15 Photos Of Mythical Creatures That May Actually Exist

While many of the mythical creatures throughout history have been nothing more than fiction, some of these have a chance of being discovered

There are hundreds of mythical creatures that have been created over the course of history. Many of them started as a local phenomenon, but have spread to surrounding areas through word of mouth and eventual media attention. While many of the mythical creatures throughout storytelling history have been nothing more than fiction, some of these creatures have a chance of actually being discovered.

Certain creatures seem extremely fake, but witnesses claim to have seen them, nonetheless. Others have a greater possibility of existing (at least at some point), but have yet to be discovered in any concrete manner. Of course, virtually, anything is possible so don't rule out the existence of some of these creatures. Everyone thought the world was flat until it was discovered to be round (well, some people still think that).

Ahead are fifteen creatures that have a fighting chance of existing in our world. Not all of them are realistic, and they are listed accordingly. The list is compiled on a scale of, "No way those exist," to "Yeah, I could see them existing," for your browsing pleasure. Here are 15 Mythical Creatures That May Actually Exist.

15 Fairies

Let's start this one off with the least probable of all—fairies. Fairies have been a mythical creature for a while, and believe it or not, people claim to have actually seen them. Some recent sightings of fairies include two cases in Mexico and the UK.

Jose Maldonado, the Mexican man who found a fairy, was picking some fruit when he saw what he thought was a firefly. As he got closer, Maldonado came to the more logical conclusion that it was actually a fairy godmother. Of course, he captured the fairy, preserved it in a jar of formaldehyde and charged people to come take pictures with it.

John Hyatt, from UK, saw a group of fairies and actually has some photographic evidence of his claims. He attests that the photos are not doctored. But when you have to come out and say that before anyone asks, it's usually not a good look. Unlike Maldonado, Hyatt didn't turn a profit on his fairy sightings, as he posted them on social media and let the public decide.

14 Leprechauns

Leprechauns are one of those creatures that are almost certainly fake. There is hardly any video or photographic proof to support the existence of leprechauns, at least in the form we're accustomed to in our idea of leprechauns.

There have been some weird videos of little creatures scurrying around people's homes, but these aren't the Lucky Charms kind of leprechauns many people think of. These things are much smaller and quicker, able to get out of the way as soon as they are noticed. The video evidence is, as always, up for debate. And leprechaun—at least the Irish ones—seem to be mainly resigned to fictional depictions.

Of course, you can't write a passage about leprechaun sightings without mentioning the Mobile, Alabama leprechaun video that went viral. Who else has seen a leprechaun? Say YEAH!

13 Dragons

Dragons are among the most popular mythical creatures on the market, especially with the popularity of Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, and other fantasy stories that include the existence of these creatures. While it's unlikely, it's not completely out of the realm of possibility that a creature like a dragon existed at one point in time. Maybe it didn't breathe fire, but a massive flying dinosaur that looks like a typical dragon isn't so far-fetched.

There have been some alleged sightings of dragons in modern times as well. There are a few videos on YouTube that report to show dragons from afar, as well as at least one closeup of a dead dragon laying on the beach. There is even a photo that surfaced from China showing a man holding a small dragon. These videos and this picture are probably Photoshopped or just outright fake, but there's always the possibility (however unlikely) that there are still some dragons kicking around.

12 Vampires

Vampires are another mythical group of beings that are getting a lot of play at the moment. The Twilight hype has pretty much died, but that doesn't mean that people have forgotten about vampires.

Vampirism is apparently a real thing, according to an article on, which appears to be completely serious while interviewing a self-proclaimed vampire. They drink blood and everything, according to the article. The vampire being interviewed said that she woke up while she was gnawing at a raw piece of meat, which is how she found out she was a vampire.

So, for what it's worth, there are people who seem to genuinely believe that they are vampires. That fact alone means that vampires exist, and if these people are legitimately drinking blood, then, they really must be vampires.

11 Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster is probably on the Mt. Rushmore of mythical creatures at this point, but its existence has always been heavily doubted. The story of the Nessie has been a global sensation since the 1930's, which indicates that whatever this creature is, it has an extremely long lifespan.

There are still some die-hard believers, though, including George Edwards, a Scottish sailor who has dedicated the last 30+ years trying to catch a glimpse of the creature. Edwards hosts tours of Loch Ness for visitors who hope to be there when it finally reveals itself.

The above photo was taken by Edwards, and he claims that it serves as proof of the Loch Ness Monster. Edwards claims that it revealed itself for nearly ten minutes, though he's only got one photo and it could be of anything. Still, where there's belief, there's always a chance. So when Nessie finally comes up for air, we can be on the right side of history.

10 Mothman

The story of the Mothman dates back to 1960's West Virginia, where two separate accounts of a birdlike humanoid creature emerged around the same time. There was a lot of speculation at the time and it was brought to national attention with the book Mothman Prophesies by Gray Baker in 1970.

Since that time, other than a movie adaptation of the book, there have only been a few reported sightings of Mothman in the area. There's no video or photographic evidence that gives any tangible proof to these allegations. But the fact that two different groups of people reported the same creature, lends credibility to the story. Every now and then, when people in the area see something flying out of the corner of their eye, a Mothman sighting is reported and the myth continues on.

9 Cyclops

Cyclops is a classic mythological creature, with references to cyclops creatures being included in ancient Greek mythology among others. They're truly one of the OG's of mythological creatures.

Cyclops do exist in the sense that some babies are born with rare and terrible defects that cause them to look a certain way. These babies die shortly after birth, but gigantic mountain-dwelling creatures are much more of a far-fetched concept. No one is really claiming that these creatures are still around today, but some speculate that they existed at one point in time.

The ancient Greeks were actually the first people to bring this concept to literature, and they were aided by some skulls they found. The skulls appeared to have one eye socket, leading them to determine that one-eyed creatures must have existed. This was later debunked and proven to be an ancient elephant (the eye-hole being where the elephant's trunk was), but it's still fun to speculate.

8 Giant Spiders

There are a few different types of giant spiders in mythology today. There is, of course, the Lord of the Rings style giant spider, which can talk and is about as big as a person. There is also the urban giant spider. A few videos show a giant spider-like creature scaling tall buildings. This spider is about the size of the buildings it's scaling. Then, there is the new species of spider that may have been discovered in the Congo.

There hasn't been any direct proof of this new spider's existence other than witness accounts, but reports put the size of the spider anywhere from the size of a small dog to a bathtub. This one actually has a good chance of existing, no matter how terrifying that may be.

The building-scaling spider is less likely. These videos are usually grainy and underdeveloped, leading many professionals to conclude that they are Photoshopped. Still, there's a slight possibility that if you look outside, you'll see a giant spider scaling the apartment building across the street.

7 Werewolf

Werewolves are one of the more unlikely creatures to actually exist, especially if you consider the mythical stories of humans turning into wolves when the moon is full. This isn't Harry Potter or Twilight, so this kind of mythology usually isn't widely accepted.

Most of the werewolf stories came from 18th century Europe, where people very much believed in this type of phenomenon. Now, werewolves are relegated to the world of fiction, though there have been a few modern werewolf claims.

One Bulgarian man claims to have found a skull of a werewolf in an excavation. The skull looks like something out of a horror film, but that doesn't mean it's a confirmed werewolf. Even if these wolves are never in the form of a human, the fact that a massive humanoid wolf may exist is still a possibility.

6 Chupacabra

The Chupacabra is relatively new to the mythological creature family, as the first sightings of the creature can only be dated back to 1995 in Puerto Rico. Since then, the mythology of the Chupacabra has spread, with reported sightings reaching across North America.

The Chupacabra is a blood-sucking animal that has been credited for killing farmers' livestock in the past. They mostly prey on sheep and are usually said to be as large as the size of a small bear.

A nocturnal creature that sucks the blood of animals isn't the craziest creature on this list, and there are a few who claim to have found dead Chupacabras on their property. There have been two recent sightings of dead Chupacabras—one in Texas and the other in Oklahoma.

5 Mermaids

Mermaids come in near the top of the list because, if we're being honest, those who believe in their existence have some compelling arguments. Sure, half-man-half-fish people probably don't exist, but there are some good points made by the people who think they may.

There have been some real-life stories of mermaid sightings and even a couple photos and videos that reported to show these mythical creatures. The picture above is one of these cases, though it's widely considered to be a hoax.

The argument for the existence of mermaids is essentially this: so much of the oceans of the world remain unexplored. A larger percentage of the moon has been explored than the oceans on our own planet. We're constantly discovering new species—some that are extremely large like new species of whales. Is it so unlikely, then, that there is an evolved human-like sea creature in the depths of the ocean smart enough to stay out of range of discovery?

4 Kraken

The argument for the existence of a gigantic terrifying squid is generally the same for why a mermaid may exist. We haven't explored the ocean to any great extent, so a large creature that lives in the deepest part of the sea may be escaping our notice.

While not many have come in contact with a creature that could be described as a Kraken in recent history, there has been some fossil proof uncovered that this creature may have existed at one point. The bones of an ichthyosaur were uncovered and the way they were arranged suggested that they were squeezed by a giant predator. While this doesn't serve a conclusive proof, the fact remains that it's not too crazy to think that some sort of giant sea monster was living alongside the dinosaurs.

3 Megasnakes

Giant 100-foot long snakes are part of South American lore, and have been thought to exist for quite some time. Sightings of giant snakes are nothing new, but these giant snakes are reportedly double the size of any snake found in the wild. The last reported sighting of this kind of snake was in 2009, when a man was almost eaten by one.

There is no question that snakes can kill and eat humans. We may not be their first choice, but we'll certainly do in a pinch. The myth could have started after someone was consumed by a large snake, but there is also the possibility that these giant serpents exist. To be fair, though, they'd have to be pretty smart to stay hidden for so long. Being 100 feet long would certainly come with the downside of being very noticeable.

2 Bigfoot

Out of all of the mythical creatures that may actually exist, the Bigfoot camp has one of the strongest arguments and largest followings. There's even an entire show dedicated to investigating Bigfoot sightings and finding the species of humanoid creature.

There have been countless sightings of Bigfoot creatures over the course of the years, with many of them coming from the Pacific Northwest in the US and Canada. There are some video footage to accompany some of these claims, though it's nearly always blurry and difficult to prove.

Some sort of "missing link," as some call, it is not implausible. The argument for Bigfoot basically states that there's a possibility that a large apelike creature that walks on two legs exists in secret. Some say they live in the woods, the mountains, or even the rainforest, with sightings of these creatures spanning the continent of North America.

1 Aliens

Aliens, while they may be in the science fiction realm, almost certainly exist in some form or another. The universe is so huge that it seems foolish to think that we're the only sentient life that exists. The question that's more debated, though, is "Have aliens ever visited Earth?"

Skeptics of alien visitations site the fact that there is such a small chance that aliens would be able to reach us. Habitable planets (that we know of) are extremely far away and it is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light. There would have to be some inter-dimensional travel in play or some type of wormhole manipulation in order for aliens to travel from another planet to our own.

Still, there are a multitude of unexplained UFO and alien sightings every year. It's not crazy to think that some of these sightings are of our own government testing technology, but alien visitation is extremely popular and relatively likely especially when compared to some of the other creatures on this list.

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