15You're A Small Fish In A Big Pond

Photos like this one make me realize just how vulnerable we are when put in the water. This scuba diver is taking a photo next to one of the largest animals to ever exist. If the whale were to turn sharply towards the scuba diver, it could literally crush him.

The sheer force behind a whale's movement would be enough to knock someone unconscious. If that happened, the scuba diver would need to be rescued immediately.

If the fear of being crushed by a whale isn't enough for you, just look at the area around the diver. Everything a few meters past him is a cloudy mess. Imagine only being able to see a short distance in front of you. Imagine hearing the faint noise of a whale, only to see it slowly entering your line of sight. It's terrifying. Whale noises are terrifying. I would cry if I was underwater and heard a whale. Even that scene in Finding Dory made me feel uncomfortable.

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