15 Photos Of Vikings' Katheryn Winnick That Make Us Drool

Katheryn Winnick really got her big break playing Lagertha Lothbrok in Vikings, sure she’s been in Hollywood but the series has been huge for her. She plays a fearless and pretty badass character on the show, but that’s a good thing because it doesn’t stray far from who she is in real life. She’s been recently coined in Hollywood as “one of the sexiest and most successful women to grace television screens in quite a while.” Now that’s quite the compliment. It wasn’t an easy compliment for Winnick to take, however, as she went from being a badass Taekwondo instructor to transitioning into an actress. “I don’t really think about. I just do my job and I love doing it, but it’s very sweet [of fans to say].”

So, what makes the character of Lagertha so great? Well, she was the first wife of Ragnar, one of the most powerful Vikings in history. But the best part of the character is that she was just as badass as he was. She has zero issue with strapping on armor and a shield (she was a shield maiden) and going to battle with the men, all while being a mother to her two children. She is an empowering example of what a woman should be and considering the era that she was in, not one of the men in her village ever thought twice about a woman going into battle. If you think she’s awesome onscreen, then you are going to love these steamy photos of Katheryn Winnick.


15 The Warrior Inside

We just had to throw at least one of these into the mix. It’s obvious why she is so popular on the show. Just look at her. She is stunning and sexy and yet her body is covered from head to town. This is not the girl that you want to mess with; she will split you from one end to another and walk away with a smile on her face. “I fell in love with Lagertha’s character and she’s a strong person and I identify with her, so I’m not surprised other women identify with her too. What’s interesting about playing Lagertha is that she is not only a warrior, but she’s also a young mother, so she’s allowed to embrace her femininity and deal with issues when she gets more powerful and has a lot more strength and respect within the community.”

14 Just Another Day


A stunning picture posted on Instagram of a girl just going about her day. Wet hair and very little makeup and this girl looks like an absolute fox. We love how fierce this girl is and she looks strong even while getting ready for her day. This girl is incredibly strong in many ways. She has a long background in martial arts, so she is a true badass. She has trained specifically in martial arts and self-defence for a number of years. Her experience with martial arts started from the age of 7. She’s always said that she’s more of a tomboy which was why she ended up with a black belt by the age of 13. You might be surprised to hear that she even opened her own martial arts school at the tender age of 16! We told you that this girl was a force to be reckoned with. She wasn’t finished there either, by the age of 21 she owned two more schools.

13 A Fit Babe

Doesn’t she just have an incredible body? That would be a yes! Although we might not have the courage to rock that outfit while we're cruising around, she's definitely pulling it off. These are the kinds of pictures that drive men wild. Not only does she have her third-degree black belt but this babe used to be a bodyguard. So, we all know that she is capable of taking care of herself. “I think every woman has to learn how to defend themselves for sure, and if you can protect your body and have confidence in your body then in any situation you’d be able to defend yourself. It gives you the power and confidence and that has to start within yourself.” We couldn’t agree more, a woman who is able to take care of herself is less likely to find herself abused in any way. Plus, it can make you feel strong and powerful as well.

12 Blonde Bombshell


We can’t say enough good things about this photo, aside from…hello gorgeous! She’s in casual attire and yet she looks smoking hot. This is the kind of photo that makes guys weak in the knees. A babe in everyday life as well as a babe on the show, this girl is the complete package. She looks like she’s getting ready to look under the hood of a car and speaking of cars, this babe was once tricked by her father. He bought her a shiny new Chevy and convinced her that it was a sports car. “My first car was a Chevy Cavalier. My dad somehow convinced me that it was a hot sports car because it was red.” That’s hilarious, but hey, a car is a car, right? We do hope that we will see her on the big screen shortly, she’s too gorgeous not to go big.

11 Peek A Boo

Even celebrities love Snapchat filters and Winnick is no different. We love this casual but cute photo of Winnick looking gorgeous with her long flowing blonde hair. It’s a great look for her and really it doesn’t take much for her to look beautiful. While shooting the Vikings, they made up a new language for them. Since we aren’t entirely sure of the accent that was going on in the Dark Ages, the creative directors made up a language that the cast had to learn. “The Norse way of speaking, no one really knew what the Vikings sounded liked, they were Norsemen. The accent is really a combination of a Scandinavian accent, maybe with a Swedish accent and an old way of speaking.” That’s kind of fun, right? We love that they tried to make the show as authentic as possible.

10 Visiting Greece


This is a Twitter post of Winnick on vacation in Greece. Could you ask for a more stunning view and we’re not just talking about the scenery? We’re not sure where she is staying, but it looks pretty glamorous. Nothing beats wine while on vacation. She posted the picture with this saying, "Goodbye Greece! Thank you for all the amazing adventures.” Vikings aren't just popular in the United States and Canada; it’s been a global success. Winnick has been quite pleased with her success and mentioned that the first three seasons was quite the rollercoaster ride. “I’m always blown away how many different cultures the show reaches, Spain, Germany, Russia and I know we just opened up in Asia. Everybody is kind of now catching onto the show which is really exciting. It definitely changes your personal life.” We can just imagine.

9 The Vacation Life

This is another shot of Winnick while on vacation and she looks like she is having quite the blast. Her outfit is perfection while she is sitting, admiring the view. Her caption for the photo was, “Santorini…you're beautiful.” It’s hard to believe that this girl was ever a tomboy. But it’s true and even growing up she had to make sure that boys knew that she was a fierce competitor and not someone that could be pushed around in martial arts. “When I was growing up, there were times I had to compete against boys in taekwondo, and I'd show them right away that I wasn't someone to mess with.” We admire someone who always stands up for herself no matter what. She knew her worth as a young girl and we see that she’s become successful because of it.


8 Lady In Red


We’re not sure if this is workout gear or not but this girl looks on fire. She is dressed to perfection in a color that suits her to a tea. With red lipstick and shiny blonde hair, she has never looked better. So, what’s next for this warrior goddess? There have been rumors flying around that this babe is going to be in the next James Bond movie as well as the Captain Marvel movie. She would play Carol Denvers. Now wouldn’t that be a treat? But Winnick is playing coy with the media these days, so we’re not sure what she has up her sleeve. “I don’t know what will be the next move. I am a big fan of comics, so I definitely will pick up the phone when they call — if they call.” Oh, we are sure that they will.

7 The Seductress

This gorgeous girl is dressed in black lingerie looking very seductive. With blonde hair and stunning big blue eyes, Winnick has never looked more beautiful. She is stunning no matter what she does; the picture proves all that. Her most known role may be in the Vikings, but this girl has guest appeared in a lot of popular TV shows over the years. You may recognize the blonde beauty from shows such as Bones, Law & Order, Nikita, The Glades, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, CSI, CSI: Miami, Criminal Minds, CSI: NY and Person of Interest. That’s quite a lot of shows that she has under her belt. Vikings, however, is the movie that has brought her the most acclaim and it’s likely that we will now see her in movies because of it. We can’t wait to see that.

6 Having A Bath


This bombshell rocks the white. Her hair is tousled and although she has a serious expression on her face, it’s obvious she is still seducing guys all over the world. It seems that for the most part, Winnick has always played strong female characters. Maybe that’s just what she gravitates towards. She played the role of Hannah Burley on Bones, a war correspondent. That’s definitely a strong role, especially for a female. She was placed in the war in Afghanistan to cover what was going on there. She also had a love interest named Seeley Booth. We loved the character and we can see why she was chosen for the role, she has an inner strength we all admire.

5 Black Widow

All dressed and nowhere to go. Yeah right. This girl probably has many fancy parties that she can go to. It’s not a dress and it’s not lingerie, it’s something completely different and we love it. Here she is wearing shorts and some form of a corset. It’s stunning on her and she has a combination of coy and seductiveness in this photo. There are all kinds of innocence to this picture and yet it’s badass at the same time. This girl is so hardcore into her martial arts that she would often teach her cast members some of her skills while on set. Well, why not? She was an instructor for many years. You don’t just walk away from that. We think it’s great that she is able to find passion in many things and to share that with the world.

4 Always The Model


Yeah, she may be a badass actress/martial arts instructor, but in this photo, she looks like a gorgeous model. With those eyes and those lips, she could have easily made a living as a model. But that possibly wasn’t the role that she wanted to play in her life. She got quite the compliment from Entertainment Weekly recently as they called her character, “the most exciting feminist character on TV." We couldn’t agree more. Since she has played the role of Lagertha she has been nominated for many awards including, Critic's Choice Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Performance by a Lead Dramatic Actress (2014), Best Actress in a Drama Series by the Women's Image Network in both 2014 & 2015 and a Golden Maple Award nomination for Best Actress in a TV Series. She also won the Serendipity Film's Award of Excellence at the Banff World Media Festival in 2015. Now that’s impressive.

3 Vision Of An Angel

How could we not call her that in this photo? The blonde hair is flowing, cascading around her face. She’s so beautiful that it almost doesn’t even feel real. That’s why she looks like an angel and you would have to agree. She’s in a casual sweater, but her bra is the showcase for this photo and this is the kind of shot that makes men melt. If you want to see her on the big screen, you must catch the 2017 release The Dark Tower, the adaptation of Stephen King’s famous novel. She also made the end of the world look intriguing in the 2017 film Geostorm. She played alongside the sexy Gerard Butler. Two pretty decent movies for this gorgeous girl. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in 2018; we are just chomping at the bit waiting.

2 Just A Day In The Woods


We have to say that we have never looked this good on a camping trip. That’s Winnick for you though. Put her in some leg warmers and throw her in a tent and she’s photoshoot ready. Her hair is loose and she’s wearing a ballcap. She’s showing off some incredible legs and she has never looked sexier. When she first started her role on the Vikings, she was told that it was about the men and that her role would not be important. Well, she sure showed them. “I was told this is a male-dominated network and the male demographic is stronger than female. This is a show about Vikings and you are just the wife. I remember thinking that was not the way I was going to play it.” She’s proven that strong women are possible in every era.

1 Babe Alert

It may not be swimsuit season for most of us, but we can still admire Winnick in her swimsuit. This girl is such a babe. You would think that she would be all set for her role in the Vikings with her martial arts. Unfortunately, our modern way of fighting these days wasn’t the way they did things in the Dark Ages. She had to train in a whole new style of fighting which included learning how to use a sword. That must have been a lot of fun. “I’ve trained martial arts for many years, it gave me a sense of her [Lagertha’s] spirit and her strong will but taekwondo and Karate is an art form using both hands and feet ... and our style of fighting on the show was very raw and real, versus doing a roundhouse kick,” she explained.


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