15Arlindo De Silva

Via: Maria Andrade/Barcroft Media

Having the biggest biceps in Brazil might be an accomplishment, but not if that means looking like Arlindo De Silva. His biceps were measured at 19 inches around. With arms that size, someone wouldn't be blamed if they thought De Silva was extremely strong. They'd be wrong, however, because De Silva

can't lift any more than he could before he injected synthol into his arms.

In fact, synthol may have actually made it harder for De Silva to see natural results. Synthol can do a ton of damage when injected this way, and many bodybuilders have even had to have their arms amputated when they get to this size. De Silva even admits that one of his friends died from using synthol, but that didn't dissuade him from having some of the biggest (and worst-looking) arms on the planet.

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