15 Photos People Claim Captured Real Urban Legends

Urban legends are stories that have been shared repeatedly throughout history by people all over the world. Most urban legends have many different variations with some having elements of truth to them. Other legends are so ridiculous, it’s hard to picture how they’ve traveled so far throughout history as well as throughout the world. We aren’t taught urban legends in school, and they aren’t told on the news because, most of the time, they include mythological and disturbing elements that only exist in the fantasy world. Every state has its own urban legend, and all people have their own idea of what they’d like to believe.

Some urban legends can be disputed with a quick explanation; others are able to baffle even the most experienced experts in the world. Most of the time, the only evidence we have of an urban legend is someone’s story and someone else’s picture. The pictures are unluckily always pixelated, grainy, and far enough away that they can be easily disputed. And regardless of whether the pictures are fake or factual, they’re usually terrifying enough for us to believe in the legend without having a clear way to quickly dispute it.

The next 15 images on the list are ones taken from videos and cameras of people all over the world who claimed that they captured an urban legend only told around campfires and before bed. Some seem very real, while others seem to have some simple explanations. It’s up to you and your friends and family to decide what’s real and what’s not. Here are 15 Photographs That Claim To Capture Real Urban Legends:


15 The Man With Two Faces

Edward Mordrake should be one of the most believable legends on the list, as the photograph above doesn’t seem to be all that fake! The story of Edward Mordrake is that he was born with his twin on the back of his head. When Edward cried, the face would smile, and when Edward was happy, the face was not. It was said that he also whispered terrifying things to him when no one was around. The legend states that Edward committed suicide when he was in his twenties because he could no longer take the torment of having two faces anymore. Most speculate that the face was nothing more than a deformity and that there was no way, even if the photograph was authentic, that this face had a mind or brain of its own! It’s still a disturbing sight to see, nonetheless.

14 That Girl In The Picture? She Died


There’s a popular urban legend that’s been told repeatedly that tells the story of a visitor of possibly a theater, a hotel, or another destination spot. The visitor runs into a beautiful woman who also happens to be kind and sweet, and they have a nice conversation. Later, after the visitor departs, he runs into a photograph of the woman he was just speaking to. Someone approaches him and shares an admiration of the beauty of the woman in the photograph. The visitor then talks about how lovely his conversation was with the woman, and the other person states that wasn't possible, as the woman in the photograph had died several years ago! The story has countless versions to it, but there are some true elements to the tale. Postmortem photography was the practice of documenting loved ones who had passed at a time when it wasn’t easy to access photos of everyone. The photograph above is an example of this death photograph, with the woman in the middle being deceased while her live parents sit next to her.

13 Could This Be A Real Gnome?

Another popular urban legend is that of the gnome, also known as a Duende. These mythological creatures have many different meanings, origins, and purposes throughout popular culture and history. The creatures are mostly harmless, although many believe some of the mischievous creatures to be evil in nature. Argentinean locals became terrified after a group of teenagers alleged to have captured such a terrifying creature one dark night while goofing around together. The gnome only appears for a second, and the picture is so pixelated and dark, it’s hard to see what it might be. Though many people have claimed to see a creature like this in their lifetime, it’s likely it’s just another urban legend. The myth is mostly just that -- a myth -- and is actually pretty harmful to little people today as well as throughout history! Even if it was real, what’s really all that scary about it? What do you think? Is something like this scary?

12 The Most Mysterious Hospital Patient


The photograph above claims to capture an urban legend that might not be as popular as the rest on the list. The story behind the photograph tells of a woman who walked into a California hospital with an expressionless look on her face. She didn’t tell the doctors anything, and they only began helping her once they realized she was holding a dead kitten. They started to strap her down in order to run various tests on her to figure out what might be wrong; however, she soon began attacking the nurses and even ripped the throat out of a doctor with her mouth. A nurse claimed to have captured this photograph of the patient, the terrifying part being that she remained expressionless the whole time. The legend is most likely false as there have never been any reports or documentations of such attacks in the state of California. There’s no denying that the photograph is terrifying, however.

11 Is That You, Bigfoot? 

Bigfoot must be one of the most well-known urban legends in popular culture today. Everyone has heard of this mysterious beast that's some sort of hybrid of a man as well as an ape or even a bear for certain stories. Although no one has any physical evidence, there are countless pictures that claim to have captured the urban legend, the photograph above being one of them. This image was a still taken from a camera placed next to a bald eagle’s nest to capture the baby birds. However, what it might’ve also captured all the way on the ground in the very corner of the photograph is possibly Bigfoot himself! The person who posted the video claimed that they had no idea what the roaming beast could've been and that bears were not known to frequent the area! Do you think it’s just a bear or is this a convincing photograph of Bigfoot for you?

10 Zoo Animal Takes Up Residency In Local Forest


Pretty much any major city with a zoo has an urban legend of an escaped animal roaming the forests and lakes, seeking revenge for time spent as a captive. If not a zoo, then the animal escaped from some deranged person’s home, the animal not knowing how to function like their species does, in effect causing chaos wherever it goes. This photograph claims to be evidence of that exact thing happening. It shows a chimpanzee on the loose in the forests of the U.S., somewhere where chimpanzees don’t live in the wild. The legend claims that the chimp is lonely, not having other animals of its kind to interact with. People claim that the chimp will seek revenge and is an angry and violent beast! Critics of the photograph state, however, that it’s likely just a strange-looking bear caught at a bad angle. With people having exotic pets for fun all over the U.S., however, it’s not unbelievable that there are strange wild animals out there in forests where they shouldn’t be.

9 A Chupacabra?!

The Chupacabra is another urban legend beast that has terrified people all over the world for countless of years. The beast is something resembling a dog or a wild boar and feasts on farm animals. The legend came about as an explanation for why some farmers were losing so many animals and finding them torn apart, their blood drained. The photograph above, taken from a security camera of a turkey pen, supposedly captures the beast known as a chupacabra. It appears it’s tearing apart the animals around it, leaving nothing behind but their drained carcasses. The beast doesn’t really look like anything else you might be used to seeing, though critics claim it’s nothing more than a coyote. It certainly doesn’t look like one, but most speculate it’s sick from rabies or another illness that causes it to look the way it does. Either way, it’s definitely a beast we don’t even want to think about getting close to.


8 Was The Amityville Home Really Haunted?


The Amityville Horror is probably one of the most popular tales of a haunted house in the country. The story goes to say that there's a demon in the house that possesses one of the male family members and causes him to murder his family. The reality behind the story is that there have been documented murders that occurred in the home. The part that’s harder to believe, however, is that the house remains haunted to this day by the murder victims. This photograph, however, claims to have captured what the photographers believe to be evidence that one of the little boys murdered in the home still haunts the house! They took this photograph of an empty hallway and were shocked to find the face of a little boy staring out the door right back at them!

7 Is That The Jersey Devil Chasing The Deer?

The Jersey Devil is a terrifying beast said to haunt the woods of -- you guessed it -- Jersey. They claim he's the son of the devil and that he terrorizes wildlife in the area. The trail camera footage shown above claims to have captured what many would call the Jersey Devil! The photograph hasn't been proven to be fake yet, but it also hasn’t been proven to be authentic. Either way, it’s terrifying! The deer in the photograph is certainly scared of something, so even if the picture was doctored, what's the original image supposed to be? The beast in the picture fits all the descriptions of what the Jersey Devil might be. The question behind this urban legend, however, is that if he's the son of the devil, shouldn’t he be a bit more powerful? Why does he only stick to terrorizing woodland creatures and not all living beings?

6 A Newly Emerged Loch Ness Picture


After Bigfoot, the Lochness Monster must be one of the most well-known urban legends in popular culture of the past few decades. The story of the Lochness Monster claims that there's a beast that swims through the lake Loch and has dinosaur-like features. There's a well-known photograph of the beast with its head sticking out of the water, but the picture is very hard to make out as it's grainy and pixelated. More recently, one photo emerged that claims to be a better version of this urban legend. The photograph above was taken by one man who thought he saw the beast swimming through the lake. The biggest critics of the photograph claim, however, that it’s actually a trail of seals following each other as they swim through the lake. That could be true, but it still seems to look like part of a dinosaur-like creature.

5 This Creepy Walker Could Be Many Urban Legends

The terrifying image above alleges to have captured a terrifying Walker lurking through one deserted area. Some state that this is a form of a chupacabra, while others believe that it’s evidence of a desert version of a Bigfoot. Whatever it is, it’s horrifying! The creature looks to be almost 6 feet tall and walks very human-like. Of course, there have been many critics of the video, stating that it looks completely computer-generated and animated. With how well technology has advanced to allow us to create such life-like animations, that’s probably a little more believable than a desert creature walking around that no one has ever seen. However, in the case that it’s true, what on Earth could it possibly be? Some also say that it might be real, but just something closer to a human than some sort of beast. The desert is a pretty hard place to hide with so much open space, so if it’s real, it shouldn't be the last time we'll see it.

4 The Japanese Suicide Forest Is Full Of Horror


There's a forest in Japan in which many people go to commit suicide. There was even a horror movie created about the forest. Many believe that this is a place full of horror, haunted by lost souls who took their own lives. Others believe that it’s just another Japanese urban legend. The truth is that this place exists, and it definitely is somewhere that people often go to take their own lives. The photograph above shows one person who was left behind after hanging himself. There aren’t always people who go in to remove the bodies of the people who took their own lives, so this place often becomes a gravesite for many. With a place so full of death, especially tragic death, there’s no telling how haunted it might be, if you believe in that kind of thing, that is.

3 Did Mr. Bear Murder And Torture Children? 

Public access television is a way for anyone in your area to get his show on TV with little cost, the program being made available to many people in the area. One urban legend goes on to tell the tale of one public access show, Mr. Bear. The legend states that Mr. Bear told fantasy stories to children and would guide them to a magical cabin in the forest full of wonder and mystery. The supposed reality, though, was that the cabin in the forest was his own, and instead of finding wonder and mystery, the kids would find torture and misery. Mr. Bear was a sadistic serial killer who led children to his home so he could torture and abuse them. There isn’t any public record of this TV show, but who knows? Maybe it's because it’s under investigation! The image above claims to be a still of the show, but many still say it’s nothing more than an urban legend.

2 The Woman Living In The Cupboard


There have been countless urban legends that go on to tell tales of people who live in the walls and cupboards and who steal food, cause torment, and sometimes even murder the actual residents in the home. There are so many variations of this type of story that we aren’t going to spend the time telling them all right now. We will tell you, however, that one New York resident claims to have a video of this actually happening to him! After finding a lot of his food missing and blaming the disappearances on his girlfriend, one man decided to set up a camera in the kitchen to catch her in the act. He ended up catching another woman instead! The woman crawled out from a high cabinet he wasn’t using, peed in his sink, and then ate some of his food! What would you do if you caught this happening?

1 A Skunk Ape From Florida

The photograph above claims to capture The Skunk Ape, another urban legend stemming from Florida, though other states claim to have seen the skunk ape before as well. A woman was vacationing in Florida when she thought she heard strange noises coming from the bushes. She decided to snap a picture and ended up finding this terrifying face behind the bushes! Even if it’s just a regular ape, that’s still a horrifying discovery to make in a place where no primates are said to frequent! This picture is probably the best evidence of the skunk ape, with other pictures mostly being difficult to make out completely or showing something that can be written off as a bear or some other regular woodland creature. What do you think this image could be? Do you believe in any of the urban legends on the list, or do you think all the pictures are total fakes?


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