15 Photos That Prove Cropping Changes Everything

It's amazing to think of what might be actually going on with so many of the photos that you see on the internet each and every day. If there's one lesson that I hope you walk away from this article with, it's that not every photo is quite what it seems. As it turns out, cropping can really affect the outcome of a given photograph. And that's for both better and worse.

That shouldn't be at all surprising, but there are some clever cover ups that have come about thank to cropping. There have also been some incredibly embarrassing, and/or compromising photos that have surfaced on the internet, with many thanks to the wonders of cropping.

So in this collections are some people who seem to be engaging in a far more exciting event than is actually the case. There's a ghost ship floating among the clouds. There's a heavily stacked girl who really knows how to use her legs. And there are some people who would rather stay at home than actually go out on vacation. Here are some perfect examples of how cropping changes everything.

16 Monkeying Around

She looks to be having such a good time. If it wasn't for the damned rectal exam going on behind her, she wouldn't have had to have her picture cropped. Though I have to say that it makes for a far more interesting photo when you leave the monkeys in there. You get a lot more of the structure that she's standing in front of, and you even get an interesting show on top it. She looks happy about it either way, and let's be honest here: whoever took the photo either was purposely framing the monkeys in there because they thought it would be hilarious...or they actually also believed that it made for a far more interesting photograph overall. Of course it seems that this woman might have been trying to take herself and her enjoyment a little more seriously. But hey, that's what you get for monkeying around with photos.

15 Off To Prom!

Alright, so this doesn't seem like too much of a suspect photo. I mean, what could there possibly be that would call for this shot to be cropped? Oh my goodness, why is a man wearing nothing but briefs taking the photo of this suited boy? Of all the things that could embarrass a kid on prom night, this has got to be one of the biggies. And thank goodness for the power of cropping for that very reason. However, the original shot does exist, clearly. So here's hoping this kid can laugh about it now, because he doesn't look completely comfortable in this photo. I mean he does look kind of amused, but imagine if this photo had been passed around the students at the dance that night. Chances are he would not have been getting laid.

14 How Romantic...I'm Drowning!

Well isn't this one of the most horrible shots you've seen, cropped to make a romantic memory? First off, the girl in this photo is finding the whole scene so ridiculous that she can't even kiss her boyfriend without cracking up. What's sad about that is that means she's laughing about a man attempting to guide the horses through the water without drowning himself. And he looks like he's struggling quite a bit to make this moment happen. I'm not sure where this shot was taken, but this guide must really come to despise his clientele...and that's if he's still alive. I don't think I could ever take a moment like this seriously enough to even think about cropping it to seem romantic. But I also wouldn't bring back slavery, just so I could have my horses guided through the water without my having to do any work.

13 Pleasure...And Pain

This is just a genius bit of cropping. It works so perfectly. And I can just imagine the number of pious religious people it has pissed off during its time on the internet. And that alone makes this photo more than worth it. And I kind of hope that these two guys were the ones who cropped the shot to begin with, if for no other reason than it shows that they've got a great sense of crude humour. And it shows that they aren't in anyway uncomfortable with their sexuality. And if it wasn't them who masterfully cropped this photo, then I sincerely hope that they appreciate the great fun many have had thanks to this shot. Because now here you readers are, either finding this pretty funny, or finding it purely disgusting. But either way, it certainly elicits a reaction.

12 The Lazy Traveler

I do kind of feel bad for the person who made this photo. If for no other reason than they admit to not actually having a life. Which is pretty sad. But in spite of that, they are indeed very clever with their photo compositions, apparently. If you do pay closer attention to the cropped version of the photo, you can for sure tell that it's actually fingers, and not legs in the shot. But no one on Snap Chat is going to be taking the time to really focus on that. They're going to be taking in the pool, and the scenery around it. Which is pretty perfect. It really sells the idea that this person is on vacation. Of course, the self-deprecating reveal photo does point to a specific type of humour that makes me think this person is British, or is at least from one of the commonwealth countries.

11 Junker

Oh boy, this guy thinks he's pretty cool. He's got the "serious" pose going on, and everything. Like "hey, check out my sweet ride that I spent lots of money painting an awful colour". However, as it turns out, he clearly has yet to spend...much, if any money on the car. And if he has spent any cash on the car...he's still got a way to go before it's road-worthy. But it's nice that he thinks he can get away with impressing the ladies with a shot like this. What happens though when they ask to go for a ride? Surely he has another ride in mind, but they're likely going to be asking about the car first. Oh well. No one is going to be fooled anyway, given that both shots are here for everyone to see. I still can't get over how seriously cool this guy is trying to look. It's sort of sad.

10 Lift With Your Knees!

Wow, this girl is pretty damn stacked eh? Oh, no, that's not true at all. She's just got very well placed knees. And she really knows how to sell the pose though. It's perfectly set up. I'm hoping that she wasn't actually trying to pose this photo merely so people would think that she's working with something she really isn't. I mean to say that I hope she's set this up for the humour, and not for actually, deeply desired attention. The look on her face makes me believe that either she's just really good at selling the vacant, big-breasted babe, or she is actually that person, and wishes she had something she doesn't. Though I have to say that creating as well-positioned a photo as she has, it seems hard to believe that she's not fully aware of her cleverness.

9 Out For A Ride...

This retro photo is just fantastically hilarious. And not just because of the guy's hairstyle, and the matching cycling outfits. It seems pretty obvious that the cropped version of the photo isn't actually showing this guy's arousal, while he appears to be bending the girl forward. But the positioning of the bike seat in the shot does at least give the illusion of some pretty fun, seemingly synchronized activities. And let's all take a moment to appreciate the woman in this photo, who is strikingly sexy. This photo may have been shot in the late 80's or early 90's, but that doesn't change the fact that she's pretty damn hot. I think it's the look on her face. And I only wish that that had been part of the cropped version of the photo, because it would have played rather well with the illusion, I think.

8 Beer Pong, Obviously

These guys aren't actually having a wonderful, outdoor romp in their backyard. As exciting as that would surely have been for the two of them, they are actually doing nothing more than playing beer pong. And you know, that's kind of too bad for them. If they had noticed their shadow (and were for sure a couple...or just very good friends), they might decide they needed to take a little break from playing drinking games. Just so that they could have some fun while everything still worked. But that's fine. They seem to be having a splendid enough time all the same. But let's be fair here. No one is at all interested in what they were actually doing. People on the internet are only there for Wikipedia, cat videos, and sex. So hey, this couple will at least be on the internet for a good long time as that shadow sex couple.

7 Makeup Sucks...Sometimes

Ok, this is just too priceless. I mean, given the taper of the piece of wood, you can kind of tell in the shadow that this girl is not actually taking...something large in her mouth. That being said, at first glance it is pretty convincing. Keeping her mouth open while doing her makeup, not to mention the positioning of her hands...she does really seem to be going to town. And hey, this girl is clearly readying for a night on the town, so you never quite know, do you? But that's just presumptuous. Either way, what an absolutely hilarious photo. How lucky she is that the photo is usually only shown from the shadow perspective. So she doesn't need to have any sort of connection to the frequently passed around photo at all. Good thing...though this article does parade her as pretty hilarious.

6 Baby Feet!

I bet all of you went straight to the gutter with this photo. Oh come on now. TheRichest is not the sort of publication to post that sort of thing. It's a far cleaner publication than that. But to the photo, yes it does look like a somewhat heavy-set man, with his privates out on display. As it happens, the photo is nothing more than a not-so-heavy-set mother, and her young child sleeping on her stomach. It is a very well cropped photo in terms of aiming to gross out people all over the internet. And most people will only ever know this photo as the cropped, seemingly crude version. No one is particularly interested in the truth on the internet, it seems. But this photo certainly shows the incredible power that is the crop tool. All the more reason not to fall asleep around someone with a hankering for photography.

5 Smooth As A Baby's Bottom

This photo is both slightly disturbing, as well as fairly hilarious. It is sort of strange that anyone would stop and think "you know what I should do today? I think I'll stretch a bra over my baby's bottom, and make it look like a tit shot". I find that a very strange mindset to find yourself in. But all the same, I wonder just how many people have seen the cropped version of this photo, and have thought what a nice pair someone has. And does that make those people inclined towards children? If anything, I'm sure it will make them second guess any photo of cleavage they see for the rest of their lives, having now seen what the original photo was. But in spite of that...it still seems like a very, very strange idea to suddenly come up with, just in order to get a clever, and disturbing shot.

4 Make Him Disappear!

James Fridman is perhaps one of the most hilarious Photoshop users on the internet today. He has a fun little game where people send in their photos, asking for some sort of help in terms of cropping or other editing...and then he literally translates what they asked for into a hilarious editing job. The girl in this photo either broke up with this guy not long before the request, or just wanted an awkward photo of herself, but either way, Fridman literally cropped the guy out of the shot, leaving his wardrobe behind so as not to be too obvious. Absolutely hilarious. And for some reason, some of the people who send him photos actually think they are going to get what they imagined they asked for. But it never turns out that way...and I think because of that, this girl has a far more interesting photograph than she would have otherwise.

3 London Bridge Has Balls

Alright, so it doesn't actually have balls...but it really does have a very phallic design along the side of it, that is just perfectly hilarious when the sun shines through it. It's a wonder that this isn't commented on, or passed around more often. Considering how easily acquired laughs are when it comes to poop and privates. You're getting at least one of those with this shot...well four in the cropped version and about 100 in the original. And considering that there are so many British slang words that could be used to describe just what this shadow play suggests, it really does amaze me that it's not a far more common mention or meme online. It's not like there's much in the way of restriction when it comes to England and sexual innuendo.

2 Shark Attack

I immediately thought of the Jaws theme song when I saw the cropped version of this photo. Of course, even that point I knew the shadow couldn't actually be a shark. Sure, at first glance it might seem that way, but it's pretty clear, from any second glance that you're not dealing with the apex predator of the sea. Though I did not think, for a second, that it was a duck. I though maybe a fat, and flat fish. But not a duck. So while cropping here isn't necessarily so important, it certainly changes the mood of the shot. It does in fact change everything. You go from thinking shark! To: no way that's a shark. To: how the hell is that a duck!? It's a pretty cute, and innocent photo when you see the duck in the full version. But it's veiled in potentially dangerous mystery in the cropped version.

1 Flying Ship!?

I have to be totally honest when I say that both the first and second versions of this photo still seem pretty much the same to me. True, you can see parts of the girders for the tower that this mysterious ship-looking thing is actually a part of...but it still seems to be a ship in both versions of the photo. Adding the city buildings in the original version just makes the ship look even more ghostly, sailing through the sky. And the tower is extra strange anyway, because you cannot see a single other part of it, other than the ship-looking section. Which presumably means that it rises up from behind the hill in the photograph. Because otherwise that means that there really isn't a tower there, and perhaps there really is a ghostly sailing ship hovering over the city.

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