experience for the boss and a liberating one for Joey. In fact, far from ruining his chances with future employers, he’s said that the attention brought upon him by the video of the stunt which he posted online has brought him more opportunities than he’d ever had before.

11 Boss Obsessed With Cleaning...So They Clean Until 2AM

The new manager of a Best Buy store really wanted to impose his authority over his staff. Every closing time, he’d be annoyingly meticulous about making sure the store was left in good condition, pointing out little things that needed cleaning and not letting anyone leave until every tiny thing had been done.

A couple of employees decided to get the better of him by really stretching his meticulousness to the limit. After closing time one day, they got the manager to do a walkthrough. Everything seemed fine until he found a few specks of dust which needed to be wiped away. But rather than just wiping this off, the employees took it upon themselves to do a complete clean of the shop.

They emptied and dusted every drawer, vacuumed the floors twice, and reorganized the brochures. Every detail of the store was gone over with a fine-toothed comb. After all, this is what the boss wanted, right? When the boss decided it was time to leave at 2AM, they pointed out where there was still dust...but he finally gave up on his meticulousness.

10 3000 Lunches In 18 Hours? Nah...

One high school student employed in a sandwich store was getting increasingly frustrated with his boss. The boss would often leave him in the evening to prepare large food orders for the next day, and only tell him of these orders at the last possible moment, meaning that the poor kid sometimes had to slave away until 3AM.

The worst of these requests came when, one afternoon, the boss asked him to prepare 3000 lunches for a corporate event run by the company who owned the store. He had to make countless sandwiches and cook up three kinds of soups. To his dismay, he was told about this only eighteen hours before it all had to be loaded up into a truck. The young employee told his boss that he had a school test the next day, but the boss didn’t care.

And so he decided not to bother. With the rest of the staff agreeing not to warn their boss (they must have all been mistreated, it seems), he simply walked out without preparing a single sandwich, and left a note telling the boss that he should be considerate of his employees if he wants respect. Unsurprisingly, the boss himself was fired when 3000 of the company’s investors went hungry.

9 The Herpes Gambit

Well, this is one dramatic way to prank your jerk of a boss. One factory manager treated his employees horribly, sometimes firing people for no reason and generally being a rude aggressive douche.

He also made employees buy their own gloves. One guy who had bought a nice comfy pair got increasingly irritated by the boss’ habit of coming down to the floor to check on the work and ‘borrowing’ his gloves to do it, without asking. When he asked the boss to stop, his request was shrugged off. So, a revenge plan was hatched. The employee took an old pair of gloves and put poison ivy leaves inside them, before smashing at the gloves with a hammer. These gloves were laid out ready for the boss, and sure enough, he used them.

Two hours later, the boss came back with a nasty rash all over his hands. “You didn’t use my gloves, did you?” the employee replied, “I got a terrible rash on my hands from some dancer at the strip club last week.” And with that, the boss left work to go to the doctor, believing he’d picked up herpes!

8 Learning Korean Just To Get Away

One school teacher was having a lot of problems with his bosses, who took any opportunity to tell him that he was a bad teacher. He was constantly criticized for his lesson plans not being detailed enough, despite his being more detailed than the best one the bosses could show from any other teacher.

In his spare time, this teacher decided to learn Korean using the school’s license for language learning software Rosetta Stone. Almost every week, someone would ask him what he wanted to learn Korean for, but he kept at it.

And then, at the end of the year, the teacher was let go. But, he wasn’t bothered. Rather than making a scene as some expected, he triumphantly announced to the bosses that he’d just been offered a much better Korea! Taking advantage of the school’s Rosetta Stone allowed him to go from a miserable workplace to the best opportunity of his life.

7 The Boss’ Daughter Helps Get Revenge

One office worker kept a few photos on his desktop, including one of him with his mother. Unfortunately, a manager in the office, Pat, wouldn’t stop making comments about how hot the mom looked. This made the employee uncomfortable. Things got worse when the poor guy split up with his girlfriend and Pat’s intrusion into his private life extended into telling him to get out and start dating.

His next idea fared better than his first. He found Pat’s daughter on Facebook and got her to take part in his prank. They took a photo of the two of them together and he put it in a heart-shaped frame on his desk, before getting a colleague to tell Pat how he had seriously fallen for his new girlfriend.

Pat came over to the desk, presumably with some sordid comment prepared, only to find himself instead asking, “What are you doing with my daughter?” We’d really love it if this story actually ended with the guy getting together with the manager’s daughter, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

6 Boss Hires Own Useless Family, Employee Leaves Them To Ruin Company

An employee at a European bank in Japan was getting increasingly frustrated at the boss, who seemed to have long given up on caring about the company. He’d hire his mates and mistresses, some of whom were totally useless and would sabotage the projects of other departments.

But our one valiant employee had a plan to get him in trouble. They gave their month’s notice on April 25, in full knowledge that late April through May is the company’s busiest time of year, and took the 30 days of vacation time they’d built up, starting immediately.

So the department was left with no one who really knew how to do the job during their busy period. The company fell apart and never really recovered. The boss was out of a job while the employee went on to a much more satisfying position with a different bank. A vengeful move for sure, but the boss had it coming.

5 Endless Cotton Eye Joe Ruins A Bar

After a bouncer physically removed a customer from the bar due to them attacking someone with a pool stick (which seems fair enough on the bouncer’s part), the customer complained and because they were a regular with a lot of money to spend, the bouncer ended up getting the sack.

Not the fairest decision on the boss’ part, but sometimes, the pettiest vengeance can be the most satisfying. The bar had a high-tech jukebox that anyone could choose songs for via a phone app, but the manager had lost the only remote which allowed these songs to be skipped.

You can see where this is going. The bouncer put a seven-minute remix of Cotton Eye Joe on repeat during the bar’s Tuesday night pool tournament. Every week...for two months. This killed the bar’s Tuesday night business and made them fish out $5000 for a new jukebox. This dismissal turned out to be a rather expensive one.

4 The Old Cake In Face Routine

Adam Porter decided to end his final day of work in a particularly cathartic fashion. Happy to be rid of his manager, the employee of a Friendly’s restaurant in Rochester, New York planned a leaving day stunt which certainly wasn’t friendly.

The manager went to pick up a ringing phone only for nobody to be on the other end of the line. When he turned around, he found himself face to face with an 80-ounce ice cream cake. At least it was a caramel-flavored one, this is one revenge that tasted sweet for the victim!

As you may expect, however, Porter was charged with assault. He had a fine to pay and is also no longer allowed into Friendly’s. But given how much he seemed to “like” the manager, he’s probably not too bothered about that part.

3 A Strike Against Micromanagement

One busy day in a call center, the manager decided that there was no time for the staff to be taking afternoon breaks. This happened once or twice a year, with employees stuck in their desks in cramped stifling conditions.

If anyone wanted to get up to fetch water or tissues, they had to put their status as ‘break’ so no calls would go to their desks. One employee did this for no longer than 30 seconds at a time, only to get petty messages from the office’s tech support specialist, Nicki, telling her off for taking breaks. After this had happened three times, the employee decided to mess with Nicki.

She set her status to break and stayed at her desk. Surprise, surprise! She heard Nicki go to the big boss to complain about this employee’s breaks. But when the boss came over to her desk with Nicki, she was right there...on a call. “Nicki, this is ridiculous,” said the manager, “in the time you've spent monitoring her, you could have been doing work.” That showed you, Nicki.

2 Signing The Boss Up For Adult Emails

Diane Kuprewicz wasn’t at all happy when she was let go from her job at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and was particularly dismayed at the treatment she’d received from the school’s director of human resources. Unfortunately for this director, Kuprewicz was not only vengeful but internet-savvy.

She registered her former manager on a series of p*rnographic websites, and they consequently received a whole load of explicit content in their work email account and even some physical catalogs of raunchy materials. The embarrassment this caused the manager no doubt gave Kuprewicz a great deal of satisfaction.

On the other hand, this was one act of vengeance that didn’t entirely pay off, as Kuprewicz was taken to court over it, and it may well have dented her future career. So, do consider all the consequences before launching a hilarious stunt against your current or former boss, however awful they may be!

1 Mistreated Employee Becomes The Boss

Not all disgruntled employees have ingenious revenge plans. Some just work their way towards getting their own back. One in particular was part of a team of temps working in the office of a logistics company, all overseen by a temp supervisor named David.

David had only one responsibility which is to file a report at the end of each day, and even shifted that onto this temp. He would constantly ridicule everyone about the way they looked and generally treated them like dirt. Imagine Michael Scott’s abuses of his employees but without any sort of redeeming charm.

Our temp in question kept their head down and worked hard. After three years of working in the company, the head office decided that David, who had no desire to be promoted, wasn’t running the department at all smoothly. So he hired this temp to be his new boss. We can’t imagine the joy he must have felt in showing up to monitor David’s shifts, knowing full well how he tended to do nothing at all.

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15 POS Bosses Who Got What They Deserved