15 Photos That Probably Got Olivia Fired From Pawn Stars

There are a lot of times when a television show adds a cast member to mix things up. Sometimes it’s because somebody left, because little kids are getting older, or because ratings are starting to sag.

In the case of Pawn Stars, the popular History Channel reality show that spawned a ton of copycat programs and can be directly tied to a handful of spin-off shows on History Channel, back in 2013, they added a woman, Olivia Black, to the show, but she lasted only one season.

Olivia was a nice addition to the show, giving the mostly male demographic a pretty girl to look at who was strong enough to hold her own against the men. But as quickly as she arrived, she disappeared. It didn’t take long before word got out that Olivia had been fired. It didn’t take much longer to find out it was over racy photos she’d be taking as a pin-up model.

We’ll get more into the details with some of these entries and figure out exactly what happened, but obviously, it’s all about the photographs. We can’t show you the most explicit, but we also know you’re well aware of how the Internet works. Maybe if it had just been these photos, she would've been OK, but we doubt it. Here are 15 Photos That Got Olivia Fired From Pawn Stars.

15 Chumlee and The Old Man Had a Soft Spot for Her

Pawn Stars is partly enjoyable because of the characters on the show. When Olivia was in the process of being hired, The Old Man asked a bunch of questions that legally he shouldn’t, and Chumlee couldn’t do much more than stare at the new pretty girl. Rick and Corey were the most professional in hiring Olivia, but as the season wore on, she actually had the closest relationships with Chumlee and The Old Man. She worked late shifts with Chumlee, who was too awkward to make any move on Olivia, and she seemed to be one of the few people who treated The Old Man with respect, which he showed back to her. It would've been interesting to see her character develop over the season if she were allowed to stay, but now, we’ll just be left to wonder what could've been.

14 The Firing Wasn’t Rick’s Idea

Rick Harrison is the second generation owner of Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, where the show Pawn Stars is filmed. Since it’s a reality show, it has the elements of a documentary, but it’s also clear the interaction of family members on the show is scripted, sometimes in long vignettes. One of the few multi-episode storylines ever shown was the hiring of Olivia Black as a new employee. Everybody had a say in hiring her, but it wasn’t that way for the firing, according to Rick, as he told Fox News at the time, “I never fired her. She’s out doing her own thing now. It’s just the production company did not want her working there anymore. What she does in her personal life…is her business.”

13 She Embraced Her “Naughty” Star Status Post-Firing

When some people get fired for what could be considered an embarrassing situation, they want to run and pretend what got them fired never happened. Not Olivia Black. While she probably could've gotten an agent and played things differently, she opted to jump headlong into the adult camming world, and with her wife, who goes by the handle of BareNakedChef, the two have spent the last few years online making the pictures Olivia got fired for downright tame. We’re not going to tell you where you can see her -- you can figure that out for yourself -- but if the producers were worried keeping Olivia would lead to other things, she doesn’t help any argument that it wouldn’t with some of the videos we found.

12 How Olivia Got Fired

In 2008, the amply-tattooed Olivia took part in a nude photo shoot with the popular SuicideGirls.com website that features women who are beautiful but fall outside of mainstream America’s vision of “beauty” either because of skin ink, piercings, a few extra pounds, not being super-curvy, etc. Olivia apparently didn’t tell anybody at the pawn shop or Pawn Stars’ production company because when the National Enquirer ran photos from the shoot in 2013, it wasn’t very long (two whole days) before the production company let Olivia know her services were no longer needed. She once told Fox News that she could only assume the pictures were the problem, saying, “I don’t have the actual reason as to why I am not a part of the show anymore. They didn’t state it, and I didn’t ask—I was just in such shock I didn’t think to ask.”

11 You Can Still Find Her on Social Media

If you thought you had a big Twitter retweeting problem, we urge you to go check out Olivia Black. Now, here’s someone who retweets everything. Her handle is @missoliviablack, and make sure you’re OK with PG-13 heading quickly toward R-rated material before visiting, as some of her links and material are quite racy. But for every racy photo, there are 10 retweets of conversations, 10 goofy viral videos, and anything else she comes across. Sometimes, it literally seems like anything. While she doesn’t say a lot on her own, she does retweet anytime between 20 and 50 times per day, often pithy comments made by her friends who are in the adult-entertainment genre. We went over about 10 days' worth of tweets and didn’t see anything about Pawn Stars. Apparently, she’s moved on even if we haven’t.

10 The irony of the wording

Clearly, when the producers of the show decided they wanted to make a splash -- and have fun with puns -- they named the show Pawn Stars. We’re guessing it’s because the Harrison family are the stars of the show, and since it’s in Las Vegas, it speaks of the presence of the adult entertainment industry. After all, Vegas is where the big adult-video conventions and awards shows are held every year. The phrase “Pawn Stars” is obviously meant to evoke the term “Porn Stars.” Then, the show gets lucky enough to find a beautiful brunette who can claim some kind of legitimacy in the adult entertainment world, and the moment producers find out, they fire her? It doesn’t make any sense to us. Perhaps the show should have been called “Frigid Cheapskates.”

9 An Attempt To Get Her Job Back

Olivia didn’t really have much recourse when she was fired from Pawn Stars. Although Rick Harrison told her that she could still work at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop and make the company a bit of money doing autograph sessions for fans, there was nothing he could do about her being fired from the show. So, she took it to the Internet and started a Change.org petition to get herself back on the show. Referring to herself in the third-person, she wrote: “Challenging social norms of what beauty is, they have become role models for young modern women in the world community. Olivia Black represents the principles the Suicide Girls were founded upon. Her pictures are beautiful.” We agree, but clearly, it didn’t matter. Only 5,024 people signed the petition.

8 Always Wanted To Pose Without Clothes

While it’s now clear that Olivia is perfectly fine with being remembered as the girl who was once on Pawn Stars and who went on to make her money in online adult entertainment of various sorts, there was once a time when she kept it much tamer than she does now. In an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit she did shortly after getting fired, she mentioned that she was on the lookout for the opportunity to get involved with nude modeling, but knew she’d have to go the nontraditional route. She said, “I have always been comfortable with my body and found nude photography as an artistic outlet. I knew my love of tattoos would prevent me from getting into Playboy, so when I was introduced to SuicideGirls at 18, I fell in love with the entire site's mantra!”

7 Doesn’t Know How Many Tattoos She Has

Olivia has lost count how many tattoos she sports years ago, not sure if it’s dozens and dozens or if once they start touching, they all become a big single one. She has the word “It” tattooed on her so when people ask to see places of her body to examine if she has them in private areas, she asks, “Do you want to see ‘It’?” and she can then point to the word. She claims that all of the tattoos have a story and that her favorite is the word “Love” on her left ring finger. She said it’s a promise to love herself first above all else. We think the ink looks great on her, but we can’t wait until she’s 57 and nobody wants her to take her clothes off anymore. Ink looks great on young firm skin, but the jury is still out on what it will look like in the long run.

6 Did History Channel Really Care?

The production company, Leftfield Pictures, that creates Pawn Stars, has never gone on record with exactly why Olivia was fired from the show. Since it came out only two days after the National Enquirer ran a story with photos from one of her Suicide Girls photo shoots, it’s a safe assumption that the company simply thought it would be bad for business. Did Leftfield think they wouldn’t be able to continue to sell the show to History Channel? We think there's more than meets the eye going on here because you don’t have to look any further than the show American Pickers and its female lead, Danielle Colby. Colby, who is probably more tattooed than Olivia, has also done nude modeling and ran her own burlesque group, and History Channel has no problem with her on TV week after week. Something else happened here that we just don’t know about.

5 Who Would Change the Channel?

We’re guessing that somebody involved with the production company must have a deep-seeded belief that the kind of modeling Olivia was doing at the time was sinful or otherwise deplorable. While you can find her now getting very intimate with her wife online, Olivia was in relatively tame photos considering what else is out there. The photos weren’t anything more explicit than you’d see in Playboy. Speaking of Playboy, this reminds us when it was discovered that a 1980s Playmate, Julie McCullough, got a role on the sitcom Growing Pains. Once word came out about her nude pictorial, Kirk Cameron -- prior to people realizing he was a super-serious church guy -- made sure she got fired. In both cases, we can’t believe for a second that ratings would've dropped if they had stayed on their respective shows. For the most part, we doubt anybody noticed the behind-the-scenes drama.

4 Olivia Theoretically Helped Ratings

There are a lot of reasons that ratings go up or down on TV shows, and with the exception of a few specialty shows like 60 Minutes or WWE Monday Night Raw, it’s rare for a show to be on the air more than a dozen years. Usually, the people on the show want to move on to other things, or the ratings start tanking. While a show like Pawn Stars doesn’t cost nearly as much as a sitcom to create, there was a time when it was getting network-like ratings, with one episode years ago getting over 7 million, which was a record for History Channel at the time. Back when Olivia was on the show, there would regularly be 4-7 million people watching new episodes, and it was regularly at the top of the cable ratings. In mid-2017, the story is much different. A back-to-back block of Pawn Stars in July would regularly place around 15th place, with closer to a million viewers, one-third of what WWE Monday Night Raw did.

3 Olivia Finally Sued... We Think

The thing about the media is that it loves to cover a breaking story, especially if it’s about sex, litigation, or famous people. When Olivia Black was fired, her story had a little bit of everything, including injustice. The production company stayed silent. Rick said it wasn’t his fault, and Olivia said she didn’t know what happened and just hoped to get her job back. Ten months later, she announced that she was going to sue the production company for wrongful termination. It’s unknown if she had a morals clause in her contract, but aside from the threat showing up in a lot of media outlets, nothing about the lawsuit was ever written about again. We wonder if she dropped the whole thing or if producers showed up with a nice check, an apology, and a piece of paper saying they wouldn’t disparage each other further.

2 Waking up the Boss

It may seem hard to believe Olivia only appeared in a couple dozen episodes of the hundreds that have now been made because she remains at the front of many fans' minds. Looking at online polls, the best Olivia moment was clearly when a man came into the pawn shop during her overnight shift and had a token with Abraham Lincoln on it. She knew that Rick, her boss, was really into presidential memorabilia, especially stuff about the 16th President, but she had no idea what the token was worth. She didn’t want to get in trouble for letting it walk away, so she called Rick at 4 in the morning to have him come in and look at the small coin. It turned out it was from the inauguration, and while cool, wasn't worth purchasing. Olivia was sorry she roused her boss out of bed, but he took it all in stride.

1 Are There Any Lessons Here?

So, what are the lessons that everybody should learn from the Olivia Black firing? First, if you’re ever going to hire somebody and you have issues about people’s sketchy behavior coming out, find out if they have any sketchy behavior before they sign the contract. Second, if you’re worried about that person’s past having a bad reflection on what you’re doing, worry about their future. Olivia has gone very racy with her online behavior since the end of her Pawn Stars tenure. There’s the lesson that there’s always a job in porn for D-level celebrities who get a couple headlines. And there’s the lesson that most TV shows are bigger than any one person. Of course, most of these are lessons we’ll never have to use. At least you saw some sexy pictures.

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