15 Photos Of Walmart Moms That'll Leave You Speechless

Walmart is certainly a special place, isn’t it? It’s the kind of place where the weirdest people collect, and some people even fear the place. This is where the worst of the moms seem to collect. These mothers don’t care what you think of them, and they're likely to do weird things to their children. These moms have fails that you wouldn’t even believe. You may think that you’ve seen it all, but you would be wrong. We’ve uncovered women that probably shouldn’t be mothers in the first place because they aren’t looking out for their kids' best interest.

These moms in Walmart are often caught on camera doing some unbelievable things; there isn’t a whole lot of class going on in Walmart. These mothers aren’t always worried about keeping their kids safe, but not only that; judging by the photos, these mothers are complete train wrecks. Between the way they act and the way they dress, they're making all kinds of mistakes.

A lot of these parents make terrible fashion choices, and they should consider the fact that they aren’t very good examples for their children. Their kids will probably grow up and make the same poor choices. There are a lot of poor choices these kids could be making based on their mother's' behavior.

We found some pretty interesting photos that you must check out. These photos are of terrible Walmart moms, and they'll leave you speechless.

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15 A Bag Over His Head

It's absolutely astounding how many kids running around with plastic bags over their heads you'll see at Walmart, and the parents don’t even blink an eye. It’s horrific to think what could happen to these kids when their parents aren’t watching close enough. What’s wrong with his mother? Not only is she and her child walking in a parking lot with the kid at least a few feet behind her, but she’s also not paying attention. Worse, she’s not watching the kid, and he has a bag over his head, so it must be hard for him to see where he's going. Why hasn’t the mother taken the bag off of his head by now, and how long has he had it on his head? So, he’s walking alone with a bag on his head in a busy parking lot? This is a parenting fail, to be sure.

14 She Made Him Wear a Sign

There’s a big debate about whether these types of things are super cool ways of parenting. We have to say no, though. Surely there are better ways of teaching your child not to lie than to publicly shame them. What's this kid really learning from this experience other than that his parents are big A-holes? There's a clear line between punishing your child and whatever this is. At some point, you have to just parent and hope that your children follow your teachings. As a parent, you're not supposed to humiliate your children. They would typically -- and with good reason -- feel resentful toward their parents who are supposed to empower them in life. In our opinion, this seems like the “last resort” for parents who have clearly lost control of the situation. These parents will always end up on the web because they shock us every time.

13 The Plunger Incident

Well, this is certainly one way of testing out a plunger before purchasing it. We have to say, though, it’s not classy. We're horrified for this kid because not only did he have to lay down on the dirty floor so that his mother could plunge him, but he’s probably going to have a huge circle mark on his back when the plunger finally comes off -- if it even comes off easily. It appears to be on there pretty tight, considering the kid has been lifted right off the ground. Parents, don’t use your kids as experiments. This is just another example of bad judgment, and parents should be behaving themselves in Walmart, not doing ridiculous things. How are they really setting a proper example to their children when they're the ones fooling around? This kid needs to be dipped in an antibacterial cleanser.

12 Her Baby Forever

How old is this kid? 30? 40? Just kidding, but the child has to be ten or eleven, maybe even older, and yet, the mother has the kid in a car seat. This can’t be safe in any sense of the word; not to mention, it's completely weird. Does she not think that others around her might find it a little bizarre that she has a teenager in a car seat? This can’t truly be the kid’s car seat, and yet, we wonder: where did it come from? If it’s a store-issued one, whatever possessed this mother to do this? The car seat looks super old, and regardless of the wait, sometimes, you have to tell your kid that he has to wait to nap until you get home. We’re pretty sure you’re not even supposed to have a car seat on top of the cart like that. It’s just not safe.

11 Dog Leash

This mother seems super proud of the fact that she has her child on a leash. If that weren’t inappropriate enough, she even took it up another notch when she allowed her child to walk around on hands and knees at Walmart. What makes these people think that it would be a good thing to allow their children to do that? The floors aren’t exactly clean; there have only been hundreds of people walking around on it all day. It’s actually pretty disgusting if you think about it. We’re not sure what possessed the mother to do this in the first place, but it’s not right. Did she go and grab a dog leash from the pet aisle to keep her kid with her, or did she bring this from home? Either way, she has nothing to smile about. Poor kid.

10 On the Road Again

This doozy was captured in a Walmart parking lot, and it has to be one of the stupidest photos in the whole bunch. Honestly, how stupid is this woman? This is such a dangerous thing for her to allow her kid to do, and she’s not even paying attention to her. The kid is literally being dragged, and the mother couldn't care less. Usually, parents worry about their children getting hurt, but this mother appears to be completely clueless about the dangers of this act. Even letting your kid hang off the cart while you push it can be dangerous, but this woman has taken things to a whole new level. At the very least, this kid is going to get a huge rip in her shorts from being dragged on the concrete. It’s up to the parent to always set the boundaries and not just let children do whatever they want.

9 Walmart Brawl

What’s a trip to Walmart without a throwdown brawl? These two women are totally going at each other, and there's a poor kid just standing there watching the ridiculous display. We’re not sure if they're both mothers or if it’s just the one, but this is on another level for sure. What do you think this mom is teaching her son by behaving like a complete lunatic in a public place? One of the women stated that the brawl started because of a racist remark. “She was sitting and yelling at an employee, and she was telling her she was a [n-word], and she was going to get out of her chair and whoop her ass. I don’t stand for that, with all the racial stuff going on these days.” There are pictures that actually show the kid screaming in the background.

8 Why Wear Pants?

So, did this mother think when she was getting dressed in the morning that she'd just forget about pants or even shorts? It’s a pantie and tank-top day, we suppose. We would be horrified to see a woman in her underwear while shopping. Maybe she’s wearing a bathing suit bottom, but we’re still sure that’s not proper shopping attire. Both you and your kids should be properly dressed when going out in public. You should be dressed respectfully and show your children the same thing as well. What's wrong with these mothers? There's no way to properly explain this photo or what the mother was thinking when she went out in public dressed like that. The shirt or dress (whatever it is) is just too short, and she should know better than to go out looking like that. She's a mother, after all!

7 Age-Appropriate Shirts

Two pictures that show great examples of awesome parenting, right? There's the bag over the head again, which just makes us shake our heads in shame. Again, the mother isn’t even paying attention to the kid. In the second photo, though, this mother proves to be trailer trash. Who dresses in shirts like that when their children are around? How do you even explain that when the children have questions? No one needs to know “how you like it.” That should be something that's personal and kept private between you and your lover. But this mom decided to broadcast it in Walmart with her child in tow. She was probably hoping to snag a date while she was there. She should be ashamed of herself. What kind of example is she setting for her daughter? She'll likely grow up to be just like her mom.

6 Safe Inside the Cart

What a winner. Typically, when you put your child in the cart, you should be securing them safely. But even if you did want to allow them to nap in the cart while you shop, a smart person isn’t likely to pile a bunch of heavy electronics on top of the cart. It’s a horrifying picture because we're all thinking the same thing: just how easy it would be for one of those heavy objects to shift and fall into the cart, crushing the kid. Instead of waking the child and stating that she needs to use the cart for its actual purpose, this mother just kept piling things in and on the cart without a care in the world. The one box that's on the cart is really hanging on by a thread, and it makes us nervous just to look at it. The mother's put the kid’s life in jeopardy out of sheer laziness. And why are there so many items piled on top?

5 The Naked Child

There’s so much wrong with this photo that it’s hard to focus on just one thing. For starters, that kid is way too old to be wearing diapers, so either the mother sticks him in them to avoid bathroom stops on the go, or she's been seriously neglectful when it comes to potty-training the kid. Either way, she needs to get her head checked. There’s just no way that this kid should be in diapers even if he was actually tall for his age. The other thing wrong with the photo is the disregard for clothing. Who takes a kid shopping without making sure he’s properly dressed? Sadly, it happens more often than you'd think. At least, the poor kid has some shoes on, but the mother should still be ashamed of herself for taking her kid out in public like this.

4 Bras Are Popular

This photo is just too real for us. Too real. That this horrifying photo was taken at Walmart just goes to show that some people are just clueless. Her body is something out of nightmares, but she makes it worse by wearing clothing that's no longer appropriate for her to wear. Her breasts have sagged so much that her tube top is halfway down her chest, revealing way too much skin for our fragile minds. Her child is in the cart and is far too young to understand what on earth is going on around her. We're shocked that anyone would go out dressed in this manner. Had it not occurred to her at some point that maybe it just wasn’t the right top for her? Nope, she just headed to Walmart to blind everyone that she came into contact with, and she didn’t think anything of it.

3 In a Bubble

As we stare at this photo, we can’t quite figure out what's going on here. We know for a fact that if our children are with us, we wouldn't allow them to walk anywhere in this bubble bag. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing even for the mother? But nope, this mother doesn’t seem fazed one bit by the fact that her son is wearing a bag big enough for his whole body. The mother appears to be dragging the kid, so maybe, it’s raining outside, and the kid is protecting himself, but either way, it’s ridiculous. When it rains, you typically tell your kids that they won’t melt if the rain hits them. You don’t put them in wrapping and hope for the best. There's no good reason to do this, and it makes both of them seem very weird.

2 Creatures of Walmart

There are just some things that you don’t expect to see at the checkout lane, and this is one of them. At first glance, we were like "what on earth is that scary creature?" Wouldn’t you immediately start looking for a crucifix? Seriously, you know you'd be doing it at a feverish pace. It turns out that it’s not a creature, just a mom shopping with her kid at Walmart. We love the kid’s expression, though, as she looks over at her mother. It’s a pretty wacky photo, and we wonder if the kid recognizes just how different her mother looks compared to all the rest. She definitely takes goth to a whole new level. She looks like a dreadlocked vampire, and it definitely would be a sight to see in the light of the day. Well, at least she’s giving the kid a banana.

1 Letting it All Hang Out

We understand that women want to be able to breastfeed in public. We're all for it, but there's also a time and a place for it, and this is just ridiculous. This is certainly taking things too far; she just looks trashy. Her other kids are shopping with her, and there’s one in the cart looking like he’s about to have a meltdown. She isn’t even taking a moment to make sure the child is being properly fed; she’s too busy trying to finish her shopping. It’s the most bizarre situation that we’ve ever seen. While she’s looking for a Crockpot on sale, the baby is practically dangling from her. She should pay attention to her child instead of making a spectacle of herself. The child is unable to properly secure himself to her because she’s not engaged with him. The child isn’t even properly secured in the cart. It’s just an accident waiting to happen.

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