15 Pictures Boyfriend Killer Jodi Arias Doesn't Want You To See

Every guy jokes that he's had a crazy girlfriend. While a woman will try to explain why she broke up with a guy, giving logically thought-out reasons and occasions of when he treated her poorly or just wasn't good enough for her, all a guy seems to have to say to explain why he dumped his latest ex is "Dude, she was crazy." Everyone thinks that he or she has dated someone crazy, but that's only until that person has REALLY dated someone crazy. Exhibit A: Jodi Arias, one of the craziest girlfriends of all time.

Jodi Arias met her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, a motivational speaker and insurance salesman, in 2006. After dating for only five months, they broke up... but they didn't exactly break off their sexual relationship. Technically breaking the rules of Travis's strict Mormon religion, the two continued an off-and-on relationship between the sheets -- that is, until one day in 2008 when Travis was found dead in his bathtub with a gunshot wound in his head, multiple stab wounds, and his throat slit.

There was very little doubt that Arias had committed the crime. She changed her story multiple times while testifying and talking to police, telling stories that clearly didn't make sense or add up. She was ruled guilty and is currently serving a life sentence, but that doesn't decrease our interest in the case. Here are fifteen pictures that Jodi Arias probably doesn't want you to see:


15 The View From the Front

Travis didn't have a chance when Jodi decided to kill him. He was caught completely unaware by Jodi when she decided to do it as the two were taking sexy pictures of each other beforehand, and she had inflicted an insurmountable amount of damage before Travis probably had any idea of what was going on. In these photos, which were taken by forensic scientists on the autopsy table both before and after the body was cleaned, you can see not only some of Travis's most fatal wounds but perhaps one of his most gruesome: the slit in his neck that stretches nearly from ear to ear.

14 Backstabber


Jodi Arias did not need to take a lot of time to kill Travis Alexander. Most murders are committed quickly, impulsively, without much thought put into them -- and most are at least partially regretted within seconds after being committed. Well, this wasn't the case with Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander. Jodi had stabbed Travis over twenty-four times, as well as shot him in the head and cut his throat deeply. Travis was thoroughly and utterly dead. He didn't need time to bleed out or slowly watch his life leave his body -- he probably died within minutes of Jodi deciding to commit the deed. She certainly did not go easy on him. From the amount of swelling around the wounds, forensic analysts determined that Travis must have still been alive when he incurred the wounds. Unfortunately for him, he was made to suffer a lot before he finally found the sweet respite of death.

13 Body Talk

Jodi was on the stand a lot. Called in as a witness in her own investigation, Jodi sat on the bench and gave testimony for eighteen consecutive days. The jury got to know her pretty well, both in terms of this case and in more subtle terms. It's interesting what you can learn about a person from the way they talk, their subtle nonverbal cues, and their body language. While on the stand, the jurors could feel something suspicious from Jodi primarily from what she was saying even if her body language indicated that she was remorseful, scared, and seemingly innocent. But what cameras caught when the jury was absent was much more interesting. On the day she was arrested and charged with Travis's murder, she was caught on tape in the interviewing room preening herself and saying, "You should have at least done your makeup, Jodi. Gosh." This behavior, as analyzed by psychologists, is indicative of confidence and nonchalance, even sexual interest. She clearly thought the police had nothing on her.

12 Manipulating Witnesses


Jodi Arias didn't have her story all together. She flip-flopped on what she wanted to tell police and the jury from day one, very confused on how to best sell her crime so that it seemed innocent. During the trial, she tried to convince everyone that she did kill Travis Alexander but only in self-defense. Well one of the biggest points of evidence that she wasn't telling the truth was when one of her witnesses was caught trading secret messages with her. This was one of the many messages hidden in the magazines they traded back and forth. Arias's friend, Ann Campbell, was meant to be the recipient of the messages, as Jodi criticized her testimony by saying that "it contradicts what I've been saying for over a year" and to get to her as soon as possible so they can fix the forged story. Luckily, the messages were caught before Ann could take the stand.

11 Stalking

Lisa Daidone said a lot when she was on the stand, but her reports pertaining to the direct character and actions of Jodi Arias were what was most disturbing. It's very clear that Jodi didn't intend to allow Travis to have a relationship with another woman. Daidone recounted one evening in particular when Travis came over and someone came in through the front door of her room, triggering the alarm before vanishing. She also directly recounts when she was once in Travis's kitchen with him and Jodi entered the kitchen, saw the two together, and promptly ran off. She told jurors that she had indeed called Jodi a stalker of Travis's before and that she felt unsafe when thinking about Jodi infringing on their personal relationship. It's entirely clear that Jodi Arias made Lisa feel unsafe even before she committed any crimes or acted out of turn -- Lisa was smart to get out of that love triangle as promptly as possible even though Travis Alexander pushed her toward marriage in their brief relationship.

10 The Big Picture


Here's the thing: Jodi changed her story multiple times, first saying that she didn't know anything about Travis's death, then saying that she was a victim along with him when masked men attacked Travis and killed him. Then in her fully developed story, when she learned that the DNA evidence placed her at the scene of the crime and she couldn't get off scot-free, she claimed that Travis Alexander frequently abused her and pushed her to defend herself by any means necessary, including murder. But even if that story were true (which it clearly was not), Travis didn't deserve a gruesome death like this. He didn't deserve the horrible treatment he suffered, from how he actually died to how she treated his body in death. He didn't deserve to be discovered by friends in a pool of his own blood. He didn't deserve to have his remains mutilated and thrown aside like garbage. Travis deserved far better.

9 "Survivor"

When Jodi was testifying, she wanted everyone to know her as a survivor. She had survived domestic abuse by her significant other and wanted the world to know it! That was the only reason she killed Travis Alexander: self-defense! Which makes her a survivor! That's the only reason she stabbed him over two dozen times and shot him in the head and dragged him through his home and slit his throat. Because she's a survivor.

Listen, chick. Jodi Arias wearing a survivor shirt is like someone wearing a shirt saying they survived a rollercoaster ride. Of course you survived! YOU WERE NEVER REALLY IN ANY DANGER. Jodi criticized Nancy Grace for trivializing domestic abuse, but really, Jodi was the one who was insulting the cause of abuse victims everywhere. She crafted a story out of thin air to make herself the victim, making it ever-so-slightly less likely that people will believe similar stories in the future -- even if the victims are actually telling the truth.


8 Jodi's New Digs


The jury unanimously found Jodi Arias to be guilty of first-degree murder (fun fact: they all found her to be guilty of premeditated murder and seven of them also found her guilty of felony murder). There was a mistrial when it came to determining her sentence, and even a second jury couldn't decide on a punishment for her. Thusly, her judge sentenced her to a life sentence without the possibility of parole for twenty-five years. She's got lawyers trying to work on an appeal, but we're pretty sure it's no use. She'll be at least sixty before she'll even have a chance to be a normal citizen again. Until that time comes (or doesn't come -- we don't exactly have a desire to hang out with her), Jodi will be chilling here in Arizona State Prison in Perryville. Hope she enjoys her inch-thick mattress and over-crowded bathrooms.

7 Her Extremely Active Twitter During the Trial

Jodi was incredibly confident throughout most of her arrest and trial that things would work out in her favor. Maybe she's just one of those optimistic people who believe God has her back and fate is on her side, even through the worst of situations. Or maybe she was just bat-sh*t crazy. In either case, she ran a Twitter account throughout her arrest and trial that showed just how confident she seemed and how reactive she was to everyone bad-mouthing her throughout the trial. She slung a lot of harangues toward Nancy Grace after the HLN reporter called out her sexual escapades behind bars and discussed the likelihood Jodi would remain in prison for her lies and crimes. She also talked sh*t about the prosecution attorney non-stop, insulting him for his short stature and saying that no one would believe his arguments because he was just a tiny man with a big voice. Say whatever you want, Jodi -- you're just a crazy lady with a big voice.

6 When Her Ex Emerged


It's really a terrible thing for a boyfriend to call his girlfriend (or even an ex-girlfriend) crazy because it discounts and invalidates anything she ever could have done for good reason and writes it up as crazy. It's even worse when social media and popularization of a case make everyone jump on the bandwagon. That is, it's terrible when the woman doesn't deserve it. That sucks. But when a woman is legitimately crazy? Like, brutally murders her boyfriend in a bathtub crazy? Then it's perfectly fine to drag her name through the dirt. Her ex-boyfriend, Abe Abdelhadi, who had also, at one time, worked with Travis Alexander, didn't have many good things to say about Jodi. When interviewed by HLN, he stripped his brief relationship with Jodi down to the bare bones, saying that most of their relationship was over the phone and that the few times that they did meet, Jodi blatantly lied multiple times.

5 Prison Pastimes

A lot of criminals try to come across as reformed even throughout trials and especially after (if they make it through without incurring the death sentence). That usually includes accused criminals giving up any vices, like alcohol or drugs, and taking up new hobbies. For example, after Casey Anthony was let off the hook for her daughter's murder, she (mostly) sobered up and took up the hobby of photography. Jodi decided to take up painting while on trial. Unfortunately for Jodi, she's really not a good painter. She even tried to sell her paintings on her website to make a little bit of money to support her legal fees while on trial -- but her paintings were pretty terrible, and no one wanted them. If you're interested in having a murderer's art on your walls, you can still visit her site today and get a terrible painting a seventh grader could've made for about $25.

4 Excuses, Excuses


Jodi Arias was brought into question a lot. Her first story was that she didn't know anything about Travis Alexander's death at all -- how horrifying! But then investigators found her DNA mixed with his at the crime scene. So her story changed... men masked in black came in and murdered Travis but then decided to let her live but threatened her to not tell anyone. (Basically, she was attacked by merciful ninjas.) She then went on to change her story again during the trial, saying that she did kill Travis but only as an act of self-defense. Hilariously enough, she told the jury, "I have no memory of stabbing him." Well, perhaps that was true, and she didn't have any memory of the brutal attack -- a psychological expert in the court believed she was suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder and that could explain some of her lies and anxious babbling.

3 Lesser Injuries

This sort of bruise was found on Travis Alexander's left and right hands. While you can see significant bruising, there are no wounds (like lacerations or scrapes) that indicate a struggle in self-defense. The prosecution argued that these wounds were likely attained while Travis was struggling for his life after Jodi Arias had initially attacked him and before she clearly obtained the upper hand. But since she was wielding a knife, that argument just doesn't add up -- Travis certainly would have gotten cut in attempts to take the knife from her. Theories abound that these wounds weren't incurred in efforts of self-defense. Instead, some believe that Travis was temporarily subdued and that his hands were bound in front of him in a pose of prayer or supplication, then hung from the showerhead of the bathtub he was eventually killed in. This would be a pretty dark and brutal murder, but it wouldn't be out of the question to consider that Jodi had literally tied Travis to religion in his death.

2 Homewrecker


Oh yeah, did we mention that Travis Alexander was actually with someone else? Okay, timeline: Jodi and Travis started dating about a year after they had met at a conference. So their relationship began in 2007 and lasted about five months before the two parted ways -- Alexander didn't want to date Arias anymore because she was clingy, neurotic, and -- well... crazy. She was crazy. He also began to lose interest in Jodi because he wanted to date another woman, Lisa Daidone (pictured above on the left). However, the strict Mormon girl didn't want to have sex until after marriage -- so Travis made booty calls to Jodi, which only prolonged the relationship and made Jodi more neurotic and jealous and temperamental. When Lisa discovered his infidelity, she broke off the relationship. Let's be real -- her breaking up with Travis probably saved her life from the nut job that was Jodi Arias.

1 Rejoicing At Her Expense

These women aren't holding each other and crying because they're sad or scared or upset or unhappy -- these women are actually rejoicing, practically unable to keep their sh*t together upon hearing the great news that Jodi Arias had been ruled guilty of first-degree murder. There was actually a mob of people all standing outside the Supreme Courthouse in Phoenix, Arizona where Jodi was to be given her sentence. They all stared at their phones in anxious anticipation of an update until roars of "guilty" could be heard, and everyone burst into celebratory embraces. And these people were from all over! These women alone were from Scottsdale and Paradise Valley and had come just to celebrate Jodi's damnation! Jodi spun a lot of stories throughout the course of her arrest and trial, but she didn't win many fans over to her side, and she wasn't able to convince anyone of her innocence.



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