15 Photos That Make Us NOT Want A Hidden Camera

A hidden camera can be both a great thing and a creepy thing depending on what it captures. The idea that someone is spying on you would make any person pretty uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you are the person that is spying, not the one that is being spied on, you might find those cameras quite useful. That is, until the camera captures something you really didn’t need or want to see.

And even though having a security camera sounds interesting and exciting, the truth is that most of the time there is absolutely nothing to see on that footage. However, every now and then, something unusual or creepy occurs and people often post it on the Internet for everybody to see. That was the case with the captions we are talking about today. There is nothing usual or boring about these images, and they will make you NOT want a hidden camera because who knows what you might see captured on yours.

So if you were thinking about getting a brand new nanny-cam or want to install a security camera in your house, take a look at these photos to get a glimpse of what you might be in for.

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15 An Intruder And A Baby

We all know there are burglars out there – people who break into other people’s home for the purpose of stealing stuff. And that is exactly what is weird and creepy about this picture since this particular burglar broke into a house but didn’t steal a thing. Instead, he entered a room where a baby was sleeping in a crib and he stopped there for a couple of minutes just to watch the child. When the family saw the footage, they called the police, but the police found no sign of an intruder. There was no evidence of forced entry, nothing was stolen from the house, and if there wasn’t for the caption on the hidden camera, nobody would ever know an uninvited person was inside the house. The intruder hasn’t been identified.

14 Crawling Burglar

Having someone uninvited in your house is always unpleasant, but it is one thing when someone breaks into your home when there is no one else around, and it is a completely different thing having someone sneaking around you while you are asleep. That was the case with this particular footage. A hidden camera captured an intruder crawling around the room where the homeowners were sleeping at the time and he was searching for valuable things to steal. To make things even worse, he didn’t break in unarmed. In the photo, you can clearly see him holding a knife in his mouth while he was crawling around. He ended up stealing a cellphone and, luckily, he didn’t harm anybody since all people living in that house slept through the whole thing.

13 “I’m Watching You”

A young couple from Chicago fell asleep on their couch while watching TV and after they woke up, they noticed the woman’s purse was missing. She was sure somebody had taken it, while the man thought she forgot it at the restaurant earlier that night. They have gotten into an argument and decided to check their security camera footage to resolve the dispute. What they ended up seeing was way creepier than they expected. There was a man standing on the top of their stairs and watching them sleep for several minutes. After that, he took the woman’s purse and left their home. Nothing else was missing. The man hasn’t been caught, but the event really made the couple question their security so they’ve decided to install a new security system in their home to make sure nothing like this would ever happen again.

12 Not So Caring Caregiver

You have probably heard of nanny cams - cameras that people use to check on their nannies and the way they behave around the children they take care of. Well, this caption was made by a camera with a similar purpose, except the person in question wasn’t a nanny taking care of a child, but a caregiver looking after an elderly person suffering from Alzheimer's. After some neighbors noticed some suspicious behavior, the old woman’s family installed a hidden camera in their home to make sure she wasn’t being abused by a caregiver. Unfortunately, the footage confirmed their suspicions. The woman was repeatedly kicked and pushed by her caregiver, and the footage was used in court against the caregiver since the elderly woman wasn’t fit to testify due to her condition.

11 A Mysterious Girl At The Red Box 

This picture was snapped by a security camera at a convenience store and it is way creepier than anything you have ever seen at your local store. It features a woman with her head flipped back almost as if it was separated from the rest of her body. It might be just a camera glitch, but it looks way beyond weird. Some people suspect it was captured while she was flipping her hair or possibly sneezing, but seriously, whose head goes up at that angle? It also appears that she has no pupils. Of course, there are people who argue that this could be yet another proof of alien life on the Earth and that this mysterious woman isn’t a human at all. However, no matter what you believe, this picture is definitely not an ordinary one.

10 Home Invasion

This picture is pretty terrifying once you know the story behind it. A woman decided to install security cameras into her home for no particular reason, just in case anything happened. And man, did something happen! She was approached by another woman who befriended her solely for the purpose of getting access to her home. In the picture, you can see the homeowner being restrained on the couch by one of the intruders who broke into her home together with the woman mentioned above and with another man. She was being held down while the intruders were searching her home for valuable things to steal. However, the intruders didn’t know there was a hidden camera in the room and it captured the whole thing. The footage was later used in court as evidence.

9 We Only Have One Child, Or Do We?

It was a night just like any other. A couple put their child in his crib and went to sleep. However, when they checked their baby monitor in the morning, they got really spooked by what they saw. There was another child in the crib laying next to their sleeping son, and while their son was sleeping peacefully, it appeared that the other boy was wide awake and sucking on his thumb. For the record, the couple only has one child and they have never seen the blonde boy that appeared on the camera out of nowhere. Many people believe this footage is a sign of some paranormal activity present at those people’s home because there is no reasonable explanation for what had been captured by the baby monitor that night.

8 A Strange Woman On Nanny Cam 

A woman and her husband put their child to sleep, the woman went to bed, and the husband continued to watch TV in their living room. Before falling asleep, the woman decided to check on their baby on the baby monitor and what she saw there gave her quite a scare. There was a strange woman in the kid's room and she reached into the crib to pick up the child. Seeing this, the mother scarily jumped out of her bed and ran to her husband to let him know what was going on and they immediately headed to the kid's room. However, there was no sign of the strange woman there and their kid was safely in the crib. While the couple was puzzled at first, they soon figured out that they picked up a signal from the neighbor’s nanny cam.

7 You Never Know What Your Baby’s Up To

You can never be sure of what your child is up to, and this video taken captured by a baby monitor is a real proof of that. It was captured in the middle of the night when a child woke up and it was determined to get out of his crib. He called his mom but she didn’t hear him, so he decided to try and climb over the wall of his crib. The boy was weirdly balancing on the railing and crying, but the parents still didn’t show up to check on him. After a moment, he fell down, but fortunately, he fell back into the crib, instead of taking a hard fall on the floor. The video was uploaded to the YouTube and some people believe that the only explanation for the baby standing on the railing is him being possessed.

6 A Witch Captured On The Dash Cam

This photo is one of the many mysterious photos captured by hidden cameras and nobody is really sure what exactly was going on here. A policeman was driving around in his car one night when he noticed a strange light off-road. He drove there to check it out and what he saw was a woman standing next to a fire. When the woman saw him, she spread her arms, looked up to the sky, and started laughing hysterically. Some people believe she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, while the others think that the dash cam actually captured a witch in the middle of some kind of magic ritual. We really don’t know much about what happened next since no more details about the tape and the incident have been released.

5 Weird Sense Of Humor

Here we have an example of people pulling pranks on each other with the help of their hidden cameras. One night, a woman left her baby with her husband when she went to work and, although the baby was safe at home with the father, she decided to check on the nanny cam notifications just in case. What she saw was totally unexpected and terrifying. There was some creepy man standing behind the baby while the baby was just casually playing on the bed. The woman was completely freaked out and she immediately called her husband to check on their baby. Guess what? There was absolutely nothing out of the order going on, it was just the husband pranking his wife. Just imagine the horror she must have experienced before she realized it was all just a joke.

4 The Bear Playing Piano

A couple left their home to run some errands and when they came back, they saw their kitchen completely trashed. They had no idea what happened there and it appeared that nothing valuable was missing from the house so it didn’t look like a robbery. Luckily, the couple had a security camera installed in their home and it helped them solve the mystery. What they saw in the footage was what they didn’t expect at all. There was a bear that somehow got into the house and just wandered around for some time. It seemed to be particularly interested in the piano, as it spent several moments with his paws on the keys. The good thing is the bear left the house before the couple came back so nobody got hurt.

3 The Returning Burglar

A retired woman from Derbyshire, UK was the perfect target for a burglar who broke into her home five times in the row to steal money from her purse. Once, the woman woke up while he was still in the house, but because of her old age and her arthritis, she wasn’t able to chase him down. However, that was when she decided to install security cameras in her home in the hope that it would help catch the guy. And that is exactly what happened. The man came back once more, checked on the woman to make sure she was asleep, and he stole her money once again. But this time, his face was caught on camera and, thanks to that, the police finally tracked him down and arrested him.

2 Creepy Watcher 

This is one of those photos that will definitely make you NOT want a hidden camera since the story behind this pic way beyond creepy. A professional nanny was hired to take care of a one-year-old girl, she was aware that there was a nanny cam in the baby’s room, but what she did not expect was somebody other than the girl’s parents watching her. She was changing the baby’s diaper when she heard a strange male voice coming from the monitor. The voice made some descriptive comments about what the nanny was doing in the girl’s room so it soon became obvious that the man behind it could clearly see everything the cam was recording. He also made a creepy joke about how the family should have protected the camera with a password.

1 Is There A Monster Under The Bed?

Almost every child goes through that stage when they believe there is some kind of a monster lurking under their bed or in their closet. Of course, all it usually takes is for a parent to check and assure the child that they are safe. Unfortunately, this particular case wasn’t as ordinary as they usually go. The girl kept complaining about something bothering her in her room so the dad had security cameras installed to check if there was anything unusual going on there. What the camera ended up capturing was way creepier than he expected. There was a doll (the one on the right side of the picture) that was moving around and shaking on its own. Some people believe that was a proof of some paranormal activity while the others think it was just another case of a person wanting some media attention.

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