15 Photos Of Vicious Animals Caught In City Streets

Whether you want to believe it or not, the Earth is over 4.5 billion years old, and over all that time, the planet has produced billions of different lifeforms—bacteria, fish, terrestrial animals, insects, and plant life. As a result of things like climate change, natural disasters, diseases, and giant hunks of space rock, our planet has seen the rise and fall of countless species. But of all those species, there's only one that has managed to populate every section of the globe—human beings. There are currently more than seven billion humans in the world, which is an unheard-of number in terms of our planet's history. In nearly 200,000 years that our species has been around, we have been sharing this world with a plethora of different animals, most of whom are now extinct.

No matter where you go in the world, humans can be seen living with animals like domesticated cats and dogs. But in truth, all humans live with real wildlife all around them. Obviously, most of us live in homes that are often visited by birds, squirrels, and raccoons, but there are also people who live in close proximity to dangerous and even deadly animals. Thanks to our ever growing population, humans continue to expand into the territory of these dangerous animals. It does not matter whether an animal is a carnivore or a herbivore. If they are wild, then they are dangerous even if they were raised in captivity in someone's home or in a zoo. Sometimes, these dangerous animals find themselves in human-occupied territories like cities. The entire focus of this article is to show you 15 Photos Of Vicious Animals Caught In City Streets.

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14 WELKome To New York

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People enjoy going out to hunt animals either to earn themselves some kind of trophy or simply because they like the idea of getting their food with their own hands. As it turns out, deer have been one of the most commonly hunted animals for several decades. Elks happen to be one of the largest members of the deer family, as well as one of the largest land mammals in all of North America. Although they are mainly found in forested areas, they have no problem living in fairly close proximity to humans. In certain parts of Colorado, it is actually common to see elks from time to time on city streets. Although these herbivores usually isolate themselves and run off if they feel scared, they can actually become quite vicious. If you were to ever walk into a territorial male elk, it would be best to just ignore it and turn around. Why? Well, let's just say that the animal can charge at you and severely injure you with its sharp antlers. But, there is also a great chance that it will try to kick you with its powerful feet...a kick capable of breaking a bone...errr, bones.

13 RHINO See Me, Now You Don't

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The Rhino is one of the largest land mammals in the world. It can only be found in the wilderness of Africa and Southeast Asia. Thanks to poachers who kill rhinos in order to obtain their ivory horns, these animals are now very much endangered. If it were not for conservation efforts, national parks, and zoos, the rhinos would have possibly gone extinct. But as the people in Tel Aviv have learned, a zoo cannot always guarantee that their rhinos will stay within the safety of their enclosures. As it turns out, a guard at the Ramat Gan Safari Park, failed to close the rhino gate properly. He fell asleep shortly after, giving three rhinos the opportunity to escape and walk right out of the zoo. These rhinos ended up wandering outside of the zoo for over ten minutes before local law enforcement got involved and helped to return them to the zoo. Fortunately, no one attempted to do anything stupid to these rhinos, because agitated rhinos are capable of charging and trampling someone to death.

12 Hey, Coyote!


We have all heard the saying "A dog is a man's best friend." True enough, it has a fair bit of merit considering that domesticated dogs in particular are very loyal animals who will actually try to save their owner if they sense lurking danger. Although, not all dogs are domesticated as there are multiple canine species in the world who hunt other animals in order to survive. The coyote is one those species. Coyotes are closely related to gray wolves and can be found throughout North America, where they frequently venture into places occupied by humans. In fact, many people in Arizona and nearby states have heard or seen coyotes in the streets at night. Sometimes, coyotes go into more populated areas, as evident in the picture above showing a coyote on the roof of a building in Queens, New York. Although the presence of these animals helps to get rid of mice, rats, and the occasional stray pet, they are far from friendly and will definitely attack someone if they feel threatened in any way.

11 You Mess With The BULL, You Get The Horns


Most of the time, people go out of their way to not end up getting trampled or gored by a very large and agitated animal. But every single year, people in Pamplona, Spain decide to do the complete opposite by running with a bunch of bulls. This event has been going on since the 14th century, when men tried to get their cattle to market quickly by causing fear to make their cattle run through the streets. However, the event now is basically an excuse for young men to show how "macho" they can be while running away from some annoyed bulls. We all know that bulls are just male cows, which means that they basically eat nothing but grass while spending most of the day in a docile state. But like any other animal, it will try to kill you if you piss it off. Clearly, you see the picture above, don't you? This flock of runners, bull riders, and bull fighters were either trampled on, kicked by a bull's massive hooves, or impaled by a bull's horns.

10 Spotted Leopard Spotted

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There are a lot of different canine species in the world, but there also happens to be quite a bit of different feline species as well. These species include multiple big cats like the leopard. Like all other big cats, leopards hunt by stalking their prey. But they are unique in the fact that they bring their food up a tree to prevent something bigger from stealing it. This is actually a common trait used by all leopards located in both sub-Saharan Africa and in some parts of Asia. Leopards are solitary in nature. They try to avoid humans as much as possible. However, last February, in Bangalore, India, a leopard came out of the forest and entered Vibgyor International School, where it went on to attack and injure six people. The leopard in question, went on to be tranquilized and released back into the wild. But the entire ordeal was a perfect example of why humans should not be building cities so close to the habitats of wild animals.

9 See You Later...Errr, Now...Alligator


65 million years ago, our world looked very different, primarily because there were no humans around. It was dinosaurs who reigned supreme. However, there are still animals around today that continue to remind us that dinosaurs once called this planet home. Alligators are one of those animals, as they have lived on Earth in one form or another for about 37 million years. There are currently only two species that live in the United States and China. An adult American alligator can grow up to over fourteen feet long and weigh up to almost 1,000 pounds. Gators are capable of shutting their jaws with enough pressure to remove a person's hand cleanly. They venture into human territory quite often actually, as many usually find themselves in people's swimming pools. However, you will not usually find one just chilling in the middle of a parking lot. In 2015 in Sugar Land, Texas, residents found a large alligator in the parking lot of their local Home Depot. After local police spent three hours removing the twelve-foot, 800-pound gator, they relocated it to a sanctuary as it was 50 years old and blind in one eye.

8 COUGARound The Corner


With this entry, we have a cougar, otherwise known as a mountain lion or puma, another member of the big cat family. These cats are mostly located in North America. Cougars are incredibly secretive and solitary animals that primarily reside in rocky areas with a lot of underbrush in order to properly stalk and ambush their prey. Although cougars are mostly nocturnal, they have been known to move around during the day, which is something that residents of Victoria, British Columbia found out in October of 2015. Residents saw a cougar roaming through their backyards and called police and conservation officers who spent a good portion of the day chasing the big cat up and down the neighborhood with the help of dogs. The cougar ended up being taken down with a tranquilizer and released back into the wild. But what is very interesting is the fact that this was not Victoria's first cougar incident, as one was on the grounds of a hotel in 1992, while another cougar walked into a business establishment in 1998 and ended up locked in a room until officers came to tranquilize it.

7 "AWOOOLF!" Says The Elk


Wolf packs have been running around and hunting in North America for thousands of years now. For all those years, they have been one of the best hunters in the continent. This is owing to their teamwork skills which allow them to take down prey much larger than themselves. Wolves always hunt in groups of at least four or five. Most of the time, they hunt in forests or wooden areas. However, in rare cases, they will hunt something in plain sight of humans. Above is a picture of a wolf pack hunting an elk on a bridge located directly above a part of the Trans-Canada Highway which is used as a rest stop by people. In case you were wondering, no, the elk did not make it out of this encounter alive, as the wolves ate it right there on the bridge. Wolves are dangerous only because they are extremely territorial, so if you ever see something like what happened on this bridge taking place, do not try to get in close to get a better shot of it with your phone.

6 See You In A While, Crocodile...Or Not!


Alligators do in fact look like modern day dinosaurs, but crocodiles look even more the role. A big reason for that is because aside from size, crocodiles have barely changed at all over the course of 55 million years. The American crocodile can be found throughout the Caribbean. With the possibility of an adult male measuring twenty feet long and weighing close to 2,000 pounds, it is one of the larger crocodile species on Earth. Plus, crocodiles like these have an extremely powerful bite which may in fact rival that of a T-Rex. Crocodiles do not really care whether people are around them or not, as long as they are left alone. Which is why they will often find themselves in areas with a healthy human presence, like golf courses. In the picture above is a crocodile who called the lagoon of a golf course in Mexico its home, and this particular crocodile even tried to attack a Toronto man who was in the middle of playing a round. However, this sort of thing seems to happen from time to time, because the golf course has signs that specifically warn people about crocodiles lurking around every crevice of the place.

5 Black Bear Can't Bear Hunger


Of all the animals to appear on this list, I bet you somehow knew that this one was coming because every single year, there are always a couple of stories on the news that involve some type of bear making its way into a suburban area. The American black bear is native only to North America and is actually the continent's smallest and most widely-distributed bear species. Although they mainly live in heavily forested areas, these bears tend to venture into human communities because of all the food that is made available through garbage. The picture above shows one of these black bears walking in front of a West Vancouver home in search of food. Luckily, the family there managed to go out the backdoor without gaining the attention of the bear. Bears can become quite dangerous, and have been known to maul people with their sharp claws and teeth.

"I Spot Simba!" "Are You Lion [Lyin']?" "No, I'm Not!"

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The lion is not only another member of the big cats, but it is also considered to be the king of the jungle; which makes sense, based on the iconic nature of the animal's mane and roar. Lions live in groups known as prides, consisting mostly of females who do all of the hunting, as well as a few young males, and one male leader whose job is to protect the rest of the pride form other males. Male lions usually have a much shorter lifespan than females simply because males always find themselves fighting each other over the ownership of a pride. This is why there is a lot of solo male lions wandering around the Savannah. Last year, an image of a male lion prowling in the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa began circulating. The images were quite eerie as they were taken at night while the streets were completely empty. Anytime you find yourself in the middle of the street with a male lion, you better hope that you can outrun it, but residents in Johannesburg were not that concerned about this particular lion, because they were aware that he was brought into the city by a local production group who were using him to film some scenes for their project.

4 Keep Eye On The Tiger


The lion may be considered the king of the jungle, but there is only one big cat that truly stands above the rest in terms of size and strength—the critically endangered Siberian tiger. At one point in history, the tiger population stretched throughout Eurasia, but thanks to habitat destruction and excessive poaching, there are now less than 4,000 tigers left in the wild. Because of these felines becoming rare, some people with a lot of money go out of their way to buy tigers as pets. In Qatar, one of these pet tigers escaped from its home and found its way onto a busy highway during rush hour traffic. Luckily, the tiger in question was still relatively young, confused, and afraid. The tiger went to hide under a car instead of trying to attack someone inside one of the cars. The tiger's owner eventually came to reclaim it, but the entire incident was a perfect reminder that no one should own a tiger as a pet no matter how much money they have.

3 Hippopotamus Went For A Stroll


The African Sahara is home to a lot of predators who are more than capable of turning a human being into a meal. But in all of Africa, it is actually a herbivore that kills more humans each year than every predator combined. The hippopotamus is a large mammal that spends most of its life in the water. A full-grown adult is capable of weighing more than 3,000 pounds. They can run for up to 19 mph despite all that weight and four rather small legs. Hippos happen to be one of the most irritable and territorial animals on Earth. Because of those traits, hippos go on to kill hundreds of people every year either by trampling them or by using their very sharp teeth. The picture you see above was taken in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2015, after flooding caused damage to several enclosures at the local zoo causing several animals, including a hippo, to escape. Fortunately, the hippo was eventually cornered in the town square, and taken down with a tranquilizer without anyone getting hurt.

2 Chimpanzee See, Chimpanzee Do


Chimpanzees are a part of the great ape family and are located primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, where they tend to live in large groups and eat anything from roots to small animals and insects. Chimps happen to be one of our species' closest relatives. Like us, chimps tend to have violent outbursts from time to time. These outbursts oftentimes result in one primate beating another to death. Due to the aggressive nature of these animals, it is not surprising how fast zoo officials acted in Sendai, Japan when a male chimp named ChaCha escaped from the zoo last April. It is a good thing that they found him as fast as they did, because just prior to tranquilizing him in a residential area, ChaCha had been scaling power lines and revealing his teeth to onlookers. That, by the way, is a sign of aggression. After being hit with the sleeping dart, the chimp tried to attack a man in a cherry picker but lost consciousness and missed his target. The man just dodged a bullet right there, because a male chimpanzee can literally rip a person's face off.

1 Hyenas In The City Streets


The lion may be the top cat roaming the African Savannah, but the spotted hyena is literally the top dog. The two often clash with each other when it comes to food as hyenas are known for being scavengers. Hyenas are fairly big and strong and are also capable of running up to 37 mph. They live in a matriarchal society which sees the much larger females dominating the males. A female spotted hyena is more than capable of killing a full-grown lion. As it turns out, these hyenas have been interacting with humans for over 10,000 years, and in the city of Harar, Ethiopia, it is actually common to see over a hundred hyenas every night. Rival hyena families often battle it out to see which is allowed to enter the city to eat the bones left over by the butchers. The winning family also gets to sleep there for the day. The residents do not seem to mind all these hyenas. In fact, they often take pictures of themselves with the animals, but they should know that these hyenas can indeed turn on them at any time.

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