15 Photos Of The Duggar Family Being Way Too Close

As with all stars of “reality” shows, The Duggars made the choice to let the world in on some of the big events in their life, and that came at a cost

The Duggar family is a pop culture success story that would have seemed extremely outlandish only a few decades ago. Led by Jim Bob and Michelle, this devout Baptist couple doesn’t believe in birth control of any kind, and as a result, have an immense brood which is the key to their popularity. First becoming truly famous when they began starring in their own “reality” show, starting out as 17 Kids and Counting before moving on to 18 and then 19, the series ran for ten seasons on TLC.

As with all stars of “reality” shows, The Duggars made the choice to let the world in on some of the major events in their life, as well as speaking often of their beliefs. While that decision has been immensely financially rewarding for them it can be very risky as exposing yourself in that manner can bring about a lot of negativity. Just ask Hulk Hogan and his family. Now that 19 Kids and Counting has come to an end, there are a couple of things that are abundantly clear about The Duggars. There is a lot of family drama and the family dynamic can be unsettling at times. Coming to that conclusion is what inspired us to put together this list of fifteen photos of the Duggar family being way too close.

In order for an image to be up for consideration to be included here, it needs to be connected to at least one member of the famous clan. For our purposes, it doesn’t actually have to be a traditional photo as this family has spent so much time in the spotlight, so screengrabs of them count as do drawings or writings that relate to them. Without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

15 So Many Chaperones

One of the major focal points of The Duggar family’s time in the spotlight has been the dating lives (or courting, as they call it) of the Duggar children, especially when it comes to the girls. Continuing to this day on the spin-off show, Counting On, they’ve provided a real window into the unique style of relationship-building they go through.

One of the principles they all seem to adhere to is putting off any kind of physical expression of their love until marriage. One of the ways in which they strive to ensure they don’t go astray in that regard is having others around when they spend time with their potential mate. A time-honored tradition, chaperones may not be common in North America today but this doesn’t seem to be a run-of-the-mill kind of situation. This is a picture of a young couple, including a Duggar daughter, sitting surrounded by all four of their parents who all seem to be intently focused on their behavior. Who would want to live under this level of scrutiny?

14 Boys’ Bedroom

This is a picture of the bedroom that every boy born to Jim Bob and Michelle who hasn’t married and moved out lives in. When this was taken, there appeared to be nine people who slept there. If you have ever had to share a room with a sibling, then you can most likely attest to the fact that it oftentimes feels as though you spend your time on top of one another. While you may not have had the benefit of a room this immense, try to imagine how it might have felt to make your space larger but jam in nine of you. A horrific idea to contemplate, in this case, it seems all the worse for the fact that they don’t even seem to have the ability to personalize even a small space for themselves.

13 So Many People!

We’re just going to get this one out of the way right away. The Duggars are a cartoonishly large family. Between the parents, their nineteen kids to date, and the sons-in-law and grandchildren of Jim Bob and Michelle, family gatherings would be big enough to tax any restaurant or establishment. That’s the thing too. If the depiction of the family that we’ve seen on television and the internet are to be believed, it isn’t exactly rare that they all come together either. While it may seem weird to include a family photo as proof that they are too close to one another, the fact is the enormity of them has led to a lot of the odd behaviors we are about to discuss. As such, we thought it was a good idea to include this picture to give an idea of just how huge this family truly is.

12 Back Real Estate

The first image that’s a screengrab of footage from the show this family stars in, is a pretty good indication of the way Jim Bob and Michelle treat their children. Footage of the father walking alongside his child and her suitor, as the young man lightly makes contact with the back of the girl he is involved with, Jim Bob swiftly intervenes. Pulling his daughter towards himself in a blatant show of authority, it is proof positive of the level to which these parents keep an eye on their kids. A very close eye.

11 Girls’ Bedroom

We’ve already touched on the living space of the Duggar boys so it should come as no surprise that the girls have a similar existence. A room that is large but isn’t as big as the one shared by their brothers, at least there only appear to be six or seven of them sleeping there at the time this was taken. Every bit as lacking in personality as the one shared by their siblings, the inclusion of items like the harp communicate to us that these girls are expected to be even more angelic. On top of that, a detail that can’t be seen in this photo is that this bedroom is directly beside the one their parents sleep in and that proximity is the reason the girls’ room barely beat out the boys’ on this list.

10 Jana Duggar’s Plight?

There are millions of people that have watched the comings and goings of the Duggar family over the years. As such, many viewers have come to care greatly about members of the family. One of the Duggars, in particular, seems to have had a groundswell of support, Jana. The eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle, she can regularly be seen caring for her younger siblings. Still single while several of her younger sisters have already been married, she has spoken about wanting to meet her Prince Charming and to her frustration, it hasn’t happened for her yet.

The thing is that there has been a growing sentiment among viewers of the show that her parents may not want her to find a man as they depend on her for free childcare. In fact, there has been a free Jana Duggar movement building, including a Facebook page dedicated to it. While there may be no truth to this belief, the very fact that that perception exists because Jana’s life seems so dominated by caring for kids that her parents have speaks for itself.

9 Josh Duggar: Family Man

If you haven’t been following the story of The Duggars since 2015, you may be in for quite the shock as Josh Duggar, the first kid born to Jim Bob and Michelle, has become quite despised by many. Someone who spent several years working for the Family Research Council, he spoke publicly about the sanctity of family despite having a disgusting past with his own.

Eventually revealed to have molested at least four of his siblings when they were children, he somehow managed to get away with this from a criminal standpoint. On the other hand, when his actions came to light, his image was decimated. As a result, looking at a photo like this one of him with his own children feels quite worrisome and is evidence of the messed up morals of the Duggars. Married to a woman that was well aware of his transgressions, we can’t imagine having kids with someone with that kind of history, let alone allowing them near him if you did.

8 Security Precautions Necessary

A very basic blueprint of one part of the Duggar home, at first glance it may not seem like anything we’d include on a list like this one. On closer inspection, however, it quickly becomes very clear why the design of their massive house says a lot about their priorities. Once you realize that the room the girls sleep in not only is beside their parent’s bedroom but you must walk past their bed of their folks to access it, that seems weird. However, when you then remember the family history of molestation, it seems like a decision made to protect their daughters.

While we applaud them for at least caring that much, the fact that they seem worried they’ve raised boys that can’t be trusted around their daughters says a lot about them. If you ask us, if there is even the slightest indication that your son may do something like this to your daughter, then they should not be allowed to share a home with them. That makes the proximity of their living spaces far too close for our comfort.

7 Tween Chaperone

We’ve already touched on the way that the Duggars use chaperones to curtail any interest their children may have in any kind of physical relationship with their love interests. While that may seem rather intense to everyday folks like us, we can accept that that is their choice and they are happy with it. At least we could until we started seeing photos of some of these outings. Realizing that not only are these young adults treated like children that need to be watched, but sometimes, they are watched by kids. It took us completely off-guard. Evidently, the Duggars allow their teen children to be supervised by their siblings when they are as young as ten in yet another example of their weird family dynamic that keeps them all too close to one another.

6 Victims Led Astray

We’ve already touched on the horrific deeds of Josh Duggar but one of the most alarming elements of his actions is the way in which his family has defended him. Not only did they continue to allow him near the children he victimized but when their empire was damaged because his crimes tarnished it, some of them were trotted out to speak on his behalf. Here, we have a picture of Jessa Duggar Seewald and Jill Duggar Dillard, two of the sisters he molested, one when she was 12 and the other at 9 or 10 years old, as they protect his image. Saying that what he did was “very mild compared to what happened to some” and that “he was a little too curious about girls,” it is evident that they were taught that his actions weren’t that far out of the norm. The idea that their parents chose to protect their molester child over their girls that were victimized and expected them to stay close to him is sickening.

5 Michelle Blames Anna?

This is a screengrab of a blog post that Michelle Duggar posted on October 8th in 2015, mere months after the molestation of her daughters had become known to much of the public. On top of that, it had been revealed less than a month earlier that Josh had also cheated on his wife extensively and was a customer of Ashley Madison. In her post, the matriarch of the family writes about how important it is for a wife to satisfy their husband s*xually.

“And so be available, and not just available, but be joyfully available for him. Smile and be willing to say, ‘Yes, sweetie I am here for you,’ no matter what, even though you may be exhausted and big pregnant and you may not feel like he feels. ‘I’m still here for you and I’m going to meet that need because I know it’s a need for you.” Many saw Michelle’s writing as an indication that she blamed her daughter-in-law for her son’s wandering ways which is disgusting, of course. If that is true, which we think it is, the fact that she made thinly veiled allusions to her son’s s*xual satisfaction would have been enough to include on a list like this one as well.

4 Kissing Too Close For Comfort

We’re just going to come out and say it. The Duggar family and kissing make really weird bedfellows. Starting with the fact that the kids have pledged to leave their first kiss for the one they marry, that may be admirable but it is quite shocking, especially as they have no idea if they have chemistry. Perhaps that insane level of buildup plays a part in the way they treat kissing before and after marriage as evidenced by the series of photos you are about to see. First off is this image uploaded by Josh Duggar on social media of his sister, Jessa, and her husband, Ben, kissing as he and his wife, Anna, seemingly attempt to compete with them. Accompanied by the words “We’re still newlyweds,” it is odd that they want to make out next to one another, let alone compete and then flaunt it to the world.

3 Way Too Proud Father

Most fathers would be able to tell you that there is little in this world that they cherish more than the happiness of their children. As such, we completely understand why Jim Bob Duggar would be very pleased to see his daughter, Jill Duggar, marry Derick Dillard, especially since they seemed quite happy with one another. Still, that doesn’t quite explain the amount of pride and pleasure that seems to be registering on his face as he looks on while one of the girls he helped bring up gets physical with her man for the first time. We all know when going to a wedding that we are likely about to see a couple smooch but when you stand there and absolutely beam during your daughter’s first kiss, it is just plain weird, to say the least.

2 Kissing Lessons

Alright, we’ve touched on it being odd for a dad to enjoy his daughter making out with her man so much but that is taken to the next level when he chooses to show one of his kids how to kiss. Taken from a scene of the show where Jim Bob and Michelle explain how to have a good s*x life to their daughter, Jessa, and her soon-to-be husband, Ben, this moment is strange from beginning to end. Don’t get us wrong. We support open dialogue with your kid but when you sit down with your daughter and her fiancé to discuss that he is likely to care more about s*x than her, things have gone off. Of course, after a conversation like that, giving an impromptu kiss tutorial ensures that the awkwardness remains at an all-time high.

1 Recreated Kiss

Seriously? What is up with these parents and their obsession with the kisses their kids have, especially when it pertains to Jessa and Ben? On the right, you have a young married couple embracing one another in a passionate kiss made all the more dramatic by their decision to have it be in Black and White. On the left, you have the middle-aged parents of one of them recreating the moment themselves in a moment that feels darn right gross. Add in the fact that the elder version was uploaded by the daughter who revealed that their version was texted to her and it just feels like another attempt to get in on their daughter’s "intimate" life.

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