23 Photos That Were Never Meant To Scare Us

One of the best ways to remember something is to take a photo of it. But you might find yourself wanting to try and un-see some of the chilling photos we have for you below. Including several serial killers who prior to their convictions led lives that were seemingly just like yours or mine. Though if you're already scared of clowns, get ready for that to get ramped up even more when you see John Wayne Gacy in his clown outfit.

Sometimes photos capture things that don't seem to be from this world. Including one tourist whose trip this past October to the hotel that inspired The Shining led to one of the most convincing ghost photos (fittingly perhaps of two girls) to ever exist. And while many of these stories may leave you chilled to your bone, you also may be amazed by one woman who is so comfortable with her ghost that she signs his name on Christmas cards!

October and Halloween may be over, but does that mean it's time for the spookiness to be over? You know the answer is no! So take some time out of your day and check out these photos that were never meant to scare us.

23 Ghost Joins Baby For A Nap

When you first look at this photo you might imagine the child is just sleeping beside one of his favorite toys. Maybe a teddy bear? But the photo becomes a lot more terrifying when you learn that there was no toy in the bed with him.

His parents rushed into the room but the figure had moved by then, something they also captured on camera. There are two other siblings in the family but they have fortunately not been spotted sleeping with ghosts.

"I have checked out the camera and I'm sure there's nothing wrong with it. Friends think it's really creepy. Whatever it was stayed in the cot until 1.30am and disappeared when I went to feed him. But during the night it moved positions," said the mother.

22 Mysterious Figure Appears In The TV

The above photo on first glance just looks like a girl who is doing her best to work on her selfie skills. But the photo, which was shared online by the woman's fiance, becomes a lot scarier when you hear why he was freaked out by the image that appears on the television.

"If the TV was on there would be a green light in the control buttons in the center below the screen. 2. The first box below the TV would also be lit up bright blue. 3. Both the TV and the cable box were unplugged at the time since I had just slid into that corner and had not yet plugged them back in."

Something tells us this couple isn't going to be watching horror movies anytime soon!

21 Demon Hides Under Child's Bed

One of the things that you may have to do when you become a parent is to make sure that your child is comfortable going to sleep. One of the routines that you might do to ensure that is to do certain routines such as checking under their bed for monsters.

But after you snapped the above photo of your child with seemingly something creepy hiding under his bed, you might start checking under your own bed too! We hope the photo is fake or that it is perhaps one of the boy's toys that has the reflection of an eye peeping out under the bed, but it's definitely enough to still make the hair stand up on the back of our neck.

20 The Haunted Tracks In San Antonio

Railroad tracks are definitely dangerous places. But they become a lot more dangerous if there just happens to be supernatural spirits that are hanging around. Thankfully, however, the ghosts that tend to be inhabiting the above intersection in San Antonio are allegedly friendly.

According to eyewitness reports, the area is so haunted that if you stop your car by the tracks and put it in neutral, that you will still have your car travel over the tracks. But hey, at least the ghost (or ghosts!) are giving you a nice push?

It's even been reported that ghost fingerprints (discovered after baby powder is left on the car) have been discovered.

19 Ghoul Appears In Makeup Mirror

We're sure that this woman has probably taken hundreds of selfies in her life. But we hope that when it comes to selfies that also capture what appears to be a demonic spirit, that this is her only example! For those unable to see it, just take a look at her small mirror, but don't blame us if zooming in makes you jump back in your chair.

Let's hope she didn't send this photo to a boy that she was trying to impress or he may have at least one reason to be intimidated about going out with her. I know it's technically considered bad luck to break a mirror, but perhaps you can make an exception to the rule if you think someone is living in it!

18 The Last Party Of Kenneka Jenkins' Life

Kenneka Jenkins was enjoying a party at the Crowne Plaza Hotel earlier this year. But her night and life came to a tragic end after she got caught in a walk-in freezer.

The above photo was taken of her celebrating with her friends during the night, as well as surveillance footage that caught her stumbling around the hotel in a drunken stupor (before unfortunately finding the freezer). It took over 10 hours before her body was found.

While some may suspect foul play, as of now the death has been ruled as accidental. Which also means we may never know why she was separated from her friends adding a layer of mystery for the family to have to deal with.

17 Karen Wakefield Has Known Her Ghost For Over A Decade

There's no arguing with Karen Wakefield that her house isn't seriously haunted by a man she calls Malcolm. When talking about her experiences, Karen admitted that she has had several mysterious incidents including having her kettle turn on and having picture frames get smashed.

One of the worst things you can do for a ghost is to make it feel welcome, something Karen absolutely has done when you learn that she also signs his name on her Christmas cards!

When talking about her experiences, Karen said

"I can be really unsettling. Nowadays, I won't sleep at home alone or go downstairs by myself.

Malcolm even manages to mimic us. Once, I heard my own voice out on the landing while I was in bed. Another time, Paul kept shouting for me, but when I went downstairs, there was nobody there and his car was gone."

16 William Tyrell Vanishes In Thin Air

William Tyrell's disappearance on September 12th, 2014 remains one of the most worked cases in the history of Australia. When describing the tragic day, Tyrell's mother explained

“He was chasing me and I’m chasing him and he’s giggling his head off, and then we were playing ‘Mummy monsters’, and I was doing the whole ‘rargh’ thing, and so he’s chasing me he’s giggling his head off. And, you know, I’m chasing him. He was playing on the grass, just around to the right. And then what he did was he went ‘Rargh!’. He was roaring. I could still hear him. And then … nothing. He just vanished.”

When talking about the iconic photo of Tyrell, his mother said he was mid-rawr. Detective Inspector Gary Jubelin has worked the case extensively and when talking about it stated,

“It was like he was plucked from the air. We’ve literally got a situation where a child has disappeared."

15 Creepy Photobomber In The Forest

If you are trying to get in touch with nature, one of the best places to spend some time may be in a local forest. Perhaps if you're lucky, you might even have some friends who are happy to join along for the ride.

That was definitely the case for the three people in the above photo, but as you can tell from the circled person in the background, there appears to have been an unwelcome "photobomber" in the photo. A forest might be a relaxing place for some people, but you might also agree that you've seen far too many horror films that involve people running through the woods while being chased before meeting an unfortunate end to ever feel comfortable in them.

14 Ghost Oversees Some Sports Fans Partying

When looking at the above photo, your first thought may be that the people involved may have had themselves a little bit to drink. But given that they are coming (or going) to a sporting match, that at least appears to be a pretty normal thing.

One thing that however might not be very normal at all, is the ghost that you see circled in the above photo. We suppose it could also just be someone hanging out in a seemingly abandoned building, but that definitely doesn't make us feel any less creeped out. This group will surely find themselves a new place to relax in after knowing that this particular area has an off-chance to be haunted!

13 Unexpected Ghost Joins A Camping Trip

This photo was shared online along with the caption, "An unexpected friend apparently joined us on our camping trip last May." But if we had a ghost that decided to photobomb us, we don't know if we'd exactly call it a friend! Though given the giant smiles that appear to be on the girls' faces, we're sure they were having themselves a great night and perhaps the spirit just wanted to stop by and say hello?

We're sure you'd rather the spirit world keep its distance, but that is clearly not always an option. Perhaps the fact that the women were throwing up the peace sign helped keep a positive energy around. Either way, we're sure this is a photo that incites more terror than joy when it gets looked at!

12 Stephen Hilder Jumps From A Plane

Stephen Hilder sabotaged his own parachute so that in the moments following this photo, the jump out of the plane would be the last thing he did.

David Mason who was attached to Hilder for the jump was originally charged with Hilder's death before it was revealed that Hilder had intentionally tampered with his parachute.

"There was a look of jubilation on Stephen's face while we were in formation," said Mason when talking about the fateful day.

It was also reported that a failed relationship, a poor financial situation and the belief he had failed his exams had led to Hilder's decision.

11 The Spectre Of Newby Church

If you're going to spend your life dedicated to the church, as Reverend K.F. Lord had, you are definitely going to spend a lot of time thinking about the afterlife. But that didn't mean that Lord wanted to get up-close and personal with it. However, that was exactly what happened! It was back in 1963 when the famed photo, dubbed the Spectre Of Newby Church, was snapped.

The photo has since been declared as not being possible due to double exposure, which is something that often discredits ghost photos. Reverend Lord also had nothing to gain from lying or altering this photo, making its legitimacy all the stronger.

10 Melbourne Ghost Shows Up At A Prison

There have been several scary incidents that have occurred at Pentridge Prison in Melbourne. But the above photo may be the most damning proof that there is something otherworldly going on there.

The photo was snapped by Jodie Bezzina who was attending a sightseeing tour of the facility, but we're sure a ghost wasn't among the attractions that the tour guide was offering!

"'I had to look twice as I thought someone from the tour was standing by, but it wasn't. We spotted a ghost," said Bezzina when describing the haunting photo. While we are not sure who the "ghost" was, the fact that he was haunting a prison means that he probably wasn't the nicest dude when he was alive!

9 Pavel Kashin Takes A Fatal Tumble Following Backflip

The problem with doing something like parkour is that eventually your push for adrenaline just keeps getting higher and higher until you're risking your life on a regular basis.

But when we say they're risking their life, that isn't something we are just saying casually. Pavel Kashin was an infamous free-runner but moments after attempting to land the backflip in the above photo, he slipped and fell to his death. We're sure instead of capturing that moment, he was just trying to show the world just how big of a badass he was.

A video uploaded of Pavel doing parkour prior to his passing has been viewed over 200,000 times on YouTube. He may have been experienced, but all it took was one wrong move.

8 The Recent Twin Ghosts At The Shining Hotel

Jay Mausling and his wife Jessica were enjoying a "spirit tour" at the infamous Stanley Hotel that helped inspire Stephen King to write The Shining. But the photo that they took captured something that may be even scarier than anything seen on the screen. Not one, but two little girl ghosts!

When talking about the photo to HuffingtonPost, Jay stated

"At first we tried to be logical and think we somehow missed her so we asked our kids, their girlfriends and our friend if they remembered seeing a little girl. Nobody did. We do not remember seeing anything on the stairs when we took the picture."

Ben Hansen who is a former FBI agent also described the photos as one of the best potential examples of a ghost captured on camera.

7 John Wayne Gacy In His Clown Outfit

John Wayne Gacy is one of the most horrific serial killers in American history. It was reported that he killed between 33-34 people from 1972-1978. And while the movie It may have you terrified of clowns, John Wayne Gacy may make you even more scared.

The above photo is taken of Gacy in his "Pogo The Clown" outfit, a persona he put on at various fundraisers, children's hospitals and other parties. While the photo of this man in a clown uniform alone is scary enough, it becomes even more alarming when you realize it's Gacy. We're not too sure what drew him to dress up as a clown, but we definitely don't think it downplays the whole crazy serial killer angle!

Gacy was executed in 1994.

6 Gilles Leclerc And Marianne Labanane Before The Bataclan Attacks

Nine individuals representing ISIL descended on Paris back in November 2015. Their main target was the Bataclan theatre which was hosting a concert for Eagles of Death Metal.

Sadly, 89 individuals did not make it out of the concert, including Gilles Leclerc who you see standing on the left in the photo. His partner, Marianne Labanane was able to survive but surely had her life forever altered by the events of that night.

When talking about the motivations for the attack, ISIL blamed France for the attacks that they committed against ISIL targets that were located in Syria and Iraq.

5 The Start Of The Station Nightclub Fire

The above photo is supposed to just be a snapshot of a band doing their absolute best to whip the crowd into a positive frenzy. What it actually is, however, is the moment that a fire started at The Station nightclub.

Poor structural setup, including limited exits, made the fire one of the deadliest nightclub incidents of all-time with 100 people dead and over 200 were injured. It was reported that as of 2008, upwards of $115 million had been paid out in settlements to the families of those who were impacted by the tragedy.

When looking for the cause of the fire, it was also discovered that the manager of the band on the stage (Jack Russell's Great White) had set off pyrotechnics that ignited flammable foam.

4 Dennis Rader Celebrates Christmas

The above photo may just look like three people enjoying a wonderful Christmas together. The only problem is that the man on the left is an absolute monster. His name is Dennis Rader and he is one of the worst serial killers of all-time.

Though as evident by the photo, he did love his family! However, any gift that was given by him over the years definitely may have a new element of "Hmm I wonder if Dad murdered someone before picking this out for me."

When you consider Rader liked to photograph his victims, we're sure there were plenty of photos we could have dug up that were a lot worse than this one.

Rader was arrested in 2005 and was charged with 10 murders.

3 A Creepy Visitor In The Park

When you are looking to relax with your friends and it's late at night, there may not be many places available for you to go. And call us crazy, but one place that is probably not the most relaxing place in the world is a park. Yet that didn't stop this girl, and supposedly at least one of her friends, from stopping at the table in the park for a quick photo opportunity.

We're not too sure if they know the creepy looking man standing in the background, but if they don't, something tells us this might be the last time they visit this park! We also wouldn't blame you if seeing this photo also makes you all the more unlikely to spend your evenings there too.

2 Who's Under The Couch?

There is something wholesome about seeing an entire family gathered together for a nice photo on the couch. Especially when you have several young children, as the couple in the above photo seem to. Because Lord knows getting all of them to sit still is definitely not an easy feat.

But it may be surprising to see how comfortable and relaxed everyone looks once you spot the person that they appear to be sitting on top of! The strained look coming from the person underneath them makes the photo all the more startling to look at.

Something tells us that if the parents don't explain the photo to their children that they may have some terrified kids once they get old enough to notice what's really going on in the photo!

1 Jeffery Dahmer Passed Out And With Family

Jeffrey Dahmer did many things in his life that would literally make you sick to your stomach to read about. But the normalization that comes in when you look at the above two photos of him may be enough to leave you stunned. The photo on the right shows an uneasy looking Dahmer, albeit with a bitchin' mustache, with his family whereas the left shows him passed out after what appears to be a night of drinking.

Dahmer's education was badly impacted by his abuse of alcohol, which was also spurred on by his parents' divorce that included constant fights with one another in front of Dahmer.

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