15 Photos That Prove Kim Kardashian Is The Worst Mother Ever

When you’re in the spotlight like reality queen, Kim Kardashian West, your entire life becomes open to scrutiny. In Kim’s case, she is not only frequently judged for her choice in occupation (if you can call it that), but also for her parenting skills. She has been accused of leaking her own sex tape, faking her marriage with Kris Humphries, and most recently of staging the robbery in Paris. Yet, likely the only thing that Kim has been accused of that truly gets to her are the accusations that she’s a bad mother. Kim and the rest of the Kardashian clan have one of the most unique relationships, starting with the fact that Kris Jenner didn’t exactly raise her kids traditionally. Most mothers don’t help their daughters release a sex tape and encourage them to partake in nude photo shoots. While Kanye West seems far from stable enough to be a father, the way Kim was raised has likely influenced her parenting. Living in her own little bubble of fame and her participation in reality television, she seems to find certain things acceptable when she might actually be putting her kids in danger, whether physically or mentally.

While no parent is perfect, the spotlight puts Kim Kardashian in a particular position where she should expect the public to voice their opinion. Her children are arguably the most recognizable celebrity offspring at the moment, making them children that are most targeted by crazy fans, paparazzi, teasing, and unfortunately, child predators. With the public analyzing her every decision, it’s easy for them to find reasons to call her a bad mom. Yet, with so many questionable photos circulating online, it's not difficult to see where these claims are stemming from. Check out our list of the 15 photos that prove Kim Kardashian is the worst mother ever, and see how some could question her parenting skills.

15 Kim Treats North Like An Accessory

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No one tells it like it is like Sharon Osbourne, and even the Kardashians aren’t safe from her brutal opinion. In an interview with Closer Magazine, Osbourne was pretty harsh, accusing Kim of treating North more like an accessory than a child. The comments were made in response to photos of North in a fur coat. It seems like North has enough fur coats to pay off the country’s student loan deficit. Clearly an active member of PETA, Osbourne was quick to give the public her two cents saying in her interview, “(Fur) makes me physically sick, and wearing it is a very dated way of showing everyone how rich you are. Our grandparents did it, but now we’ve been educated, it’s cruel to keep the trade going… (North) isn’t an accessory – she shouldn’t be wearing ugly couture clothes.” While Kim and North certainly do look adorable when they’re out and about in complimentary fur coats, they could have easily achieved the same look with faux fur. It’s the responsibility of the current generation of parents to teach their children right from wrong, and there’s just something about the slaughtering of animals for (hideous) fashion that just seems wrong.

14 Kim’s Too Busy To Help Daughter North

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Back in April, Kim and Kourtney took a day off to take the kids to the Los Angeles Museum of Art where they were ultimately met by a swarm of paparazzi. Their cameras caught Kim’s daughter, North, take a nasty spill, while Kim literally did nothing. Her daughter fell inches from where she stood, but she hardly took a moment to glance up from her cell phone, making it clear where her priorities lie. Fortunately, Aunt Kourtney was there to help little North up off the floor so Kim could continue handling business on her cell. Many have speculated that Kim used her peripheral vision and decided that her daughter did not need her help since Kourtney was quick to step in, but it definitely appeared suspect. Put the phone away! Not only is it rude, but her phone is stealing the precious little free time she has away from work to spend with her kids. Certainly, the queen of reality television can afford to pay an assistant to handle her email correspondence and social media pages so she can spend the day with her daughter.

13 The Kardashian West Kids Are Always In The Spotlight

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Most celebrities keep their kids out of the spotlight, using several techniques to keep them hidden from the paparazzi and off social media for as long as possible. The Kardashians, however, tend to do the opposite. Kim is constantly including her kids in her Snapchat stories and Instagram posts, so much so that they’re just as recognizable as their notorious parents. Of course, they’re proud parents and want to show off their kids, but even us normal folk have to be careful about what we post online. There are predators constantly scouring the Internet for their next victim, and the Kardashian name doesn’t protect them from harm’s way, which hopefully became clear after Kim was robbed in Paris. Additionally, the decision to put her children in the spotlight drastically affects their childhood. Instead of growing up in a normal environment, they will grow up being different. Classmates will always know who their parents are and with Kim’s history and her seriously scandalous photo shoots, it’s likely school taunting will be prevalent for her offspring.

12 Kim Is A Poor Role Model

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Kim has never really been the best role model for women, constantly putting more emphasis on her appearance and sex appeal than actually contributing to the world. Rather than using her money to encourage women to appreciate their natural beauty, she inspires them to waste their time and hard-earned cash on designer clothes, hair extensions, and contouring kits. Even worse, her denial of having had any plastic surgery makes young girls think the products she endorses will completely transform them into bombshells, when the reality is that she’s just making money off of them. Some of these products can even be dangerous, like the bodyshapers that the Kardashian sisters often promote on Instagram that are known to not only fail to work but can cause serious health problems for those who wear them. Even if she may not care for the fans she has influenced negatively, she seems to not realize that her daughter is growing up quickly and is likely already forming bad habits based on her obsession with her looks and celebrity status. Looks should be the last thing a young girl should be concerned with, and it’s clear that this isn't something that's taught in her household.

11 North Is Spoiled

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At just 3 years old, North Kardashian West has been photographed wearing thousands of dollars worth of clothing. Aside from the variety of fur coats she owns and will likely grow out of before the end of the season, North often heads out of the house in couture and most recently was seen strolling around New York City with a $1,000 Louis Vuitton purse. Granted it was the perfect size for her, but that money would have been much better spent on literally anything else. If North hasn’t already lost the purse, then she probably finger-painted it beyond recognition like she did to Kim’s Hermes bag back in 2014. While that purse was intentionally painted as a gift for Kim’s birthday, giving a 3-year-old such an incredibly expensive accessory seems a tad excessive. There’s a thin line between treating your kids with a small splurge to outright spoiling them with pure materialism, and it seems that Kim and Kanye haven’t exactly figured out the best way to stay on the better side of that line just yet.

10 Kim Can’t Keep Her Clothes On

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Whether she’s being paid for it or not, Kim can’t seem to figure out how to keep her clothes on. Her social media pages are nothing but an attempt to promote products she sponsors and half naked photos that are better suited for Playboy than her Instagram page. It’ll be hard for her to explain all of her choices to her children once they’re old enough to use Google, and with how great kids are with technology these days, North has likely already seen more than she should on her mom's phone. However, the Kardashians are certainly far from the traditional family. Maybe Kim and Kanye wouldn’t mind if North followed in Kim’s footsteps, but they’ll have to deal with the fact that Kim will be the reason behind a lot of teasing the kids will be subject to growing up. There’s no amount of money or nude photo shoots to prevent kids from resenting their parents.

9 Her Career Got Its Start In Adult Entertainment

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Before Kim’s sex tape with R&B singer, Ray J, was released, no one knew who the Kardashians were. Without a college degree, Kim started out as a closet organizer for celebs like Paris Hilton and opened the first DASH boutique store with her sisters. According to a recent biography about the family called Kardashian Dynasty, knowing the original reality queen, Paris Hilton, was the key to Kim’s notoriety and the inspiration behind her sex tape. According to the source who dated a friend of Kim’s during the time the tape was made, not only did the entire Kardashian family know about the tape before it was being made, but Kris Jenner helped her daughter seal the deal with Vivid Entertainment. To verify this, the author of the book even went undercover, claiming to have a sex tape of the model with a well-known basketball player. The representative at Vivid says they couldn’t publish the tape without both individuals signing a contract. Perhaps Kim will help North get into the adult entertainment just like her mother did for her!

8 Kim Can’t Figure Out How To Use A Car Seat

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About a year ago, the media flipped out after Kim posted a photo of her daughter, North, asleep in the backseat with her friend’s daughter since it seemed the experienced mom wasn’t using the kids’ car seats correctly. An expert on car seats analyzed the photo and explained to Yahoo! Parenting what was done wrong. Apparently, there’s a strap that attaches the head of the car seat to the car, which actually sounds pretty important. It seems that neither of these car seats were installed properly, and weren’t using this strap. Additional issues with the photo that outraged the public are that the car seats are facing forward when they’re both clearly too small and the seats should be facing backward. The straps that are buckling them in are also too low and too loose. Apparently, these few things are the difference between life and death for a child, and using a car seat improperly is akin to not using one at all. Unfortunately, Kim actually falls into the majority on this one as most Americans don’t know how to use a car seat. It’s almost like car seats don’t even come with a tiny piece of paper that explains how to install and use it in three to six languages.

7 Kim Named Her Kids North And Saint

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Besides being teased for the ridiculous choices their parents have made, North and Saint Kardashian West will also have to put up with the insane names they were given. North’s name literally came from rumors by the press, which were likely the ones who were coming up with the most ridiculous baby names after it became public knowledge that the couple was expecting. So what convinced Kim and Kanye to actually go with the rumored name? Well, the couple was out to lunch when Pharrell Williams approached them. Kim explained the conversation in an interview with British GQ saying, “It was a rumor in the press and we’d never really considered it seriously, at all, but Kanye and I were having lunch…and Pharrell came over to us and said ‘Oh, my God, are you guys really going to call your daughter North? That’s the best name.’” Moments later, Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief at Vogue approached them with similar comments, calling it a genius name. After that the couple started taking the name seriously, and it just stuck. In regards to Saint, it seems he was a blessing and after a rough pregnancy the name seemed to fit.

6 Kim Waxed North’s Eyebrows

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Kim was accused of waxing her daughter’s eyebrows after she posted a picture where North’s eyebrows seemed a bit too trimmed. Additionally, her baby uni-brow seemed to have disappeared overnight. Kim denied the accusations, saying she would never, but other reports came out later that she’d asked Kanye if she could clean up the toddler’s brows. His response was a definite no, but that doesn’t mean she can’t Photoshop her daughter so that she looks her very best. Supposedly Kim spends time editing her daughter’s hair, teeth, eyebrows and more in photos before posting them anywhere. While imperfections should be appreciated at any age they’re especially adorable on toddlers. Instead of embracing how the little girl looks naturally, she’s altering the images so that her daughter’s appearance is up to her standards. Perhaps she doesn't remember how much plastic surgery she’s had or she might just think her surgeries altered her DNA as well.

5 Saint’s Wardrobe Is Worth More Than Most Cars

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North isn’t the only child in the Kardashian West household with a closet full of designer clothes and accessories. While Saint hasn't even turned 1 yet, the baby already has several custom-made pieces that Kim shared with her fans in a blog post earlier this summer. Some pieces she shared with us were custom matching bomber jackets, one for her and one for Saint, a custom Ralph Lauren jacket signed by the designer himself, a gold chain to match Kanye’s, and a tiny pair of Yeezy 350’s, shoes from Kanye’s clothing line. While Kim did mention in her blog post that most of these items were gifts, it’s still a bit strange that a child who will likely grow out of his clothes every few weeks has such an extensive designer wardrobe. Granted he’s still far behind North’s collection, but it’s only a matter of time before Saint catches up. He’ll probably be rocking his own fur coat this upcoming winter.

4 North Already Wears Makeup

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It has been over a year since Kim reported in an interview on Live! With Kelly and Michael that North (2 at the time)  loved wearing makeup, and recently received a set of her very own makeup brushes. Little girls are known for playing with their mother’s makeup, but most don’t actually let their kids pack on the foundation. While talking about North’s love of being glammed up, Kim says in the interview, “She lets me do her hair. And she’s obsessed with doing her teeth.” Is doing your teeth a new beauty trend? Kim has mentioned in several interviews that North puts on her own blush and lipstick, likely because she has been spending too much time watching her mother get done up by the glam squad that follows the family around. While there’s nothing wrong with little girls wanting to play dress up and wear makeup like their mommies, some have speculated that North wears makeup on a regular basis.

3 Kim And Kanye Have A Rule Book For Their Nannies

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You might look at Kim and Kanye’s relationship and think they must be pretty relaxed parents, however, it’s actually quite the opposite. A source recently revealed that the Wests provide their nannies with a twenty-page rule book that they must follow while working for them, and the rules are not only ridiculous but shockingly uptight. Some of the more hilarious rules are that North must be dressed in her predetermined outfits, each of the kids have daily two-hour “baby gym” sessions and all meals must be logged on the way and on the way out with color, consistency and size descriptions. They both follow a strict skincare regimen that requires the nanny to apply special moisturizer five times a day, and likely the most ridiculous responsibility, the nannies must provide North with a massage every day. Not just any massage, but one that comes with directions and diagrams. It sounds like every minute of their day is planned out and extremely repetitive.

2 Kim Is Never Around

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Also mentioned in Kim and Kanye’s rule book for their nannies is that North and Saint must be on time for their scheduled Facetime appointments. They have four Facetime appointments per day, two with Kim and two with Kanye. Many have speculated that the parents have a strict rule book for their nannies so that they feel more in control of their kids' day to day activities since they’re not around very often. Obviously, Kanye travels a lot to perform shows, and Kim is busy with… well, taking her clothes off for basically any magazine that will pay her to. It makes sense that with Kim and Kanye’s hectic schedules that they’d want their kids' days planned out to allow them to know exactly what the kids are doing at any time throughout the day. Not that they couldn’t just look at the nanny cams they have set up to check in on the kids. Luckily with technology today, Kim can keep tabs on the kids while earning the big bucks.

1 Kim Brings The Kids To Kanye’s Fashion Shows

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There are places you bring your kids and places you just don’t, and a fashion show just isn’t one of those places. It’s a place where adults and professionals go to enjoy and report on the fashion and models walking down the runway, which can be difficult to do when a toddler is throwing a fit in the first row. Yes, it might have been Kanye’s fashion show, but what kind of professional brings their kid to work anyway? By the looks of it, North doesn’t want to be there anyway. With all the nannies they have, it probably would have been easier to leave the toddler at home, but it seems that they didn’t learn their lesson. The kids were in attendance at Kanye’s most recent fashion show where the entire family coordinated their wardrobe, wearing off-white and fur accessories. At least North wasn’t throwing a tantrum this time around!

Sources: Hollywood Life, NY Daily News, US Magazine

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