15Eastern State Penitentiary

Hey look -- I found a different jail for us to be freaked out by. This one is in Philadelphia in our fine state of Pennsylvania. It opened in 1829 and closed in 1971. During that time, it had one very famous resident: none other than Al Capone. However, it’s

true weirdness needed to be revealed over time as it lay abandoned and decaying. This particular shot is something I’d rather not delve into too deeply. But duty calls, I suppose. So, what exactly is going on in this picture? Is that a barber’s chair? Or is it an electric chair? Is it something even more sinister than that, like a torturer’s chamber -- you know, the place where they brought inmates who wouldn’t behave to “reeducate” them? It sure looks like such a thing. I don’t know, though -- it’s also entirely possible my imagination is running away with me.

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