15 Photos The Russian Army Doesn't Want You To See

The Russian Federation might be the biggest aggressor in the world. Sometimes it feels like Vladimir Putin and the Russian government can do whatever they want. While the majority of Russians are living near the poverty level, the Russian government keeps spending their money on guns, tanks, and other war equipment. While Vladimir Putin cannot solve his own country's problems, such as alcoholism or corruption, he can still invade other countries. And believe me, there is nothing worse than seeing Russian soldiers invading your territory.

Vladimir Putin and the Russian people are still living in the 19th century, when democracy was nothing but a word and stronger countries relied on their power to expand. It is not a surprise that the Russian Army is a part of every single world conflict from Afghanistan to Syria, to Ukraine to Venezuela.

These soldiers are bloodthirsty animals, who never question their commands. They don't see a problem with killing children, raping women, and bombing entire cities. Actually, they enjoy doing that. However, there are some photos of the Russian Army which are too outrageous, even for Vladimir Putin, and he would love to see them deleted.

15 Russian Tank Running Over Lithuanian Civilians

The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and countries such as Lithuania, Poland, or the Czech Republic regained their freedom. Sadly, Russia couldn't cope with such failure, and they decided to forcefully get back what they lost. On January 13, 1991, the Russian Army invaded Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Naturally, the Russian military force was way larger than Lithuania's, so the Russians believed that they would quickly occupy all the government buildings and news broadcasting centers, including Vilnius TV tower. However, Lithuanian civilians fought back and tried to defend their freedom with their bare hands.

This exact photo is the greatest example of Russian Army's attitude towards killing civilians. We can see how a Russian tank is going over a Lithuanian civilian. Naturally, the government of Russia denied having any connection with these brutal actions in Lithuania, but the pictures tell us a different story.

14 Child Soldiers

The General Yermolov Cadet School is a special school in Stavropol, Russia where kids get their military training. Children learn how to use war weapons, kill people, and survive in the wild. Of course, some might argue that these skills are practical and it is true in a way. However, on top of all the skills, kids must also listen hours of patriotic lectures, soaked with propaganda. The Russian government is preparing innocent children to serve them as front-liners in any upcoming war. In the 21st century, when people should be teaching their kids how to live in peace, Russia has a slightly different educational system.

It looks creepy to see kids sitting with these deadly guns. It is visible in their eyes that they are proud to wear the uniform of the Russian Army and follow Vladimir Putin's lead. It is disgusting that Russian Army is recruiting young people, whose minds are still shaping.

13 Donetsk Separatists Openly Support Putin

Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014 without any particular or legitimate reason. Vladimir Putin just woke up and decided that it would be nice to expand his territory a little more, so he sent his troops to the Crimea region. On top of that, the Russian government refused to obey international laws and leave Ukraine. Actually, the Russian Army is still in Ukraine, and it breaks my heart to see that the world cannot do a thing about it. Of course, the Russian government claims that they have nothing to do with the separatist movement in Donetsk, but it is hard to believe when we see these separatists using brand new Russian arms and equipment. On top of that... just look at this picture. I mean, do you have any more questions if Putin has anything to do with the war in Ukraine? Well, neither do I. Of course, Russia will do what it does best - deny its guilt.

12 Atrocities In Georgia

First of all, in this context, Georgia is the country in Eastern Europe and not the state in the U.S. It would be too dumb even for Russia to attack the U.S. Anyway, the atrocities that happened in Georgia are not any better just because it happened somewhere far away. In 2008, during the Bejing Olympic Games, Russia invaded Georgia. Oh yes, the Olympic Games was always known as an event which stops all the wars in the world, at least for a moment. Sadly, the Russian government didn't give a crap about this universal peace and invaded Georgia. Naturally, the world condemned Russia for such behavior; however, as usual, no one was brave enough to interrupt and stop the Russian Army from using violence on innocent people.

It took a while to end the conflict, but we can clearly see in the photo that the Russian Army did way too much damage to simply say sorry.

11 The Almighty Russian Army Can Only Destroy Itself

Like the saying goes: "In Soviet Russia, missiles fire the warship."

It must be the biggest military fail I have ever seen. From the first look at this huge warship of the Russian Army, you would believe that it is capable of destroying any enemy in the world. However, in reality, this warship is so old and rusted that it can only destroy itself. I mean, how can soldiers of one of the largest armies in the world let such a mistake slip through their hands? I would be completely outraged if I were Vladimir Putin. This video went viral instantly, and it severely damaged the already low reputation of the Russian military forces. The only positive thing for Russia is that the uncontrollable missiles didn't kill anybody. That said, I just watched the video again, and I must say that it only gets funnier with time.

10 The Careless, The Bad And The Deadly

This photo is a Russian spin-off of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I mean, look at this young kid pointing his guns in two different directions. He must clearly have at least a couple of enemies to fight at the same time. Yeah, this poor Russian kid has a very hard time living in Russia. I guess it is not that funny when we understand that it is all true and actually happening in the land of communism.

Yes, in Russia, children from a young age learn how to carelessly use guns. I mean, I am not some expert, but it is clear that this kid is not following any safety requirements. And the worst thing, he is clearly enjoying the moment. What happens next to the kids who cannot resist the seductive propaganda of the Russian government? Well, they most likely join the Russian Army and help Vladimir Putin to spread the chaos around the world.

9 How?

My first reaction after seeing this photos was "how in the world is it possible?" I mean, those people are trained soldiers of the Russian Army, and they still managed to roll over in a freaking tank. I know that the Russian Army is mighty and dangerous, but it is just too hard to be afraid of them after such a pitiful failure. I am pretty sure that those soldiers who were responsible for driving the tank got their punishment. I am also sure that punishments in the Russian Army are brutal. However... HOW in the world could those careless Russians rollover? My best guess is that the soldiers wanted to be cool and tried drifting with a tank. Sadly, real life is nothing like The Fast and the Furious.

8 The Russian Army Bombed A Bus Full Of Civilians

When Russia invaded Ukraine, no one expected them to be friendly, but no one believed they would be so evil as well. I mean, I still understand the idea of expanding your own territory by invading innocent countries (it is sick, though), but why kill civilians? I tried to find an explanation why the Russian Army bombed a bus in Ukraine, which was full of innocent people, but I couldn't. There is no excuse for such behavior, and this photo is enough for the rest of the world to condemn Russia. Oh yes, this red thing you can see on the street is the blood of the people who died in the explosion. This accident happened on February 11th, 2015, but the Russian government refused to take responsibility for its crime yet. Maybe they need a couple of more years?

7 The Russian Army In Aleppo

This picture is downright creepy. The Russian soldiers are driving through the ruins of Aleppo, once a beautiful city in Syria. Of course, we cannot put all the blame on Russia for the atrocities in Aleppo. Americans, French, and many more countries "helped" Russians in Syria as well. And of course, the real bad guys in Aleppo are terrorists from ISIS. To be completely honest; I want to believe that the Russian government helps to fight terrorism in Syria. That said, it also bombed the hell out of Aleppo and killed many innocent civilians. You might say that some minor sacrifices are necessary to achieve the bigger goal, but how would you feel if it was you or your family who had to be that sacrifice? That is why I believe that the Russian government alongside with any other government in the world should hide all the ugly pictures of Aleppo and avoid using any power in places full of civilians. There must be some other ways.

6 Not On My Watch!

There are at least two reasons why the Russian government doesn't want you to see this photo. First, and the most obvious one, Russia invaded Lithuania without any legal right to do it, so this photo is direct evidence of the crime against humanity. I mean, the Russian Army actually used tanks against unarmed civilians. Can it get any worse?

The second reason is much more delicate. Just look at the guy, who bravely stands in front of the Russian tank. He represents freedom and courage, which was so needed in Lithuania back in the 90s. So, this is an iconic photo which makes the Russian government look weak and diminishes its power in front of the world. I bet that the Russian Army didn't expect to see civilians fighting back and that is the main reason why it failed to reoccupy Lithuania in 1991.

5 The Russian Army Bombed A Rock Pub In Ukraine

What was once a cozy cafeteria in Ukraine became an abandoned and destroyed building after the Russian Army bombed it. Sadly, these things happen way too often when Russia is involved. I mean, Vladimir Putin invaded and annexed Crimea without too much effort. Why the hell he still ordered the Russian Army to bomb the hell out of Ukraine. This rock pub "The Wall" exploded on November 9th, 2014 with all the innocent civilians inside. The blast injured at least 11 people. Gladly, there is no news of anyone dying in this rock pub; however, we can never know for sure because of all the nasty Russian propaganda. On top of that, the Russian Army refused to take responsibility again and blamed it all on local Ukrainians and separatists. It blows my mind how good is the Russian government at bullshitting. The fact that Russians believe all the lies is even more fascinating.

4 Vladimir Putin On A Bear

Yes, this photo is clearly photoshopped. There is no one, I repeat, no one in the world who could actually ride a bear. However, the fact itself that people all over the world are making fun of Vladimir Putin must drive the Russian government crazy. This photo is a perfect illustration of what Vladimir Putin thinks of himself. Yeah, he believes that he is the alpha male of our planet. Sadly, there are way too many "fools" around the world, who don't believe a word Putin says. Of course, if we showed this exact photo to the people living in the deepest villages of Russia, I bet that they would argue that it is actually real. That makes all the situation even funnier. Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un could be BFFs for sure.

3 70 Dead After An Explosion In Syria

Like I said, the Russian Army is supposedly fighting against terrorists in Syria, which is a noble cause. However, the Russian Army is responsible for some massive fails, which ended up killing dozens of innocent civilians. For example, on December 20, 2015, the Russian air force bombed an al-Qaeda building in Maaret al-Numan, killing a couple of (which is good, I guess)... and nearly 70 innocent Syrians. Oh yes, we all know that terrorists from al-Qaeda almost always have civilian prisoners with themselves to prevent others from bombing them. Yes, it is a nasty and inhumane tactic, which should never be used under regular circumstances; however, there is nothing regular about the war against al-Qaeda and the Russian Army must know that. We can agree that those 70 civilians should have never been in the al-Qaeda controlled building in the first place, but it was still the Russians who killed those innocent Syrians.

2 You Can't Trust Anyone

The scary thing about Russia is that you can't trust anyone. I mean, the Russian government spreads propaganda way too rapidly and professionally for people to fight against it. On top of that, there are schools where militants teach young kids how to fight in the war. Naturally, every single boy in the world would love to learn how to use a gun and shoot bad people. Sadly, what those boys in Russia don't understand is that they are "the bad people" in the most cases. Just look at Georgia, Chechnya, Ukraine, Afghanistan, or any other Eastern European country, and you will understand what I am talking about. The Russian army prepares young kids for the army not to defend Russia, but more to invade other countries. That is why I hate to see that a uniformed Russian kid knows how to use a gun. It just doesn't make me feel safe.

1 Massive Graves Of Chechens

The Russian government has a very odd relationship with an ethnic group of Chechens. For the last couple of centuries, Chechens tried to regain their independence, but Russia refused to let them go. Naturally, this disagreement sparked way too many deadly conflicts. Sadly, most of the time, the ones who died were innocent civilians. How many Chechens died because of the Russian cruelty? Well, only Stalin alone managed to kill 200,000 in the period between 1944 and 1948, when he deported all the Chechens to Siberia. As time went by, nothing changed.

For instance, in this photo, you can see a massive grave which was discovered in Chechnya in the early 2000's. There are over 50 graves similar to this one in Chechnya with as many as 800 innocent Chechen civilians buried in one massive grave. The Russian Army is responsible for this atrocious act, but of course, it refused to take responsibility again. That said, Vladimir Putin still hates when someone talks about Chechnya and all the Chechen victims.

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